MSNBC Host crossed the line with this crazed attack on Donald Trump

One MSNBC host crossed the line with an attack on Donald Trump.

One of their hosts used September 11th to attack the President.

And you will be sick to your stomach when you find out what he wrote.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough used to be a conservative.

Now he toes the liberal line on his morning TV show championing amnesty, gun control and constantly attacking Donald Trump.

But that pales in comparison to a column Scarborough published in the Washington Post on the morning of September 11th.

Scarborough said Trump was more dangerous to the American dream than Osama Bin Laden.

The outrage was swift.

It poured in so quickly Scarborough was forced to apologize for his disgusting column.

Scarborough owns the most severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever.

His article was not only offensive.

It was insane.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Zee
    That was said to show how the wealthy think of you peasants and you are going for he guy who is doing it to you.

  2. ps M. ‘joes’ finger to nose IS a ‘Signal’ to
    ‘the Club’.
    pps. not pottymouth, yet. You’ll ‘know’ When.
    Ha Haaa.

  3. Hey M. Happy Sat to you!!! ps. latner is a snarky badio. check this out
    per latner. AFTER calling someone an ‘ass’. here ya go.
    Richard Latner
    September 13, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    I do appreciate the tax cut. My stocks are doing great. Too bad for the people making $11 an hour to make me richer. Suck it peasants!

    September 13, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    &&& the ‘Parasites’ Take Advantage of tax cuts, meanwhile
    ‘Trashing’ POTUS etal Policy. A ‘true expose’
    of An full fledged ‘hypocrite’.

    >0k M. You decide. latner says “Suck it peasants.”
    I Will continuously call him out.

  4. zee, Ugh! Gag! When any one of the three troll names you mentioned is looking, they all are, they reside within the same ugly piece of decayed flesh! Maybe not Latner, jury still out on that smarta$$. A jerk by any name still a jerk!

  5. m, Get yourself another blog name. I was here first and since you are a left wing liberal nut job, I sure as hades don’t want anybody to think I am saying stupid liberal crap.

  6. ps. &&& what’s her face (i don’t watch this junko)
    TURNS her head, lika PU. BWAR har har. omg. too much.
    > quik snapshots’ sometimes, Tell All. ( &&& can be
    widely mis-interpreted) Buttt, this 1 seems Rite 0N.

  7. ps. M. latner ‘0uted’ himself. WORDS MEAN
    ‘thangs’.___ Don’t EverForget that. I ‘Know’
    Exactly, What i’m Saying AT All Times. Sooo,
    if latner says buff(oon) i can’t help that.

  8. Great photo w/ joe ‘picking’ SCAB
    0n 0r OFF his nose. Bwar Har har.
    0-M-G. give me a break. heh.
    Hi DRYiane,Latner, snott27 etc – y’all
    lookin’ ???

  9. Where have Joe and the other of his kind been living and what is the news business coming to? The president – any president-elect has a right to be respected, even if you don’t like him.

  10. Jeffrey Rogers, Disregard Richard Latner, he is not real. He gets angry and writes comments that sound like every other angry person on this site.

    Renewed Right, stop censoring conservatives’ comments. Respect our first amendment rights just as you do
    the liberals. My comments are not vulgar or profane. COME ON!

  11. You mean like you? Let people vent, what do you care? We can’t say what we really feel since Conservatives no longer have Freedom of Speech! Funny though the left is allowed to say whatever they want about whomever they want and do whatever violence tbey want with no worry of paying for breaking the law!

  12. I read where he and mika went to Trumps golf course in Florida to try to get chummy with him, asked about holding their wedding there. Did not go as they planned. So some of this hatred is because they were not accepted into his group of friends. Fake news as they put out or just getting their digs in for not being a part of the group?

  13. Some V.FALSE statements. beginning After 3rd Sentence.
    Your interpretation/analogy to ‘modern day’ Is Completely
    An Altered 0pine. History ‘BUFF’? (that’s right -BUFF
    as in ‘buffoon’.

  14. M
    Shep Smith explained Uranium One better than anyone. He also is objective and gives facts. I can detect bias, it’s prevalent on both sides. Al Sharpton is a hack, I remember him years ago in reference to Tawiley Brawley. Joe and Mika are a bit much for me. Mika’s father was a national treasure though.

  15. Richard Latner, This may be the only thing I have ever agreed with you on. I wish CNN, MSNBC or anybody else would make Shepard Smith an offer he couldn’t refuse!

  16. Please, please, please:
    Be civil. If you are upset with something articulate it in a way that may influence someone on the fence. Otherwise you only sound like little whiney children.

