Mitt Romney said eight words about impeachment that are bad news for Trump

Utah’s Never-Trump RINO Senator Mitt Romney is considered one of the swing votes on impeachment.

How Romney and a handful of other GOP RINO’s vote could determine how successful the Democrats are at using impeachment to hurt Trump’s 2020 re-election chances.

And now Mitt Romney said eight words about impeachment that are bad news for Trump.

With the Senate impeachment trial set to begin, the major question hanging over the proceeding is if the Democrats will get their way on calling additional witnesses.

Republicans are preparing to begin the trial under the rules set out in the Bill Clinton trial where there were opening arguments and a time for Senators to submit written questions.

At that point there will be a vote on additional witnesses.

And Never-Trump RINO Mitt Romney is making it clear he will vote with the Democrats to call more witnesses to try and hurt President Trump.

Breitbart reports:

While speaking to reporters on Monday, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) said that he is keeping an open mind on which witnesses he wants to hear from in the Senate impeachment trial, and wants to hear from former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Romney said, “I support the Clinton impeachment model, which is a vote on witnesses later. But as to which witnesses I’d want to hear from, and so forth, that’s something which I’m open to until after the opening arguments.”

He added that Bolton is “someone who I would like to hear from, and presumably, I’d get the chance to vote for that.”

Democrats believe Bolton’s testimony contains a smoking gun that will end Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Mitt Romney hates President Trump and ran for office to try and restore the GOP establishment to power after conservatives and Donald Trump took control of the party in 2016.

And Romney made it clear helping Democrats remove President Trump from office is a major part of that goal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Romney’s son works for a foreign country just like Biden’s and is getting big bucks, he is afraid that the President is going to open up an investigation on that, plus he just hates him.

  2. Romney is keeping a open mind – and all his brains fell out. Do you trust anyone who can listen to schiff and nadler lie lie lie and they think they are credible. We know ethics are misdjng and a whole lot more

  3. Send him back to his MORMAN state ; this will probly make some of my relatives mad but so what , they voted him in ans forgot to tame him.

  4. You people are just like your puppet looser! He’s guilty as cheap and you know it! He is so jealous of ObamA and full of hate! He tried to dismantle e everything he stood for! Daisy and full of hate,and you fall right in beside him!!

  5. Old romney just a sore loser. He must be a demo in losers clothing .he thinks if he gets our president impeached , he’d have a shot ? What a back stabber.republicans,nor the american people,dont need that turn coat,phony rat!

  6. Utah must correct their mistake.he is jealous and wants revenge. he must be removed. I voted for him for president but never again.

  7. To me he is not good man , he is evil just plain the worst person I every met please ppl don’t vote for him again

  8. Mitt, a trader, blindfold him,light a cigarette, and fire again and again and again. A brainless wonder probably wants abortion legalized. He should have been aborted. Hell awaits the moronic stooge. A Mormon from the depths of hell, kiss ass You’ll be remembered as a imbecile who hates the best President there ever was.

  9. The Democrats started a Coup against Trump, the day he took office. Democrats have lied, made up evidence and found false people to testify for them.

  10. If this isn’t a coup attempt then what is it!? President Trump needs to arrest these traitors and clean house on capital Hill! Pruge the swamp Mr.President. I believe the military and majority of Americans will support you if you declare martial law!

  11. No wonder you didn’t make the cut. What a piece of guano! Come on Utah stand up and cut this man to the quick. Romney is a useless piece of nothing with not too much going for him except money. Why not join the other cymbals in the democrat party. We would then at least know exactly where you stand, wouldn’t we!

  12. If you have the same believe as Nancy,Mad Maxine,AOC and her three stooge friends? Be cause you are to stupid to be usefull You need to check in with some mental hospital, ASAP JC USAF

  13. Mitt Romney is no more than a sour grape, whining crybaby. A TRUE loser. It matters not what religion he claims to follow, the truth is he follows a path of hedonism and ego. He couldn’t muster enough votes for a presidential run so he thinks by attacking the president that he makes himself look better. Fact is no matter how bad the incumbent is Romney WAS and IS the loser!

