Mitt Romney plotted the most awful betrayal of Donald Trump anyone imagined

Mitt Romney led the Never Trump movement in 2016.

And in 2018 he won election to the United States Senate.

That’s when he started plotting the most awful betrayal of Donald Trump that anyone imagined.

At a Washington Post Q&A event, outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan claimed Romney could succeed John McCain as the “moral” center of the Republican Party.

Breitbart reports:

During a Q&A hosted by the Washington Post, House Speaker Paul Ryan positioned Mitt Romney as John McCain’s moral successor.

In one of the last interviews Ryan will have given as House Speaker, he praised his long-time friend, former running mate, and Utah senator-elect. “It’s great that he’s coming,” Ryan said. “Mitt believes there’s a role for him … as a standard-bearer for our party.”

McCain was a maverick GOP element in public perception, often resisting his own party’s majority stance on key issues as a matter of principle. Before his death, McCain famously voted against the repeal-and-replace Republican health care bill that would have crippled Obamacare, drawing Trump’s ire.

Trump supporters believe Romney is the successor to McCain.

But just not for any of the reasons Ryan claims.

Both Romney and McCain were RINO sellouts who hated conservatives and loved appeasing Democrats.

They both supported putting Hillary Clinton in the White House by refusing to support Trump’s Presidential bid.

And both Romney and McCain are globalists who favor international trade deals, amnesty and endless war.

They are the exact opposite of the America First movement.

McCain made his living as a thorn in the side of conservatives.

Romney appears ready to play the role of the media’s favorite “Republican.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are the Rino traitors of the Republican party and I hope that the conservative will remember those two and not support them in any election if and when they ask for contribution. They have not done anything to help and support our beloved POTUS and have consistently worked against against him. These 2 stooges will bear the backlash of the Republican nation!

  2. MIT Romney And Paul Ryan I didn’t like them when they ran for President and I still don’t like them now if they want to walk, sit and vote like a Democrats why ran as a Republican I just never trusted his face he is a f…king rich fake a want a be President

  3. Mit has always sat at the right hand of the Kenndy’s Table. He is as Democrate as they come. If his Daughter is involved in the RNC, then someone need to wonder what’s up.

  4. But on the other hand, look at what coming up next in new people who want to run things in goverment! All these women and foreign people thinking they know how to run things! worse yet, thats a disaster waiting to happen!! Need to choose wisely grasshoppers! Qualified people who is best for the people who have build this country and not for imigrates and foreign trash! We’ve earned it!

    • O Grasshopper Immigrants built this nation They came from England, Germany.France Spain,And like my decendants from Italy they also immigrated from China,Even the middleeast iur forefathers were aided by those of African ancestry as well those native Americans the indigenous people the American Indians. We exspanded the nation westward under the auspices of Manifest destiny. As well the Louisiana Purchase Then later through the defeating of Santa Anna we appropriated Texas Oklahoma New Mexico California, Then Followed the Hawaii Islands then the purchase of Alaska from Russia price per Acre of 7 cents. Our fellow Americans the original American s consider us as illegal immigrants. They also consider all others outsiders further more they to treat their reservations as sovereign states with in the states.
      In conclusion I suggest you be of a more concise more specific when speaking of immigrants. Legal verses illegal Legal is good illegal is pure evil. Illegal does not benefit this nations interest only the interest or Agro business hotels resturants roofing siding and construction contractors and those seeking dirt cheap domestic help.

      • You need to learn actual American history before you attempt to teach it. Oklahoma was part of the Louisiana purchase which was bought from France, not purchased from Spain, like California. Texas came from Mexico. We whipped thier sorry brown asses.

      • In conclusion fool, this same logic can be expressed on any civilization since the dawn of time, from Africa to Europe, BC to AD. It is called history, so get off the immigrant crap. legal immigration is one thing, but the invasion from all over the world, just showing up moving in and expecting to be cared for is another. All this crying over cheap labor needs to be taken care of by work permits, not ILLEGAL labor.

  5. Goverment people been corrupt for so long, worse today, thanks to Obama, and George soros moldy money you cant trust any of them! Why all there time in Congress and Senate needs to end in 4 years! To easy to be bought! Clean house and start over!! Wish there were more Trumps coming up to follow his leed! Maybe Melania can! Trump can still guide her! Gonna take awhile to un-corrupt the goverment, FBI, Cia, and the rest.

