Mitt Romney’s plan to take down Donald Trump is even worse than anyone thought

Mitt Romney is back at it.

The Never Trump RINO seized on another opportunity to bash President Trump.

And what he just accused Donald Trump of left everyone speechless.

Mitt Romney was one of the treasonous Republicans that raced to the media to condemn Donald Trump for saying he would listen to dirt from a foreign country on one his opponents before reporting it to the FBI.

Romney seized on the fake news spin that Trump was somehow a traitor and blasted the President.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) on Thursday criticized President Donald Trump for saying he is open to accepting opposition research on his presidential rivals, calling his position “simply unthinkable.”

“Let’s distinguish between a foreign official making an off-hand comment at a dinner about the campaign versus a foreign government trying to influence an election. In the latter case, that would be unthinkable. It would be totally inappropriate, and it would strike at the heart of our democracy,” Romney, one of the U.S. Senate’s most vocal Trump critics, told reporters during an impromptu gaggle.

It would “be wrong and unthinkable that any candidate for president would accept such information,” the Utah Republican added.

Asked if accepting dirt from a foreign government is something he has done in the past, Romney swiftly denied ever doing so. “I’ve run for Senate twice, I’ve run for governor once, I’ve run for president twice, so far as I know we never received any information from any foreign government,” he said, before adding” We would have immediately informed the FBI.”

Mitt Romney never misses an opportunity to slam the President.

The two-time failed presidential candidate is rooting for the Democrats to win in 2020 so the RINOs that ran the GOP before Trump came on the scene can steal back control of the party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Romney is a liberal clown puppet show for pelosi and shummer vote him out of office.

  2. Good morning Robert. I have not heard from you in a couple weeks, I hope & pray you are doing well. How was your 4th? I had are great day. Take care my dear friend & give your pups a big hug from me. I hope to hear from you

  3. YES Crawfish and other patriotic true Republicans and lovers of our AWESOME President TRUMP AND AWESOME PENCE–Gosh have to say was in tears midnight watching live tv and our awesome brave fearless Christian Presedent shaking the hand of N Korea Leader in the actual lland of North Korea–the Democraps were choking on their hatred–these evil party and loathsome fake news media will not give credit for his wanting to be friends with all foriegn leaders for the betterment of AMERICA because he LOVES us AMERICANS–yet the democraps are all unhinged full of rage and jelousy–all those clowns for 2020 race–dont they see they are all just a big joke and we are laughing at them for thir wanting illegal votes and legal prostitution and 16yr old votes–WAKE UP AMERICANS the democraps are evil and full of hate watch FOXNEWS/HANNITY/PIRRO for real news TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

  4. Good morning Robert
    I hope you are doing well. Did you watch the dems clown show? I heard what the so called issues was going to be addressed & I couldn’t give up the time I couldn’t replace to hear the comedians. OMG Robert, last Sunday I had my 999th nervous breakdown over my cats…they are strictly indoor cats, & last Sunday I was careless I opened the window thinking there was a screen behind it, but to my horror I went in the room where I had opened the window, & it was wide open. I immediately looked for both cats & 1 was missing!! She had jumped out the window, but thank GOD she went under the deck & stayed there for at least 8 hours, I sat out there for like 6 hours trying to get her to come out to me, but she refused. Finally I came in closed the den sliding glass door so my other cat couldn’t get in, I opened the door to the deck, put her food water & litterbox in front of the door & waited for her to wander back in. Finally around 10ish pm she came in. I quickly closed the door the fell to the floor crying & thanking GOD. I have learned my lesson, I will never open a Window again. Take care my dear friend & have a great blessed day

  5. I guess we are all ashamed that we voted for Romney. I thnk he has sour grapes because he could not win his last election without Trump’s endorsement; then he turned around and back stabbed him.

  6. Mitt Romney has behaved like he is the replacement for Harry Reid, rather than Orin Hatch. I bet there is a huge group of people in Utah who now wish they had voted for a real conservative, not another John McCain.

  7. Mitt Romney is just another new world order puppet & traitor hoping for another chance to run for puppet president to help the new world order finish our destruction from within.

  8. Romney doesn’t like our Pres. taking information but was happy to take H.W.Bushes money and launder it through Bain Capitol I have been told.

  9. Good morning Robert
    I’m glad to hear your doing good and the pups are taking good care of you ????. My girls are of course keeping me in a state of a nervous breakdown LOL! My girl (Lady) with her flare ups of severe stomatitis, & my other girl (Angelica) with her refusal to eat sometimes keeps me on my toes. Whenever I think they are in any discomfort I panic & 1st thing I do is go to & find anything that may be what my girls need, & if I don’t find what I think they need on I go to Google & look for any other way to help them. I’m sure I probably over-react but they are my babies so I do tend to spoil them a bit????
    It don’t help that they are as I have decided both bi-polar…but anyhow their doing fine thank GOD. I know what you mean by trying to catch up on these blogs. If I go a whole day without checking my mail by the end of the day I have over 100 notices in my email. Oh well it does give me an outlet to express my own thoughts & also deal with lunatic liberal trolls????. Take care Robert & have a wonderful blessed day.

  10. Good morning Colleen,
    Yes ma’am I’m doing well. I had doctors appointments the last 2 days. The neurologist on Thursday and the cardiologist on Friday. Both of which end up being a couple of hours long, and by the time Buddha and I get out there, we’re both a bit tired. Well Buddha is generally agitated because he has to be still and quiet for so long. After we get out, I usually take him to the store for his favorite treat, Bacon Jerky. So we split a bag
    I’ve been trying to get caught up on all the blogs that I follow, but when I miss a couple of days, it gets a little tough to do.
    I hope you’ve been well too, and your little friends keeping you company. Yes ma’am I do find my little dogs to be quite helpful and they do keep me on my toes most of the time. Normally they like to be outside most of the time, but with summer starting , it’s been a bit on the hit side out there so we don’t stay out for very long. In fqct, we just came back in from their 3rd trip out, and now they’re all curled up next to me taking a nap. Lol
    You have a wonderful day and His bless you as well.