  14. Mitt Romney is a Rino in name only,( I know what I said). He is a true self centered democrat that run on the Republican ticket under false pretension.He is a true case for impeachment or recall. Utah needs to get rid of him before he can do any more damage.

  15. Mitt Romney need to cut his jealous of Trump out! Utah don’t want him back when his term is up. So you Mormon need to recall him! He nothing but a PHONY Mormon

  16. Mitt Romney is just a worthless scumbag trying to advance his own agenda…….couldn’t be a blister on a presidents ass…..Total waste of white….

  17. Both sides should bring in witnesses. There’s nothing to hide right! ALL them clowns are crooks and bullsxxters. Who cheated and lied don’t make any difference they are ALL up to no good. POTUS will be aquitted and this trial is just ripping hard working AMERICAN TAX PAYERS DOLLARS. It’s just to bad them damn politicians don’t look at it that way.


  19. Romney, is another sore loser. Utah, had better pay attention, to this, switch and bater, because he will sell you down the road, for a price. I thought Mormons, were better then that!! I guess if he is a Rhino,in the party, who is to say, he is not in the Mormon religion….. Power and $$, are his idols…….

  20. RINO Romnie needs to swing from a noose I can’t believe that there are that many stupid people in Utah that would vote for this P O S RINO he is scum from the swamp just like a good little commiecrap oBUMa ass kisser TRUMP 2020. 2024

  21. Your behavior is not becoming to a rational, person who actually knows the scriptures. Your attitude about Trump is unconscionable. He isn’t who I would choose to live with but he has accomplished more than you and your ilk in the last 50 years.

  22. Careful Mr. Romney, people are now paying attention to actions of our politicians. You may be replaced along with the Dems, when it comes time to vote.

  23. Romney. A disgrace to Utah , and a disgrace to the Mormon religion , a republican ? not so much ! A coward and a demon in sheep’s clothing. Not very trustworthy, a jellyfish so to speak. A Wandering nomad without a life. A kiss ass. I bet he votes for butt-igig .

  24. Everyone should now be able to see that if DEEP STATE candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had really won in 2016, then the behind-the-scenes skullduggery of the liberals and the RINOS would still be perfectly concealed from JOE CITIZEN. Since that didn’t happen, the DEEP STATE operatives have been forced to climb out of their cesspools and reveal themselves in an attempt to regain their power. I hope that there are still enough voters who think for themselves to prevent this from happening.

  25. The picture says it all doesn’t it. He certainly insured Obama’s victory when he didn’t show up for the last two weeks of the election. He didn’t fight and it was almost a rematch of what John McCain did the election before him when he never put up a fight against Obama’s first term which if he had vetting him for his leftist associations of terrorists and anti American haters he would have gone down in flames. Romney is a political hack and can’t be trusted again. If he supports impeachment it will seal his fate once and for all.

  26. Mitt Romney is currying favors from the Democrats, his ambition is to run for the US Presidency. I will never vote for this hypocrite. He’s an ungrateful, overambitious, dirty politician. He discredits the Mormon community. He’s a phony. Trump invited Romney to the White House to support Romney for the Utah Senate seat, but when Romney won the Utah Senate seat he turned against President Trump. Shame on Mitt the Stiff!

  27. ROMNEY,COLLINS,and Lia Murkowski are RINOS,they are clothe as Republicans, too get the
    people in thier district vote for them. in reality they support democrats and thier ways.
    hopely the people will see the truth.

  28. Romney belongs to a cult, and had No problem with each one of his 5 sons going to Cult Camp, for 2 years.
    At the same time, Not a one of his sons has ever been a member of America’s Armed Forces!
    Romney thinks it’s just fine to cut off 2 years worth of contact, with each of his sons, so they can be good Mormons, but whatever they do, do Not become a member of the Armed Forces, because these are the people who protect us, with their lives!
    Romney used Trump to raise money, when he was running for President, and now when Trump needs his support, he’s going with Pelosi’s Demon-Rats!

