Mitt Romney said one word about Barack Obama that left Trump seeing red

Utah Senator Mitt Romney is leading a pack of RINOs trying to help the Democrats get rid of Donald Trump.

And each day Romney commits a new betrayal that conservatives react in horror to.

Now, Mitt Romney said one word about Barack Obama that left Trump seeing red.

Mitt Romney sat for an interview with Left-wing gossip outlet Axios’ HBO television show.

During the course of the interview, Axios co-founder Mike Allen asked him if he believed both Joe Biden and Barack Obama were “honorable.”

Romney of course quickly agreed.

But when Allen asked Romney if President Trump was honorable, Romney ducked the question.

Mediaite reports:

After Axios co-founder Mike Allen asked, “Is Barack Obama an honorable man?” Romney replied, “I believe he is an honorable man, yes. A good family man, and he made a lot of mistakes, most presidents do.”

Asking the same about Biden, Romney responded, “You know, I don’t know Joe Biden terribly well, but from everything I’ve seen and the interactions I’ve had with him, he seems to be a man of honor.”

Finally, after asking, “Is President Trump an honorable man?” Romney remarked, “I knew where you were going, but I’m not going to let you catch me in a corner. He has elements, I’m sure, of honor in his life, and there’s things that I think are not honorable.”

“I mention that because of the payment to a porn star, sexual relations outside of marriage,” Romney continued. “Look, I’m one of those who believes we have a responsibility to be honorable and faithful to our wives, and the president made a failing in that regard.”

During the 2012 campaign, Biden told black voters Romney wanted to re-institute slavery by putting them back in chains.

A Super PAC that supported Barack Obama ran commercials claiming Romney murdered a man’s wife by giving her cancer.

Romney claims these were the actions of honorable men.

That’s because Romney represents the true face of the Republican establishment – losers who don’t fight because they know their purpose in Washington, D.C. is to provide a hapless foil to the Democrats and lose in the end much in the same way the Washington Generals were supposed to play the patsy for the Harlem Globetrotters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. thank you we saw the booing and the lock him up at the world seres game it was their expressions of truth the humans are seeing the crimes and that the reactions

  3. That’s why we have the electoral college so democrats in California can’t call the shots for the whole country.

  4. There is a very good chance that Trump will be reelected.
    Then what are you going to do? Continue being a troll on these websites for another four more years?

  5. Just half of democrat voters want Trump impeached.
    That would be the STUPID half.
    The other half know that will help Trump get reelected.

  6. What a goon. Let’s impeach Trump for lying too much and let’s vote for Biden because he’s a stand up guy. Very honest with no corruption.
    You can’t fix stupid.

  7. No ABC, actually that would be YOU. You are the dumb one around here.
    Rep. Gregory Meeks (democrat) called Clinton’s impeachment a “political lynching”.
    Rep. Danny Davis said he will not vote for this lynching in the people’s house.
    In 1998 Joe Biden said that a Clinton impeachment could be perceived as a partisan lynching.
    Jim McDermott (democrat) warned of the political lynch mob that was forming concerning Clinton’s impeachment.
    John Kerry is on camera saying its a verbal political lynching on the floor of the senate.
    And I could go on with more examples.
    It’s twits like you that say crap without doing your homework.

  8. Russia supported Hillary and they got caught with their lies evidence of that is coming out soon. The fake dossier was paid by the Clinton campaign. But since you are perfect and know everything you will believe what you posted without evidence. Trump has done a great job helping millions get jobs something none of you have ever done. Trump works he is not like the Demons in the Dem party who lie, cheat taking a big paycheck from our tax dollars doing nothing but wanting to get rid of a duly elected president by the American voters. They have committed treason and broken just about all the laws in the Constitution. you did not sate facts you stated hatred. Trump does not even take a pay check for himself he give his paycheck to charity. None of you would ever work for nothing, zero. It is a shame that you have missed the facts and fabricated your own. Trump 2020 !!!

    in 3 Yrs !!! HAS accomplished MORE IN
    3 yrs than ANY President !!!
    > LOOK at ‘The Statistics’ !!!
    > I would be pleased To LIST at !0 !!!
    If you’re Interested. I will await your reply.
    Thank you.

