Mitt Romney turned into a trembling wreck when he saw who just turned on him

Never-Trump RINO Mitt Romney is in hot water.

Romney thought he could work with Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to try to impeach Donald Trump.

But Mitt Romney turned into a trembling wreck when he saw who just turned on him.

Never-Trumpers and members of the Fake News Media often claim Republicans’ only path to political salvation is renouncing Donald Trump.

They claim the public will reward Republicans who turn on the President and help the Democrats boot him from office.

Mitt Romney has held himself out as the leader of this political strategy.

Romney has repeatedly attacked Trump for the phony accusations that he improperly pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

But it’s backfired on Romney.

Instead of rewarding Romney for “standing up to President Trump” Americans reject Romney’s treachery.

In a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, just 18 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Romney compared to 39 percent that held an unfavorable opinion of the Utah RINO.

A further breakdown of the numbers made the picture look even grimmer for Romney.

Only two percent of Americans had a “very positive” view, while 16 percent had a “somewhat positive” view, 37 percent were neutral, 19 percent had a somewhat negative view, 19 percent had a very negative view, and seven percent did not or were unsure about Utah’s junior senator.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll represents a major swing from a poll conducted on the eve of the 2012 presidential election when 47 percent, or nearly a majority of Americans, had a positive image of Romney.

Clearly, Romney’s “Never-Trump” views have not done him any favors.

There is no political reward for Republican Senators to support Trump’s impeachment.

GOP voters will turn on Republicans that stab the President in the back and Democrats won’t show them any love because they are Republicans in the first place.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I am ashamed to admit I voted for this Traitor, when he ran for President. Thank God he wasn’t elected. If I lived in Utah, instead of on the border, I would be one mad resident. How dare he turn on our duly elected President. You should go bury yourself now Mitt, because it wont be long, before your constituents do it. Poor petty little man..

  2. All one has to do is follow Mitt Romney’s comments and fence sitting in all of his political views. It has, to me at least, been obvious he is a conservative Republican in name only. His only saving grace is being better looking than Shiff, Adler and, yes Pelosi.

  3. The mainstream media did not completely ignore the incident, but indeed not much time was spent reporting on it. Of the popular classic outlets, ABC managed to do the most coverage, even going so far as to secure an exclusive interview with Devin Langford. Whereas CNN (and MSNBC) was busy as usual criticizing and mocking the Trump family, and Fox News was busy defending and promoting the Trump family. What was One America News Network doing? Who knows?

  4. I am a regular subscriber to that page. I saw that his family wealthy Farmers were taken out by the Cartel! Not a word in mainstream media.. Children were killed… Horrible.

  5. I voted for Romney not because I like him, but because he was only slightly better than the Democrat I could not support for any reason. If Romney left his seat in the Congress today, it would be about 1 year too late. He appears not to be a true Republican but a fence sitter depending on the day. Sorry Mr. Romney you can’t fill your father’s shoes when it comes to being honest with those who voted for you. You’d make a great Democrat !

  6. You are correct. Although, there is still one off spring that actually does. However, the more normal ones do not.

  7. Get over your bigotry. Millions of us LDS are angry at Mitt. He promised to work with Trump and Trump supported him. It is much like those Dems that ran as moderates in Trump states and one. They also said they would work with Trump. They were told not to talk about impeachment. They were liars and you who voted for them were manipulated. Pretty dumb you were.

  8. That was a big mistake Star. You should have done just the opposite. Obama created the Arab Spring. That caused millions to leave mideast and head for Europe. I believe he and Hillary did that on purpose.

  9. That could be said of any president. You see that is all a matter of opinion. I will say though that when Obama created Daca the was certainly presidential overreach He admitted 21 times that it would be unconstitutional. He probably should have been impeached over that an otherwise things like spying on the American people.

  10. Mormons do not think that every Mormon does good. No one is perfect. It is just that this imperfect man thinks he is perfect.

  11. Lynch…Mormon’s are not backstabbers. Utah ws right at the top of states supporting Trump. They are very upset at Romney’s behavior. I hope someone good will run against him. Until then we have to live with him for 3 more years. I just wish we still had the wonderful Senator Hatch. Remember him? Please get over your bigotry.

  12. I also do not think any of us should allow the public to forget his hidden name. Was it Back Stab, Rat Face, Piece of Dirt, oh, it was Pierre Delecto. Never let the public forget this.

  13. Romney is a classic Mormon …..they are consummate back stabbers as history has proved.He was the Gov of Mass where I live, and he threw long time Republican supporters under the bus when ever it served his person agenda . What a piece of crap

  14. He is just a troll. He has no life and only lives to make stupid comments to try to stir us up. Most have stopped replying hoping he will finally dry up and get buried.

  15. Doesn’t even pay to comment to this “Redman idiot”. To we Native Americans, he is just bringing shame on us if he is a real American Indian. If that is true, then he should just fall on his spear.

  16. Only if Utah doesn’t take action along with the GOP senators after the election and expel him from the senate.

  17. Romney cannot represent any party unless it is the party of Romney. He has always only been interested in himself, is condescending, greedy, amoral, and a liar. Although I do not believe in Mormonism, I am cognizant enough about them to know they abhor him for being the liar and cheat that he is.