  11. Good morning my dear friend Robert:
    This is my weekly check up on you☺
    How are you doing? Is Buddha taking good care of you? Isn’t it wonderful how our closest friends (our pets) just know what we need & are always dependable!
    I hope you are well Robert. Take care GOD bless you!

  12. The whole issue was a hypothetical, for crying out loud. It wasn’t about any real activity. I guess it’s a way to camouflage a real situation where the Clinton campaign and DNC actually sought dirt from a foreign country. It’s a pure smokescreen.

  13. RINO Romney has NOTHING to say about Democrat Hillary Clinton and Foreign Governments interference or COLLUSION w her?

    Romney never went at Obama for his ACTS of TREASON and ESPIONAGE w HRC?

    But yet, Romney is jumping on Trump for a “comment”! How gracious of him!

    Romney obviously has something in his background that he is freaking out about – maybe just like Rob Reiner and Robert DeNiro….

  14. Good morning Colleen,
    Yes ma’am, my meds came in yesterday around noon. I was moving very slow by that time. I kept Buddha dressed in work harness so he could drag around house. He seems to know when I haven’t had my meds, so pulls slow enough for me to get my feet moving enough to get across the house. Luckily I hadn’t been out long enough to cause any serious problems.
    No ma’am, I haven’t heard that one yet. The things these loony leftists pull is something else again. Then again, very little they do comes as much of a surprise anymore. Then again, it can be a bit disheartening to read at times. I keep waiting for some biblical plague or mass destruction to befall them, like a major earthquake along the fault like new that run so close to their chosen big cities. I watched a Discovery channel show on faults in NYC and all along the Commiefornia coast. It was actually pretty interesting. Then again, Commiefornia has been seeing quite a bit of huge fires lately, I find it amusing that they can’t make the connection. Oh well, I don’t guess it could happen to a more deserving crowd.
    We’ve had a few rounds of fairly intense storms around here the last couple of days. My 82 year old dad, had a tornado run a mile north of his house on Monday, apparently it wasn’t very big, but made a few families have a bad day. That section if town has huge old oak trees, and the ground so saturated, quite a few just let go and blew over. Other than that, a few houses were being dug out from under the trees.
    Ok, it’s been nice talking with you again, I think I’m beginning to ramble a bit so I’ll say farewell for now, you have a glorious day.

  15. Arthur…So you don’t care that Pres. Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long time and is doing a lot of good for this country. sad. But if you don’t want something in your e-mail simply unsubscribe.

  16. Howdy Mr.Robert:
    I hope you got your meds straight now. Stay strong my friend, I do admire your tenacity! Let me ask you, have you heard about that fool in Michigan buying that town named Hell? He decided to buy it & rename it Gay Hell & fly the gay pride flag instead of the American flag to protestablish the fact that President Trump didn’t want the gay flag at the government buildings? These twits have lost their mind! Google elijah daniels/hell michigan

  17. madam, you are truly clueless. Guess you don’t mind that the Clintons and Obama are extremely corrupt. You just attack our Pres. who loves this country and has done a lot for it.

  18. Joe the dumber…It is YOU who comes on here to cause trouble. You have no clue about the truth, but attack those of us who do.

  19. Good morning Colleen, I’m sorry about not being around for a bit, Personal RX screwed up and I ran out of my Parkinson’s meds on Saturday, so I’ve been kind of stuck in bee and the phone was on the charger in the kitchen. When I don’t get my meds on time, it gets very difficult to get around. The type of seizures I get can only be described as freeze ups. I’ll be doing something and right in the middle of a movement or a sentence, everything just quits and I could be stuck for a minute or a couple of days. Buddha can bring me back around it he can reach my nose, but if I happen to be standing up and in a place he knows I can’t be pulled down with hurting myself, all he can do is tug at my pant leg until the seizure stops. So today, I’m waiting for FedEx to deliver my meds. Unfortunately, they haven’t made it yet so I’m still moving very slow.
    Yes ma’am, we all have to stick together in this battle, and I do try to keep going as best I can, there are those days though when even getting to the coffee pot to get started can be treacherous. Yesterday was one if those days. I made it almost to the sink and froze. After 19 hours stuck on my feet, it quit and I just went back to bed and stayed there until about an hour ago. It’s funny, all the dogs know what happens when I seize up, and they all gather around my feet if I’m standing, or snuggle up tight if I’m lying down, when I snapped out of it early this morning, they were all gathered around my feet and Buddha if course was the first to sense I was nearing the end of the seizure and was standing on his hind legs dancing in circles. I don’t know how long he was at it, he marshelled the rest of them to get up and they all stood up and put their front paws on my legs as if to steady my stance. Like I had 4 little kick stands with a dancing monkey out in front. Lol
    Anyway, I thank you for checking on me, and I’ll try not to miss anymore talking days. You have a wonderful blessed day today.

  20. Good morning Robert, I had to find a comment with a valid reply button to reach out to you today. How are you doing? I haven’t seen any comments from you in a couple days, & just want to see if your doing alright. You know we need all the soldiers on the right side to keep fighting the good fight. I hope you have a great/blessed day!

  21. yes NO RINOS please
    yes that is you mitt and take Amash with you
    ROMNEY youre as worthless as the democraps
    we pay your salaries–WE THE PEOPLE
    how about doing what the rest of us Americans do and DO YOUR JOB
    enough of all your blowhard hot air rants and get back to work

  22. Really WMW. You apparently went to a different Mormon Church then where I go. I don’t see the money issue that you are claiming to be what the church is all about. Sorry you have such a distorted view of mormons. I can’t defend Mitt political position since I disagree with him politically.

  23. I am ashamed that I voted for this RINO. He is such a disappointment(Mitt is). He is filling the vacuum left by McCain, who was another RINO.