  10. POTUS SHOULS STAY on ‘tweety’ !!! The 0nly WAY he
    Can Express his ‘thoughts’ To REAL 0rdinary American PPL,
    & that’s 1 of the Reasons ‘we’ They love him. MEDIA Won’t help &
    ‘Twists’ his words.
    > DJT Is a ‘regular’ guy. A ‘Business Man’. Eats Big Macs/ KFC/
    Diet Cokes. NO ‘fancy ass Meals in WH for him. Sometime ‘Steak/Choc Cake.
    NOT a ‘politician’.

  11. “WILLARD” IS REAL NAME of ‘mitt’ Romney.
    & A ‘Total Dis-GRACE to his ‘dad’ in Michigan.
    > “WILLARD” used an aka Name on internt to
    Defend himself ( from what i don’t know) __
    Anyway ‘Willard’s ‘Fake Name IS ” Pierre Delecto”
    > Hope you all read about that Expose’.
    ! More appropriate IS ” Pierre DEFECTO ” ___

  12. You got that exactly right and said it well. Romney wants power and money and some of each, but he is now plowing a new field that will place him in history as a nonthinking nasty rat who is against his own country.

  13. Something severe has happened to you. How can you BE SO HATEFUL TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW AT ALL? YOU ARE SICK, SICK, SICK!!!

  14. Let me explain it: the Democrats started as the Southerners who secceeded from the U.S. and then lost the Civil War. After that, they always voted for Democrats, up to recent history, when they began going Republican, except for the blacks, who voted for the Democrats who had enslaved them. The odds are that the South will vote for Trump in the next election, which will give Trump the presidency for another 4 years.

  15. Correction regard Lincoln was the man who preserved the union and freed tha slaves. Lincoln was Republican. He even went as far as to try to let the south to keep the slaves for 5 more years but the south wanted to susseed from the union and hence I give you the Civil War. Which will come again if you Democrats do stop this is a coup by Democrats. And you still dont realize this is a country of the people by the people for the people

  16. . a ‘slab of Bacon’ tastes Better than
    some of the KrAAP oink oink ‘inked Here, by ppl
    who think they KNOW !!! LOL

  17. Regarding ‘trash Polls’ inked Here, & elsewhere.
    . Educate yourselves.
    > Read “Mooody’s Analytics” For WORLDWIDE PROJECTION(s).
    > At ‘Present’ LOOKs Great for POTUS. (until further notice).
    > Brief yourselves.
    >IGNORE ‘repetitive polls’ inked 0n this Site. ( & 0NLY Meant
    to ‘Rile’ YOU ! Patriot Americans.)
    > Read the ‘Real Meat’. that’s all.

  18. Moody’s Ananlytics Say Differently than ‘trash ‘limited’ polls.
    ‘some’ ppl here Need to get w/it. (ahem)

  19. To the good Dr. Seems pretty cut and dry that Trump was involved with quid pro quo according to William Taylor. Trump dangled money over the Ukrainian government which amounts to bribery. Bribery is an impeachable offense under the Constitution. The question is whether the Republican Senate will uphold the Constitution or continue to support their rogue President.

  20. Mulvaney was just being honest. They do this all the time. We just don’t hear about it often. What do you think sanctions are? Do you really see a difference between withholding foreign aid if a government doesn’t do what we want or if we impose sanctions on them? Same difference. Think about it for a moment.