  29. Mitt you and John McCane are a disgrace to the Republican Party in bed with Democrats and may even be part of the swamp we will know once you vote

  30. Romney appeared in Hillary campaign ads calling Trump a fake, a phony and more worthless than a degree from Trump University. After the election he was at Trump Tower kissin’ ass for Secretary of State job. Now this! Mitt bends whichever way the wind blows!

  31. And therapist,while you ponder my question.can u explain,with any proof how trump is a traitor and a mobster?or are you just too fkn stupid to think of anything?dont be a fraud that I know u are..list some proof backing up your idiotic lie that u posted or STFU.

  32. Romney defines the term RINO. In my mind, he is a disgrace to the Constitutional conservative movement. Voting with the Democrats places him right were he should be. I hope the people of Utah are proud of their disgraceful Senator.

  33. Romney is one of the few Republicans that still has some stature and honest motives. He would have been a unifying President rather than the evil mobster and traitor Trump.

  34. Romney makes me sick! Why is he a Republican, he should have become a Democrat. He has hated Trump ever since he thought his elite self would become President. He’s a whinny little man that I once voted for but now I think he’s a traitor to his President and the country! He needs to get out of politics FOREVER cause I would NEVER vote for him again and I’m sure no other Conservatives would, what a disgrace! He cares more about revenge than his country!!!!

  35. I am suffering from Romney Derangement Syndrome but Romney is a jealous rino moron who can’t stand it that the American people elected President Trump but rejected him. And President Trump rejected Romney for a cabinet position because he’s a liability to America and freedom. Get over it Romney and get on the Trump train you pathetic little man.


  37. Romney, Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are the lowest people on this earth. Nothing but Rino’s. I wouldn’t vote for any of them They don’t know how to be true to the Republicans.

  38. I met Mittens when I went to the 2002 Olympics from a neighboring state and have had disdain over him ever since. I heard him scream at Olympic volunteers throwing the “F” Bomb as if that was he only word he knew how to say! I lost all positive thoughts about him and I am a Republican. I did not place a vote for him or Obama for president. They are the same. The more I find out about him, the more I dislike his dishonesty and elitist attitude!

  39. Romney, Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are nothing but chains around the republicans necks. Being an outlier gives them power which they use indiscriminately to barter with their own party to get whatever it is they want. The political parties should have a means of kicking out the RINO fakes who are are only in the party for their personal gain.

  40. As before mitt Romney tucks his tail in and bows down to the democracts. He did it against Obama and now this he didn’t change his pansy stripes. Can’t call people like Romney a rino they are strong animals not weak ones like we have in the Republican party

  41. Mitt Romney is a RINO and a traitor. I don’t see how he could influence any of the Republican senators beside Murkowsky and Collins, and they would probably vote with the Democrats anyway.

  42. Sen. Romney is one of very few republicans that place priority before president. he is a rare person, courageous enough to realize the pathetic greed and hate of republicans.
    He realizes that utter corruption renders Trump far beneath any consideration for the office, and who ought to resign as did Nixon for same reasons.

  43. I am deedply disappointecd in Mitt Romney’s actions.I supported him when he was running for President but have since watched as he betrayed all those who have supported him in the past. He is evidently out for himself only and cannot get over losing to Trump. He continues to insert himself in places he dosesnt have to. No one will support him if he were to ever run for President again so I don’t know why he is against the Republicans. Surely he doesn’t believe what the Dems stand for so I am really confused about his agenda. He has shown hmself to be weak against Dems and was a weak candidate. He would never stand up to the onslaught of criticism and actions from the Dems as Tump has. For once I wish he would think of the country and the good Trump has done and forget his petty grievances.

  44. Mitt Romney needs to resign from the Republican party and go join the Democrats as that’s where he belongs. He gives no support to the Republican party.

