Mitt Romney just stabbed Trump in the back AGAIN with an infuriating announcement

No Republican has stabbed President Trump in the back more than Mitt Romney.

After begging for his support in his Senate race, he immediately turned on Trump after winning.

And Mitt Romney just stabbed Trump in the back AGAIN with an infuriating announcement.

For almost a year, most of the country has been locked down due to coronavirus.

With no solid scientific evidence to back it, Democrats have put many millions of Americans out of work.

They have destroyed small businesses coast to coast, with no end in sight to their insanity.

The only people who have profited off of this madness are mega corporations like Amazon and Walmart.

And conveniently, it is these industries funding the establishment in both parties.

So they have no problem with the economy being shut down, as their profits are only going up, while small businesses they previously competed with are being closed down.

President Donald Trump has taken a leading role in trying to help those who are suffering due to government shutdowns.

He understands that the America First position on this is to help suffering Americans first, and that means using government funds at a time when it is the government causing them to suffer by saying they can’t work is the right thing to do.

Trump is demanding a $2,000 coronavirus stimulus check to assist those suffering from government-imposed lockdowns – mostly imposed by Democrat Governors.

He even threatened to veto the recent relief bill that settled for $600, while sending, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to special interests.

But he was forced to sign it into law, as vetoing it would end much needed unemployment benefits for millions of Americans forced out of work.

Now he is calling on Congress to pass a standalone bill to increase the stimulus to $2,000.

But establishment Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney are fighting him on it.

Romney attacked Trump’s plan to the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce in a virtual event on Sunday.

“If we went to $2,000 per person, the additional borrowing would be up to almost $500 billion,” Romney said. “Someone’s got to pay for that. We can’t just have free money. There’s got to be taxation, we have to pay the interest on the debt.”

“It’s like [asking], ‘Everybody in favor of getting a free check from the government, raise your hand.’ Not a lot of hands won’t go up,” he continued. “But don’t forget, we have to pay it back someday and pay it back with interest.”

Maybe Romney’s posturing would be reasonable if he was fighting economic lockdowns, or the massive amounts of pork in the COVID “relief” Omnibus Spending Bill.

But instead he is doing nothing on that front, while fighting to make sure suffering Americans don’t get relief from a problem caused by the government in the first place.