Mitt Romney just stabbed Donald Trump in the back in one terrible way

For years Mitt Romney plotted against Donald Trump.

The RINO Senator and Godfather of the Never-Trump Movement finally made his move.

And Mitt Romney just stabbed Donald Trump in the back in one terrible way.

Leave it to Utah RINO Mitt Romney to be the first Republican out of the gate to attack Donald Trump over the media’s manufactured Ukraine scandal.

Romney took his treachery to another level when he ripped President Trump for his obvious joke that China should investigate Joe Biden over a Chinese government-connected bank giving its approval to a private equity fund that Hunter Biden was a part of.

Hunter Biden flew to China aboard Air Force Two with his father when Joe Biden was vice president.

During the trip, Hunter Biden met with a bank executive in what many people saw as influence peddling.

Romney — of course — took issue with Trump’s conduct and not Hunter Biden allegedly using his father’s office to enrich himself.

“When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.” Romney continued ranting and raving, “By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”

Since entering politics, Romney has spent his time trashing conservatives and never criticizing Democrats.

During the 2012 campaign, Romney barely attacked Barack Obama.

But in 2016, Romney repeatedly laid into Donald Trump.

Many Republicans believe if Romney had spent one tenth of the time stripping the bark off Barack Obama’s record that he does blasting President Trump that Romney would be President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Trump has done more to help this country, than our last 3 traitor Presidents combined, who passed laws which caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, because of their being sent to foreign countries, especially China and India, while opening our borders to illegals, for the cheap labor!

    Trump walked into a mess, which included massive debt, and Swamp corrupt politicians, who have made themselves wealthy, by selling out America to foreign governments, and Lobbyists, for the cash!

    Nancy Pelosi who is worth a hundred million dollars, and who is trying to Impeach Trump, has been taking cash for decades from foreign government Lobbyists, for being so Corrupt!

  2. The trump-butt-bumps are all crazy as trump’s time-up nears for him to make his escape into Russia leaving dem behind to whine, and shoot their greasy pink heads, hahahahahhahahahaha

  3. As Massachusetts governor he did nothing for my state. Governor Baker and even Governor Patrick served the commonwealth better …

    • Romney is a pathetic farce of a rich man. He is deluded in taking a false name to attack Trump. Someone should take him to an insane assylum for the rest of his miserable life!!

  4. Romney IS such a ‘Dis- Grace’.
    A few yr ago i Never would’ve thought he was
    a ‘snake/rat’. But, Now i, &’we’ Know the Truth.
    Sad ___

    • I agree zee. I voted for mitt to be Utah’s Senator. I would take my vote back in a heart beat since he, now, has shown his true “RINO” political stance. I plan to vote, again, for President Trump in 2020. He is MAGA!!!!

    • He is an insult to any Christian or Mormon faith. He lies, cheats, obstructs, smears anyone who he feels is a threat to his ego. He has finally totally revealed himself to all Americans as the lying, abusive bigot that he is.

  5. Mitt Romney has finally become a true patriot!!
    Now it’s time for the rest of the knuckle dragging GOP to fall in line and get the criminal cockwobble trump expelled from the White House. Make America respected again and impeach trump

    • This Shawn Hannity seems to have an elevator problem; his does not go to the top floor. President Trump is the best thing to happen for the US since Ronald Reagan, and maybe for even much longer. Mitt Romney is a sleazy little cheap coward who could not stand up to Obama in the third debate in 2012. Say thanks to Romney for the second four years of Obama administration thievery and incompetence.

      • Amen & Amen, Ernst! Who are these pathetic dodos who believe they can use a false name to say something stupid about Trump. They obviously are power hungry swamp rats that are still unhappy that the criminal Hillary got sidetracted in her evil doings to get richer and richer even if it meant selling our nuclear stocks to the Russians.

    • White House
      Who’s house
      Our house and senate and soon to be the House of Representatives. In a capitalist society that’s known as a monopoly. The Bible says let the ignorant be ignorant so I’ll let you be.

