Mitt Romney just twisted the knife in President Trump’s back with this ultimate act of betrayal

Never-Trump Senator Mitt Romney is still bitter he never became President.

He’s never gotten over Donald Trump’s win in 2016.

But he just twisted the knife in President Trump’s back with this ultimate act of betrayal.

Mitt Romney announced on the Senate floor he would vote to convict President Donald Trump on the first article of impeachment on abuse of power.

His fellow Republicans didn’t respond well to the news.

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) tweeted that “Mitt Romney absolutely despites that Donald Trump was elected POTUS & he was not,” adding that it was “sore loser mentality” that launched the impeachment witch hunt and Schiff apparently “recruited himself a sore loser buddy” to “play along.”

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale called Romney “an irrelevant relic” who was “sour about Trump’s success.”

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter noted that Romney has stepped into McCain’s “Never-Trump” role in the Senate.

Dinesh D’Souza expressed regret for ever having supporter Romney in 2012.

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist noted that Romney’s vote for more witnesses was completely disingenuous. “He clearly didn’t believe more evidence or testimony was necessary,” Davis said. “He just wanted a long, drawn-out process to damage his nemesis.”

The fallout of Romney’s vote to convict President Trump on even one of the House Democrats’ phony articles of impeachment is that it provided political cover for so-called “moderate” Democrats like Doug Collins (AL), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), and Joe Manchin (WV) to vote for impeachment.

And, of course, the media gleefully noted Romney’s vote would be the first time in history a member of the President’s party voted for impeachment.

In the end, Romney’s vote to convict the President made no difference on the outcome of the Senate impeachment trial.

President Trump was acquitted and Democrats not only failed to remove him from office, polls show they failed in their ultimate goal – trying to damage Trump politically ahead of the November 2020 elections.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments in the ongoing story.


  1. I just received the message below from Chuck Schumer but there was no way to reply to it. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, let him know that Im extremely disappointed in him and strongly believe that him, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi should be shot for treason immediately and I would be happy to donate to that cause.
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
    John, I’ll be frank with you: I’m extremely disappointed.

    Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans voted to acquit President Trump in his impeachment trial.

    That means the president will face NO consequences for his blatant abuses of power.

    John, I know you’re angry right now. I am too.

    But, I hope you’ll channel that anger into a commitment to fight back — now, more than ever.

    Mitch McConnell and every Republican Senator who allowed this to happen, like Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), deserve to lose their seats. And we’re going to fight like hell to make that happen.

    There has never been a better reason to donate to end Mitch McConnell’s majority and flip the Senate. We need 2,742 Democrats to step up today with a rapid-response donation of any amount to prove you’re going to fight like hell to take away McConnell’s Senate majority. Please, pitch in $5 or more now >>

  2. to all yo brain dead radical right traitors who criticize Romney for voting his conscience based on his belief in God – trump has no conscience and is a liar – he was acquitted because he refused to surrender documents relate to the case and he forbade his staff from testifying plus the Senate Republicans violated their oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic and their oath to be impartial – so what do Bolton, Mulvaney and others know that could convict trump? why was trump so angry that this would leak out – 75% of the American people wanted to hear from the other witnesses and did not. Romney, Comey, Vindlan and others are true patriots and heroes while trump and his followers are traitors do not have a conscience or any moral principles.

  3. Mitt Romney has never been a true Republican and lie about the times he sided with President Trump. I do not like the fact to justify his actions he used GOD. GOD had nothing to do with what Mitt Romney did he is a sore loser and is getting what he deserves oust for the hill.

  4. Doug Jones of Alabama just LOST his next election hands down. Well, we all mistakes, eh? But, makes me wonder why he did it?


  6. Mitt is such a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Using his faith to justify his vote is a joke. I don’t believe one word out of his back stabbing mouth. What about his fake social media account set up to harass a specific individual? Did his faith tell him to do that too? Did his faith tell him to ask President Trump for a job so he could spy on the administration for the Democrats? I hope his career is over. Let’s get a real Republican to replace him in the Senate.