  21. Trump needs to get off of Tweeter… Go into the Oval Office and address the Nation… That’s being Presidential NOT tweeter…Tweeter is used as an entertainment platform…All other past Presidents used the Oval office why has Trump not done so..The American people needs to be told the truth on whats going on in DC.. We don’t need 2nd or 3rd hand news.. The media is trying to brainwash the nation on what to think.. Let Trump address the nation and let us determine for ourselves what happens next.. Good or Bad for Trump The people need to know the truth.. Three years of going nowhere… Trump the Nation is waiting OVAL OFFICE not TWEETER…

  22. Your polls must have been a huge disappointment in 2016.
    Why cling to them now?
    Intelligent people know polls are just for entertainment.

  23. You guys tried that stunt already but it didn’t work.
    Why are you doing it again? You know what they say about people that do the same things expecting different results right?
    Your FAKE polls had Hillary winning in a land slide.

  24. Impeaching is one thing. Removing from office is quite another.
    Question: What do you call someone with a leftist bent that frequents conservative website and posts on them?
    Answer: We call those people “trolls”.

  25. Dr.J.D. it’s quite obvious to everyone here that reads your posts that you are a tribal troll. You are extremely biased and willfully ignorant of the corruption in your own party. Every time anyone on here catches you on your dishonesty and hypocrisy you vanish and move onto the next article and then start spewing the same garbage all over again. You are unwilling to look at any evidence that goes against your political bias. I feel sorry for people like you.

  26. Dr, I believe everything you listed has been debunked. The Ukraine president said there was not quid pro quo, and Schiff even had to invent his own version to read before congress. Also, I believe Clinton signed a treaty with the Ukraine authorizing the joint cooperation looking into corruption. I saw that posted somewhere on here. There also was no Russian collusion and most of the obstruction part was in response to the witch hunt. Even trying to subpoena Trump’s tax returns is a desperate attempt to find dirt on him.
    If Trump has committed all the crimes you listed then getting him out of office should be a slam-dunk but yet it’s not. The democrats refuse to call a vote. I also, like how you are very selective when it comes to Trump but willfully ignorant of the crimes of people in your own party. Enough said.

  27. Yeah dr jd
    I want you to show the evidence in regards to your claims and not from a democrat social media outlet.

  28. Dr.JD go ahead and read your liberal rags. They are nothing but Marxist fools like you. You say we don’t want to talk issues. Marxism v American values. Freedom. That’s the name of the game. And legal immigrants only. All others need not even think about entering our country. Get asylum or whatever and come on in. And work to succeed once here. No gimee gimmee. And all lives matter. Not just a bunch of hood rats trying to kill the cops. Just to name a few. The actual list is much longer. And freebies for everyone? You don’t really believe that You hopefully aren’t that stupid.

  29. Hey MJ. Go f—k yourself. Your piece of crap son should be ran out of the military. He’s probably a traitor like you.

  30. “bleet, bleet, bleet says the sheeple! Trump barely won in 2016, and that was with Russia’s help and a 3rd party candidate, Jill Stein, who drained off more votes. Political scientists did the analysis and says if Jill Stein was not in the contest, Trump would have last. He expected to lose, and was using it as “the world’s biggest infomercial” (Trump admitted this).

  31. We started with Washington as 1st president, and as the story goes, he said “I cannot tell I lie, father, I chopped down the cherry tree.” To Trump, who cannot tell the truth or behave as a person with impulse control.

  32. Trump will always “cut and run” and throw his underlings under the bus. Just like he has done his whole life, MJ. It is almost impossible for a dishonorable person to become honorable – – once it is lost, it is hard to get back.

  33. could be.. Sure getting more and more evidence on Trump everyday, and we still have not had testimony from any of the three whistle blowers!!

  34. You guys are cussing and discussing Mitt Romney when both Mulvaney admitted to Trump’s holding back military aid to the Ukraine unless Trump got what he wanted, and the Ukrainian Ambassador testified and brought evidence that both the meeting with Trump and the military aid to Ukraine (to fight aggression of Russia) would not come unless Zelenskyy publically agreed to dig up dirt on the Bidens. This substantiates “Quid Pro Quo” or extortion.

