Mitt Romney made a surprising confession about Donald Trump’s future

Mitt Romney has spent years feuding with Donald Trump.

Romney even voted twice to convict Trump on articles of impeachment.

And then Mitt Romney went on camera and made a surprising confession about Donald Trump’s future.

Romney appeared on The New York Times’ “Deal Book/DC Project” video cast with liberal activist Andrew Ross Sorkin.

During the interview, Sorkin asked Romney about Donald Trump’s future seeing that on Sunday Trump will use his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference to announce he is still the leader of the Republican Party.

Romney responded by admitting that if Trump ran for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, he would win.

“I don’t know if he’ll run in 2024 or not, but if he does I’m pretty sure he will win the nomination,” Romney stated.

Sorkin asked Romney to expand on Trump’s 2024 prospects and Romney simply acknowledged the reality that Donald Trump is still the most popular Republican in the party and a dominant force in the GOP.

“I think he’d win the nomination if he runs,” Romney added.

Sorkin asked if Romney would actively campaign against Trump, to which Romney responded that he simply would not be voting for Trump again.

“I would not be voting for President Trump again. I haven’t voted for him in the past,” Romney shot back.

But Mitt Romney may no longer be a force in the GOP by the time 2024 rolls around.

Romney is up for re-election that year.

And it is expected that Romney will face a pro-Trump primary challenger.

Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz is rumored to be examining mounting a primary campaign against Romney and, if he did so, Chaffetz would certainly have the support of Donald Trump, who Mitt Romney believes would be the GOP Presidential nominee.

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