  6. He is a sorry washed up person who doesn’t deserve the votes he got. I just bet his daughter who is the head of the RNC is ashamed or maybe she is in with her father. I sure hope not.

    • Roomey is A DEMOCRATE!!!!!Always has been! You don’t become the Governer of a State that is Bluer than the sky and ocean. He’s a Cheap Trick!

    • Mitt is a traitor, just as was his father, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Jeff Sessions, and on and on. It is very difficult to accomplish good when thier are so many trainers in your own camp. God bless Donald J Trump.

      • I agree, I am LDS, and Mitt Romney does not represent how most of the LDS people. I didn’t vote for him ever and will never vote for the snake in the grass I hate that he runs as a Republican, he is just another RINO, I wish he would not get any position in government.

    • Being a former New Englander living in Georgia, I have no use for Mitt. He has not been the same since his loss. All he is is an obstructionist and will only serve himself. The word backstabbing is highly appropriate. MAGA RVN 68-69

      • Neither do I! Mitt was a rotten Governor of Massachusetts, and he was even worse as a Candidate for President. No fire in his belly!

    • Perhaps, Deep ‘personal’ Enviousness Plagues ‘mitt’.
      Seems that ‘mormon faith’ has deceived him.
      & No ‘comeUppance’.
      > Not aPATRIOT for USA. Sad__ (& Bad).

  7. I voted for Mitt; because the alternative was a loser. Count on this RINO to bust Trump’s chops whenever he can. I am now glad he wasn’t elected President.

  8. Why can’t he register himself as a Democrat in Utah? Oh, that’s right. Utah is a red state. You gotta be a Republican to win this seat.

    That’s too bad.

    • Romney is simply a deepstate leader. He must be thrilled at mccainiacs passing giving him his turn to stab the United States Constitution in the heart at every chance.

    • Romney never was a nice person. He is an opportunist and uses anyone to achieve his goal. As long as he remains in Congress, he will be a traitor to the Pres and his own party. He is a democrat. He had aspirations for greatness-Pres-and it just did not work out for him. Nothing worse than a hasbeen who has been cast aside. He and McCain must have been good allies.

    • He is actually a pain on the a…… for republicans. Flake will be gone but here’s another one who takes his place. He is also a democrat in a republican clothing but no matter how he dreamed of getting the highest position as a president a wishful thinking. Republicans are tired and sick of him. His days already passed.

  9. It is fortunate that the Republican majority increased by enough to overcome Romney’s contrary votes. There will be many. Romney is a former Governor of Massachusetts and is just as liberal as that suggests. Romney signed the MA healthcare law that was used as the prototype for Obamacare. Will he now vote to overturn Obamacare? Not likely! Romney is a certifiable rat in a Republican suit.

  10. Romney is the biggest POS that ever walked. He back stabbed Trump, and when Trump won he dicided he wanted to be his buddy. The man cant be trusted, and the people of this country have seen enough of that bigot coward.

  11. Romney came from Mich. where the voters ran him out. He is even a bigger jerk than Mccain. Coming from Mich. he voted against the automobile companies. He doesn’t care a lick for voters only himself and his rich friends. Romney Mccain and Flake come from the same mold. If they can do something against conservatives they will do it.

    • You are so right Gary. Those three mouseketeers (because they certainly are Not Musketeers) are the worst thing to happen to our U.S. Senate. I hope something or someone keeps Romney from his taking over for “McCain the Pain”. We certainly do NOT need another misguided Senator — we’ve had enough for a long time!

    • I’m so glad to see that I’m not alone in my opinion of Romney, or McCain. They are both turncoats. They would betray their own mother if it was profitable. Thank the good Lord McCain is gone!!! I voted for both but only because I never vote Democrat.

  12. I just don’t understand Utah electing this RINO to replace Orrin Hatch. The last thing we need is a “replacement” for McCain. My stomach is turning at the thought.

  13. All these posts demonizing Romney are wonderful and show just how fractured the GOP really is. You attack the former leaders of the GOP, and villify the Mormons, who have always been solidly conservative. The former leaders of the GOP are just waiting for Trump to implode, which he is doing very well, and they will probably vote against Trump IF Trump makes it to the next election.
    Tell us, with so many never Trumpers against you, and Democrats motivated (9 million votes more than Rep. at midterms – -a RECORD), and so many women, and more independents opposing Trump weekly, how can you ever expect to win in 2020? You will lose and the ones you call “RINOS” will take back their party.