  17. Michael:
    I’m a history buff. My main expertise lies in the 30’s and 40’s. Freedom was under assault during that period. We had Stalin, Hitler, Tojo,Franco and a number of eastern european countries that threatened democracy. I agree there are similarities to Trump supporters and Hitler’s. One thing is support of the church and two they were in a minority. Both Hitler and Trump was/are psychopathic liars. Neither cared about common people. They also played on racial prejudice. I hope our institutions are strong enough to withstand this pox on America.

  18. Michael:
    I’m a history buff. My main expertise lies in the 30’s and 40’s. Freedom was under assault during that period. We had Stalin, Hitler, Tojo,Franco and a number of eastern european countries that threatened democracy. I agree there are similarities to Trump supporters and Hitler’s. One thing is support of the church and two they were in a minority. Both Hitler and Trump was/are psychopathic liars. Neither cared about common people. They also played on racial prejudice. I hope our institutions are strong enough to withstand this pox on America.

  19. Wondering Woman the main stream so called media only hires bottom feeders. And other bottom feeders believe their lies.

  20. Joe and Mika on MSNBC deserve each other. Douchebags. Good thing they hitched it up before accusing each other of sexual harassment in the workplace. HOW DO THESE IDIOTS KEEP THEIR JOBS???

  21. Do you mean resurrecting our economy, protecting our country from robbery from other countries and standing up for America and all of her citizens???? You are a real jerk!

  22. michael: your brain was fried during 8 years of useless direction by a president that will go down in history as the worst idiot that ever entered the white house. you voting for him put’s you in the same category. obama divided this nation and introduced white supremacy as his legacy. hatred was born under obama and he did nothing for the black community except to invite the low life al sharpton to the white house to give him advice and that advice was to steal all the money you can while you are president.

  23. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News!Communist Network News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News!The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, pls!

  24. the evil that occurred during obama does not even come close to what the evil and corrupt trump administration has done!!

  25. in response to butchy, the braindead americans supporting trump are no different than the braindead germans that supported hitler before ww2!!

  26. Joe Scarborough is the poster child for why the MAJORITY of Americans feel contempt for the Main Stream Media cesspool of Pretentious Liars, Deceptive Lickspittles and rapidly becoming what is synonymous for the bowel waste from a ‘junk yard dawg’. Thus the reason we no longer watch any of the MSM ‘trolls’ that just spew Hatred & Divisive Liberal rhetoric.

  27. zee, Yes, I did see your comment to me but had to be off here and had not gotten back to you. Whoa, you said a load of info, thx. See comment to Dan here if you have not seen already. I’m watching a few others also.

  28. M. Did U see my remark to you ‘elsewhere’???
    & Dan, what up ??? per M. saying re you know what,
    i hope.hmm. ‘sneaky’ snarky ‘ink’.

  29. Please review International news. / Photos of
    NK National Parade W/OUT ‘ballistic missiles’
    For the 1st X. A message to POTUS et al.for co-op.
    > Also, ‘Remains’ of Military Have been ‘Returned’ 1st x.
    > You have ‘no clue’ re Foreign Relations. 0pining Means
    > Feigning talking points in quasi
    intellect Is moot. N0 ‘Intel’ on such matters.
    Again, 0pine = ZERO.

  30. More like Dog ???? Sh-t. This guy is a spineless chump and he’s lucky I am not his neighbor. I lost friends and almost my wife in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. So F U if you agree with what this chump and his dog faced wife to b said.
    He should b thrown off the air but the Deep State Dip Sh-ts will keep him on so he can spew his BS.

  31. M I give them hell for fun. They don’t rattle me. I noticed Richard crooks is back. I thought he said he’s done with us. You and I set an example that we stand on the truth.

  32. Dr. He did make progress with N Korea. That gook isn’t threatened us anymore. Kim wiped his ass on odumba and killery.

  33. Dan T., You are still communicating with Diane/Dr. J. D. so please tell that sewer maggot a$$ wiping pimple faced little prick I said he/she/it is as full as $hit as a Christmas turkey. 🙂 Diane and her alter ego sickos have reached a point where no Republican has any anger left for Diane and co. So, if “they” want to waste their time trying to bully and intimidate, that’s okay, who cares. They are so unimportant, I wonder why they don’t just lay down, go to sleep and never wake up. Mommy will be rid of them and the leeches will be off our welfare system and they will not be a
    drain on society. See, everyone will be happy! Dan T., wow, I got off on a tangent, all I wanted to say is, Diane and co. are, deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. All they know are angry untruths and the world doesn’t care what they say, think or do. They are useless, nothings and just don’t matter to anyone.
    The end. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂

  34. Dr.are you sure? I know you are probably a liberal, but I know anything is possible. Including voter fraud. Knowing what I know about democrats I believe it. I’ve had first hand expierence. I once belonged to that party. Until I smartened up.