  6. The LDS church rules the state of Utah. Mitt Romney moved to Utah because he knew that if the LDS church backed him then he was a shoe-in to be their next Senator. I think he may have seen this as a way to be a thorn in Trump’s side as well as a way to set himself up for another run at the Presidency. I’m so glad I have never voted for him and I will never vote for him in the future. He has shown himself to be a petty, jealous person.

  7. I regret so much voting for Mitt Romney back in 2012, but what choice did we have? It was either him or Obama. If I had to do it all over again, I would vote in Mickey Mouse. The Mormon Church should disenfranchise this idiot……… and I’m a Mormon.

    • I fully agree. And to think, at one time, I actually liked the little backstabbing bastard! Soreass musta packed his pockets good!!!????????????????????????????

      • Yep. ole turkey-mouth bobbie lue kahlcke is an idiot like trump. He’s to stupid ta use -your= instead of “you’re”. And michelle dem-witz agrees wit him. hahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahhahahahahah

    • Does that stupid bastard think he has a chance in hell?He’s part of the swamp that has made a fortune and doesn’t want to be exposed to the people!

  8. I didn’t think anything would make me think I would ever be in favor of 44 winning the election against Romney but, now that I have seen the real Romney over the last few years, I am actually beginning to think it was better that 44 won instead of Romney. Now that is saying something.

  9. Romney is such a flaming idiot that I was very surprised that he even was able to run for office at all in Utah. I thought those folks out there were smarter that that. Maybe the idiot will die in office before long and we can be rid of him form then on.

  10. President Trump has officially pushed all of the already rich politicians over the edge. You can guarantee one thing, when it’s comes to all of our hypocrites wallets and pocket books they all start bitching and stabbing our President in the back. Started bumping up tariffs on China where our Congressman and Senators liked investing with the Communists to take advantage of their slave labor for bigger profits that they can hide from the IRS. If

  11. Simply put, Romney is an optimistic, self indulged, self righteous POS. He will stab ANYONE in the back to further his self-image agenda. It is not about being Republican, Democrat or RINO, he is simply self-absorbed.

  12. Mr Trump was not joking when he suggested that China investigate Joe Biden. It’s the last excuse the GOP lackeys use when Trump goes totally off the rails. Everyone knows he was serious, some folks just won’t admit to it but they know. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are both cowardly but they are only the tip of the iceberg in the Republican party.

    • I hope he was serious. Biden abused his office trying to pull strings for his idiot son. That’s right. The son whom got kicked out of the Navy.

      • And dan-o-inbred got “kicked” in his anus by his inbred pappy for giving the whole barn of inbreeds lice while his mama was smoking meth looking on. hahahhahhahahhah

    • I don’t know about China but Trump had full permission to solicit the Ukraine in investigating corruption with the Bidens. Bill Clinton gave Trump permission with his joint Ukraine treaty signed back in 1999.
      It’s also note worthy that your party is trying to impeach Trump for exactly the same thing Biden already admitted to, and bragged about with the same country on video.

  13. Romney is the only brave Republican to speak out against this idiot in office. Trump is dangerous and a clear and present threat to our republic.

    • You have got to be KIDDING. Romney is a has been that never really was. The people in Utah should be very ashamed of themselves for electing this POS in.

    • Please explain how Trump is a bad President? You have a job right, less homeless that Obama and the other Presidents created in this country. He puts up with NO Bullsh…
      which it’s goo to finally have a real man in office and run the country the way it should No nonsense no crap from foreign countries let alone you flunkies that have no respect for this country let alone our President, we at one point have been considered a might nation that other countries looked up to us and feared us, we are the only nation that helps and donates during others in trouble, and oh yea and you and others that hate the US and conservatives, Jewish people and Christians these are people that are basic the only ones that do more volunteer work here and other countries to feed the homeless, children, economy but no you rather degrade our President and let the whole world see our USA a weak Good job you bunch of low life’s sorry but NO longer a
      Democrat and no longer a supporter of then. I will keep fighting for the respect of our President and country and if you All do not like it here then leave and live in a communist country and be treated as a dog let’s see how long you will last and you all will wish to be in a free country like the good old USA. May God never take his hand away from this country and our President God Bless America…

      • The explanation for Trump being a threat to our Republic is onvious is to those who aren’t blinded by his ego and hyperbole! The man has no sense of right and wrong. He has no respect for the rule of law or any court opinion other than ones he agrees with. He is a pure, unethical autocrat. Our great nation was built on a bedrock of checks and balances. Trump is totally unable to recognize and accept any check on his lust for power. Even if the Republican party had the guts to tell this would be Emperor he is naked the man would listen!