    • When I told many in this RR website that the data looked strong for a blue wave at midterms, most responses called me names and claimed there would be a “red tsunami.” Do you expect “reality check” for Trump or his cult followers to actually listen to reason? But, I have been finding a lot of former GOPers wishing for the older days when people like GH Bush was a gentleman and treated others with respect. GW Bush has a whole book of “thank you” letters he wrote to people, Trump will have a whole book of insults — many given to Republicans.

      • The difference between GW Bush and President Trump is that while Bush sends thank you letters to those who call him stupid and essentially admitting to being stupid, President Trump fires back at anyone who thinks he can insult him. The world is used to seeing Republicans who quiver in the presence of their opponents. Trump is a new phenomenon entirely, one that has never been seen before. Today instead of leading Conservatives to run with tails between their legs, President Trump counters every attack and gives Conservatives the voice and courage they hadn’t had for a very long time. Those accustomed to cowardice can never comprehend this new found lease of life.

        • Samuel Marshall, Good comment! As for conservatives finding voices to give back to the Dems as good as they get since DJT is in Whitehouse, that is another reason his base loves and supports him, he has given voice to Republicans. Speaking up, for me, has never been a problem but it has for a lot of people. I don’t think JD, Scott27, RicB, Eric Granberg, and other liberals (including the pen names-or liberals writing comments under more than one name), believe the courage Republicans now have. I am very proud our side is coming on strong with views, opinions, and rebuttals! The liberals put their pants on “one leg at a time” just like we do and we have just as much right as they do!

          • No, you are not right, M. George Herbert Bush had courage, fought bravely in WWII as did many others. Trump does not have courage, or else he would have stood up to Putin and to the Saudi Prince MBS! The difference is that Trump is just pure nasty and that will come back on him – – Mueller served credibly and he will not stop despite Trump’s attempts to bully him.
            I am glad you are proud of your side, as I am proud of the Democrats came together in midterms for a sensational 9 million plus victory! Teddy Roosevelt said to “talk softly but carry a big stick” – – and Trump has NO diplomacy to NOT say things that should not be said in public – – in private that is fine. But Trump has cowered and scraped to Putin, kisses Putin’s butt with praise, and won’t even stand up to Saudi Prince because Trump cares more about his finances than standing up for America!

          • reality check, Just because YOU say it does not make it true.
            I am right and I stand by my comment.
            When you see “M” why don’t you scroll by and don’t read it. I intend to continue to express my views whether you agree or not.
            All you have is your opinion as I have an opinion. The only difference is, my opinion happens to be correct.

          • reality check, George Herbert Bush was a cordial advocate for a “a New World Order”
            THAT wouldn’t be prudent.

        • Thank you !!! Samuel & M.
          > I D0 SALUTE GHWB for NAVY PILOT
          & Love For His Family. ps. & Always
          Liked Barbara Bush for her ‘savvy’/
          ‘sharp tongue’ at times WHEN, ‘Insults’
          Had ‘Class’. ‘B’ Was Also a ‘hipster’ 🙂
          > I DO NOT ‘salute’ ghwb’ For His
          Numerous ‘spiels’ re NWO./1 World 0rder.
          I Did Not ‘understand Terminolgy’ At
          That ‘Time’. NOW, I DO.
          RIP PLEASE! GHWB.
          ps, this sort thread IS ‘0FF’ topic. Nevertheless,
          V. Important.

          • ps. re RIP PLEASE, >GHWB.
            Your ‘spirit’ of NWO/ 1 World 0rder
            Does NOT Protect SOVEREIGN USA. 0R ANY
            ‘0ther Country’ for that Fact.
            > Paris is burning/revolting Against
            NWO/ climate change- ‘Carbon Tax’.
            & ‘waking up a little,Too Late w/ macron.
            > REMEMBER ALWAYS (for Now) POTUS DJT
            ‘Pulled USA OUT of ‘Paris Accord’. ie
            France Now $7gal for gasoline. 0nly a ‘moratorium’
            For 6 mo’s . A Looming Summer. #SAVEUSAPOTUS

      • And very well deserved to the Republicans (never trumpers and rinos) All butt hurt babies and always will be! Does you heart palpitate with glee, THINKING you right scum can scam the votes again?? How are those arrests going? Any your friends or relatives? Maybe like this time they will get to illegally vote while in jail..hear they’ll round up the guards and their voting bosses are next!