  18. Read “Sorcha Report” (find it yourselves)
    re Romney Fam History/ Mexico… & Recent Murders.
    >Pierre Delecto Is No More ___

  19. It’s called executive overreach (Trump), commonly referred to as a power grab. That’s why the constitution has separation of powers.

  20. It seems this mormon (moron) reject aka peter dick head o is tickling his tonsils with his head up his butt AGAIN

  21. You are right. Romney and McCain both gave the president to Obama and never said one word about open borders. What about non-vetted refugees and the UN picking the refugees? I am blessed that Trump’s our president. What he I’d doing at the borders is saving lives. Stopping drug trafficking, human trafficking and illegal and refugees. Every one has to be vetted and quarantine. No more UN picking who comes here. We need to kick out the Muslim brotherhood and any organization that isn’t following our constitution.
    No more illegals until the illegals who are here are deported. Make them come in right way and sponsored. No more Welfare. Pelosi can’t take care of homeless and Veterans who she can give illegals drivers license and DMV has documents for their voting. DMV not allowed to ask if illegals. This increased my vehicle insurance because I have to pay for uninjured motorist. Illegals don’t have insurance or only $25,000. That doesn’t even pay emergency or ambulance. Citizens are paying taxes to support CA government to hide illegals.
    Trump 2020

  22. SEE the “Sorcha Report” re
    Willard Romney Fam Connection
    W/ Cartel killing 9 US women/children.
    >Pierre Delecto Is No More ___

  23. Recall the vote and let these no good RINO’s see the American Conservative will take action before the election to get re-elected!

  24. Mitt Romney turned his back on the voters of UTAH when he turned his back on President Trump. He promised them he would work with President Trump, but once again he lied to the people, just like when he said he was going to run against Obama. We all know he did not put up any type of fight against Obama. He dialed in that campaign and that is why he lost. He is a moron and deserves everything bad that said about him. He is jealous of President Trump, because we all know President Trump is 100 times the President that Romney would have been!

  25. Their young bodies were warm and the bodily fluids intermingled together so half-breeds came forth upon us. What comes with the rain comes for us all HAHAHA

  26. EAH MITT you WEAK LOSER ….How does it feel to be the LATEST GOP “FREDO” ? you bucket of HUman Waste !!!

  27. Nope! The idiot were fool who VOTED for Obama in 2008 and 2012! There is not one black person who can tell me what has Obama accomplish during his time as a SENATE FROM Illinois? Because you know that you only voted for Obama because he’s was BLACK AND STUPID LIKE YOU!

  28. Hey red man you said something you can replace Trump name with Obama, and replace white with black. Sound like you don’t it? Because they all you loud mouth do!

    well ain’ that a koinkadink?

  30. I thought he was an honest guy and voted for him. I now see him as a sleazebag full of scum. I cannot stand people when pretend to be the total opposite of what they really are.
    Trump says it like it is and I love it.

  31. A note that Rona McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican Party (RNC), is a niece of Mitt Romney. She recently dropped “Romney” from her name when she’s interviewed.

  32. Mitt Romney is an absolute jerk. His dad, Governor George Romney of Michigan, was a great man. I went to school with two of George’s cousins, Brent and Jennie Romney. Excellent people. I expected more of Mitt. I don’t know why he wants to cut his ties with the Republican Party over the President. He did sort of disappear toward the end of his Presidential campaign that stuck us with Obama (of course he was saddled with RINO Paul Ryan – that could be a hint). Or maybe it was that Trump passed over him for a Cabinet post.

    Interesting that his niece, RNC Chairwoman Rona McDaniel, has basically dropped “Romney” as her middle name. Mitt should change his name to “Mud” (or is it MUDD?).

  33. Please don’t call Redman retarded I have a 38 year old who is retarded that’s and insult on my son. Redman brain dead.

  34. Yesterday w had a whole page of comments without Vasu r Redman. I guess not so lucky today – SAD.

  35. Why doesn’t he change parties to belong to the party he represents. He is such a sore looser but he caved in the last two months of his campaign for president several years ago. But look at his running mate. Another looser who should be a demcrat.

  36. I love it! Ole numb nuts rino has lost ground. Go figure! America hates traitors, and that is exactly what democrap romney is! A traitor to his country! He shpuld wander around in the desert for a couple of years, see if maroni comes and vists him and show him the errors of his ways.

  37. REDMAN, what an ASS that doesn’t have a brain. Your comments sound like they come from an 11-yr old. Your either retarded, brain damaged or just to young to even make a constructive comment.

  38. Mittsy is as useless as tits on a boar hog. He is a TRAITOR and a disgruntled looser even back when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. If wasn’t for President Trump, he would not have won in Utah, he is an ungrateful POS.

