Mitt Romney saw one new poll that dealt him a massive defeat in trying to impeach Trump

Mitt Romney is the commanding general of the Never-Trump brigade in Washington, D.C.

The failed 2012 Presidential candidate is working with Democrats to try to remove Donald Trump from office.

But Mitt Romney saw one new poll that dealt him a massive defeat in trying to impeach Trump.

Mitt Romney openly admits he ran for Senate to steal control of the GOP from the conservatives who supported Donald Trump and instead hand power back to the RINOs and sellouts who make up the Never-Trump and establishment wings of the GOP.

Romney wants a return to the “good old days” where Republicans teamed up with Obama and Bill Clinton on globalist trade deals that shipped jobs to China and Mexico, supported amnesty for illegal aliens, and launched endless foreign wars in the Middle East.

But Mitt Romney got some bad news.

A brand new Rasmussen poll showed 65 percent of likely Republican voters want the GOP to be more like Donald Trump than Mitt Romney.

Breitbart reports:

A newly-released poll found likely Republican voters want the GOP to more closely resemble President Donald Trump than one of his most vocal congressional critics, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).

According to Wednesday’s Rasmussen’s national telephone and online poll, 63 percent of likely Republican voters said the party should be more like President Trump, while 30 percent believe it should be like Romney. The poll, which had 1,000 respondents, was conducted between October 15th and 16th and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. The results remain unchanged from a similar poll conducted in January.

The results come after another poll found Romney is underwater with a negative approval rating among Utah voters. According to a Y2 Analytics poll for, fifty-one percent of state voters strongly or somewhat disapprove of their U.S. senator, while 46% said they approve of his job performance. Four percent said they are unsure.

The survey, which was conducted between September 25th-October 8th, concluded four days before Romney criticized President Trump for calling on Ukraine and China to probe into allegations of corruption against former Vice President and 2020 White House hopeful Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Republicans tried it Mitt Romney’s way.

Romney led the party in 2012 as a RINO liberal who never fought back against Barack Obama or defended himself when Obama’s allies called him a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot who tortured animals and murdered a man’s wife by giving her cancer.

Not only does Donald Trump fight back against the Democrat smear machine, but he has achieved long-sought-after conservative policy goals that so-called “Republicans” like Mitt Romney claim to support.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  10. If they are saying 65% prefer Trump over Mittens, we can be sure it is more along the lines of 98%. Just one more FAKE NEWS POLL!

  11. If they are saying 65% prefer Trump over Mittens, we can be sure it is more along the lines of 98%. Just one more FAKE NEWS POLL!

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    Finally,just admit that you are a horrible racist, repent, you will be forgiven for that and for voting for the monster mobster, and vote correctly the next time. Trump still cannot get over he had almost 3 million fewer votes and that is with horrible voter suppression, Russian help and rigged voting machines that helped Trump. Every machine were and still vulnerable to hacking and if you don’t care then you are a traitor like Trump the tramp.

  15. Google “Pierre Delecto” so you can understand what I’m up to. My point here is to highlight Romney’s dishonesty.

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    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  18. if this is really Rommney why are you even posting here? You have to know folks don’t like you so why try to change their minds. I lost all faith in you during the 2016 election. To me, you did yourself in back then. Go retire, politics isn’t a career, was never meant to be by our founding fathers. Some of you guys just make me sick.

  19. Pierre, “something dishonest like Trump?”

    What exactly?

    I am very aware of Mr. Trump’s faults. He probably stiffed some of his contractors during his bankruptcies. His relationships with females are not proud achievements.

    But he is the most VETTED president in history. You and I both know that Mueller had access to ALL of Trump’s tax returns and financial records. The press has had access to EVERY female who knew him, throughout his entire life.

    He is not perfect. Far from it. But he is SAVING this country from the globalists. (And voters like you).

    We are not naive. We understand him. His OWN children love him.

    We vote for him with appreciation and even love, well understanding his faults.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  20. It is dishonest to go on twitter and create an account to take up for yourself. It was dishonest to ask President Trump for help and then knives him in the back.

    I regret spending my vote on a man with as much hate in his heart. A man who hides behind his religion like you should have a pen name of Judas

  21. He is none other than Mitt Romney. He has so few friends, he has to take up for himself! He is so honest he just bought companies to break them.