      • all the Bushes are assholes, George is so dumb it’s embaresing,Jeb is a big goof they supported that hag Hilary over Trump, what an embaressent. all Texas idiots!!! READ MY LIPS you phony fools.

    • RINOS will rather prefer the GOP lost every election to the Democrats because as cretins they can’t manage success. As has been demonstrated RINOS were comfortable as minorities in Congress because with their majority they were dictated to by the minority Democrats.

      • Most of the RINOS are clearly much better educated and smarter than the Trumpers. Trumpers only have a small base of radicals and are turning people away from them in droves.

        • reality check, You have gone off the rails and have become delusional, again! I have noticed liberals suffer from delusions of grandeur and continuously attempt to show and tell Republicans what is what. Liberals are a joke and nobody believes your liberal $–t for one minute.
          Oh, you love to talk polls, I read today a Harvard poll shows DJT has a 46% approval. With a liberal poll rating him 46% truth is, it is several points higher.
          Okay, I am bored with you!

          • Reality reminds me of another commentator, the poohead who nis blocked from my computer. He has no idea of what Mass or NH have become. They are a haven for the turncoats like Romney or Warren or Sanders who only seek to gain status for their self-serving ideals. Ask Bernie where he got the money to have two large vacation homes on Lake Champlain? RVN 68-69

    • RINO’S may try to take over the Republican Party, but CONSERVATIVES will lead the way and win on thier owns. Romney is not a good Mormon either, he is a “Back Stabbing Scumbag” that represents only himself. He’s pure SCUM

    • With Judicial watch suing to have facts released of the collusion that did occur during the 2016 election cycle I believe the nation will be shocked at what the establishment has been doing quietly behind the scenes. I never thought I would end up believing that there is a shadow government. and the current members of this group are hell bent at regaining power. The next president, whether he or she is a democrat or republican does not matter, he or she must be viable and become part of this group. What should be suspect is when James Baker and Obama, who were both at GHW Bush’s home together, leave to attend a group of former politicians in a meeting disguised as a group wanting to create bipartisanship. In reality this so called bipartisanship meeting is also a good time to plot to take down a sitting president, citing Trump is chipping away at the core of America. This should scare both democrats and republicans. It is evident that Trump has been made to be a problem knowing millions will fall in line without verifying what is being told to them. It is ok to like Trump, but I believe people surely would not like what is going on behind the scenes. People who will rejoice if they take down Trump need to remember that this same group can also take down a democrat president who is not part of the establishment. It has begun with Hillary Clinton, Comey’s next, and surely BHO must tell the nation why he illegally used FISA to spy on an private American citizen.

    • You are right, the Right is fractured, but thank God, not as much as the left!
      Maybe the left is really figuring out that the democrat party no longer exists!
      Yep, they are the COMMIECRATS today!

  14. Romney needs to go back to Utah and stay in the Morman Temple. He is not a politician and will never be one. He is definitely a one timer. He missed up when he ran for President. He did not have the right stuff to win and he won’t be enough to last in the
    congress. Go home Romney………………….

    • I dont agree with your attack on the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Keep your attitude to yourself. And may God watch over you and your loved ones. God does not need your help. What you can do is pray. Prayers help.

      • We “don’t agree with your attack of someone else’s opinion” that doesn’t coincide with your cult preference..Why don’t you keep your attitude and rude demand to YOURSELF! and just stop at I disagree with you. PERIOD.

      • Pleas tell your good member Mitt to pray to treat other with respect as the church preaches. Been there and done that with my Mormon Ex. You and Mitt need God help.

  15. Mitt Romney will not even make a pimple on President Trump’s ass!! Mitt Romney is part of the American problem just as are the clinton’s,the obama’s and all the other ASSHOLE democrats including jeff flake!! One day there will be only one political party to the American Government and that party will be THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, once they GET RID THAT ASSHOLE JEFF FLAKE. The man is by far from a Republican, the only way at the time he was elected because he ran as a republican. The asshole is a democrat that is the only way his behavior can be explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Romney is hardcore RINO, He is further left than a good half of the Democrats. Romney is the typical progressive looking down on all the peons, those he sees as his servants. Utah is far more conservative than he is and I hope that state has a law that will let them recall him.

    • He’s a Mormon, and that’s what they do. He is about as cutthroat as they come, just like Harry Reid. I wouldn’t trust anyone who believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers !

