Monica Lewinsky just caused a major problem for this key Democrat

Bill Clinton’s sex scandal still haunts the Democrat Party.

Democrats running for President are at a loss for how to handle the former President and his alleged misconduct.

And now Monica Lewinsky just caused a major problem for this top Trump challenger.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on Morning Joe for what she thought was a softball interview.

MSNBC – after all – is one of the “home team” networks for liberals.

But Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski threw Warren through a loop when she quizzed her on if Bill Clinton should have resigned for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Warren was at a loss for words.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Should Bill Clinton have left office after having an affair with a much-younger staffer in the White House?” Mika Brzezinski asked.

“Uh, I don’t know,” Warren replied. “I can’t go back to litigate the 1990s. That one is beyond me.”

“Did the 1990s get us here though, to an extent?” Brzezinski wondered.

“Of course it did and I don’t have the time machine to go back and change the 90s,” Warren asserted. “All I can do is change this world going forward.

Even to this day, Democrats cannot say for certain if Clinton should have resigned.

The party is trapped between being held hostage by the #MeToo movement and their cries to “believe all women” and party loyalty to Bill Clinton.

Democrats see picking a side on the face – no matter which one – as “turning on one of their own” so they prefer to hem and haw about the issue and hope the media loses interest.

But can they walk that tightrope forever?

Eventually one Democrat will think they can break out from the pack by taking a strong stand on this issue and then everyone will follow suit.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. All the WORKS against Pres. Trump was a diversion from the Demonrats to cover for the Demonrats!!! Justice will and MUST be served to protect the future of America and Americans. A.G. Barr has no choice but to prosecute the lot of them

  2. Nobody will ever touch jezebelle Clinton unless they want to come up dead which I’d a proven fact considering the record of people who did investigate came up dead . She has commited treason, murder, she is a traitor to our country. Reporters report her as a witch well I guess it’s time to burn her at the stake

  3. Should JFKennedy have resigned after his affairs with the late Marilyn Monroe? Plus many more illicit affairs!

  4. the 1990s are almost 30 years in the past, with the loser we now have in power there far more important issues that need to be addressed!!

  5. Africa sold the slaves go get your money from them. Then pay it to the men that fought for freedom of slaves that lost their lives and limbs. Actually it would be their decents now. Funny how their freedom fighters are never mentioned. Never hear them asking for money.Go all the way back to Africa to get your money! Not just the civil war. Accountability starts there. Once Africa pays the funds should directly be forwarded to the men that paid the ultimate price with life and limbs. All their families forward. Let’s be fair. Not to mention others such as the Irish for example. Don’t hear them asking people today to pay for something that happened over
    decades upon decades ago. Grow up get real. Everything that has happened in shaping this country has good and bad things. We should learn from it as to not repeat it.
    For my two cents on other issues BUILD THE WALL! Deport ALL illegals! Give Americans the justice they deserve lock up all the corrupt from the top down in the Bush Clinton Bush Obama corruption cover ups etc. Give Hillary her final pantsuite in Orange with numbers across the front and back! Same for the rest. Dress them in government provided orange jumpsuites. Let’s see if they gather and laugh their butts off then!

  6. There must be justice. Americans deserve to see no one is above the law. That is from the highest on down. Being Obama/Clinton down. Everyone that had anything to do with any of their corruption cover-up etc. Love them up and if crime is bad enough fry their butts. What they have done and been allowed to get by with for decades to live the high life is so wrong on every level. They get together and laugh their butts off knowing what they have done to every American. Lock them up the sooner the better. Let Americans get the final laugh. Take all their property bank accounts stocks anything that will bring a dollar put that money to help build the wall put the rest towards helping Americans in need. L can not wait to see justice. I am 68 praying it will be in my life time.

  7. Bill Clinton should have divorced his ugly wife and married the young woman and he would have gone on to be a worthy president instead of what he became.

    • The ugly old witch had a guillotine around his manhood. He can never get free of this one. Lizzy Borden should be in a time machine going back to the Stone Age where she wants Americans to go.

