Mitt Romney let the cat out of the bag on his plans to help Pelosi impeach Trump

Utah RINO Senator Mitt Romney has long had it out for President Trump.

The founder of the “Never Trump” movement made it his mission to drive Donald Trump from office.

And Mitt Romney just let the cat out of the bag on his plans to help Pelosi impeach Trump.

Led by President Trump, Republicans savaged Democrats for the sham impeachment process House Speaker Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff are running.

But Mitt Romney refused to join in.

The Utah RINO told USA Today that he was still merely “evaluating” the evidence against the President and refused to criticize his Democrat allies for trying to remove the President under the cover of darkness.

Breitbart reports:

Former failed presidential candidate and now Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said in an interview published on Monday that he is undecided on support for impeaching President Donald Trump and characterized the behind-closed-doors proceeding as “confidential.”

“I am making sure that I do everything I can to be unbiased and to keep an open mind,” Romney said in a USA Today report. “I also want to see what the facts of the case are.”

“And at this stage the investigation is being done in a confidential setting so I don’t know the full array of facts but so I will study the law and the facts and on that basis make an informed judgment consistent with Constitutional duties,” Romney said.

Romney also told the press he wasn’t signing on to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s resolution condemning the un-American and Stalinist process the Democrats were using to stage a coup against President Trump.

“You know I’ve been reluctant from the beginning to get involved in the process argument between the White House and the House but now that the Speaker has scheduled a vote I think that’s been overtaken by events,” Romney stated.

Romney made it clear he’s acting as a Democrat Party asset by giving them air cover to run a rigged and un-American witch hunt to nullify the results of a Presidential Election.

The Utah RINO knows his failure to blast the Democrats’ process will allow fake news “reporters” to write stories about how the GOP is “breaking” with Trump and that Romney is prepared to lead a movement in the Senate to convict the President on the Democrats’ phony articles of impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Why would you support the likes of mitten when he allows his anger to turn against the people who support Trump.
    Is this the way a truly Godly man acts?

  2. I want to thank Rob Lyle for his “Mitt the Twit”. It fits beautifully to a $3.00 bill
    that Romney has become.
    I’d like to see comedians come on stage with a large knife in their backs and a note attached that says “Romney’s gift to Trump”

  3. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ if Latter day Saints the same church that Romney belongs to & has betrayed in every way he does not represent this church at all. he is to me a first class Judas in every way. we gave over $3000 to his 2012 campaign and lived to regret that big time as have many others. our trust was ? percent misplaced. This is what happens when you do not thoroughly vet your candidates out. —Having (now ) done so let me say Romney has a lot in common with corrupt people like Biden and Pelosi. as a total Trump l am not alone with my fellow church members who pray and support our great ? President who will win in 2020. Romney will remain a black dot on the pages of history. Soon to be forgotten Never thought l would be brave enough to say all of the above—but enough is enough — we have speak out against corruption when we see it.

  4. Mitt Romney turned in to a traitor to his party – he makes me sick. He has become a real piece of crap and I hope he gets what he deserves in the future a real kick in the ass. To the people in Utah – vote him OUT when he comes up for re-election.

  5. I have never been for Mitt the twit He should formally change to the democratic party as he clearly is one and showed that when he ran for President I subscribe to the never Mitt the Twit he is a total hypocrite and looks to take advantage of anything he thinks can benefit him

  6. What is wrong with mitt. I used to be all in for him but he has gone off the deep end. He would never have stood up to the dems the wY trump has. Finally we have someone who will speak up for us, the conservatives. Something mitt would never do. Now he needs to either be supportive or just shut up! Orin hatch was supportive mutts disappointing!

  7. Go to YouTube and look at Trump endorsing Romney. Romney apparently begged Trump to endorse him. This is the way Romney repays him! While you’re searching YouTube, also look for Jesse Jackson and others giving Trump award for his support of blacks. It seems people are either ignorant or unaware of past incidents.

  8. the secret service will be visiting you very shortly for that remark “truth/facts” even your screen name is wrong, your side deals in lies and insults

  9. So Mr. Truth and facts, your call sign instantly speaks “Hypocrite” . Plus I am not a Trump worshipper , but instead a Trump supporter like many USA loving people who are tired of corrupt, hate, anger , bitter, self righteous lefties of whom want to make America not Great, but horrible. Truth and Facts, come on dumb ass!!

  10. Meuller report::: NO OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE
    Ukraine transcript::: NO QUID PRO QUO
    try reading some of the papers instead of relying on other wonks telling you what they say happened


  12. Sorry, I worship God and I support our President. The truth is President Trump did nothing wrong. There is a reason why Romney doesn’t want Burimsa investigation, do your research.

  13. One has to realize that the deep state is not ALL democrats (although there seems to be a bigger majority of democrats that are) “MUTT” Romney is definitely dirty and is resisting the judgement that is coning if Trump gets his agenda accomplished.