  22. “Mitt Romney openly admits he ran for Senate to steal control of the GOP from the conservatives who supported Donald Trump” ….typical RINO politician! I actually don’t see President Trump as a politician….rather he is a businessman who undertstands how things work, the politicians drive him crazy (which is why he ran for president), and he wants to correct things – AKA make things work right again. Politicians like law breakers who vote them in for handouts, etc. which is why they are all for illegal aliens, and keeping people in poverty!

  23. Not a wetback – just the opposite, but I agree with your comment otherwise.

    Pierre Delecto is Mitt Romney’s hidden Twitter account.

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    Trump GDP average = 3%
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  31. Fox got rid of their most honest reporter, Shepard Smith, all the others except Howard Kurtz and Chris Wallace are lying thugs, like Trump

  32. Aren’t you tired Tyree in always trying to defend the tyrant Trump. He is a criminal as is Barr who sold his soul for a few months of infamous notoriety.

  33. I know many people, and none are doing better than 3 years ago, but most did much better when Obama was President, there is an insane scandal everyday with his stupidity, treason, big mouth, horrible decisions.

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  36. If the Americans had a sense of self-preservation, then this term of Mitt Romney in the Senate would be the last.

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  39. Just wait until the deep state liars go to jail. The commiecrat presidential candidates are liars. If not, more people would run from them. They don’t advertise their entire agenda. If so, even you libturds would say hell no.

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  41. “Liberal institutions straightway cease from
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    established; once this is attained no more
    grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions.”

    …..Friedrich Nietzsche

  42. You are still funny, Dan. Seems even Trump is dismayed by how much leaking is going on in his cabinet (like a strainer) that he orders lie detector tests. And an inanimate object would do a better job as president – – at least a stone would not be tweeting insults all the time and running up huge deficits and turning over Syria to Putin and betraying our allied, the Kurds. Other nations see and know you cannot trust the USA to have your back any more!

    Seems since you Trumpers cannot tolerate people that think differently than you, that you all should leave, buy an island somewhere (Greenland?) where you can have peace and drink your right wingnut Kool Aid all day long!

  43. Wow, you have a gift for putting things succinctly. All in all, just saw that by the beginning of Oct. 9, 2019, that the fact checkers have tabulated and compiled a total of 13,435 false of misleading statements (or lies) by Trump as president. Occasionally telling a false or misleading statement as president is different than a president who is a compulsive and habitual liar.

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  45. I am not giving up guns either, I am a gun owner. Many democrats own guns, and are like me, don’t want them registered either. However, research shows clearly that most Americans are moderates, and the largest political group are independents . . . only conservatives want radical or “true” conservatives.

    If you hate communism, why are you not upset by how Trump always defends, advocates, gives in and carries the water for Putin?!? Russia remains our most dangerous adversary . . . yet Trump defended Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, started from day 1 to get sanctions lifted on Russia (Congress stopped him), argued for Russia to be back in the G-7, handed over influence in Syria to Putin and almost always does what Putin asks of him, including stopping the war exercises with South Korea!!!!

  46. Our troops aren’t coming home.
    Mexico isn’t paying for a wall.
    The middle class isn’t benefitting.
    Coal jobs aren’t returning.
    Healthcare isn’t cheaper.

    The deficit isn’t decreasing.

    ISIS hasn’t been defeated.
    Hillary hasn’t been prosecuted.

    Trump lied about everything.

  47. Thank you! Please keep up the vulgarities towards females – – – we have set a goal of 90% of females against Trump, because we only have 2/3rds or 67%. Your view of women most aptly gets to what you think about females and they know it!

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  49. You should be doing stand up comedy instead of playing that fiddle! And the only politician who supports commies is Trump who has been working and defending Putin at every turn, including giving away our influence in Syria to Putin. Did you see how happy Putin and Erdogan were carving up Syria?!? Trump argued for Russian’s invasion of the Ukraine, and then for Russia be allowed back into the G-7, ousted by that attack in the Ukraine. It is shocking that Trumpers cannot see, act after act, Trump bowing and scraping to Putin. Putin has done well from his interference in 2016 to get Trump elected.

  50. Hilarious! Is this like the FOURTH time Hillary has been investigated and each time conservatives like you claimed she was going to jail. The evidence was not there and she beat back a whole committee of your best, like Trey Gowdy! You sound like the fool who is a Miami Dolphins fan before they play the New England Patriots!!