    And, most importantly, not one Republican today defended the president or spoke to defend what Trump did about the military aid. There is NO excuse.

  35. Mitt is sort of the de facto leader of the resistance in the Republican party – – and there is evidence that it is much larger than we think. They are the traditional GOP, the ones who were in charge before Trump – – and they want him OUT!

    Mitt may also be the one who rebuilds the GOP after Trump leaves it in shambles.

  36. Debbie are you R E A L L Y that ignorant or just deliberately dishonorable and put your support of Trump over the welfare of the country? You want some serious violations of the law?

    #1. there are 10 counts of researched, verified and cited obstructions of
    justice outlined in Part II of the Mueller Report.
    #2. Trump directed his lawyer Cohen to commit campaign and other crimes,
    . . . . for which Cohen plead guilty and is serving time in prison. Trump
    . . . . would have been indicted and convicted too if not president.
    #3. Trump now has solicited (asked is enough) three foreign countries to
    . . .. . give him dirt on his political opponents, which violates the law.
    #4. Quid Pro Quo,or bribery/extortion has been both admitted by Cheif of
    . . . .staff Mulvaney, and testified to by Ukrainian ambassador.
    #5. Trump and his people sought to bury the evidence of involvement in
    . . . . Ukraine by burying the phone call not in the proper place but
    . .. . hidden in a top-secret server = obstructions of justice.
    #6. Trump has been CONTINUALLY INVOLVED in violations of the emoluments
    . . . . clause, and has funneled over $110 million taxpayer dollars into
    . . . . . his own pockets through his resorts and golfing, plus even more
    . . . .. foreign and gov. money going into his Trump property in D.C.

    Want more?

  37. Smarter than you, that is made up excuses from the party that CLAIMS (but does not practice) “personal responsibility!” That has been researched and found not to be true.

    Mack Ewing – – please keep making those vulgar, classless and verbally abusive comments about women!! Right now 2 out of three women disapprove of Trump and his supporters, and we want that number to be at least over 90% by election day. Young women are even stronger in their disapproval of Trump and calling them names like that. Continue, Mack, please!!!!

  38. That is totally false, ship and the breakdown is listed. Interesting, Truth talker, and the exact number was 51% from the Fox Poll supported Trump being impeached AND removed. Some criticism was given by the New York Post article – – but the NYPost is a very poor source of reliability (it is like the Enquirer). Then, I saw that the Gallup Poll came out a few days later and showed 52% of respondents supported Trump being impeached and removed. Now Gallup is a first tier poll and always gets the same percentage of republicans and dems as in the general population – – so that cannot be the same bias. POLITICO came out with new results and also stated: “The new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll comes as at least a half-dozen other media outlets have released surveys showing support for impeachment rising.”

    And now you are saying the (respected) “New Quinnipiac University poll shows
    55% support impeachment inquiry?” That is a little different than supporting impeachment and removal, but consistent with the trend found in at least a dozen polls. Of course, Trumpers, most who have zero experience with research downplay and criticize all polls where they don’t like the results, and scream and the top of the mountain when any poll, says things they want to hear.

  39. That is lie and the data was even produced by those who were somewhat critical of that particular poll! Quit L Y I N G and making false excuses!

  40. What I find amazing is a species of humans that act like ostriches and put their heads in the ground and ignore all the crimes and mistakes of Trump – – the Trump supporters. One asked in a question to show them one lie Trump has told, after listing 10 whoppers off the top of my head, I pointed him/her to the Toronto Star and Washington Post websites that list Trump lies and false or misleading statements. As of Oct. 9, 2019, the fact-checked list is up to 13, 435. Trump averages 14 of these a day since becoming president.