  39. I am a member of the Mormon Church and I can tell you now that I cannot stand Mitt Romney. I feel the church leaders should chastise him and tell him point blank that if he does not repent and turn away from his evil ways, he will be excommunicated from the Mormon Church. Knowing the things I have seen Mitt do, he will probably accept the excommunication so he can continue his traitorous position in politics, for his God is now in a image of a political man and it is made of gold. It is not the God of Israel he worships. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing of which Christ forewarned us about. I am so ashamed that I even voted for him back in 2012. Never again.

  40. I, too, have voter remorse. I’ve learned – gained by wisdom in my later years: Learn from your mistakes and avoid toxic people at all costs, especially liars and backstabbers. It also helps to pray for discernment – and trust your gut.

  41. Another supposed follower of Jesus Christ who is Satans puppet.. Speak and ridicule a man that professes and calls the Fathers name for help and blessings on this nation he is trying to serve. So satans puppet how many times did you profess your devotion to Christ in public or was your lamp under a basket. Shut up “if you cannot say anything GOOD then keep your mouth shut.

  42. Romney is a treacherous MITTWIT! He threw my (unwillingly relinquished) vote in the trash, when he puked and allowed BS-Barry another (invalid) term in the Oval Office.

    Fits right in with the abhorrent Left! (probably why he was able to be governor of MESSachusetts.)

  43. It is very unfortunate for any religion to have one member with his cranium inserted deeply into the rectum. Every religion has great people in its members, but it is so terrible to witness that a member should be doing horrible actions again our great nation and worst than the democrats betray someone who helped him and the voters who put him in power to create laws. MAGA 2020! Get him out of office. He is like soiled underwear that we need to put in the trash can!

  44. Prissy Mitt Romney cannot see the forest
    for the fire. He is an opportunist and a racist.
    Remember when running for president he told
    the public Obama would make a good president!
    He was so sure he would win over Obama.

  45. Yo momma gets covered in lotion from her nighttime job but that lotion don’t cum from no bottle ahahahahahahaha

  46. I take exception to your statement, moron is not the same as mormon. I am a relative of his and I would not vote for him either.

  47. What kind of person could repeat so many failures without ever learning the result will always be the same? “Romney”

  48. Wow! How intellectually sophisticated. I sure hope you are not old enough to vote yet. Seems like you might need a few years of rearing before you get to leave the nest.

  49. Welcome April and thank you for doing your own research and seeing the truth not the BS “shudda cudda wudda” “just because” to justify unwarranted hate the Dems are trying to push as truth.

  50. In prison or swinging by their necks. TREASON is punishable by hanging and there is a line of dims waiting for their turn at the swing.MmMMM

  51. So, we may have to put up with this back stabbing RINO for another 5 years? Hey,Utah, recall Pierre , (alias Mitt). Please, get him out of our misery. It’s bad enough we have to put up with snake in the grass democraps.

  52. I was a democrat and I walked away from the hateful, lying democrat party. If you are watching the MSM, better do your research because they are lying to you my friend. Millions of democrat voters are waking up and walking away from the democrat party. Do your research.

  53. UTAH “wake up” not all Mormons are good, just look at Mitt, he is a TRAITOR not only to the President but also to the state of UTAH! Send him back to Massachusetts, maybe, they will take the traitor back!

  54. red idiot…Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. He will not be going to prison. But the Clintons and Obama are extremely corrupt and should all be in prison.

  55. Wrong , Copper doesn’t rust Pinky , it’s tried and true Red White n Blue . Now what are we going to do if you Simpletons screw over our president , with all of these false accusations, well , you’d best rethink your situation . It won’t be good for you punks . There will be no one world order , not here in the USA . Your butts are in for a very Rude Awakening . But you Libby’s be our guest , go ahead and give it a try .

  56. Now dat old trump is on his way to prison, or Russia, what are you ole trump-butt-bumps gonna do besides whine, whine, whine like stupid white-folk babies.. hahahahaha

  57. Mitt Romney needs his Ass kicked up between his shoulders , he’s a back stabbing Traitor of the worst kind .If your offended , well , that’s a good thing , now we know your just like him !!

  58. To the citizens of Utah:
    Please start calling and e-mailing to Mr. Mitt (Pierre Delecto) Romney’s offices to let him know that it is time to start supporting our President. If Mr. Romney doesn’t start supporting our President he will be looking for a new job in 5 more years. When Romney was running for office in Utah he begged President Trump to back him. President Trump did back him and this is how this back stabbing, lying snake in the grass repays the favor. Trump 20/20!!!

  59. Romney has been a Rino since he was a govenor of Massachusetts.I only voted for him because the election was between him and obama.I considered Romney the lessor of two evils.Him being a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints has nothing to do with it. The churches Stance is, Each member is to study each and every canidate and vote for the one that best represents them.That is why the membership is spread across the political spektrum.In Rommey case if I wanted to vote for a democrate I would only do so if they did it openly, and not hide behind what he is not.

  60. Where is your facts. if you can’t produce any then all you are is what you discrbe President Trump to be. If you are just repeating the fake news rederick then the rersult will be the same.

  61. Well well Mr. Pee-in-the-air. Collecto. A immoral Mormon a disgrace to his religious beliefs. A sicko you’ll fit right in with Schiff, you lying devil.

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