      • Jesus was God’s son. Lucifer was one of the archangels, the highest order of angels. Angels were created to help God, they are not his children. I too do not believe what the Mormon’s preach that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. Reid and Romney may be Mormons but I do not believe they practice God’s commandments. Both are nasty, liars, and have underhanded agendas. Reid at least is gone, how Romney made it back can only be because he ran in the state of Utah, and not his home state where he was governor. He is the reason we had Obama…he choked or maybe it was part of the RINOs plot to get Obama in. I hate em all.

      • His soul has been sold to the devil Or maybe pure Lucifer a long time ago. He is like that POS of Obama doesn’t believe in the constitution (that piece of paper that Obama callee it).

  17. Mitt Romney is a traitor to the Republican Party ever since he lost the election.Now he is a Senator for Utah well lets see what games he plays.
    Mass won’t forget what he did when he wouldn’t stand up to Obama,wuzz.

    • If you think Obama and McCain were bad for America, just wait until Mitt Romney takes the stage. Mitt Romney in the worst of the worst. Due to an unfortunate loophole he said he changed his address to Utah where as one of the most powerful Mormons in the country knew he could get elected. Like most Mormons, Mitt Romney is there for himself and once in he will do whatever it takes to get his way. He is not good for the country.

    • Noah my dad was a democrat. The difference is he switched after I did. It took him a little longer to see the light. But sometimes stupid can be fixed.

      • Sorry Dan, but you are a “turncoat”! The Repubs will pretend to like you, but they will always be suspicious and watch you! The Democrats won”t want you back and the Republicans will always be waiting for you to slip up! The name turncoat comes from mercenaries who switched sides when they were offered more money by the group that they were fighting. When they switched sides, they would turn their coats inside out to show they switched! Good Luck to you, but remember that the Republican Party is a party of the rich, for the rich and by the rich. Once they get your vote, you are no longer of use to them. You are just a peon to the higher ups!

        • looks like Dan isn’t STEWPUD any longer.

          Perhaps you should give it a try.

          Or, you can hang around and we can use you as an example of how STEWPUD acts in public.

        • Joseph thanks for your well thought out advice. I’ll take my chances. The flip side is the dems want to take away as much of my freedom as possible.

        • Joseph, What hat did you pull that out of? My family were all life long Dems. as was I until 20 yrs ago. I didn’t agree with the Party and where the were headed so I switched to Repub. I have never had a Repub. give me a bad time about it or felt like they held it against me. I have had more trouble with Dems. all the way from name calling to making false accusations against me. Also you are wrong the Rep. are not the Party of the rich, the Dems have more millionaires and billionaires then the Rep. look it up. I would have quoted a source here to back it up but just too many.

        • “The Republican Party is for the rich, by the rich and of the rich” yet Republicans were outfunded by Democrats by a vast margin during the Mid Terms. The Democrats have the richest Americans like Bill Gates, whose charities alone is more than double those of Republicans combined, Goerge Soros, Warren Buffet and a host of others. Who are the Republican equivalents of these Democratt money bags?

        • Joseph, as the resident commedian and science fiction nut..You Go Guy! WOW! Republicans are the party of the rich?? Most GOP make their money honestly which is an anathema to your giggles!! They LOVE to make theirs as dishonestly as possible…but at least the dems do “Donate” MILLIONS to pay iilliterate and ignorant folks to vote illegally/and or for payments to vote for folks they never even heard of. Oh and our families all had an amazing epiphany(ha) and all realized in 2008 that we weren’t cut out to be associated to Socio/dems and becoming GOP was the best thing all 22 of us could do!! Been a welcome relief and some of the nicest people immaginable..Oh and don’t go for the uneducated hillbillies from the south routine.. The lowest are 6 hillbilly Bachelors 10 hillbilly Masters and 6 dumb PHD’s!! LOL! But hey! Thanks for your concern!! You’all have a good day now, ya hear!


    • About time. McCain was a hate filled politician, and definitely not a patriot. He could have cared less about you or me. And I am a combat veteran from Viet Nam. McCain was all about John McCain and he would step on anyone to gain another step to his version of success. His funeral was an absolute disgrace, just like he was. He planned it all as one more gesture of disdain.

