Monica Lewinsky said seven words that were bad news for Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton being back in the headlines is never a good thing.

His affair with Monica Lewinsky is once again news.

That’s because she said the seven words that were bad news for the former President.

In the wake of the #MeToo scandal that swept Hollywood, media and Washington, Monica Lewinsky authored an essay in Vanity Fair describing how her relationship with Bill Clinton fit into the movement.

She shocked Americans when she said “it constituted a gross abuse of power.

Breitbart reports:

“She said she has drawn strength, however, from the #MeToo movement which has revealed sexual abuse by powerful men in show business, politics and the media.

Lewinsky said she had received a message recently from “one of the brave women leading the #MeToo movement” saying “I’m so sorry you were so alone.”

“Those seven words undid me,” Lewinsky wrote. “They landed in a way that cracked me open and brought me to tears.”

“That I had made mistakes, on that we can all agree,” she said. “But swimming in that sea of Aloneness was terrifying.”

Lewinsky said there are “many more women and men whose voices and stories need to be heard before mine.
“There are even some people who feel my White House experiences don’t have a place in this movement, as what transpired between Bill Clinton and myself was not sexual assault, although we now recognize that it constituted a gross abuse of power,” she said.”

Democrats are being forced to come to grips with the fact that they covered up for Bill Clinton being accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

This has led some Democrats to say Clinton is not welcome on the campaign trail this fall.

After Lewinsky accused him of an abuse of power those calls will only grow louder.


  1. This without a doubt is the most stupid commentary I have ever read about this incident. It’s time to pull your head out of the “sand” and realize Clinton is a sexual predator…

  2. Stop trying to throw focus off Donald Trump no Bill Clinton do not owe Monica L nothing. There is two sides to a story. Old news we all still love President Clinton he is still a Great Man outstanding president did a lot for our country. He apologized to his wife and our country all that’s matter. We need to get Trump out of office discrace to our country. Crooked Trump needs to be impeached before our country can’t be repaired. We all still love Bill take your blinders off thinks he is above the law. Up to his neck in all this mess. Got away from showing his taxes who does that and get away?

  3. Two sides to every coin. Slick Willy…HEAD. Monica…TAIL. And “oh GOD” we trust bouncing off walls of an egg-shaped room!

  4. For a lawyer, as Slick Willie once was, it “depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”; right Monica? The media is still in the “defend the Clintons no matter what” mode.

  5. And how would YOU know?! Monica’s Secret Service moniker…SWALLOW! Psst-psst…Swallow has entered the Oval! And we all know what happened NEXT!

  6. Goose. Gander. Honeypot. Contraband Cuban cigar. Stars in younger eyes. A hard-on in older pants. Monica’s naivete. Slick Willy’s modus operandi. And no AG Loretta Lynch to intervene in this “matter” on a far-off tarmac. Oh WELL.

  7. She was Young, Dumb and full of fun, and Slick-Willie took full advantage of that, as most Democrats do. It’s in their blood. Never leave your daughter alone with any Democrat ( Commie Pig ).

  8. I grow weary of the soiled dove/fallen angel routine, or buyer’s remorse, from these women who are complicit in this behavior. Whether it was Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, or any other high profile liberal pervy creeper. Although women like Monica Lewinsky can truly be remorseful and penitent, going on the speaking tour, and capitalizing on this, or crawling out of the woodwork decades later and making accusations, does not build a Nuremberg defense IMHO. It cuts both ways.

  9. Monica Lewinski is a brave woman who learned a terrible lesson the hard way. While she should not have fooled around and fell in love with a married man, she has been a lady in the way she handled the entire matter. Her so called “friend” (sic) Linda Tripp, brought the scandal to a tipping point with the stained blue dress. That woman was EVIL for what she put this poor girl through. But karma has a way of squaring things and she is a SICK woman today. I think highly of Monica Lewinski as a person. She suffered emotionally over this matter but she is a stronger person today and I admire her.

  10. I do not feel toooo bad for her…she followed him around to every event…he was at…you could see her in the crowd and one time he put his arm around her…I do not think she is the innocent she pretends to be.

  11. Feeling bad for her is what she wants. I feel bad for her due to the way Hillary treated her. But Monica had a choice in what she did. Unfortunately she chose wrong

  12. Women love money and power and will use their guile and sensuality to win over men who wield it. Monica successfully seduced Willy; as she could have with other men.
    She is HOT!!

  13. A rather pathetic yet well written screed by ‘that women, Ms Lewinsky’. Sadly, for her, she remains the most visible in a long line of ruined lives for those who happened to cross paths with former POTUS BJ. Her destiny seems to be a prolonged state of misery. Especially when everyone knows what ‘Hey, how about a Monica’ means.

  14. She never said 7 words. Only 4 words were spoken. “Is it in yet?” were the only 4 words spoken to Bill that meant anything. Well, that and, “I won’t cum in your mouth!”, and we all know how that went…

  15. Curious what a redundant brain is? Soundless like an attempt at an insult.

    Please read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The United States IS NOT a Christian Nation. The majority religion is Christianity. The government was founded specifically to avoid being a nation of a specific religion. It was founded to allow all to practice ANY religion. Because of that, many who practice the Muslin religion live here. So,we are ALL living with them now. How does one go and live with any more than we all do now?

  16. Let’s not forget hillary’s misuse of both the secret service and the press to intimidate and silence bill’s victims.
    She used more than one government organization(mostly janet reno’s justice dept.) in her scorched earth campaign against them as they claimed in interviews, but none of them were investigated.

  17. So… we need to keep Bill Clinton and the present p$$$y grabbing braggart out of the White House.

  18. Not sure … the photos that they were seen together seem to be one of their happy days. All smiling. ????

    Some women are fascinated in men with power.

    In Monica’s situation if I remember right, the libs were pissed at Monica that Bill got busted publicly.


  19. Darby, you are insinuating something you know nothing about. Delusional? Are you are trying to say you have been with Monica? You would not be good enough for her. You are a creep who apparently is as bad as Bill, as your comment is not in the least bit funny.

  20. Monica was a young girl and Bill was 27 years older and the President of the United States. That plays a very emotional thing on how a person reacts to a situation. She has been silent for many years and not able to have a real life, as other women have. I am sure she would have liked to have a family of her own, but Bill was being up high as a great guy and Monica looked down on. Maybe now Monica can come to the light and begin to start a real life out in the open. We need the wealthy to stop looking down on those of us who work hard to have money for us to just get by with a little something put away. If this looking down crap would stop then maybe people would feel better about themselves and the world could be a calmer, happier place for everyone. Too many people, like Sherry Falco, need to lighten up and stop looking down on others, especially if they do not know these people personally.

  21. Sherry, please define what you call consensual. If someone pointed a gun at you and wanted all your money, what would you do? Same thing, as it plays on your emotions as to what you would do. Bill had a lot of power, she needed a job.
    Thank God every day that you have never obviously been raped.

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