  7. Mittens was either bought or threatened. He mentioned being highly religious. Oh , right!! A member of a cult that at one time killed people for not being Mormon. Look it up.

  8. Bye, bye Senators Romney, Manchin and Jones. Romney I am sure is hoping that his state will forget his treason to America in the next four years before reelection. Romney and McCain, two very poor liberal Republican choices for pres candidates. A liberal Republican will never win an election, just as a conservative Dem will never win.

  9. Romney is a petty, disgruntled, carpet bagger who is till bitter about his own failures and doesn’t deserve to serve the fine folks of Utah

  10. You are a loser Romney. The decline of the Republican party started when you ran for president. Thank you president Trump for stopping the decline of America

  11. Sinema’s vote underscores that she is the wrong candidate to represent this Arizonian. She votes party instead of policy. I predict she will see the results of that poor decision in November 2024.

  12. I said all through the primary where ORomney was chosen to go up against Obama that he was little better than his opponent! No matter which 1 was elected, we going to be force fed govt run healthcare. As a matter of fact Obamacare was just ORomney’s Massetusetts state run healthcare.

  13. Mitt Romney has made a terrible error and it will most likely leav bad taste — if nothing else!

  14. As low-down as it was, what Romney the RINO did was to hand Trump the banner that he could use to claim his exoneration was bi-partisan!! And, Romney will go down in history as another Benedict Arnold.

  15. Today was a great day for America, the Constitution, President Trump and the American people!
    Today was the end of a purely political practice born of hatred for DJT with plans to damage his reelection chances and plans that included moves during the trial for the Dems to win the Senate majority in November.
    Today was a great day because the Dems will soon know, deceitful actions have consequences. This will be a reality when the election results are known.
    Republicans will have the majority in both Houses of Congress and the Whitehouse.
    The Dems will pay dearly for years to come. We “elephants” have LONG memories!

  16. This was an outrageously cowardly and dispicable act of betrayal by the failure of a man. He turned his back on his party. If he thinks that anyone will see him as anything else, including the demonic democrats, he’s deluded. They will throw him under the bus. The president has proven himself to me, he is a true warrior! He fights everyday for what he believes in and he loves this country. Mitt Romney is a joke and he will go down in history as the man responsible for getting the Kenyan elected. Shameful!

  17. A disgrace! Not a surprise. He is a loser and he does not like it that the President is a winner. I might suggest that Utah take better look at who they send to Washington to represent them. I understand that the Senators should vote their conscience BUT Mittens voted to stab the President in the back,nothing to do with his conscience. I doubt he has one?

  18. ROMNEY had his chance! But he became a COWARD during DEBATE with Obama in 2012! AMERICA didn’t want another John McCain!

  19. Mitt made a case that he was extremely religious and that his religious beliefs required that he vote his conscience. The problem is that there was a compelling case that Trump did not commit an impeachable act. Did he not listen to Dershowich? When you want an end result you hear what you want to hear to justify that result. Romney tried to come out saintly where in reality he obviously voted according to how he intended to vote from the beginning. He just wanted to look like like his saintly beliefs gave him the courage to vote against his party when in fact it gave him an excuse for his betrayal.

  20. Mittens wanted to be Trump’s Secretary of State and was turned down. He’s going to cause trouble for Trump ever chance that he gets


  22. Rum knee is secretly in love with nutsy pill o see dreaming of a 3sum with maxi mouth he n nutsy, you can easily c that they are all n bad together Trump envious Trump haters disillusioned thumb sucking losers in the Demon Craps club with jussie smollett and the squad all evil self serving egotistical scum Demon Craps blood thirsty for babies blood lovers of self only the only way they can get worse is to have identical twins equal in ignorance hatred and stupidity

  23. Joseph Black ex-CIA operative, top Romney aid and named Security lead at Burisma. Also as ties to Eric CIA, Mary McCord, Susan Rice & Lt.Col Vindman. Mitt had two roads to choose from, the one with a lot of corrupt ties or stick with his party, you see the one he had to take…Now he has to answer to one person that he keeps bringing up…

  24. Romney is a POS. GO join your fellow commie craft party we don’t need rinos like you. Trump gave him an endorsement for his senate bid and now the sniveling little shoves a knife in his back. Leave the party you fake conservative. After dingy Harry reported to theNY TIMES that you didn’t pay taxes for 10 years and now you side with them. Leave the party now b and become a Democrat because you’ll never get elected as a Republican.