  24. BJ you know what time. With Mitt? I say it the nice way.
    Human waste. Just like the name of Adam Schitt sound like Adam human waste.

  25. Romney please go away and take Hillary and all the dems. with you.You are a RHINO and we hate Rhinos.

  26. Dems have no morals and will never condemn Hillary or Obama. They are their heroes. Very sick and sad

  27. Joe the dumber…Pres. Trump is FAR from being lawless or a mobster. YOU are a sick LIAR!!!! But that’s what dems are. They have rejected God and have no morals. The dem party has become DERANGED!!!! And so you have no clue. And it is very obvious that you know NOTHING AT ALL about red states. And you are EXTREMELY RACIST!!! It’s YOU that there is something wrong with. That is very obvious. You attack Pres. Trump and those who support him and have no concept of the truth. And you are just fine with vicious lying Hillary and Muslim traitor Obama. Your ignorance knows no bounds.

  28. Romney is as disgraceful as Mc.Cain was. Unfortunately we have many Rhinos in congress. I have never see it that bad as it is now. The swamp wants to finish Trump off because they have so much dirt that they have done for years.

  29. Really???? He goes against the teachings of Christ on immigration, the environment and health care? Either you have not read the teachings of Jesus or you have no clue who Jesus even is. Jesus is AGAINST illegal immigration!!!!

    Hate, violence and racism are ALL part of the DEM party!!! They regularly display all three and are very dangerous to our freedom.

    You attack Pres. Trump, yet are just fine with Hillary who is extremely corrupt and lies every time she opens her mouth, and Obama, who is MUSLIM and sides with Islam, which is our enemy. YOU put our enemy in our WH for eight years. SICK

  30. Wow!! I am ashamed that I voted for him for president. He is one of the reasons why I quit the Republican Party many years ago and went Independent. I do not vote party, but for the best person for the job. I also quit voting for any dems. The dem party has become DERANGED.

  31. How delusional. Racism and race relations went back to the 60’s with and because of Barack Obamanation. Current violence is promoted by the Dumbocrats(ever heard of ANTIFA). The press and media get attacked in self defense for their outright lying. They are not reporters any more, they are writers. They write their own version of the news, very little fact and mostly fiction. We were built on immigration … legal immigration, where everyone was checked and each country had an annual immigration quota. Russia, that whole hoax with paid for lies from Russia by the DUMBocrats, Obamanation’s head of the CIA (Brennan) was a registered communist, Sanders honeymooned in Russia. I know these facts are disturbing, but they are the facts. Lastly, to try and bring Christ’s teachings into this, wow. You really probably need your medications changed.Fact is Mitt is just a cry baby. Still upset he lost the pres election, and then did not get appointed to an important post by President Trump.

  32. It is very interesting that Trump lovers attack those opposed to his policies but do not realize Mr. Trump has attacked the press, democratic institutions such as FBI, DOJ, and has stirred up hate, violence and racism, and stated that there are some good Nazi. He did not take the advice of his economic advisor to remain in NAFTA which harmed american businesses and his secretary of defense who argued to remain fighting in Syria. He goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ on immigration, the enviornment, and health care. He loves Mr. Putin, a former KGB officer and the North Korean dictator and has strained the relationship with our allies. H’e has had over 50 members of his staff either quit or been convicted of crimes. Mr. Bannon and Mr. Miller are Neo-Nazi’. If this is the kind of government you want, a dictatorship, where the rights our military men and women died for, then immigrate to Russia or North Korea and see how your liberties will fare there.

  33. Mittens and Lyin’ Ryan make me ashamed to have worked on their campaign! He needs to starp the dog on the roof of the car and go for a nice long drive!

  34. Ernst,
    Old mitt is one dumb ass commy SOB should be kick out the country.

  35. Why even respond to him, he is a mormon and all they care about is a dollar. And building their mormom cult bigger and bigger. They are not about God, they worship joseph smith. They are a busines, not a religion. That is straight from a former mormon, who quit their cult, because he woke up to realize this, just a business that wantes to get more and more money.

  36. Coon crazy Koonce. Just where did you get a history of the L.D.S. church that is so white washed? The Mormons were practicing polygamy at the founding of the cult in New York state. Ran afoul of local populace so pulled up stakes and went “west”. Founded a mormon city Nauvoo, Illinois. Still practicing polygamy. Church founder Joe Smith murdered in Nauvoo and mormons driven out for practcing polygamy and underhanded land deals which “The Church” as they refer to themselves conveniently ignores or glosses over that tidbit. Over seventy different factions of the cult. The one of which you refer was due to the fact that the son of Joe Smith felt the mantle of church leader should fall to him rather than the church hierarchy electing Brigham Young. Polygamy was “supposedly” abandoned by the L.D.S. church as condition to being accepted to statehood in 1894. It was still being practiced in secret by cult members until around 1920’s as the Federal marshals were in pursuit of the president of the church who went into hiding and almost an underground railroad like system was used to protect them for many years. They tried the same B.S. in Missouri before being run out of that state and then the great migration to Utah which was then a new territory of the U.s. just won from Mexico. The “church” then laid claim to almost the entire territory and called it the country of “Deseret”. What would be Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming made up there new mormon nation and they sent church members throughout to “colonize” and lay legal claim to all the land. The United States sent a small 1700 man army of regular U.S. Army troops in the 1850’s to keep an eye on them and ensure Deseret did not come to pass. Still grasping, still greedy and still recruiting to this day. Mittens comes from old mormon stock and is a perfect example of same. Know your history thoroughly before you try to influence others with half truths. Written by a former Mormon and good luck getting them to drop you from there roles. Even excommunicated they STILL keep you on.

  37. Madman you are correct in all you say. So many comments by people show that they see right right through this sly & sneaky rino. He tries to make himself look like a ‘good guy’ with consideration for all America…when all the time he is slimy as a slug. Shame on him. God knows exactly who he is & he WILL BE EXPOSED FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE ONE DAY.