        • And yet if Hillary were in office or even Biden the democrats would be calling for no investigations whatsoever. No checks and no balance when democrats are in charge.

    • It’s note worthy that your party is trying to impeach Trump for exactly the same thing Biden already admitted to, and bragged about with the same country on video.

  14. So Mitt, it is better for the American people to look Presidential than to put an end to the “pay to play” corruption and selling off technical secrets to potential enemies? Where is your patriotism or concern that “entitled” politicians are selling out America?

  15. Romney is pissed because he asked Trump to make him Secretary of State and was turned down. Just like judge Nap tried to get himself appointed to the Supreme Court. Both of them have a hard on for Trump.

  16. Mittens the kitten thinks he’s some sort of alpha lion. When he figures out who the lion really is…’s gonna be funny.

  17. Thank God that he did not get elected President. He would have been no better than Obama. He is another jealous individual that did not get something in the Trump Administration that he felt he would just try and upstage him. But the American people see right through him. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  18. Romney has his hands in the Ukraine money laundering schemes as well look it up … google Romney’s connections to Ukraine…also look up Pelosi’s son and their connections….the swamp is so full of it. That is why they want Trump out they are all about to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar

    • Absolutely correct Carol. It is quite astonishing that Mitt and Paul Ryan have become so vile to the Republican party because they are losers. Jumping on the President’s back is all wrong. These men are so much worse even than “Women Scorned” – Of course Hillary has the title Queen of Women Scorned. She will never get over Bill’s blatant whoring. I voted for Romney and regret it. His wife is a good, intelligent, kind, fair woman and I would imagine she is about ready to divorce the creep. Go Anne.

  19. Romney’s career is over with, and if he thinks for even a second that he is going to run for president and win he really is an idiot!!! He will be lucky to even win his seat in the Senate again!!



    • Every comment about this “situation”, every slur, every manipulation of data, has been dispelled by the TRANSCRIPT, a word for word document, start to finish, of what was said during this conversation. I don’t need Congressman Schiff explaining to me what President Trump “MEANT”. I don’t need Senator Romney telling me what to think, or how to think.
      President Trump has made the entire political culture in this country look like fools. We have been told “HOW TO” for so long most people forgot how to look at the facts and think logically……….and the politicians have lied to us for so long they can no longer separate fact from fiction. President Trump is not a politician, he’s a Patriot…..something very few politicians will ever be able to say.

      • You idiot. That wasn’t a transcript but only a summary of what was said. Get your facts right. Trump is an arrogant ass who doesn’t deserve to be in public office.

        • The democrats didn’t have the transcript before they started calling for impeachment again so Adam Schiff had to make up his own version of the phone call then read it to congress.

        • You are obviously a far left Liberal Thomas Moselle. Nastier than Mitt who became a Swamp Rat. You are down in the Swamp too. Welcome home. Do you know what a name is for anyone who wins a debate with a Liberal? A Racist. Not funny.



    • I voted for Romney and now I am glad he didn’t win, what a mistake that was! Deep down he is a demoncrat. Voting for my President Trump again!!!

  22. Mitt needs a hobby, and it shouldn’t be politics. Please go away. You let BHO beat you in 2012 because you were a weak candidate that was afraid of the deep state. You’re a failure and Donald Trump is a winner!

    • Mitt is so stuck on himself it’s sickening. If you think about it this is the perfect format for Mitt. He does all the talking and therefore never has to take responsibility for anything. Basically he is free loading at our expense. I’m ok with that cause it keeps him (Romney) occupied.

      But he is a piece of shit hiding behind the Mormon religion.