  8. The mentally, spiritually and emotionally ill.
    People, but those who “think” they are “spirited” they are “PROGRESSIVE” are the Oldest pprofessions on earth, “whorpes and Reprobates”

  9. Nothing fuglier than an OLD woman swilling beer publicly from a bottle. Why not use a glass to drink beer? I guess that is just Her Schtick –wonder if all of her great decisions like her Native American ancestry to cut the job line would be the way she would govern?. Also her decision to embrace a wish list that would throw the USA into bankruptcy and Facism cannot sit well with a national debt of 22+ trillion dollars– I see Venezuelian type inflation and ruin on our horizon if she wins.

    • Warren is a idiot! The beer thing, what a pathetic attempt to appear to be just another middle class. Between that and the ancestry fraud the bitch is 2 tacos short of a combo platter! I put her, Pelosi, Maxine, Cortez and those Islam pieces of shit on the same mental level! Together they have a total IQ of around 60.

  10. Asking a democrat about a 20 odd year old scandal is a deep probing question? Hardly. Asking Warren about asking for and getting a woman of color or Native American preferential treatment? Now that’s a question that would create lots of entertaining babbling.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing, you don’t have to go back 20 years to show how horrible a candidate she is. And if we want to go back to that the list would be long indeed and Warren wouldn’t be the first in line for transgressions.

  11. Warren is going to get one of them beers out of the fridge. Bill Clinton – there was nothing to see there, just lets move on. Nothing to see with Hillry either. Just move on. Same with the Obama nothing to see here just move on. Sound familiar.

    • With the acting skills displayed in that “Beer outta tha fridge” scene Dizzy Lizzy couldn’t get a job in Hollywood as an extra in a C.B. DeMille style mob scene. The Indian schtick wasn’t too convincing, either.

  12. Every POS child was born to and raised by a POS mother.
    Just look at Chelsea and her mother, Herpes.
    Bill and Monica were adults and knew what they were doing was wrong
    and they proved that each of their mother’s was a POS.
    Monica, like Kamala Harris, was trying to sleep her way to the bottom.

    • Sam I’ve always said I couldn’t blame Bill Look what he had at home. Of course marriage vows are to be taken seriously. But Bill and killery were always morally bankrupt. Trump hasn’t been an angel, but he wasn’t serving as commander in chief if or when he had moral failures. Guess who Chelsea’s father is. It ain’t Bill

  13. There’s that magical demowit catch-phrase “moving/going Forward” that seems to keep them afloat. It worked so well for HRC and her minions and sheeple (sarcasm).

  14. This article starts out, “Democrats running for President are at a loss for how to handle the former President and his alleged misconduct.”

    Slick Willy’s conduct was not “Alleged Misconduct,” but was MISCONDUCT as proven by the stuff on her dress. It doesn’t take a fact checker to understand this. It was poor P.C. to not state it.

    There is a remarkable similarity between this and the avoidance of the use of the statement “Grossly negligent” by Mr. Comey in his Over the Hillary report.

  15. It appears with most of the Democrats! They will back whatever evil their people do and not prosecute. Just read about former Senate aid close to Feinstein that was releasing Republican Senators home addresses, etc. and then they’re trying to cover it up and not want the public to know and he just gets a slap on the hand just like Debbie W IT man. When are they ever going to come clean, like this IT person was charged with a felon before coming to work there. As long as they can break the law and be little gods but yet spend over 2 years of our tax dollars on chancing Trump and every move he does and their judges doing the same. AND THIS IS CALLED JUSTICE BY THE DEMOCRATS!!!!

  16. According to the DumboRATS they can do nothing wrong, but if someone else does the exact same thing, beat them down for doing it.

  17. They only president believed to have never cheated on his wife is Reagan. The rest have. So No one has a right to point fingers and the current president.
    As for congress, they have a slush fund to pay off their lays so they have no right to open their mouths either.