  14. I am SO glad that Mitt Romney lost to Obama (and I hate Obama). The way he has been acting, he makes me glad I sat out the 2012 Election. At least with Obama you know that you are getting a traitor. RINO Romney can no longer pretend that he is a Conservative. He is nothing more than a Liberal trying to pretend to be a Conservative.


  16. Judy, if you support trump and call your self a Christian then you are a hypocrite, you better read your bible a little closer ,you apparently missed something.

  17. Exactly where have I said I advocate violence ? Just saying that if someone assassinated him it would save a lot of time and money plus he would accomplish what he CLAIMED he would do,make American great again, it’s a win win .

  18. You cannot call yourself a Christian and agree with the leftist murder of babies, or the lying, cheating, stealing, and threatening of human lives like the left does. A Christian exercises the morals of Christ….thus the name Christian. The Bible is pretty succinct in stating what is expected of God’s people and the left is absolutely not following it even a little! So, if you are against everything Trump stands for–then you are a liberal….no matter what you call yourself!

  19. Man o man I really really wish we could recall him!!. What a slim ball he is turning out to be. He is getting to be a bigger and bigger embarrassment every day!

  20. Truth and Facts Christians don’t advocate violence. But the Bible does give people the right to defend themselves.

  21. Sorry, I’m not a liberal or a dem. Just a true American Christian interested in the truth and facts, which clearly mean nothing to Trump and his worshippers.

  22. How you been dano? Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been threatened by trumpeter? Simply for stating the truth and facts? I’ve lost count, good riddance to Trump and make America great again!

  23. Romney should never speak of upholding Constitutional law he adheres to and embraces the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism are based while betraying/denouncing the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based which is a terminal viral pandemic plague comprised of Democrats and Rats.

  24. “Willard’ “Pierre Delecto” ( DEFECTO)
    Becomes More ‘outrageous’
    By the Day’. !!! HOW ??? DID ‘he’
    Become so Lost & ‘Tainted’ ___

  25. Ford-Fix or repair daily. TRUMP is the UNAMERICAN treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe that should be impeached for obstruction of justice in the Mueller REPORT. Now add on his quid pro quo and obstruction in the Ukraine ordeal . IMPEACH OR ASSASSINATE. EITHER IS AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. LOLOLOLOLOL

  26. Romney is the broken down Rambler on blocks. President Trump is the shiny new 4-door Ford F150. Should we trade our sharp looking hard working dependable reliable F150 for a rusty rambled out Rambler on blocks that never was dependable reliable or considered good enough to ever put in service? Mittens is the rotten rusted Rambler through and through. His daddy did his very best and this is the very Romney best, a Rambler, that Romney can ever do.

  27. if he did this he lost my faith in him. i thought he was a honest man I guess he isn’t. OUR PRESIDENT DID US A HUGH FAVOR GETTING RID OF A DISCUSTING CREATURE. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP AND WE ARE BACKING YOU!!!!!

  28. if he did this he lost my faith in him. i thought he was a honest man I guess he isn’t. OUR PRESIDENT DID US A HUGH FAVOR GETTING RID OF A DISCUSTING CREATURE. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP AND WE ARE BACKING YOU!!!!!

  29. Not everyone lives according the teachings of their religion, but if that were the case Romney is a poor reflection of the Morman faith. If I were so inclined to be a Morman Romney would have me questioning my decision.

  30. Why should a person who held a political position in one state not be allowed to in another afterwards? Nothing wrong with that at all.
    What about him having a big family? Is that wrong? People change their position on things all the time as I’m sure you have as well. Once a Democrat’s now a Republican doesn’t mean anything, but I would agree that one should vett that person well.

  31. He and Hillary or should we say Hil Liary are made to have an affair with each other. He could roll her in flour and poke at the wet spots. That’s how effective he is . He probably supports gun control as well with as many people that would like to see his worthless arse gone.

  32. We need to let the cat outta the bag about his screwing under age girls in Utah. Not only is he a pathetic rhino but he is a child molester, and a back stabbing Benedict Arnold POS. He should be hung like any other POS democrat

  33. This fatherless POS should be shunned from the Republicans Senatorial crew. He has thwarted the party and the nation. Worthless wonder should be his new mantra!

  34. Trust no man no not one. Mitt Romney this scripture KJV was written with you in mind. Fie! For shame. Utah’s junior Senator out for himself only. You and Hillary Clinton should run for president. You being her Vice President a match made in heaven. Two lunatic’s.

  35. Mitt Romney has some serious innate JEALOUSY against President Trump. So, did Romney change his sneaky goofball name to Carlos Danger? Or is he Pierre Delecto? What a stupid name!!! P.S. He still wears MOM jeans!

  36. Z. R. French – But people voted Romney back in! Anyone who changes jurisdiction (state) that he’s running in and parties that he’s registered to also changes his colors. In his case, it’s not from good to bad and vice versa, it’s from way bad to evil. He’s got his own crimes that he’ll be facing when all of the reports are released. He’s a traitor to the country and that’s why he so vehemently hates Pres. Trump. Romney is part of the swamp.