      • Right he was hateful & to think he died with hate in his heart. He didn’t want the President at his funeral. That shows the sore loser he was, as is Romney.
        They hate the fact that Trump won first time around. Trump is by far a better man than those rinos. To think McCain would risk going to hell rather than accepting the fact that he lost, Trump won. Romney’s tricks will be his final demise; of his own making.

        • Well, now that he is dead he can vote for the democrats if their people who are involved in the vote counting don’t get arrested for grave robbing by then!

  19. Mitt “Get Even” Romney is a total, unequivocal embarrassment to the Mormon Religion and I and most I know are totally embarrassed that the Mormons elected him to the Senate. God has a plan and it sure isn’t Romney….or is it??

    • ROMNEY is like a scab on a sore. He is a habitual liar who will say or do anything to et what he wantsnow but he Let Obummer win to ruin America. He is a RINO through and through. Let him go stay in his Mormon mansion.

  20. Personally I cannot figure out why Romney would go with the democrats. I mean didn’t he learn his lesson when the democrats made sure he wasn’t elected as president. Come on. I know McCain was going to run as a democrat but his Father told him he wouldn’t get elected unless he ran as a republican. It took people a while to figure him out and I don’t think he would have been voted back in if he hadn’t died. Romney needs to think about that he can end up being a one time congressman.

    • Personal – Romney is in real life as two or three faced as he can be. He has thrown friends under-the-bus on small matters and is 100% for himself ONLY! He is a RINO and as dangerous as immature & vicious MCCAIN. Just check, investigate just a bit and discover he IS a ONE WORLDER thus ANTI-USA.

  21. Mitt Romney one of the top leaders of the Utah Mormon Cult is now in the position to continue the Treasonous activity that John McCain was doing against all Americans. President Trump needs to do something to stop this Traitor.

    • Good you said it, now I am free to agree with you it is in every way a cult.

      Joseph Smith Jr. and his gold tablets with the rules by which the chosen should live, ROFLMAO.

      An angel appeared before him, in essence you may as well proclaim him a prophet and a saint and as Christ himself said any who come after me proclaiming to be a prophet are charlatans.

  22. Paul Ryan is a piece of garbage, traitor and liar. Romney is as well. Romney I hope you do not last long as a Senator.You are not a Maverick. McCain too was a Rhino. You all three ARE NOT REPUBLICANS YOU ARE HATERS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE as the dems. are.

    • The triumvirate of traitors and RINOs with Romney as the flagbearer; all part of the establishment, globalists, sore losers, and in Soros’ payroll. No shame!

  23. This is one of the reasons Romney was not elected president. He was a back stabber and a wuss and strong Republicans turned away! If he continues to influence by a stubborn betrayal of the GOP he will be castrated in place.. McCain was not revered for his actions and Flake will be remembered as a turncoat as well. The world recognizes a jerk when they see one!

  24. I can’t help wondering if the Republicans in Utah didn’t use some Demon-Crap tricks for the POS “RINO” to win. One thing we can hope for is that RINO Ryan goes deer hunting and falls out of his tree stand and breaks his neck.



    • Eli…Gonna be hard to “move on” with Mittzi deliberately standing in the way! Our BIG GUY is gonna have to jack slap the wimp or walk over him!!

    • Chris McEwan, Paul Ryan is definitely a RINO (understand his wife is a Democrat activist so that may explain him being a RINO). Mitch McConnell is not a RINO, he and his wife have had leftwing protesters at their home, following them everywhere and twice, I know of, they tried to run the McConnell’s from restaurants. Sometimes you think McConnell is not doing anything good because he works quietly. He is not my favorite but at least I feel he is doing good most of the time. Mitt Romney is a died in the wool RINO and no doubt will be as bad and undependable as McCain was. That is my opinion on these guys.

  26. we all knew that the rat Mitt would win because he has the elders support of the church — but we can raise hell with him on every move all you have to do is email — call him daily with your disapproval of his action and let him know he is a PIG

    • I pray you and all of your fellow citizens will do exactly as you encouraged. While I didn’t want to see Utah’s senate seat go to an actually declared demoncrat, it might as well have with Romney. All we can do now is as you suggested; hound him with constant reminders that he is a representative of conservatives, not liberals.

  27. Re: President Bush 41. A little off subject. He was good. The lib media is even praising him. Yes, he did good. But I think President Trump is one of the greatest presidents in history. Pompey opposed him all the way. The news is always full of anti Trump bullshit. Why? He beat the queen of all bitches. Lies,lies and more lies by the commie media and the snowflake assholes whom can’t see past their noses. God bless president Trump!!! He ne re it.