  45. Romney is a piece of crap and should be shot as a traitor and dragged throug the streets like the people he praises

  46. I am also of the belief that Mr. George Soros’ (with all of his funded organizations) “fingerprints” are all over this impeachment theater show, going on now.
    Just like with the words spoken by former FBI official Lisa Page: “This man cannot be President!” (found it in Jerome Corsi’s book: Killing The Deep State) all of them in the Nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, are aggressively fighting for the removal of this “non-establishment” President, of which many of us have voted for, versus the rival’s choice (to whom would continue “moving forward” our former president’s agenda.)

  47. I am also of the belief that Mr. George Soros’ (with all of his funded organizations) “fingerprints” are all over this impeachment theater show, going on now.
    Just like with the words spoken by former FBI official Lisa Page: “This man cannot be President!” (found ig in Jerome Corsi’s book: Killing The Deep State) all of them in the Nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, are aggressively fighting for the removal of this “non-establishment” President, official which many of us have voted for, versus the rival’s choice (to whom would continue “moving forward” our former president’s agenda.

  48. Poor rejected [lower case] mitty is also a Trump hater, and all Americans should know he is 100% Demorat in sheeps clothing. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, a d I am not very big. Trump told the truth about the liar and he will hurt all of us just to hurt our President.

  49. These people leave a souring upheaval in the back of my throat.
    It is good I am not working within such area of clowns. I would in more cases than one reflex to lunge at these DEMODEVILS CANCEROUS “TOOLS”!!!

  50. Mitt the twit is just like the democrats, his bitterness about not winning has been going on a little longer. Which is a good reminder on why I didn’t vote for. Perfect example on why I have no party! Lol

  51. Bad news: Mitt Romney in the Senate. Good news: Mitt Romney defeated and out of the Senate. He’s no better Senator than he was a nominee from Mass for President.

  52. What needs to happen with Mitt is that the people of Utah keep contacting him and let him know how much the are against his policy and that he will lose in his next election. This needs to happen everyday.

  53. Mitt Romney is a traitor and a rino to our party. President Trump endorsed him for he asked for help in order to be elected and then he turned his back on our President and our party. He needs to go. vote him out….

  54. Romney you are a idiot. It was your failed bid for the presidency that started Americas downfall. One term and out

  55. Joseph- the fact is the most racist president in our nation’s history is Barack Obama, bar none. “Hate Crimes” legislation is the STUPIDEST legislation ever to pass Congress.
    A crime is a crime is crime and should be punished as such – for a dead victim is dead
    REGARDLESS of the perps reasons. Black on White, White on black or whatever combo, should be immaterial.

  56. I am not a fan of our current President AT ALL!! But, I do believe that all witnesses should be called and all parties involved should be accountable for their action. If people would stop looking at color and look at right and wrong. But would I find is that some people hate out weight their willingness for right and that is sad. to hate someone for the color of their skin and be willing to accept and condone bad and inappropriate behavior is another mark on our country and our overwhelming history of hate and prejudice. So if this is your meaning of Making American Great Again. I want not part of it.

  57. joseph strychasz Yes Mitt would be better as a Democrat. Trump helped him get his seat, and he and Obama are so jealous of Trump. I voted for Romney when he ran, but I didn’t know what kind of guy he was, I was glad he lost when I found out he is such a vicious man. Too bad he is Mormon, it casts a nasty shadow on them.

  58. Mitt Romney is a total douce bag. I do not see how the Mormons in Utah voted for this traitor. Even Joseph Smith would have made a better president then this jerk off.

  59. hear ye hear ye Mutt Romney and a hand full of Rinos are siding with the DUMPACRAPANYWHERE party and their followers to worship their JUNKETS, JUNTAS and MAMMON’S remember this at the next election we need to remove these followers of the DUMPACRAPANYWHERE party and the DUMPACRAPANYWHERE PARTY who only worship their JUNKETS, JUNTAS and MAMMON’S

  60. The fact is and has been that Mitt Romney has been nothing more than a Blue Democrat disguising himself by his Red Republican attire. It was Gov Romney’s Mass healthcare plan that Obama copied into Obamacare. The Republican Party should do whatever it takes to ensure he does not win the Utah Senate Primary, and insert a true AMERICAN. Romney is nothing more than a traitor to the Democratic party, and to the United States who cares about one thing and one thing only – Mitt Romney.