  37. Redman, will you please stop engaging in racist conduct on here? Proper decorum would be nice as to take your views with a bit of creedance. No matter who we disguss malice towards a specific group of people that you created to harass over a shared trait is not a sign of wisdom or intellect. My person is an american this is the only group that this person acknowlages, as my foundation of life is with God. We are all brothers and sisters in both aspects in this nation. Please be nice to your siblings!

  38. Never liked that sneek, he has the face of a traitor. When he ran on the GOP ticket with the other jerk Paul Ryan. Did not vote for them,voted third party.

  39. Never liked that sneek, he has the face of a traitor. When he ran on the GOP ticket with the other jerk Paul Ryan. Did not vote for them,voted third party.

  40. I don’t know if the people of Utah are smart enough to get rid of Mitt some people just like to be bent over the table as long as he is one of theirs

  41. Unfortunately. that cannot happen. The state of Utah does not have any recall provisions at present. Willard, the lice infested Rat, is safe in his hole.

  42. A man with a big family! One who pass Romney care on Massachusetts. Now in UTAH! No political should be able to serve in another state! But we have seen many Democrats do it. Mitt Romney was a Democrat the first time he ran for president. Not sure what years it was. Think Bill Clinton got it. So he changed to Republican to beat a field of poor quality candidate. His true side is showing! Satan follower!

  43. I do agree Romney is a traitor to the Rep. party…..we do not need haters like him in em’s or Rep. parties..people like Mitt Romney are a great example of the people who should not be put in office…he lied to get in and now he will be a fellow person in Congress who has no business in there he is not there to do anything needed for the American people..he is there to cause problems and work against the president…he has been beaten before for making unintelligent comments and looks like he didn’t earn a thing…all he really had to do was run for president again but as a Democrat….they don’t want him either because he lies to move forward…he is not a person we want to make decisions for us….he is like the group of 4 crazy goobers who should only be in for one term.

  44. Mitt you are a two faced lying traitor. Do ALL of us a favor, change your party affiliation. You communist bastard.

  45. The red man would be nice if you tell us what you fool accomplish under Obama and Democrats? Most black people who voted for Obama are still trying to survive! His policy didn’t help them at all! But hurt them more! Democrats never care for any American citizen! Just the lifetime of 174k.

  46. Hey redman, you are a bigot, falsely identifying yourself as a native American, just the way your speech pattern is it’s screams old western movie. How? Such a fraud,just like warren

  47. What a post and you wonder why people in this country are not united…this post of Redman speaks volumnes of why some of the really unintelligent folks who are causing all the problems….to bad!!!!!

  48. We need to win the House in 2020 but at the same time we need to purge the Senate of these Rinos who are extremely troublesome and often vote contrary to the Party just to spite POTUS, we can’t afford to leave a single one of them in the Senate. After the 2020 victory POTUS must have a free hand to “Drain the Swamp” make our military even stronger and get more judges elected that believe in our Constitution. For this and other reasons, Romney MUST GO!

  49. No good white-folks ruined america from ever really becoming “great”. And now the trump-butt-bumps who post on here will help finish it off. ahhahahah

  50. Willard’s girl friend candy didn’t do him any favors in the debate..Clearly Obama already had the questions.

  51. Willard is currently 72 in 4 more years he will be 76 and will be finding himself in the same predicament as Bernie, Old Joe and Elizabeth Warren. Mittens never did the American worker any favors when he took over and raped the companies under his reorganization company (Baine Capital). He has pillaged and plundered his entire life and like Old Joe is a creature of the Deep Washington DC Swamp.

  52. Mitt Romney has never liked President Trump he only acted like he did to get his endorsement for the seat in Utah. I have never cared for him or his policies. I did vote for him when he ran for President and never will.He really needs to change from Republican to Democrat. President Trump has been and will be the best President ever. Nancy Pelosi is a terrible Speaker and should be fired.

  53. This turncoat is no Republican and not really a conservative. He, like Mcain before him threw this country under the bus and is still doing that.

  54. I supported Romney in 2012. This a big let down on his behalf, I feel betrayed. If Mitt doesn’t like the President he needs to simply shut his mouth as the demos are certain disaster. Perhaps he feels he must lash out at someone that accomplished what he could not.

  55. Its now up to people in Utah to put this impostor out to pasture. His view is opposed by > 80% of Republicans, & probably more than that in Utah.

  56. Mitt is bitter because the mulatto kicked his ass in 2012. We nominated him, even though I had to hold my nose to vote for him in the general election. As a senator, he could work his way back to running for President again. But he’s letting his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass.

  57. Carpetbagging Mittens has to stop Trump from exposing him. Trump may not even be after him but Mittens knows what he did and it’s eating him alive worrying that everyone will find out.

  58. Traitor Mitt. Maybe he can run on the Democratic Ticket. Never trusted Mitt Romney (Mormon) who obviously has lost touch with himself, or is he just being egotistical!

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