  38. Mitt Romney is rooting for a Democrat win in 2020 – because the Democrats are more in line with his political thinking than are Republicans. Mitt Romney was elected Governor of Massachusetts, the most liberal State in this union, where he ushered in single-payer (government run) health care. What does that tell you? Mitt Romney is a Republican like Ana Navarro (CNN) or Jennifer Rubin (WaPo) – as in not very. Romney is a disgusting Senator – an embarrassment for this country and for Utah.

  39. Well why would you wish a scumbag like Rotteny on those sixteen year old girls, what did they do to you?

  40. Thank you,Fred. You are right on all points.
    It’s hard for me to even grasp the knowledge that Utahians elected this buffoon. I thought they would have been tired & finished with that boob. He is so cowardly lion type can you actually imagine what it would have been like for him to actually be the president??? It horrifies me to even think what he would have done to this country. He hides behind his stupid, blustery words because he figures no one can get to him. He sides with the dems because he knows they are powerful and sure doesn’t want to get on their bad side. He’s the worst kind of traitor & coward. My mom would have called him a piss ant. An absolutely worthless creature that is more an irritant that anything else. Worthy of being stepped on.

  41. He may be from Utah, now but in truth he is still a Massachusetts liberal scumbag, just like he as always been.

  42. Looks like Romney has stepped right up and taken over for McCain. I’m ashamed to admit that I voted for him in ’12. He needs to shut his big pie hole!

  43. Romney, why don’t you leave the Republican Party. You’re as worthless as T(*Ts on a boar hog. Your quick to bash, but apparently slow to help.


  45. Hate of a person can most decidedly twist the minds of those that hate the other person to do irrational and devious things. The Deathocrats and some turncoat Republicans are definitely displaying those emotions. While doing so, they are hurting this wonderful country of ours and also the very foundation of the Constitution. Get rid of those politicians that are worthless and replace them with true Americans who will defend the Constitution and our way of life. We are the beacon of the world. Let’s lead by are good example and caring attitude. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  46. Good job joe blow. You have exposed the racism in the commiecrat party Hispanics and people of color are expected to vote a certain way and shut up. Things are changing.

  47. You have him pegged MadMan, typical back stabber, he will back stab a fellow Republican
    but did not have the guts to go after Barrick Insane, another gutless Republican.

  48. Mitt Romey, you are a real evil Anti-Christian, Anti-God, Utah scumbag Cult Leader. That is what The Morman so-called Religion is a Cult.

  49. Romney has proven himself time and again to be a traitorous SOB. His claim to fame is that he was a corporate raider. His outfit would find a company that was having some financial troubles, take over, lay everyone off, sell all the equipment and property, and show a big profit at someone elses cost. Romney really should find himself 4 or 5 sixteen year old girls, marry them and move off into the boondocks to make babies. Don’t misunderstand. I have nothing against Mormons but that traitor, Romney, is the definite exception.

  50. Carlos, I would guess that you are Roman Catholic. Your religion cannot be judged by the pedophile priests and bishops, and even one cardinal as I understand. While the Mormon Church once practiced polygamy, at the time of its founding, this practice was abandoned early – I believe prior to Utah even becoming a state. Polygamy was also a way of providing security for women who were single, perhaps because of the death of their husbands as a results of the dangers of migrating to the west. No members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have believed or practiced polygamy since the church rejected it. The only ones who did are a few who have been excommunicated and are wrong in what they are doing. At the present time, those men who claim to have more than one wife are not Mormons.

  51. As a Mormon, I would argue that Romney is not a typical Mormon. You can’t blame the religion because some of its members (i.e. Romney) are slime. We have others, but all religions have their problems members.

  52. As a fellow Mormon, I am ashamed of him. We are supposed to respect and support our leaders. Romney clearly does not. I do not know what his problem is. Romney does not care about the United States, but only about self-promotion.

  53. RINOS like Mitt Romney and Amash should in decency to us Republicans and our AWESOME Pres TRUMP and Awesome VP PENCE quit and go do some REAL work–like maybe in a soup kitchen and get to know the real world and learn to work with your boss and be supportive–other wise take your non working for us
    WE THE PEOPLE and leave–better yet leave America because you are UNAmerican in your thoughts and actions-i say all the above in LOVE

  54. Also, President Trump did not want him in his administration
    because he is not to be trusted – like john mcshame – a Republican Who always voted with the democraps!
    Absolutely shameful????

  55. Unfortunately, U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives are not subject to recall by their electors. IMHO that is the only lack of foresight the forefathers of this country had. However, they never expected anyone to make holding federal office a lifetime profession.
    Senators and Representatives can be sent packing if enough of their fellow representatives in their respective house decides to give them the boot but the only way U.S. citizens can get rid of them is through the election booth.

  56. I couldn’t agree more. Like you I thought Romney was a good man, who would do what was right for the U.S. and the American people, when he ran for Pres. against Obama. Since his return to Washington, I have been disappointed and disillusioned by Mr. Romney. He is not the person I thought he was. The President is absolutely correct in his comments. Since the liberals went all out to use the made up Steele dossier, he knows what it’s like to be wrongfully accused. He has merely stated he would listen and check a situation out before putting someone else through the same type of witch hunt.

  57. Yes ma’am, it’s been a hoot talking with you and several others in these blogs. We do have to keep United against these leftists, and it has been inspirational talking with you. I certainly count among my new friends .

  58. ????
    I have 2 cats, they are rescue cats, one of them has severe stomatitis, which is an ongoing problem she will always have, but when this problem flares up, I give her medicine (like today) & in a few hours she will start feeling better, my other cat is very timid, when I 1st get her, I kept her secluded with me in the den before she would even let me touch her. But they are my babies, & with love & patience me & my girls will get thru the difficulties. I live alone with my 2 girls in a pretty big house, so they keep me company. I was telling lovely Linda that I am so glad I found these logs, finally I have people I can communicate with that share my views, & I can say what I think. I am very happy to meet such wonderful (thinking) people like you, Linda & many others. It’s almost like a big family here. & on days when I am feeling a bit frisky, I get the added pleasure of spanking lunatic libs. We have to keep fighting the fight.