  61. Mitt and the rest of the Rhinos might just step back and take a real close look at what’s happening to the Democrats running for political offices (who have partaken in this impeachment scam) before jumping on the ban wagon to try and harm Trump. People are awake and know the crimes the Dems and Rhinos have been involved in, and like what’s happening to the Democrats, it’s political suicide to participate in this sham.


  63. It’s a shame that as a country that voted for this president can’t receive this President as President and all he has given America, because of too!! too!! many “Small, Meaningless People” worried about their own political prospering Career to see what the light at the end of tunnel can be for everyone’s Prosperity!! Too Quickly they forgot that they serve America, NOT run it

  64. Mitt Romney is just mad that America. Didn’t want him for President. He sucks. Poor baby. Also because Trump didn’t give him a job. This is America. Mitt get over yourself.

  65. Mitt Romney is just mad that America. Didn’t want him for President. He sucks. Poor baby. Also because Trump didn’t give him a job. This is America. Mitt get over yourself.

  66. I want a trial with witnesses called from both sides. I want everything out in the open. If the senate votes to remove Trump from office then so be it.
    It will probably cause a civil war but it is what it is.

  67. If Romney doesn’t support Trump, I hope God will punish him. He is a Mormon and should be a conservative but he shows he is not. I am so sorry, I was a Romney supporter but he if fails Trump I will do everything in my power to get him out of office. I am a Mormon and believe in God evidently Romney isn’t a good man or he wold support Trump.

  68. President Trump pegged Mitt Romney right out of the chute. Romney has ties to the demonRat corruption in the Ukraine and President Trump knows it. If he votes against the President he will be toast. His political future will be gone and he will be known as a traitor. I think that the demonRats will discard him once they get his vote against the President.

  69. “Mutt” Romney if further proof of the criminals(TRAITORS) in government toppling our nation from within. It’s going to end one of two ways. We end up in ruins like Europe and Africa and the Middle East. Or we over rule the traitors attempting to over throw our President and allow him to use the necessary force to stop these criminals and strengthen our borders from outside and inside hostile take over. Our constitution provides us with the right to have and use a strong militia to defend against all enemies foreign AND domestic. Both are now working in tandem to obliterate our great and sovereign nation and life style.

  70. I guess you forgot about Obama and Jimmy Carter those were the worst Presidents we’ve ever had and yes you are correct about the hate crimes but if you really look at it they are all funded by George Soros and orchestrated by Antifa MAGA 2020 Democrat slogan MASA Make America Suck Again

  71. “Mutt” Romney if further proof of the criminals(TRAITORS) in government toppling our nation from within. It’s going to end one of two ways. We end up in ruins like Europe and Africa and the Middle East. Or we over rule the traitors attempting to over throw our President and allow him to use the necessary for e to stop these criminals and strengthen our borders from outside and inside hostile take over. Our constitution provides us with the right to have and use a strong militia to defend against all enemies foreign AND domestic. Both are now working in ta Dem to obliterate our great and sovereign nation and life style.

  72. One thing that Americans and all Conservatives and Republicans need to ask is why Mitt Romney is secretly communicating with Obama and providing him with information and why he is secretly meeting with Schiff behind closed doors along with Nadler and giving them GOP plans, information, and strategies aimed at acquittal of Trump and securing a GOP majority in 2020. He is the chief leaker and destructor of the Republicans because he only cares about himself and his own interests. True definition of a Traitor.

  73. Perhaps, Mitt would be better of as an Independent or Democrat since trump does not believe in the agenda of the Republican Party. He is the worst president we have had and the FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office.

  74. Mitt & son own avid management voting machines,Diane Fienstien & her husband also.Coup against our votes in 2016.Mitt,Flake involved in human trafficking. Pedos for real Coup.

