Mitt Romney was caught on camera doing the one thing that will make Trump’s blood boil

Mitt Romney’s been a thorn in Donald Trump’s side since the 2016 campaign.

At every step of the way Mitt Romney has tried to bring down Trump.

And Romney was caught on camera doing the one thing that will make Trump’s blood boil.

On Sunday, Romney became the first Republican to join the anti-police protests when the Utah Senator marched on the White House.

Romney even groveled to the mob by uttering the “Black Lives Matter” catch phrase that is the rallying cry of leftists rioters and looters that trashed cities across America.

Black Lives Matter is a violent and radical organization.

On its website, Black Lives Matter supports defunding the police and overthrowing the traditional family structure in America.

That is who Mitt Romney marched in solidarity with.

And of course it wouldn’t be Mitt Romney unless Romney tried to use this stunt to embarrass President Trump.

Romney didn’t march in protest of the Democrat run cities where the worst examples of police abuse take place.

Instead, Romney directed his protest toward President Trump.

That’s because at the end of the day, Mitt Romney wants to see Donald Trump defeated.

It is clear that Romney and his establishment RINO pals want to seize back control of the Republican Party.

And if Trump loses in 2020 that could mean a third Romney Presidential bid in 2024.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Could not do a better job of describing how low Mitt Romney is — absolutely NO REDEEMING QUALITIES OR TRAITS.

  2. I wonder if any politician is transparent these days. I believe if Trump doesn’t win the United States will become fodder for any terrorist domestic or foreign. All US citizens will be just a number and will have their days numbered. The Deep State doesn’t care about us or the country. They have been colluding with China, Iran and others to bring about the destruction of our country. Obama’s and his cronies colluded with other countries and the payment he sent to Iran was nothing but a way to launder the money. Need to look deeper I’m sure Mitt was in on this as well. Be warned!

  3. Romney is pandering to people that hate him.
    He is a fool. He will be toast in his re-election effort.

  4. I just left a perfect comment on mittens romney and it was deleted because I called him a traitorous rino. Twitter people are alive and well on this site. A–holes!

  5. I am ashamed I voted for this selfish man! You do not have to like the President however be a man a stick with your side and what we stand for!! Romney you are shameful

  6. I hope that to good people of Utah have enough sense to make this Jackass posing as an Elephant a one term senator.

  7. Are the good people of Utah really as blind as they seem. Why do they keep voting that imbecile into office. He calls himself Republican but votes against the Republicans every chance he gets. I am from Michigan and we threw his dumb butt out.

  8. This guy is a fraud and an embarrassment to the voters of Utah. The voters need to recall this idiot!

  9. Mitt Romney is not worth my time or yours. He is a jealous old man and has Dementia. He is only about 2 steps behind Biden who has NO idea what is going on in the world.
    Biden is going down to be with the family of a convicted felon in TX. I wonder what he will do for ALL the honest dedicated cops killed during the Democrats led riots and paid for by Democrats.

  10. There is a go fund me sign on the freeway in Utah county asking Mitt Romney to resign. We all pray he will Of course he won’t too narcissistic.

  11. He is a CAREER POLITICIAN, the lowest form of human existence within the political realm of this government. His every desire is to himself and his political party that would have him. He does not represent any of the ordinary or common people who unfortunately vote for him. Rather he represent himself, his party and the filthy rich contributors to his career. When elected his first priority is to establish a hierarchy of political aides that shield him from the general public, become experts on pieces of legislation(s) and hire legislative Directors who manage the afore mentioned aides. Once the hierarchy is established he goes about thanking his filthy rich donors with conciliatory meetings to facilitate their inquiries into business ventures lucrative to them yet beneficial in appearance to the public. Once complete with his conciliatory ventures he will begin his campaign fund raising all over again to gather as much money as he can for his political party. He will say anything that will gather political votes and participate in anything that his current party advocates or endeavors to accomplish. He is a B movie actor, he will back-track, he will lie, he will cheat, he will deny until proven wrong and then conjure an excuse plausible to the parties liking. He carries out these political endeavors consistent with party policies while his aides create his political persona. A career politician can be a she or a he but in this case it is a he and his name is Romney. Romney is a CAREER POLITICIAN, lowest form of human existence within the political realm of this government.

  12. Mitt Romney? Oh yeah the sore loser that can even win a rigged bingo game. Noone even knows him. So irrelevant.
    The black lives matter murderers are just that. They’d kill their own mama to get what they want.

  13. I have never liked Mitt Romney. I don’t trust him. I don’t like him. He is two faced and only cares about is self recognition and adoration.