    You Trumpers are so much into projection, and know this “investigation” is just a ruse to divert attention from the growing amount of evidence being compiled against your “chosen one” Trump. it is based on trying to grab a conspiracy, not based on ANY evidence to date (In fact goes against TONS of evidence gathered to date) and Trump’s attempt to intimidate. Trump is desperate. . . kind of like the Germans launched the “battle of the Bulge” attempt while Allied Troops were marching around Germany. it will fail and the evidence will win out.

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  52. But know this doc. The commiecrats will NEVER rule over us patriots. But most people across America want true conservatives. Our founding fathers were mostly conservatives and that’s the backbone of freedom. The agenda that the commiecrats has laid out will never be complied with by people whom still believe in the dream of freedom. Just wait until the commiecrats try to punish churches for their stands on queer marriage. Just an example. And Beatoff O’roark has done pushed that. And we damned sure aren’t giving up our guns.

  53. HA! If guilty, then GOOD! I dislike and want to punish ALL corrupt politicians and want them much more severely punished than they are today! I get so tired of the lack of justice where a political or white collar criminal gets less time in jail for stealing $millions, than a common criminal who steals a few hundred dollars.

    I said “HA!” because you and I know that it is extremely hard to even get a criminal like Trump in jail OR any of the white collar criminals in jail. And, I don’t think the evidence is there from all the tons of evidence already presented. But if the evidence is there and they are convicted, I will be right there to support them going to jail. Might even drink a toast to their convictions!

  54. Very telling response, Dan! Pretty much what ABC was saying, about the GOP being taken over by radicals. Only one question: HOW do you expect to win national elections (not some districts where radicals dominate) with a party split between itself (Trumpers vs. modernates or never-Trumpers), a united and active Democratic party and with such low support among independents, minorities, women and the young?

    If I were a betting man, I would bet heavily Trump will lose big time in 2020! Radicals are so entrenched with their ideology, they most often go down in flames because they reject most Americans. Most Americans are moderates.

  55. Bring . . . . . IT . .. . . ON, Dan! This whole attack is Trump led with his lackey, Barr, and goes against all the evidence produced by 17 of our intelligence agencies and also by the Republican lead Senate Intelligence Committee! This Senate lead Intell Committee concluded that Russia did interfere in our 2016 election (not Ukraine). It is based upon a pathetic right winger conspiracy theory, and we see no evidence presented. We have seen that Barr has gone all around the world to drum up some evidence of the conspiracy THAT RIGHT WINGERS HAVE MADE UP. Bottom line, the Mueller “dream team” spent two years collecting evidence on the Russian interference and concluded totally the opposite of what Trump, Barr and Giuliani have tried to fabricate. Bring . . . . . IT . .. . ON! There is not substance to it, it is just slinging mud and will go no where.

  56. JFT: You are so far off base you are “outta the park!” Think a little before you write drivel about our President and some of the great FOX News reporters. They all report facts, as opposed to the B.S. FAKE NEWS from every other news source.

  57. JFT: You are so far off base you are “outta the park!” Think a little before you write drivel about our President and some of the great FOX News reporters. They all report facts, as opposed to the B.S. FAKE NEWS from every other news source.

  58. Trumpers can’t ignore Mitt or anyone that disagrees with them, like even The RedMan. It is clear, like their cult leader, Trump, they must react and condemn because they are very thinned-skinned and insecure. Geezer, you are probably more mature and confident if you can do this . . . but most Trump supporters are like Trump, they have little to no impulse control, so Trump will stay up sometimes all night to Tweet out his villification of others.

  59. Lindsay the obozo crowd is going to jail. And maybe killery. You libturds are toast. So go cry in your milk you dumbass.

  60. Looks like The RedMan accidentally vrabbed the meth pipe while reaching for his peyote. He’s tweaking hard on the keyboard today, folks! Actually, it’s kinda funny – like watching a cat play with a dead mouse…

  61. I have no problem with the latest poll by Rasmussen, and it seems like Mitt better take notice. I do not raise a fuss like you do when the results don’t go the way I would like. What bothers me about Trumpers and polls is that you shout on the rooftops about the poll when you like the results, and condemn and declare polls to be fraudulent when they say things you do not like.

  62. Romney was never SUPPOSED to win the 2012 election. His agreement with his and Bury-the-bone in m’ Obunghola’s handlers was to take the fall for “the team.” He’s as deep in the worldwide political scams as are Bury, the Bidens, Feinstein, Pelosi, McCains, ‘Nadless Nadler, Schuckie Chewmore, The last election that didn’t go the way of the deep state was when Jimmie Carter won.