  59. Fortunately, Colleen has the same right to voice her opinion as you do, perhaps if you take offense to her opinion, it’s you who should go back to the leftist sites where your opinion holds an ounce of water. Somehow, I don’t think you will.

  60. If you are truly Hispanic Carlos, you are a traitor to your people. What’s wrong with you, I don’t know anyone who benefited from Trump. We have gained just minimum wages jobs, that is it, tax cut went to the super wealthy especially in the red states. You know nothing, nothing at all Carlos, it’s sad especially when you talk nasty with POS and rub your nose phrases, really pathetic of you.

  61. Considering all the illegalities surrounding the former Democrat candidate, Hillary, and all she did to trash the candidacy of her opponent (including accepting and paying for aid from foreign nationals), for any liberal progressive or RINO, such as Mr. Romney, to criticize the president for suggesting he would certainly look at supposed “dirt” dug up on an opposition candidate before turning it over to the FBI, is the height of hypocrisy. The president should most definitely look at any so-called “dirt” offered by the foreigners to see if there is truly any cause for concern. If there is, then most definitely turn it over to whomever could best investigate the situation; but, considering the tarnished reputation of the FBI due to their collusion with the Clinton campaign, it might be better to find some other agency to investigate. I’m not sure I would ever trust them again. Regarding Mr. Romney, I’ve lost all respect for him and regret that I voted for him in 2012. It appears he and his overblown ego can’t take the fact that the American people would put Trump in office in 2016 when he they didn’t vote for him just 4 years earlier. The truth is, we wanted something different. We wanted to see a major change in the way OUR business is done in DC. With Romney in office, nothing would’ve changed and the American people would’ve been ignored for another 4 years, just like we were ignored by every president since the first Bush took over from Reagan. Thank God, Trump threw his MAGA hat in the ring.

  62. Ok, just for starters, it wasn’t founded by a polygamist. That didn’t occur until the church moved into Utah, and by that time the founder Joseph Smith was already dead. Second, the organization to which you refer, is split off group, not affiliated with the main body of the Mormon church. Just because they kept a portion of the name, doesn’t mean they have anything to do with original group. If that were the case, every Christian religion could be denounced for it’s beginnings with the Catholic Church. Who currently is embattled with mire child molestation vases than you can shake a stick at. Mist Protestant churches have bent willy-nilly to the PC cried with the inclusion of gender confused and homosexuals for years now, unless you’re a Buddhist, Taoist ,or a practiiner of Shintoism, all the rest have shown themselves to be full of hypocrites. To stand on a soap box at point fingers at someone without actually knowing who you’re pointing at, is worse than foolish, it proves your ignorance.
    If you would like educate yourself, the group to which you’re confusing actual Mormons with, is known as the”Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”
    Third, polygamy hasn’t been practiced by main stream Mormans in a 150 years. Again, that would be the Reorganized Church members that continue that practice. And just fir your edification, when the Mormons took up that practice, it was simply due to the fact that at the time women had very little rights and since many of the men had been murdered during the purge from the places they had been living, which ,BTW, was where the founder was murdered by good Protestants and Catholics who were pissed that someone else was cutting into their collection plate incomes.
    So again, do a little research before you start spouting nonsense about something you know absolutely nothing about. It might make your arguement a little bit more credible.

  63. If Romney is an example of the Mormon religion, he is a very poor example. Please recall this idiot.

  64. So it’s wrong for Trump to say that he would listen to dirt on an opposition candidate and then report it to the FBI. However, Democrats and RINO’s have yet to condemn Hillary Clinton and the DNC for paying Christopher Steele for a fabricated total lie report causing spying on the Trump Campaign and the Russian Collusion Investigation. For millions of U.S. tax dollars spent on a total lie. Yet Democrats continue to feed into this lie, they can’t accept that their darling Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Election or that the Obama Administration had a huge hand in the fabrication of the Russian Collusion. The Obama Administration was well aware of Russian Interference in the election prior to Trump even entering the Presidential race. Romney has tried twice to become President to no avail. Yes, he was Governor of Massachusetts and then moved to Utah to run for Senator. I see a green monster in Romney JEALOUSY. Jealous that Trump a non-political person wins the Presidential Election when it was the first political office he had ever ran for, when Romney a career politician couldn’t.

  65. Guts? He’s a gutless turd who didn’t have the balls to nail Oscuma in their debates, which was part of what cost him 2012! Mobster? The Clintons have killed 50+ over the years, dating back from AR. All Trump has done is improve the lives of millions of Americans, probably not POS losers like you, but most of us. When Trump wins in a landslide in 2020, I’m gonna find you online and rub your nose in it, a$$hole!

  66. Mormons are an evil cult, founded by a polygamist and highly hypocritical. They commit incest without hesitation and judge others willy nilly. Romney is a damn fool if he thinks this tactic will work in a red state like UT. He’ll probably lose in the 2024 primary. The problem is that’s 5 years away and the MFer is banking on people forgetting by then. This is especially true since Trump will most likely win in 2020 and be in his lame duck mode by the time Unfit Mitt is up for reelection. Don’t think for a minute this POS and his puppet masters haven’t taken all this into account. Either way, Romney needs to go! Let’s hope he keeps up his failed crusade so voters don’t forget.

  67. Not too familiar with the CULT are ya Minoo? Spend a year there and find out this sick “religion” has its tentacles in about legislating every thing from state morality to liquor stores, transportation you name it. Meanwhile professing purity while owning shares of Coca Cola (no caffeine drinks), leasing most of the property in Las Vegas to casinos, ya know corruption pays and they are almost if by this time as wealthy if not more so than the Catholic church. This is where Mittens allegiance lies. So yeah, ya dang right religion is going to be brought in to it!


