Monica Lewinsky told a truth about Bill Clinton that should have put him in jail

Bill Clinton’s sex scandals are never far from the headlines.

But this time the former President won’t be able to wiggle out of this legal crisis so easily.

That’s because Monica Lewinsky told a truth about Clinton that should have landed him in jail.

Lewinsky sat for 20 hours worth of interviews for A&E’s “The Clinton Affair.”

During the course of the interview, she revealed that Clinton encouraged her to lie under oath.

The former President told her if she signed a sworn affidavit saying they never had a relationship, Paul Jones’ lawyers would not depose her as part of their sexual harassment suit against the President.

The Washington Free Beacon Reports:

In the final part of the A&E documentary series “The Clinton Affair,” Monica Lewinsky revealed that then President Bill Clinton urged her to lie under oath about their affair and gave her gifts in the period leading up to the testimony in the Paula Jones case.

Lewinsky, in comments reported by Fox News, said Clinton told her that if she denied their affair in a sworn affidavit, she could likely avoid being called to testify. She was, however, subpoenaed.

“I was petrified. I was frantic about my family and this becoming public. Thankfully, Bill helped me lock myself back from that and he said I could probably sign an affidavit to get out of it, and he didn’t even know if 100 percent I would be subpoenaed,” Lewinsky told A&E.

Clinton never encouraged Lewinsky to tell the truth, according to her account.

This is a clear-cut case of obstruction of justice.

Encouraging perjury is a crime.

And Clinton clearly pushed Lewinsky to deliver false testimony.

Clinton was guilty and should have been removed from office.

History has not treated his Presidency kindly.

The #MeToo movement forced even Democrats to admit Clinton was a serial abuser of women.

And now this documentary proves he was a felon.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.