  28. I call republicans like romney traitors. I can’t believe that anyone would look up to mccain and want to take his place. romney is playing with fire. Wonder who bought him off. Morman or not he’s a traitor to the American people.

    • He will NOT, I repeat, NOT, be the standard bearer for our party. Republicans voted for Trump, and we want a Congress that will support his agenda. Romney is a loser, I have lost all respect for him.

    • Look no farther then George “Nazi” Soros as his financier thru one of the many arms of Treason and Sedition Soros works. He needs to be arrested for Treason and Sedition with all his assets taken and used to fund the Border wall and more Border Patrol agents on the Canadian Border!!

  29. I used to admire the Mormons I knew. They were decent God loving people who worked hard and were exemplary in a phases of their lives. Due to Romney I now think differently!

  30. It’s a shame that Republicans are not as tight as the hypocrite democrats. They gnaw at each other but they still vote for each other.
    Republicans are afraid of each other. They are wary of each other.
    It is too bad because President Trump is going to have all Democrats and many Republicans oppose his agenda. They will screw him over because that is what politicians do to each other.
    I hated to see so many Republicans retire. It’s too bad they didn’t stick around to put Hillary and Obama and his entire administration behind bars.

  31. Mitt, snit, he is a Dem lib in “sheep’s clothing” and actually we have one less GOP Senate vote than we should have.
    Paul Ryan, I will be so glad when that RINO goes home! He has so much potential, too bad he never used it to promote the conservative agenda!

    • Totally agree – both Romney and McCain were thorns in President Trump’s agenda. Romney would like to run for President again, but he’s aging and with so many newly eligible voters, those in Universities and Colleges will be so brain-washed by the politically left they’ll be total Dems before graduation. Romney calls him a Republican only because there was no way he could run as a Democrat in Utah. By the way, does he still life in the East.
      Don’t these politicians have to reside in the state they represent?

    • He isn’t in “Sheep’s clothing.” He wears magic underwear. Never is without it. It has Mormon symbols printed on it. The way they change underwear is really funny. They take it off except for one foot. (It’s a one piece deal) and get in the tub holding the foot with the dirty underwear out of the tub. Then they wash and stick their clean foot out of the tub and put on the clean underwear. Then they can put the first foot in the tub and wash it. Then they get out of the tub and pull on the clean set. They have short sleeves and the legs go almost to the knee. For myself I wouldn’t want a President who goes through and believes such nonsense. Shows a really low IQ. IMO.

  32. Romney, Ryan, McCain, Flake, etc., all garbage, no brains, incompetent. BAH HUMBUG. Out with the trash and replace it with real Republicans.

  33. Paul Ryan talking with WAPO reporter on C span pretty much called MITT the “COMING of another MC VAIN” x2….. and said he should be appointed to the FOREIGN affairs Committee >>> LOOKS LIKE besides the two BROADS , the GOP now has a NEW RINO to MONKEY UP THE WORKS …. may be he should be appointed to clean SCHMUCJKO’s office

  34. Note to Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney might be a fine father and husband, but we don’t need him as a moral beacon for the party. We need a kick-ass guy with guts who’ll get down in the dirt and fight for conservative principles. We need somebody with spine, and Romney ain’t it. No were you, Paul. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  35. Mitto … Beto.

    Not happy that he was elected. He is much closer to the Democrats than to the conservatives. So why can’t he register himself as a Democrat? Oh, wait. Utah is predominately GOP. Obviously.

  36. Mitt got his ass kicked by odumbass. So did McCain and killery. If he wasn’t a Norman, he would have lost the nomination. But us baptists voted for him in 2012.

  37. You know it’s sad when he ran for president I voted for him I’m was sadly mislead he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing he would never get my support go trump

  38. Don’t really know who is the worst of the two…
    Ryan or Romney! How the people of Utah voted this ID10T in is beyond my comprehension! Time will tell but I believe we the people already know!

    • Amen NavyDoc! 2019 will be interesting to watch. Mitt is coming in as an emotional choice. He may not fare as well without the death of the well-loved candidate (McCain).

  39. Like Hillary – “Mittens” still has his panties in a twist because he lost – AGAIN. And like Hillary he lost to Obama too. Also like Hillary – the country would just as soon see him disappear.

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