  15. Marvin I know lots of Trump supporters that are college graduates. I’m one of them. So stfu dick head.

  16. I will try again to express my views which at most times are censured and don’t appear. I thought Renewed right believe in free speech only if you are a Trump supporter. Based on all the comments I now fully understand why 67 percent of Trump support don’t have college degrees. Now you can all responds and call me names .

  17. Mr. Romney, please, try to remember this fact! That is, we are (ONE NATION UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!) There is NO EXCEPTION of any kind! Not ONE PERSON could ever be considered more important than the next person! We are different by PERSAONL RESPONSIBILITIES AND BACKGROUNDS! But, no one could ever be
    ABOVE the LAW! NO ONE! President Trump is doing very FINE JOB! We are all very proud of HIM nd what HE has accomplushied during this 3 &1/2years for the LOVE OF HIS, YOURS, MINE andEVERY WERmcian’s – be loved COUNTRY, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!

  18. Trump could care less what Mitt has to say. The Mitt has been irrelevant along with the rest of Rinos for many years.

  19. Romney should resign, he is terrible! Can not let go that Mr Trump is our great president, he could not make a good salesman in a Dollar Store!! Please Resign , please go hone and cut grass, if you know how. Bobm

  20. mitt you are a piece of trash,i wish some woman would come out on you with a scandal and lets see what you would do.garbage you are,

  21. Black lives don’t matter if you’re a black pedestrian that gets killed by a stray bullet from one of the numerous drive-by shootings in Chicago. Protesters will never come out for that. Protesters only come out when a white cop kills a black man.
    Does black life matter? Well it’s conditional. It depends on who killed the black person.

  22. Fact you can only blame the GOP for Globalist politician puppets like Dole, McCain, and Romney who did not put much effort into beating their Democratic Globalist puppet opponents, my point, the 3 prior mentioned are just as much traitors to the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based as the members of the Democratic party are.

  23. Romney has always been a RINO. Where do you think Obama care came from. The difference is he is more open about it now. Utah made a major mistake electing him.

  24. As far as I am concerned, Mitt not even properly defending HIS plan, or taking about how a state declaration and support is VERY different from country wide EXTORTION, disqualified him from EVER being considered a republican even in 2010. His lockout of any competitors in 2012 FURTHER cemented that! And if we needed ANY more, look no further than 2016!!!! I REST MY CASE! He is NO republican. I no more consider HIM a republican, than I do Harry Reid. At least Harry had the “DECENCY” to declare himself a democrat. I say decency in quotes because he isn’t decent at all, and the whole idea of democrat being used as a name is MORONIC, since they WANT people to slip up and call it democratic, which is what it can NEVER BE!

  25. Romney knows he will never win another election for anything, he’s a pos. Nobody supports this loser, he’s nothing but pathetic.

  26. It put it in the perspective way in 2012! The stupid republican party pick Juan William to lead the party. Juan pick the Democrat who change party so he could run as president. Which was ROMNEY! JUAN WILLIAM IS A LIBERAL DEMONCRAT! ALWAYS VOTING FOR A DEMOCRAT. SO HIM PICKING ROMNEY GUARNTEE OBAMA A SECOND TERM!

  27. Romney COWARD in 2012 is showing! Had his chance to defeat Obama. But became a pussy during debate with him. Only thing you can do for STUPID IS HAVE A DRINK!

  28. Mitt Romney has always been a part of the deep state bureaucracy. The anti-Trump left. He was never a serious candidate for President against President Obama. He was there to guarantee Obama another 4 years. He is a democrat and should run honestly for any office he seeks as the democrat he is.

  29. I worked under 2 presidents at the Camp David Peace Accords, Carter and Reagan, as the senior physician. 31/2 years ago we finished the second term of possibly the most inept president and vice president in the history of this country. Thank heaven, we currently have a president who has accomplished many positive things for our country. Maybe it’s the Radical Dems that are stuck on stupid, that can’t fathom the many positive results of the Trump Presidency. Anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that Joe Biden is demented and not very bright and should be nowhere near the White House.

  30. Romney cant help himself hes retarded terrible mental issues the al american nothing g

  31. Mitt Romney is a sham he is a fraud he is a phony he is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican the people of Utah need to recall him he is a disgrace to Utah and a disgrace to the people of the United States.

  32. Robert D Carver your picture with your post looks like someone with a condom hanging out of his ass. Why did you show us that you look like a fag?