  63. Oh what a load of crap, glueman52! You are saying that Barack, who has spent his life, and married to an A-A, and has supported minorities his whole life, but the ultra white (well, at some times he is orange except around his white eyes) verbal abuser of minorities has been the one to give a damn about them? You as a white person might be deluded, but if you will look, only 9% of African-Americans support Trump, which says Trump has not been that way AT ALL!

    And, you must have not also looked at the EVIDENCE about Trump and the middle class! Trump’s tax “cut” gave 83% of the benefits to the richest 1%, and hardly any went to any middle class (we got more of the deficit from Trump). Trump went back to one of his frequent trips to Mar-O-Lago and announced to them that he “just made a lot of you much richer!”!!! This year, many middle class discovered their tax bills were MUCH HIGHER THAN THE YEAR BEFORE. Trump wants to get rid of medical help for the middle class, and wants to eliminate the ACA which forces insurance companies to pay instead of claiming “pre-existing conditions” and allows families to cover their children up to age 26 on their family insurance.

    And please, if you are going to respond, don’t resort to your usual trying to divert the attention to Obama or others, or to just resort to name calling. Try, if you can, to come up with some evidence Trump loves minorities and the middle class.

  64. REDMAN is a Native American who believes Fauxcahontus will pay him some outrageous amount in reparations. Looks like he’s stopped smoking his peyote for a few days and has been able to wiggle up out of his wigwam long enough to be an armchair political adviser. Don’t worry – he goes away for months at a time when he picks up a new stash of peyote. He becomes ambulatory every time he’s admitted to the rehab clinic – that’s ambulatory, not functional

  65. Ew-w-w-w–w-w, you can’t control yourself in regards to The Redman, he “stirs” you emotionally . . . and always your respond with sexual references. me thinks you protest too much for it not to be personal!!

  66. Interesting. I remember studying the power of what is called the “We/They” phenomena in college. Used effectively by the Nazi party, the Germans, who were splintered by the loss of WWI and reparations, drew itself together by blaming all problems on the Jews and their hatred of them. The “We” group may have its differences, but one thing they agree on is that they are better than the “they” group. Seems Trumpers have done this with immigrants and Muslims, like the Nazis did it with immigrants and Jews. I have noticed all most of these Trumpers like to do is spew hatred, anger and venom on others.

  67. Bill Clinton was the draft dodger and rapist of women. GO TRUMP. 2020.
    Will win in the biggest landslide ever.

  68. No, bagster53, he is one of the few moderates that the GOP has left. It is perfectly clear that Trumpers are the radicals with a completely HATRED for the moderates, and with a complete intolerance for expressions of differences from the Trump cult propaganda. With so many defections of late by Republicans, it is clear that the GOP is a fractured party and does not hold together. The Democrats, on the other hand, have much more unity and it is something that will draw away a lot of independent votes. The GOP is less a party than a group of factions loosely held together with duck tape and mutual hatred of others.

  69. Liz Warren is one of the best educated and most intelligent persons to ever be in Congress. That does not mean we agree with her, but give credit where it is due, instead of continually being known as the party that slings mud. We look petty and low class if all we do is tear people down, including Romney. We have to quit being the party of nasty, venomous attacks. Young people are beginning to see us as just a group of nasty old white men.

  70. You want him badly, don’t you Kevie? Only a person who leans that direction would project that to The RedMan – – – but has never given a clue about his/her sexuality.

  71. Are you drugs or something? Because you don’t have clue as to what Trump has done to the middle class and low income class. You need to get off of fake news channels. As if you were a working taxpayer you would see the difference . You must be one of those people who wants a free handout!

  72. I would like to disagree somewhat with you, Justice, those offenses are MINOR compared to:

    #1. soliciting help from three foreign countries to interfere in our elections,
    . . . . which, of course, against the law.
    #2. his cover up work to hide the evidence of the solicitation with Ukraine.
    #3. his “quid pro quo” which Mulvanny admitted to, and which was documented
    . . .. . and testified about by state dept. officials like Bill Taylor. This
    . .. . . . amount to letting Ukrainians die in this bribery/extortion.
    #4. over 10 different obstructions of justice in Russia probe, all outlined
    . .. . . and verified in Part 2 of Mueller Probe.
    #5. Trumpo’s continual and deliberate violations of emoluments clause by finding
    . . . . . creative ways to funnel taxpayer dollars – – Over $110 into his OWN
    . . .. . . pockets!!
    #6. all his variety of crimes he directed his lawyer, M. Cohen to do to pay off
    . . . . . his two mistresses. Cohen is serving time for those crimes now.