  75. The internet brown shirts or PC cops that work for renewed right deleted my truthful middle post . They finally figured it out . ???? So let me put it this way to renewed right site ?

  76. Mitt Romney is a typical user of people to make him look trustworthy..who in this US..doesn’t realize he is a traitor an embarrassment to the Republican party he needs to go…he is a liar…I watched Trump help him and shake hands with him and I thought how long will it take for this turncoat to show his real colors…just weeks is what it took…it would make me sick to know my husband or father lied and fooled people to get where he is..let’s hope his state remembers what kind of person he really is…he is not worth of that position

  77. Romney needs to be kicked out of the Republican Party. Can’t believe Utah has become so dumb that they could vote him into office. Beginning to think you can’t trust Moron Mormons Flake was just as evil. UTAH wake up and find a way to get this insane baby out of office.

  78. ??????? censorship looks the same when it’s done by the scumb bags on the left or right . Communists come on all forms and renewed right has it share it appears . Keep up the PC ? ? renewed right !

  79. This article said: “witnesses to hurt the president”. My question is if the president did nothing wrong, how come having the witnesses who the president previously blocked hurt him? If he is indeed innocent, then they should help him.

  80. and I was naive enough to vote for him for president 🙁
    He needs to support America…and impeachment/division is bad for America

  81. Mitt Romney is a sad representative of the Mormon faith. Although I am not a Mormon if I had any inclination the actions of Mitt would make me think twice. Although you can’t judge a religion by the minority someone like Mitt doesn’t help the reputation of a religion.

  82. Mitt Romney has been in the democrats pocket since he lost his run for president. He’s a typical two faced politician. And a mormon.

  83. Romney should be kicked out of the Republican Party!!!! He is co-hortying with the Dems to oust President Trump so he can be the Republican nominee in 2020. Treasonous!!! He’s a spoiled brat, a spoiled back stabbing loser, a Peter Pan who needs to grow-up!! He’s a Republican Biden corrupt, a liar who can’t keep his stories straight!!!!!!!! I am a proud life long Republican, but I would never vote for him EVER!!!!!!

  84. Mitt what is YOUR problem? You must have a continual “fart” in sideways. Being a “turncoat” your bogus friends on the left will chew you up and spit you out. YOU don’t this.

  85. Mitt Romney will never get another one of my votes!! I totally agree with George!! Mitt should never run again for any government position!!!

  86. How much are you getting paid Romney and you other Rinos. You Romney who used President Trump to get reelected now are against him. Well dear man you and the rest of the Rinos will suffer for it. Three States for better congressmen or senators. Utah, Alaska. Maine. and whoever else is a Rino voting against Our great President. You are traders to the people of our country and we hate you for it

  87. Romney is another McCain; a POS RINO who should never have been voted into office. I knew when President Trump went to this POS’s rally to endorse him; he was going to stick a knife in the President’s back. I hope the voters in Utah have their eyes opened now and know what a POS he is.

  88. ABSOLUTELY correct!! In the primary, treat Romney as a DEMOCRAT, and get a TRUE Republican senator to replace him. Nothing worse than a turncoat – but when, exactly has he EVER been more than a Blue Dem in a Red Suit? Where did Obamacare come from? Merely an expansion of Gov Romney’s Mass Healthcare- A Mormon supporting abortion-which is exactly what Romney is in his love of Democrats!! Romney=a lack of values to anyone, any party, or anything, EXCEPT Mitt Romney and his pursuit of power!!

  89. Romney is despicable. He had the audacity to seek out our President for his support to Romney’s run for the Rep. Utah senate seat! President Trump supported him with the hope that Romney would back Trump’s agenda! What a joke. He has done nothing but stab our President in the back. Speaking of impeachment, perhaps that political technique should be used to remove Romney from HIS senate seat! He is pathetic and a poor, a very poor excuse for a republican and a patriot! Get him out!

