Mitt Romney just took one move to support Joe Biden that will make Trump’s blood boil

Mitt Romney is the Founding Father of the Never Trump movement.

No one thought Romney’s acts of treachery could get worse than when Romney voted with the Democrats to convict the President on one of the Democrats’ articles of impeachment.

But now Mitt Romney just took one move to support Joe Biden that will make Trump’s blood boil.

On Thursday, Romney came out for the Obama standard of justice which holds that Democrats can never be investigated.

Meeting with reporters, Romney threw cold water on Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson’s desire to subpoena documents relating to Blue Star Strategies and its communications with the statement regarding Burisma.

Romney – who supported every single one of Adam Schiff’s partisan witch hunts – claimed the American people were “tired” of investigations.

“There’s no question but the appearance of looking at Burisma appears political. And I think people are tired of these kind of political investigations” Romney added, “I would hope that there’s something of significance that needs to be evaluated that would be done perhaps the FBI or some other agency, although it’s not as political as perhaps a committee of our of our body.”

“There’s no question the appearance is not good,” Romney also claimed.

Romney also proposed that an independent authority like the FBI look into Hunter Biden and Burisma.

“I would prefer that investigations are done by an independent, nonpolitical body,” said Romney.

Romney pitched that idea because he knows Deep State agents inside the FBI work diligently to smother any acts of wrongdoing by the Democrat Party.

In 2016, agents conducted a sham investigation into Hillary Clinton while at the same digging into supposed collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia – despite knowing from the very start this was a crackpot conspiracy theory.

Romney is insisting the FBI investigate Hunter Biden and Burisma because he knows it is a way to bury any potential criminal activity while claiming to support a mission to discover the truth.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

UPDATE 3/7: CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney is still considering voting in favor of Sen. Johnson’s subpoena efforts.