    Romney is one of the many Americans who saw early on that Trump was and is a conman, and it is very surprising to us who see him as a mobster with no respect for the rule of law, that YOU DON’T. Take a look how Trump cheated thousands of people by a FAKE “Trump university” scam and ended up having Trump pay them back because he lied and defrauded them. Trump defrauds subcontractors and lawyers and banks. American banks did not want to do business with him, so he got loans through Deutschbank, many of whom were backed by Russian mobster money.

  73. Ignore Mitt, he doesn’t serve all of this attention. He is all hot air just like the dem squad who want to finish ruining the safety and sovereignty of America – bt whatever means!

  74. Trump is clearly a mobster and traitor. He should have been in prison long ago for the cowardly draft dodger’s scams and sexual assaults and smacking a teacher that had his sent to military school for some discipline. Obviously id didn’t work. Romney has a conscience unlike virtually every fight winger on here. Most of you are deplorable, not just for your racism but also for your hatred towards facts about global warming, and evolution and your overall lack of education and ignorance about history and current events. You idolize lying thugs like Trump, Hannity, Ingraham, Mark Levin, Limbaugh and Carlson.

  75. Personally, I`d like everything to come out well. No Impeachment, re-election and that we have a Congress and a Senate who will do what they should for the good of all the races among our American Citizens. I want the evil-doers (whomever they may be)dealt with in the manner most conductive to mending this great land of ours. Likely it`s too much to ask.

  76. why does the gop continue to let him be in the gop party , when everyone knows he is a democrat using the gop to get elected

  77. The only thing that is red about The Red Man, is that #1 he is not a Native American, but a Commie Leftist that should live in Russia or Red China. His little laugh thing that he ads to his second grade drivel, shows a lack of maturity and a infintile thought process of some one that still lives in parents basement smoking crack.

  78. Pierre Mitt Delecto Romney has such a weak spine it is a wonder he can stand erect. What policy exactly is it the Ole Pierre wants implemented that Trump is not working for? He can’t stand the fact that Trump is standing tall and erect fighting for the citizens of the United States while he, Romney, has to slither around on his belly.

  79. Yo momma lick those long black shafts until the cream start flowin’ and then do the nigga jigga wiggle dance all over the slippery floor hahahahahahahahahaha

  80. Yo momma do the humpty dumpty nigga jigga wiggle dance all night long but it get pretty messy on the floor. Lot’s of mopping in the mornin’ hahahahahahahahaha

  81. Hey Mitt, does the wording jackass and traitor to your party ring true. You have never recovered from your loss to Obama in one of the most poorly run campaigns ever. Do not head for New England, because your welcome is worn out. Maybe Hilliary will hire you for her campaign manager. RVN 68-69

  82. Mitt Romney moved to Utah because no other state would elect him to the Senate. Most Mormons vote the way their church suggests that they vote. I’m hoping that by now they are realizing that they were sold a bill of goods by this Rhino. Mitt Romney is politician who is not to be trusted. He begged President Trump to give his support to Mitt’s Senate campaign. After Trump gave Romney his support then Romney began to stab Trump in the back. Mitt Romney is a snake in the grass. I hope the good people of Utah see him for what he is and vote him out of office forever. Romney is a self-serving jerk and he really doesn’t care about the people of Utah.

  83. The only President who gave a damn about black people and the middle class, is our POTUS Trump. Obama didn’t care about the black people, except when he wanted their vote. Typical of the Democrap machine! They come around every 4 years, pandering the black vote. All the while to keep them on the government plantation.
    Romney is no different, another Rino who is just another lackluster politician.

  84. White folk in DC use black folk for votes. They pretend they care and want to help black folk but all they do is pander for votes promisin’ all kinda a free crap if only the blacks keep voting for whitey. If they don’t then they don’t get no more free stuff and they get kicked off the gov plantation and won’t get no reparations either and might even drown from global warming.

  85. As one who voted for Mitt Romney, I am expressly pleased to see him lead the way for term limits! Not so many Republicans perhaps, but I can think of many partisan slugs like, Mitt, that truly need to support his term limit initiative!

  86. Oh no! Dr. J.D. will not like this Rasmussen poll.
    The Dr. can’t think for himself. He has to rely on polls to inform him how to think.

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