  69. I knew he was a snake oil salesmen. Never ever considered voting for him, never ever would.
    He’s what’s wrong with politicans.

  70. Good morning Colleen, thank very much for the well wishes this father’s day. I’m sorry if I haven’t been around the last couple of days, I decided to take a break and pay some much needed attention to my dogs. Being as they are my kids now, and as hit as it’s been lately, they needed a cool bath. So with the 5 if them it’s at least a 2 day process. Lol. Little Buddha is basically a full day to get him bathed. Tibetan Spaniels having a thick double coat hold water something terrible, and just drying him off is a 3 hour ordeal. He lives it though, he gets wrapped up in 2 towels which still leave soaked, and once he’s semi dry, he gets his hair brushed until he’s dry enough to nit pick up anymore dirt. Since he’s my service dog and has to stay clean to be able to go into the grocery store or a restaurant with me he generally gets a bath every other day, the rest of the dogs are all shirt haired so they go by pretty quick. Lol

  71. This is typical response you would expect from a loser like mitt. Commenting on A comment that was given br Trump to a ABC drone reporter. Mitt and his affiliation with his Mormon church surprises met to align himself with a non Christian group (Democrats) which zHillarys platform gave her plans for us the ninth month abortion, her pro lgbt and pro BLM.. these are non Christian views. All these oust shows that miitt is not s Republican but a droned used by Hillary Lastly shame on the Utah Republican committee for certifying this man with no Republican values and don’t even support our


  72. Jeez Linda!!! Don’t fall into the liberal trap of opening your mouth without having your facts right. Mittens is NOT a democrat!!! He is a P.O.S. mormon Republican RINO. He is WORSE than any Democrat because he literally begged Trump’s help to get elected and has stabbed him in the back REPEATEDLY. Typical mormon, be your friend til I get what I want or take you for everything you own. Then bad mouth the injured party to cover up their greed, lies and perfidy. Utahns knew what he was before they elected him. They can’t lie and say they didn’t know. That makes a whole state of illegal huggin liars and thieves.

  73. Mitt Romney is a looser Rhino, POS that will never become POTUS. Romney is a Trump Basher that will always be a back stabber, Romney and John Kasich are sick’os that Americans should not allow in office.

  74. Romneys were not from deep south. The south wouldn’t have them. Were recruited and brought to U.S. as mormon converts. Family did spend around thirty years in Mexico at behest of Mormon church trying to grab as much land and businesses to start a “new Zion” in Mexico. Mexican government ran them out ahead of extended stays in Mexico facilities all expenses paid for.

  75. Madame O–Do you remember a TV series named “AMERIKA”? Only the “K” was printed backwards. Kris Kristopherson played the person running for president and the entire Congress-Senators and Representatives–were blown up in the Capitol. Kristopherson was hunted down as a criminal and his supporters were labeled as terrorists. Same is happening too Mr. Trump, only difference being that Mr. Trump is OUR President and the forces (both ideological and financial) are trying desperately to pull him down.The do not need any help from any Reubicans, RINOS or REAL Republicans.

  76. Joe Plumber. Yeah, you called it. Romney has little guts and no balls either. A typical Mormon. Says what he thinks people want to hear so he can sneak around. Always bowing to which ever direction the wind blows. The non mormons population as usual were sold a bill of goods.

  77. He said he was going to replace McCain. I just wonder if he really thinks he would ever get the votes to be president he made a fool of his self before. He is another one of the deep south Democrats. Once a looser always a looser.

  78. Madame O–The Repubicans were on a downhill slope full of muck and whatever. For years they have been trying to emulate the leftists and one worlders. Now along comes a breath of fresh air and you have to deride him? He may not be the Saviour everyone hopes for but he is trying hard to help US People and he does believe in America! ’tis a shame that you and your ilk do not see what is happening. You are falling into the same trap that “Revolutionaries” use to con and unsuspecting public. Remember Obama said he was going the fundamentally change our country! If you open your eyes, you will see that happening and there are no “True” Repubicans who are willing to fight that. Just think, how much progress we could have made (against the lefties) if we ALL supported OUR President. It is difficult to sail a boat it the oarsmen are rowing opposite to the wind direction!!

  79. Just doing what his “cult” handlers tell him to do. The Mormons ALWAYS have a hidden agenda. What else can you expect from a “religion” that refers to non members as “gentiles”. Look in the background of the Romney family and meet some of the most unethical criminals performing their actions for their church. Say they are republican and conservatives and Salt Lake City and pretty much the state is a declared wetback sanctuary. Let one in and they bring in all their “brothers”. They are always bad mouthing Trump while holding out their hand for more. Mittens is a prime example. Just as bad as the muslims.

  80. Walter Cross, your remarks are SPOT ON! Mitt Romney is a dork. He’s so jealous of Donald Trump, and probably thinks that if he can figure out a way to get rid of President Trump that he would be next in line for the Republican nomination which of course will NEVER happen!

  81. Arthur, I realize being a Trump hater has stunted your ability to think, but are you completely brain dead? There’s a button you can click on to unsubscribe to this blog. Damn train you dumbo dems is getting harder by the day!

  82. Colleen La Rose, their is a red wave coming in 2020 and the field of dope-a-crats running to be President is so shallow and transparent that the majority of American voters will be checking the Trump box.

  83. Arthur A: More than that-is somebody holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read AND understand what is being stated anyone who believes in supporting OUR president? You don’t have to AGREE with him, just SUPPORT him. What happened to: “MY country, right or wrong?”