    • While in office? If that is what you’re saying I don’t believe it. And if you’re saying ever then I know you are blowing smoke because his biographies do discuss affairs.

  18. This woman needs a padded room, in a very secure place. She is totally Whackooooooo. Go have a beer Lizzy and try to calm down. You idiot.

  19. In very few cases are the families held accountable for a family member’s actions. Most exceptions would be the mother/father of a son/daughter that perpetrated a very heinous crime. And that is only in the eyes of the public. I do not remember any time the parents were brought up on criminal charges for what another family member did. What does that have to do with the issue of reparations for slaves? I fully support it. I believe we should find any former slaves still living in the US and give them at least 2 million dollars. What’s that you say? None of them are still living approx 150 years later? I feel bad about that. Do I feel bad about it enough to hand over 2 million bucks to someone that has never been a slave? Absolutely not. It is an absurd noting with no merit what so ever. Just saying.

    • I also agree with remuneration for actual slaves, but none exist today in this country. People have the misconception that being black is fundamental to slaves when factually it is just free labor. The fact is that most of any race can claim to be a descendant of a slave. The pyramids were built by slaves comprising of Caucasian and others with varying degrees of melonin. Rome and Greece also built by relatively the same combination as were the ships rowed for the Vikings. It’s free labor, nothing more. Fact is that in the late 19th century the TRUE offended we’re given acreage and livestock for past inequality. “Teach the children history or they will be doomed to repeat it”!

  20. Democrats and the US Justice system have given the Clintons a pass. Monica Lewinski saved her own life by moving to England. The missing emails and fire that burned the Clintons private email server were all just accidents(wink! wink!)

    • Elizabeth Warren says she is not interested in going back to the 1990’s and the Bill Clinton- Monica Lewinsky affair when Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress for lying about his sex abuse with a 21 yr. old Monica Lewinsky.Elizabeth Warrens excuse is we don’t go back in the past. Warren has no problem going back to the days of slavery in which was mostly caused by the Democrats and supported by the Democrats KKK in the past. Warren a Democrat says the American taxpayer should pay all African American’s for slavery in the 1770’s and 1800’s for the evil act of slavery. Seems kind of going back to the past to me for the worst of reason’s to gather votes for the Democrats. Shame on this two faced politician Elizabeth Warren.

  21. I thought Monica bit someones tally-wacker off. That could ruin it for someone running in 2020. If i had to guess? I would say Biden’s, he’s a little weird with the ladies anyway.
    I can’t see the Democrats winning anything in 2020. They’ve done to much to themselves in such a short amount of time. Compiled with all the new information that continues to flow ever since Trump was elected. Attorney General Barr is going to have his hands full, not to mention, for all he must do to gain the peoples trust back in the justice system, one could argue he will be grossly under-paid.

    • I think you’re giving Barr too much credit, he’s been there a couple of months now and I haven’t seen or heard of any new indictments.

      • He’s only been there a few weeks. And look at the new indictments; on those that paid to get their children into colleges/universities through bribes and fraud. I don’t think that is nothing. But once the new AG settles in, you can expect action soon from the Mueller Investigation, and new indictments against the Hillary Clinton/Obama cabal in the FBI and DOJ; to protect Hillary from prosecution, while lying about Donald Trump to prevent him winning in 2016, and then persecuting, after he won. And there is still the investigation into the Clinton’s Pay-to-Play Clinton Foundation schemes, besides to selling of our uranium to Russia. It’s going to very interesting to see what comes out in the next year.

        • I’m waiting to see the outcome of Clinton’s PAY-TO-PLAY CLINTON FOUNDATION SCHEMES! She SOLD USA our URANIUM to Russia!! I can’t wait to see her in that beautiful ORANGE SUIT!

  22. The Democrats are too busy worrying about how to cover up their own racism/collusion/corruption/misogyny/vote fraud and how they will catch cow farts to focus on issues like should they be held accountable. If they can make it go away there is NO accountability. to worry about.

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