  33. I hope Trump’s blood DOES boil until steam comes out of his ears and nostrils and his head explodes!

  34. carriej & Diane – Romney is a traitor, a NWO guy. He would rather see “Dicktators” run our Country than the people. President Trump loves this Country and does not play nice with the corrupt that want to change America. They are in the Intel. Agencies & the Democrat Party. Do your research, even the Bush family mentioned NWO.

  35. Free Derek Chauvin. He didn’t mean to do it. Allow him to apologize and make him a captain on the police force.

  36. Romney was an ass wipe in Massachusetts. An ass wipe running for president. Is an ass wipe in Utah. An ass wipe for communism. He can’t wipe his ass because his head is stuck too deep in his stink hole. Romney, let Biden grope your sorry ass.

  37. Black lives matter no more than
    White lives matter. The real truth is all lives matter even the unborn. Now where is your spot in heaven. It is said THOU SHALT NOT KILL. AS FAR AS ROMNI HIS NAME SHOULD BE CHANGEDVTO

  38. Mitt Romney is a fool and an idiot. He has never accomplished anything in his entire political life. Trump is fantastic. He didn’t need this job; had a fantastic life before he was elected. He really did it for us, the citizens of this country. He will always be the best president in my lifetime. Trump 2020!!!

  39. @ carriej & Dianne. Nobody cares what you two dishrags have to say. Just vote for the King of Pandering, Corn Pop Obiden.

  40. A very dangerous place would be between Romney and a camera. He’s like a heat-seeking missile when a camera is around, and he will run over anyone, especially our President, to get to it.

  41. What an amazing thing for him to do!
    Maybe he will fix the party who have lost their way. It’s not Republican any more but a disgusting display of trump idiocy.
    There are so many of us that want to see trump out, we are voting for Biden.
    trump has taken the party and made it to his corrupt and criminal ideals.

  42. The guy has lost his marbles. Sorry I voted for him when he ran for president (I voted for him reluctantly). Hoe testate of Utah has caught on, too.

  43. Diane stfu. I thought you had died. You’re not posting lately. No such luck. So crawl back in your basement.

  44. Romney is a two faced bastard. He’s just showing off to stand against Trump. But Trump supports protest. But some idiots on this site will wonder why the White House was barricaded. Because with the looters and burners no one knows what a mob will do. I support the protesters, the peaceful ones.

  45. Mitt I will remember you on election day. And you won,t like it. You don’t know who you are. SAD GO TRUMP

  46. So they want to defund the police. Ok that means that Nancy and Chuckles and Adam and Mitt and Garcetti and Newsom will NOT have police protection when they go in public. Hey, you are on your own. I am for that. Just to watch….
    Then if Black lies oops lives matter then why do they fund planned Parenthood that murders black babies?

  47. I am relieved to see that there is at least one Republican left in Washington who can think and who has integrity- who is not a coarse, vulgar, craven, intellectually mediocre loser like Trump.

  48. Even BLM knows Romney is a political hack. Nobody takes the man seriously on either side of the political spectrum.

  49. I agree with all of the people who commented about Romney. I’m ashamed to say, he unfortunately is our senator. Hopefully not for long. He is an embarrassment to the state. Hopefully he can kiss his political future (in Utah) good-bye.

  50. MITT Romney is STUPID! Doesn’t he realize the Black Lives Matter organization is trying to commit White genocide? In 2015 when Obama was president 38 black men were killed by the police. But we never heard about the 32 whites who were killed by police. And, in 2918m 44 police were murdered (guess who?).

  51. Mitt Romney is IRRELEVANT! What he does, says or how he votes DOESN’T MATTER. He will never be President in 2024 either if he runs. He doesn’t know which side of the fence he falls on. We don’t need a leader like that.

  52. Pincha colvrone RHINO Romney is nothing but a WORTHLESS SNAKE !!! Walking the streets was nothing but a political stunt trying to get radical libtard liberal votes , just like INGROWN , power hungary . Gov. Whitmer .

  53. They are not anti police protests and Black Lives Matter. So do White Lives but that’s the point both matter equally.

  54. Romney sould be recalled by the state of UTAH and be put out of office, he is a dirt bag and that is a compliment to DIRT!

  55. Mutt Runny is a badBowel Movement and used Mormons to get him in Office. Will they keep the Demonrat SOB or send him packing????

  56. Don’t call Romney a Republican. Call him the “Other Party” instead. He hasn’t been a Republican since he was exposed by Trump of being a “RINO”.

  57. years ago, I had some respect for Mittens and thought he was a man of principal. Not sure when he lost his principals but I no more respect for him.

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