  41. the COMPLETE opposite is true, which shows you are either the dumb one or without any integrity and honor. Lynching was mostly done in the south, but those southerners left the Democrat party when Dems supported the Civil Right Acts. The south then went from solid (southern) Democrat to republicans – – so the lynchers and descendants are in your party. But others lynched in other communities, even to the north, and it included members of both parties. Fred Trump was a racist arrested for his participation in a KKK rally, and he was a well=know racist landlord who was sued by the federal government. Democrats like Kennedys and LBJ worked hard to stop racial violence in the south, while FBI director Hoover promoted it.

    Trump is either being stupid about what he said, or just lying or putting up a smoke screens. Lynchings are without trials and legal procedures. An impeachment inquiry is a legal procedure spelled out in the constitution. Trump is a spoiled rotten little sh*t who likes to play the victim, but he has never been fully held accountable for his activities his whole life.

    And speaking of Russia – – – who does the bidding of Russia, who did Russia support and admit that it did in the 2016 election, who worked from day 1 to remove the sanctions on Russia, who argued continuously for Russia the aggressor in the Ukraine, to be returned to the G-&, who turned over our part and involvement in Syria to Assad and Russia?!? If you don’t say “Trump” you are dishonorable and/or a FOOL.

  42. These Dumbocrats need to study their Party’s History. Trump uses the word “Lynching” but, the Democrats were the one’s who actually did the Lynching. They don’t want their History exposed or, their Communist Ties to Russia would be exposed.

  43. So if you folks want to run everyone out of the Republithug party that does not support DOTARD let’s say 10% that will take your voter base lower you are already in the minority and it is only going to get worse for you because you really are the party for the whites but your base is dying oh my what will you do. Just saying

  44. He can’t be any less honorable than the DOTARD who does nothing but lie tRUMP is the sleaziest president we have ever had.

  45. Yo momma do the nigga jigga wiggle real good and known for it. You knows what I be talkin’ about HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  46. Romney is THE MOST CORRUPT PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Do your research. Mrs. Mitt Romney is not good either. Do your research on her. A lot of info may be scrubbed from the Internet. But you can also hear things from other people and then put these things together–RESEARCH!

    Romney is probably the most corrupt person in England, and over much of the world, if not all of the world.

    Another little note is Biden and Obama ARE NOT honorable!!! Do your research. Things should be pretty much out in the open soon, so all will know!!!

  47. Mitt is not a RINO to me as the rest of them are. I call them DIRA’s or democrats in republican attire.

  48. Can we impeach Trump for that? There has to be something we can impeach him on?
    We’ve got playin’ too much golf, draft dodging, and crotch grabbing.
    I think we need more. Let’s put our heads together.

  49. Obama was so wonderful that he couldn’t even help Hillary get elected when he campaigned for her and she promised to keep his legacy intact.
    And of course Obama lost the house and senate under his tenure,(BIG TIME).
    Yeah Obama was the best man for the job depending on your perspective.
    Without Obama we wouldn’t have Trump.

  50. Trump got a doctor to write a letter saying he had bone spurs, which was worse, and false, of course (gets around pretty well on the golf course, I notice-178 times after criticizing Obama for half as much). Trump was quoted at the time that “avoiding STDs was my personal Vietnam”. Some “patriot”.

  51. Exactly, Obama was the best man for the job. He brought the country back from an economic disaster!!
    America was always great !!!!!!!

  52. That’s why white folk wants so much abortions so they can kill them black babies before they grow up to become porch monkeys and rob liquor stores and gas stations HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  53. Yo momma is callin’ and she be needen’ a bath right about now ’cause she worked hard last night on them long black rods with the bubba gumpa shrimpo cream flowing. Better get a mob too hahahahahahahahahaha

  54. It be the racist white folk in gov that keep the black folk in poverty. They tell black folks you better vote for whitey or else you ain’t gettin’ no more free handouts and you gonna get kicked off the plantation and might even die of global climate change to so you’s better do the right thing and keep voting whitey into power ’cause you too stupid to make it alone. Rich racist white folk call black folks “porch monkeys”