  25. “There are no words to describer Sen Romney a looser in the biggest way.”

    I agree, Carlos, “in the biggest way”! But…..he always has been.

  26. Let me explain to the mentally challenged out there. Rino Romney said HE WANTED MORE WITNESSES AND MROE DOCUMENTS. One would want these because WHAT HE DID HAVE WAS NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE A DECISION. Without additional witnesses and documents, one would have to be in doubt. A PERSO OF TRUE MORAL CHARACTER would never convict another while remaining in doubt. Rino Romey, vindictive and jealous of President Trump went ahead and said guilty. Then he tried to use his “religion” to justify saying Pres. TRUMP WAS guilty even though he, Romney, did not get the extra info he said he needed to be sure. For someone to do that….that person has NO MORAL CHARACTER.

  27. It didn’t take a genius to see what was gonna happen…wasted time and money to prove more Trump derangement syndrome…so tired of Dems wasting taxpayer dollars and not working for the American people…just makes you wonder why they’re so afraid of Trump…what are they hiding

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  29. Actually it’s more like McStain I mean MittClitt stabs himself in the brain. Leftists or whatever nazi-commies are unable to get anything right, only follow their leader out of fear. It their identity politics. Conservatives fear God-Truth & no-one no-thing else.

  30. The Democrat political party is not working for the American people. They are the party that hates USA and the people s. Mitt Romney is now the Democrats bubby. This party hated him when running for president….Mitts an embarrassment….shame on you.

  31. Laredo.
    Business as usual.
    No one has yet recognized the etymology of my comment name & it’s so sad.

  32. RINO romney commits political suicide right along with all the hypocrite democRATS that wasted millions of our hard earned tax dollars chasing their tails like the dirty dogs they imitate.

  33. Justice for Trump
    Is that it? CNN, MSNBC et-al. Heard it all before. Old stuff. Really old lies. Come back when you get some fresh kues.
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    “Climate Change” is a globalist elites HOAX. Look at any TONY HELLER YouTube channel for proof.

  34. Mitt didn’t think Hunter did anything wrong in the Ukraine and neither did one of Mitt’s friend on the same board in the Ukraine. The swamp/Ukraine connection seem very common among the swamp dwellers.

  35. Justice for Trump sounds like a Liberal Pedophile!! I bet him a Mutt Rummy spend their evenings chasing stray dogs down ally’s and have their way with them when they catch them!!! Probably another Schitt filled Liberal from a schitt filled sidewalk in California!!!

  36. Mitt Romney is the only Republican in the House or Senate that has any integrity, think of your losers like Jim Jordan, McSally, Barrasso, McConnell, Paul, the retired Gowdy and Issa. That is your party backing the mobster, serial sexual assaulter, braggart, liar and insulter Trump. And yes also a traitor but you don’t mind because he is your traitor, how sick

  37. Mitt Romney is not from my party. I am embarrassed that I voted for him years ago. He is profoundly a bureaucrat that has to pay for his previous endeavors. He does not belong in the Senate as he rightfully was voted out as the President. Again, I voted for him 8 years ago, and I am embarrassed. Please go back to screwing business owners with your purchase and part out procedures, you will never be able to bring your religion in to your decisions. Does not work

  38. Mitt “The Clit” Romney , is ,was , and always will be a communist, coward, punk ass traitor who I’m inviting to meet me here in Florida and prove me wrong, by climbing in the ring with me for 3 rounds of bare knuckle boxing.

  39. You would think that someone as old Romney would not need his diaper changed.
    What a MAJOR embarrassment to the VOTERS who elected him to have him display just how childish their Senator is.

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