  90. Mitt Romney,,, no guts cry baby, Republicans should not endorse him for any position. Help get someone to run against him next time he goes to be contested. Sucks up to Democrates. Lousy cry baby

  91. Mitt? RHINO doesn’t describe Mitt. He lost to Obama because he has no guts and no plan. What a joke. Look at his history. Son of a politician, now rich son of a politician. Sounds like Hunter. One question. How do people like Schummer, Shiff, Bernie and others go to Washington with little or no money and end up rich? Time to throw them all out.

  92. I would much rather be an American than a trump supporter, thank you. Those of you wanting an immediate acquittal versus a lawful process should move to North Korea.

  93. Democrats are racist deplorable communist politicians that fell for the deplorable black muslin bastard Obama hook line and sinker
    He conned you morons

  94. The political screenplay of the century is here…
    and the title is…


    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
    the overindulgence of America has become
    the failure of America, now it seems our federal
    government has murdered the
    United States of America. Yes, even our federal
    government will want a private viewing of…


    Asking $2.5 million or option at $50,000.00
    for three months. Contact info for purchase;;
    Douglas Paige at;
    Offering 5% of the sale price to anyone who
    will be my connection for the purchase of…


    McDonald’s corporation is now practicing censorship on a regular basis. From January 5th thru January 12th 2020, I have been to the McDonald’s at Marland Pkwy and Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada four times for coffee early in the morning. Each of the four times at this particular McDonald’s, I attempted to read a political article online. The website for various political articles is called; “Conservative Revival”, after I tapped on my phone screen for a desired political article to read, a notice appeared which stated: “WEB PAGE BLOCKED”. I was not attempting to watch pornography, which I hope is always blocked at this type of establishment. I was only attempting to read a political article online; however, it was blocked… CENSORSHIP AT MCDONALD’S.

  95. Romney is a despicable person who begged Trump to support him for the Senate. He positioned himself to be the new John McCain to harass and obstruct a President of whom he is so jealous that it shows in his every move. He, along with those two hags, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, deserve to be ejected from the Republican Party.

  96. Mitty Romney is nothing but a communist democrat bastard and a stupid mfing jerk
    Always has been nothing but a worthless deplorable piece of trash
    If you republicans support this fkn jerk in anyway you are stupid

  97. Bad Human, jealous, don’t care but about hisself and want something he can’t have! Worst than a hum!

  98. Romney is terrible Republican who is corrupt and would do anything he could to stop Trump from winning the Presidency again.

  99. Mitt Romney is a despicable loser that let the swamp orchestrate his election loss in 2012 to Obama. It was in the script just as they wrote it. He’s an asshole.

  100. I hope that when this Sham is over with that our Great President Donald Trump and the Republicans remember what that wolf in sheep’s clothing did ( Romney). TRUMP 2020

  101. Romney is a disgusting hypocrite. I am from utah and have no resspect for him anymore and at one time respected him so I thought to do so. He is a jealous backstabber of Pres Trump because Pres. Trump is digging into the corruption he is a part of and that he did not win the Presidency. Get over it Romney and grow up stop whining like a baby without his bottle. Be a man take ownership of your behavior and act like a respectable Republican of which you are not right now.

  102. rommney is a back stabber who says he is republican but up all the democrats ask would not vote for another democrat even if it ment my life all nast ask people who use religon to protect them last democrat i voted for was pres. clinton an before that was pres kennedy an they will never be another one

  103. mitt Romney what a envious jealous fraud. He is as he is as dishonest & crooked as Biden. And used he church to get voted into office. so fellow republicans stab Trump in the back the way Romney has and hopefully you all will be voted out of office. Romney is scared ? to death the truth of his corrupt ways will be exposed. The left doesn’t hate Trumo they hate that their games of corruption is being exposed by Trump. People like Romney are ticked off that he won’t be able to line his pockets with your tax dollars which they honestly thinks ? belongs to then. That is how Criminals think and believe So tell Romney the game is over and stop being so greedy. Ask yourself if this crook gives his salary up the way trump does. Or buys extra luxury houses which is a fact

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