  23. I am sure President Trump did not expect China to agree to disclose what Biden and his family was doing there, or why they came away with so much money. I don’t think anyone does.
    He just pointed out the situation. Investigation into one person is fair for others in the race. I would think even more so for a man who served in one of the highest offices in our country.

  24. I use to like this guy Romney , but I was damn wrong about this Traitorous prick . You liberals best pray the President doesn’t get impeached . Because if he does , it’s going to very bad time here in the USA . NOW THATS SERIOUS ” FOOD FOR THOUGHT ” FOR EVERYBODY . BE PREPARED , IF YOUR NOT , OH WELL , THATS JUST TUFF SHIT

  25. Hey racist for Trump. You need to keep your lying commie bullshit to yourself. You are not a patriot, just a lowlife piece of shit. So go suck your mama,s tit and stfu.

  26. Romney is as dishonest, corrupt, greedy and two-faced as they come. Not that the Republicans are known for their courage, but he is one treacherous slime-ball POS that should be expelled from the party and forbidden to use their name. He deserves a tune up in the parking lot. Big time!

    • JanD, I am not a Romney fan but you know Trump is a serial sexual assaulter, a mobster, constant liar, braggart, insulter, blamer and whiner. If you have an ounce of honesty you would admit if there is an anti-Christ in this country sadly it is Donald J Trump, the egomaniac and clearly a traitor.

      • Racist for trump I’m damned proud of him because I know you are a dumbass. You didn’t come to your conclusion on your own. You aren’t smart enough to do that. You probably are a snottnosed loser living in your mother’s basement. You can’t prove anything that you say about Trump, so it means nothing. Go get a life you f—king snowflake.

      • You obviously don’t know how to research facts, or you are under moms care. All that you are witnessing in the result of
        hillary clinton losing the election to hide the activities of the democratic party.
        Go ahead, I dare you to view the long historical list of democratic
        Failures, California is a perfect example.

      • Spoken like a true democrat; hurling accusations with no evidence while disregarding hard evidence again Hillary Clinton, Slick Willy Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. Well done.

      • You’re full of shit! Keep listening to the far left media. They want to bring him down since his values are conservative. They don’t want any Godly man in the WH. They want a corrupt team player in the swamp which Trump is trying to drain. That’s the truth! George Soros, Obama, and Hillary are the ones who should be in jail. All past presidents left the WH after their term and moved far away. Not Obama. He set up shop in DV so he can rule and undermine Trump. He should be in jail for Treason and Hillary and Soros are just corrupt. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, STFU! This impeachment thing is going nowhere.

      • Jan D, Ya gotta quit drinking that cool ade. It’s going to your brain and drowning it. You want to see racists, look at the Demonrats. That’s all they talk about.

      • Romney is a rabid dog that should be put down the first chance Trump gets. Another one that should be voted out of office.

  27. Yahoo SEARCH: “1989, Utah state Attorney General, 160 sworn eyewitness LDS church goers and LDS church Elders, cannibalism and human sacrifices at Mormon church gatherings. not a hate crime-look out”

  28. This has always been Romney’s modus operandi. When he feels threatened by anyone or feels that they have taken his aura away, he then tries to smear and humiliate them. He is literally an example of someone who bites the hand that feeds him as he has shown by attacking President Trump after the president supported him in the election. To call him a hypocrite does not do justice to this Pharisee.

  29. Romney will never get over being beaten by Trump. He will whine kick and scream until the day he dies. You notice the carpetbagger went to Utah to try to capitalize on being a Mormon. He was in Massachussetts for years – yet he is from Michigan – o wonder why he didnt try to help his home state?

    • It’s the white racists that keep the black man in poverty.
      First they enslaved them and forced them to pick cotton.
      Now they tell them they’re too stupid to hold a job and need whitey help.
      All they gots to do is vote for whitey, and he gonna give black folk all kinda free sh/t, and maybe some reparation too hahahahahahahahahaha

  30. Obozo played Romney like a fiddle. He lost to a dumbass commie mulatto and still can’t live it down. And bama did lots of crap that should have gotten him impeached but everyone was afraid to go for it.

  31. Romney thinks he has the right to screw America the way his daddy did Michigan. Sorry mittens too many people remember.

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