  55. Mitt the Mutt is a MUGWUMP!

    ImageWikipedia › wiki › Mugwumps
    Mugwumps – Wikipedia
    The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who switched parties from the Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the presidential election of 1884. … After the election, “mugwump” survived for more than a decade as an epithet for a party bolter in American politics.
    Political position: Center-right
    Split from: Republican Party
    Leader: Henry Adams; Edward Atkinson; Charles Francis Adams Jr.
    Merged into: Democratic Party

  56. Mitt Romney a mere democrat in republican clothing which doesn’t fool me and only ignorant people would think that he isn’t.

  57. Good point about the Democrats and the RINOs. They are just like the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals. RINOs are enablers for the Democrats. Romney is the WORST!

  58. Yo momma suck long black rods all night long and in the mornin’ she gots nigga breath hahahahahahahahahahaha

  59. Just over half of voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office, according to a Fox News Poll released Wednesday.

  60. time to make this jackass pay for his remarks – get him the hell out of the senate –hopefully UTAH is embarrassed of this POS and the rest of the USA is– he is a deranged loser that hasnt gotten over the fact that we didnt want him as President — now most people KNOW WHY –TRAITOR RINO–

  61. Paul Gerek… Don’t fall into REDMANS game he’s not African American at ALL Nor any other..He’s white!!! What his hate for African American’s and the like..Is that the use of language as if he were black. Would have people start to dislike him and racist comments in these blogs.. Start writing their anger for African American’s.. Seems to be working a little.. What his goal is as a WHITE MAN is to have people dislike Brown skin persons… Clever in it’s sick way..I was born in Harlem N.Y. I can tell you first hand NO person I ever knew writes like that..Only a FAKE trying to be Black…..His handle should not be REDMAN it should be PINK CHEEK MAN…He’s trying so so hard to be Black too hard… It doesn’t work Pink Cheek Man…This is for you redman HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  62. New Quinnipiac University poll:

    55% support impeachment inquiry

    43% oppose

    Same poll last week:

    51% supported the impeachment inquiry

    45% opposed it

  63. Wrong red ass idiot. In Chicago and other demonrat controlled cities, it is the illiterates like you that control education with their alternative lifestyle indoctrination. The black, brown, and redmen of this country keep themselves down so they can collect welfare and not have to work to support the families they abandon. Learn from watching the yellow men you moron, work rewards itself.

  64. Mitt, the Mutt, had to throw his 2012 election to Obama. He didn’t have a choice. Romneycare was still in effect in Massachusetts because Obamacare wasn’t quite done yet.
    He sent his team to help Obama craft Obamacare using Romneycare as a template, knowing his own plan was a disaster, costing MA taxpayers 7.5 times what he said it would cost.
    If Obamacare was in place, Romneycare would have disappeared and Mutt would have had deniability.
    He also signed an egregious Assault Weapons ban that no true conservative would have signed.
    When asked why he was so liberal as MA Governor, he said he had to be liberal to win the governor seat.
    His willingness to compromise his values for a political seat is a huge sign of a liar and typical democrat!

  65. Matt Romney is a chooch ( Jackass ) in Italian and if you are in a state that you want all Republicans vote in,then vote each person separately so you can vote Romney out. Period.

  66. The RedMan, you forgot to mention that the racist white folk in Washington are the elitist democrats!

  67. Ann sent ultimatum to Mitt Romney since when he was in young age used to work in Paris She says Are you coming in US or to find another man Mitt Romney pants on the ground packed his clothes and run to her So, Ann controlled him in young age In this age she doesn’t have any problem to control weak man

  68. After an Islamic terrorist leader tried to overthrow my country,(and our great and decent political leader Dr. Eric Eustace Williams in the early 70’s), I took the cowards way out, and fled to America to protect my family from the onslaught of the muslimeen, who were murdering people carte blanche, (especially christians, jews, & hindus).
    This is when I first started to look at Mitt Willard Romney,a non-massachusetts politician, who was not native to Boston {just like myself}, who was born in Detroit, MI., but was able to con (similar to pocahuntus)every New Englander. I admired, and supported this guy whom I thought was a decent law abiding United States Citizen.
    I have made many a mistake in my life, but the worst mistake that I have ever made, was to vote for Mitt Willard Romney. What a rotten NINCOMPOOP slimeball he has turned out to be.