  84. This guy stayed in his other state until they learned he was a loser and then he moved somewhere else to take advantage of those people. He is like a paedophile he moves around to rape and take advantage of children and their parents. YOU FAILED TO WIN THE OFFICE SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT NO ONE WANTED YOU TO BE IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING SO KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF YOU NON AMERICAN LOSER. TRUMP 2020

  85. Oh great! Another moron who thinks we give a $#!+ what he wants or doesn’t want to receive. You can always unsubscribe or is it too complicated to press 1 key on your keyboard?

  86. If context is what you want then don’t rely on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC etc. Go to Fox news for the full dialog. And yes, the selective editing by the above list of offenders has been old for far too long.

  87. This is a whopper even from a professional politician like Romney. If you believe ANY politician would run to the FBI to tell of being approached with info from a foreign country, I’ve got a mountaintop home in Kansas to sell you- cheap! In case you’re not aware, politicians lie like regular people breathe, about forty times a minute, even when they’re sleeping. Most politicians are fly larva that learned to talk instead of pupating. That’s why they’re always around things that smell bad.

  88. Mitt should see if Hitlary has a room to rent to him. Then he could move in and those two LOSRS could whine all day about what a great job President Trump is doing and how circunstances made them lose. You both lost because you are Horrid at running a campaign. This country has afforded you wealth the likes of me will never see, and still you don’t get it. Just do us all a favor and STFU.

  89. He was elected in Utah because the largest voter base there is Mormon and so is he. Unfortunately, he will probably be re-elected again.

  90. It’s beginning to like we would have been no better off if Romney had won the presidency over Obama..

  91. I hate to say or even think it but it’s probably a good thing that he was beaten by Oblunder for the Presidency. Just think what more wrong this idiot would have done had be been elected to the White House.

  92. does Utah have a recall law ,I bet oran hatch is sorry for endorsing him,the voters should implimant a recall law and run Jason Chavez against him,A true conservative.

  93. Becareful what you wish FOR MORON, you’ll be on the losing end of a civil war, there will be no winners,unless your an uninformed UNAMERICAN BRAINWASHED FOOL and HYPOCRITE that would actually believe there would be.

  94. from the moron who handed the illegal kenyan terrorist his second term ,go ahead and elect another democrat and when the 2nd civil war brakes out , no one to blame but your selves , blacks will go back on the plantation and women will get beatings again, all you have to do is look at any city run by a democrat and look at the crime rate , is this what you want the whole country to look like ,if so move to africa , s. america or mexico

  95. Arthur, I had that feeling about that pos Obama. Now you have Trump who is fixing that idiot’s mess I would think you would look forward to reading it.

  96. Mitt, why don’t you shut up! No one trusts you any more! Sorry, I ever voted for you; however, I will never do it again! By now, the people of Utah know your character and I hope they never vote for you as well. Just be quite and go away!!!

  97. In my opine, Mitt is just traitor and a big mouth, he has no business talking sh*t about our President Trump. Our President has done so much for our country, what the hell has this big mouth done except lie and steal as much as he and the rest of these democrats can. I say get rid of all those democrats and we can be done with it.

  98. Ruth, you are right. Another John McCain. Liar, faker and cheater. Why the people of Utah would vote him in.

  99. wELL DONE for a 5th grader who failed history and cannot get the school psychologist to tell her what a very low I.Q. she has and how she has failed the whole year to do her homework.

  100. He will never come close to replacing anything human, him and Ann both crawl lower to the ground than earth, just like his families black adoption trying to get elected both our disgusting. We know he is lib

  101. CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING! Listen to Trump’s words! Selective editing to alter a statement is getting old!

  102. We do not need any obamas hillaries or mitts. If they would only realize the problems they create they would shut up and go hide somewhere.

  103. Good morning Robert! I have been looking for you ☺
    I want to wish you, & all the great men in here (which obviously excludes the lib rats) a wonderful father’s day!!!

  104. I agree Susan, it seems mad-man (aka:madame0) has a mental deficiency. They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Oh well she/he/it got its marching orders & has made an ass of herself as all these dumbo dem slaves do

  105. Yes Susan, America would much rather turn communist.(NOT) Is that your take on this? Fools like you, who don’t know history need to learn it before the country slides into a dystopian hell.

  106. Your about as stupid as a rock, Mitt is the creeping uncle everyone has, and another fake politician, a career at playing politics and screwing the American people. Hes a loser!!!. God bless president Trump!!! Excuse me I’m off to work, no free loading liberal cry baby Democrat here by

  107. time for UTAH to step up and make sure this jerk NEVER gets re-elected– he is one of the most hateful man in the Senate — he will never come close to replacing Mr Hatch and only has a one track mind with a one track pee brain —

  108. Hard for me to understand how what The President said me “might” do with the accused incident would be inappropriate or against our democracy. Reporting it to the proper authorities would be important but that should include what was offered in the way of information. Don’t see how that could be possible without understanding the info offered and some credibility of the offering source.
    All these attacks on President Trump are just another excuse to beat on him with any criticism they can think up. Sad day fir our Democracy !


  110. Ole mitt probably got left out of the money wave
    the democratic party had set up for hillary.
    He should refocus his energy on the people that he
    serves, butt instead focuses on President Trump.
    His true colors are bright as ever.
    It’s amazing,… all it takes is a little stupidity (on his part)
    to let the people know he’s mad for presidential failure.
    Our president knows a lot of people in high places,
    and all mitt can do is let everyone know he’s a failure.

  111. Mitt Romney is not a grifter and con man. And to call him treasonous because he speaks against the Criminal In Chief is laughable. I am hoping and praying someone challenges Trump and saves the Republican Party from drowning in the cesspool he has led them into.

  112. Romney is a slick politician who is dishonest and two face. I hope the voters in Utah would wake up!!

  113. romney is the biggest loser in the USA. he is such a discrace ton the American people and the country. what a jerk he should go live in the far east

  114. Let’s put Mitt in perspective. When he said that 47% of Americans pay no taxes, he was obviously too stupid to understand that the FICA entry on a W-2 is a tax, among other automatic deductions. It is the most regressive tax imposed by the federal government. But if you don’t have earned income and therefore don’t receive a W-2, you might be ignorant that it is in fact a tax against earned income.

