Mitt Romney made a stunning televised confession that will change everything

No one could believe what they were seeing.

The Washington, D.C. swamp had been keeping this truth from the American people for years.

And Mitt Romney made a stunning televised confession that will change everything.

Conservative Senator J.D. Vance calls out Biden and the Ukraine war mongers

Ohio’s J.D. Vance is one of the new generation of pro-Trump conservatives in the U.S. Senate.

Vance is a strong supporter of the America first foreign policy and he’s helping to lead the opposition in Congress to rubberstamping a $95 billion foreign aid slush fund that includes $61 billion for the war in Ukraine.

At the Munich Security Conference, Vance questioned the utility of throwing more good money after bad in Ukraine as well as what Biden and his fellow globalists were trying to accomplish.

Speaking of the war in Ukraine, Vance argued Biden has no plan, telling reporters “the problem in Ukraine . . . is that there’s no clear end point” 

Vance also ripped the idea that another $61 billion in taxpayer funds would help Ukraine win the war when Ukraine is losing despite the more than $130 billion the U.S. dumped into the country since the war began.

Vance explained “that [$61 billion] is not going to fundamentally change the reality on the battlefield.”

Vance also spoke to the fiscal reality of the situation saying America is $34 trillion in debt and that the country can’t afford to fund an endless war.

“We simply cannot. No matter how many checks the U.S. Congress writes, we are limited there,” Vance added.

Vance said it was time to bring this war to a close.

“I think what’s reasonable to accomplish is some negotiated peace,” Vance concluded.

Mitt Romney admits Vance is right 

Mitt Romney is one of the establishment RINOs who thinks securing Ukraine’s border is more important than securing America’s.

Romney is a chief booster of the $61 billion to Ukraine.

But in a jaw-dropping interview with left-wing CNN activist Kaitlin Collins, Romney admitted Vance was right that pouring another $61 billion into Ukraine wouldn’t alter the outcome.

Romney, however, said he didn’t care.

“That is an interesting point. It just happens to be as accurate as it is irrelevant,” Romney stated.

Romney’s comments also highlight Vance’s other criticism of the pro-Ukraine warmongers, which is that they have no end game and were happy to funnel $61 billion a year into Ukraine indefinitely.

This is another endless war Romney wants to suck U.S. taxpayers into funding.

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