  69. Mitt, the slave to the global elite who condemns a president for his previous infidelities from 10 years before running for Prez! He now serves a forgiving god who now guides him to save America from the likes of you Rhino’s and Democrat leadership who reports to Soros and Mitts bosses in the deep State military establishment. He backs sending our kids to be killed for no worthwhile cause.

  70. Drifter, yes you are correct in saying Mitt needs to resign and quit all the bull about Trump. Mitt is a real trader and a back stabber if I ever saw one! He should keep his mouth shut and stay the hell out of it. Just like Hillary needs to shut up and stay out of the election as she has no place in it at all! Go Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. It be the racist white folk in washington that keep black folk down. Whitey keeps blackey in poverty by promisin’ all kind of free stuff as long as blackey votes for whitey. Then blackey gets to stay on the government plantation and he don’t have to worry about dying from global warming cause whitey say he gonna fix it but just needs more money HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  72. Isn’t Mitt Romney the name of some type of Suppository for really Bad Constipation… You could see it in his face that He’s Full of Crap…… Honor our Nation get rid of the Political Criminals in DC… Three yrs of Impeachment after impeachment…Trump needs to address the Nation from the Oval Office not Tweeter Informing the Nation what is really going on in the Swamp.. We don’t need to hear 2nd hand fake news.. Trying to tell American’s what to think about Trump…We decide for ourselves..We need the Facts from Trump Good or Bad for him..It’s our Government Address the Nation..We are waiting

  73. Nearly 100% of the comments about that demented man, Romney, are true. He is a shame to his party, his religion, and his State. He should be recalled.

  74. Mit Romney is a draft dodging coward and his 5 sons are cowards as well. Not one of them has donned a uniform. He wets the bed and can’t even support our president. We need to vote him out of office. He said he didn’t have time during the Vietnam War to serve his country. He is an elite cry baby and allowed Yo Mamma to become president.

  75. Romney is a jealous twerp. He is just waiting around because he believes if he votes for impeachment. he will get Trump’s job.

  76. so what’s new , mitt romney is obomas blow up sex doll , he let millions of americans down when he gave oboma his second term , just another democrat pretending to be a republican ,

  77. I’m convinced that Obama would not have won a second term if the republicans had a decent candidate. Both Romney and McCaine were seriously flawed candidates.

  78. how do the people of Utah have this person recalled.
    he lied to them to get elected and they need to start the proceed to have him removed.

  79. This guy Romney guy is just a phony and jealous moron. When he was running against HUSSEIN BIN OBSMER he asked for financial help of Trump!! Now he wants Trump to be impeached!!! what a piece of garbage this guy is??

  80. So it’s confirmed . . . . Romney (Pierre Delecto) and Comey (Reinhold Niebuhr) have anonymous Twitter Accounts. Both such upstanding citizens they defer to high school pranks to get their bogus messages across.

    While searching the depths of depravity, they found themselves already there.

  81. can you imagine Romney as the pres making decisions for an entire country and its citizens when he does not know the difference of wrong and right. He believes Obama and Biden are honorable men. Where has his brain been for the past 3 yrs. Shame on him. I would say politically he is finished. Who could trust him? He is a sick, envious and very jealous man

  82. Romney would either be a great representative for Satan or God. He is a chameleon without any moral standing whatsoever. Romney is about ONLY one thing Personal Power.
    Romney first, and America way back there somewhere. Romney is nothing but a useless,
    spineless politician.

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