  115. Think about how stupid this whole subject is. Who I ask Who wouldn’t listen to what someone says about your competition be it sports or politics??
    Are these Bozos so stupid that good intel wouldn’t be heard because of fools like Romney?
    Totally fake outrage I guess it was right for the FBI To spread a fake dossier hoping everyone would listen to that !! More hypocritical nonsense, more insult to freedom of speech!!

  116. I agree Mike, but what these libs can’t seem to get thru their thick skulls is the more they attack our President, the more even alot of dems are seeing how wicked, & treasonous they are.

  117. Romney is the wana-bee looser of all time, he can be Utah’s leader he’s working up to Rep. Schiff’s class/

  118. The only thing Romney can beat is his own tallywhacker, which he uses for his brain, the idiotic moron.

  119. This whole argument is ridiculous. Who wouldn’t listen to dirt on their opponent. That is human nature. I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you pursue it that is another question. If a Russian came to Romney and said I have something you may want to hear about Obama I am sure Romney would say you are Russian so I don’t want to hear it (not). This was a gotcha question in which any honest person would have answered as Trump did. He shouldn’t back down or try to justify his answer. Romney is a snake and a RINO and that is why he couldn’t defeat Obama.

  120. I don’t believe anyone who starts or ends with, “As far as I know”, Romney is still a loser.

  121. the Republican party needs to start looking at removing those RINO’s from the party and denying then access to funding and/or support in the future. Either get behind our President Donald J. Trump and take you pity party somewhere else or get kicked out on your worthless ass. Mittens Romney has proven he is not a conservative nor is he a Republican who loves our Nation on numerous instances.

  122. My trusted, reliable sources all say that Mitt Romney is a proven homosexual child molester, it is a well known fact in Utah where Romney lives that he constantly molests his own grandchildren every weekend. Romney has been heard saying that screwing his grandson’s and grand daughter’s build good Mormon Character, makes a man out of them. I can’t confirm nor deny any of this, I’m only repeating what my sources have told me, I trust my sources completely, but I’d recommend you do your own research work on this Jackass Romney, because he is a complete stinky turd.

  123. Mitt is such a cry baby. Still crying that President Trump did not appoint him to an important post (smart move Mr President). People of Utah should be upset. Obviously Mitt doesn’t think being a senator their is important enough. It had no presidential ties, only done by dumb voters.

  124. Slick Mitt is nothing but a loud mouth Puss , he needs his butt Branded with a Hot Iron with the letter ” T ” for Traitor !!!

  125. Why don’t you get out of the party and go with the DEMOCRATS where U belong also a sore loooooser

  126. At least President Trump is honest about this issue. Most other politicians would never admit to accepting opposition research on their opponent.

  127. Look, Mitt blew an election that by all aspects, was his to win and he lost. He did not get over it, which is why he had to go to Utah to win as opposed to Michigan or Massachusetts. He is just a sore loser whose day is rapidly coming to an end as a politician. He makes native New Englanders ashamed to know that he was a politician from there. RVN 68-69

  128. This prick couldn’t even beat obumma, I promise President Trump will make minced meat out of this bastard!

  129. Come on Mitt put your foot in the ring again and run for President as a Republican.
    By that I mean that it would be amazing to me that you could come out as a genuine Republican, let alone a Conservative.
    I think you are too much of a scaredy-cat to run.
    How can someone so wealthy be as dumb as you appear.

  130. There is nothing good about a small mind person! When the mind is small, so is the Heart, thus, nothing could ever florishes…. Poor Romney, he must learns how to make his whose HEART BIGGER….. The only way is to LOVE MORE by giving without counting the cost!

  131. You are a lousy example of your religion especially if you help elect these positivists. And I’m glad I wrote that editorial about the Tigers losing the final game of the season and not getting to the World Series and your father returning from Nam claiming to have been brainwashed. That was 50 years ago when George was governor of Michigan.

  132. Base ball Mitt:
    You are a traitor to the republican party and should get out of politics along with Hellary Clinochio and all of the democrat communist party of loosers

  133. Knowing what I know NOW, I would vote for Hi-liar-y if she were running against Romney. At least I would know where I stand with her. She is a crooked liberal and she doesn’t deny it. Romney is a crooked liberal RINO and he LIES about it. My dad always said, “A thief will lie to you and a liar will steal from you”. So I guess Romney is a LIAR and a THIEF. He could have been Commander and Thief, even before Obozo.

  134. “Taking half of Washington down with her” [Hillary] would be a GOOD THING! A faster way to drain the Swamp.

  135. Romney, you are truly a traitor. You cried for his endorsement and you got it. After you won the election, you turned around and shanked him … unmercifully.

    An unforgivable act. We will not forget this.

  136. I agree with you a hundreds percent, about the weak republicans my theory is that they like MITT, have dirt on them selves and probably get implicated in these investigations going on now. That’s why they all want trump, Hillary did say if she goes down that she Hillary, will take half of Washington down with her , let that sink in.

  137. Sorry Mitt but take your head out of your rear end and face the truth. The Dems have no problem doing this. In fact, the double standard in place is that Democrats have more than listened over the past 50 years and then pin the dirty deeds on their Opponents who are too stupid to react cuz they [Republicans] find playing in the gutter distasteful and won’t fight back. That is until Donald trump arrived and has no problem with playing in the gutter and shoveling their crap back. Romney is one of those Republicans who won’t climb into the gutter to fling the crap back at those throwing it. And PLEEZE, if somebody has dirt on your opponent, it’s a big fat lie to say a Candidate wouldn’t want to listen!

  138. Romney you jack ass, where has your condemnation been towards the candidate who not only listened to a foreign agent, buy paid them for that phony dirt. You sir are a moron.

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