  35. Doc you and I agree on some things. Mexico and the other countries existed long before there was a USA. They need to handle their own problems. I welcome immigrants if they get their visas and come in legal. And be prepared to support themselves when they arrive. I understand many can’t speak English upon arrival, but should learn asap. I don’t think they are all bad people. But with open borders, bad will come with the good. Just like our bad people shouldn’t be allowed to just walk into other countries and raise hell

  36. I think the Scarborough statement was clearly out of line. Real question here from a non-Trumper, what is THE DEAL with Koch brothers supporting open borders? Actually that is something I can agree with Trump supporters – – I started my concerns over 35 years ago when Mexico rejected free birth control materials from the UN, and kept having an expanding population they could not support. Even back in the 1980s, it seemed clear that the Mexican problems created by their own decisions, should not be born by Americans. We have to reasonably limit immigration.

  37. Isn’t it unamerican to slander our entire “FBI as corrupt” as you do, when talented, hard working FBI people have protected us for 17 years from another terrorist attack as bad as 9/11?

  38. Michael Omierda , you have been brainwashed for 54 years and your brain ended under the left sole of your shoe . What a fool full of hate you turned out to be , Michael Omierda .

  39. More BS from you, M. Trump made up all that garbage (due to his ego which is HUGE), there was ZERO evidence of illegal votes. There were some state and national commissions formed before and after the election, and the amount of voter fraud is less than one half of one percent. Where is your evidence of 3 MILLION illegal voters? Liberals will not admit it because it is false, like most of the things Trump makes up (like his inaugural numbers) and you guys just parrot or bleet out as sheeple.

    Speaking of cheating, when are you going to admit that even Vladimir Putin admitted at the Helsinki interview that he took steps to help Trump win (“Yes, I did” was his response when asked by an American journalist). So, there is proven dishonesty and manipulation by Trump and his campaign, and that does not even mention the co-conspiracy campaign crimes of Cohen and Trump.

  40. You CAN’T be a real “Fr” can you? if so, didn’t THE Pope say on a plane “who am I to judge?” I guess he did not have the stature of Fr Tom Martin. How come you never seem to raise a fuss about Trump’s adulterous behaviors?

  41. DJT has NOT made progress with North Korea, they took him to the cleaners. He flew virtually all the way there, and no smart president meets one-on-one with a 3rd world country without certain conditions being met (not done). Then Trump gives away our most valuable negotiating tool, joint military exercises with our ally, SOUTH Korea (without even talking with them about it), and we got NOTHING in return. There is not one bit of difference since that Singapore meeting in what they had agreed to. Tons of news services, many European, have pointed out that Kim Jong Un hasn’t changed a thing and there is still an active, non-changing nuclear program there . .. they are only keeping it more covert!


  43. It is great to see someone standing up and telling it like it really is. FACE IT FOLKS TRUMP AND PUTIN ARE BOTH DICTATORS. WE THE PEOPLE WILL SUFFER FOR IT A LONG TIME INTO THE FUTURE IF WE DON’T GET RID OF THEM.

  44. Joey is a complete moron and he proved it again when saying Pres Trump is more damaging to the American dream than any terrorist attack! America is so much smarter than this tool, thank God.
    Maybe the death of his intern has finally began chipping away at what little mind this schmuck has left. It was the attacks on 9/11 that took the focus off Joey and his interns mysterious death. The coroner who did the autopsy had lost his license in a couple of states already, dismissed the gash on her head, cited a cause of death her own family disputed BUT HE WAS A LARGE CONTRIBUTOR TO JOEY’S political campaign.
    Joey is a prime example why the ratings of MSNBC are in the crapper and their only viewers are left wing nuts like themselves!

  45. I am a Senior and I would not vote for any one but Mr trump and neither would any of my family. When we have jobs and real money in our pockets who do you think I would vote for. Sure as Hell it would not be Obama who bankrupted our country and where race was the worst it had been in years.

  46. Really, moron?! Let’s see how many Islamic terror attacks occur under Trump, versus under 8 years of the Obama Caliphate. you really are a special kind of stupid!!

  47. What actions show this? How is it fair to judge someone’s policies by your feelings? Would you like to be judged based on how someone else felt about you?

  48. You seem to be the sick one, backing insane Democrats who act like spoiled brats when they don’t get their way. Two Democrats made complete fools of themselves during the last week in the hearing on our Supreme Court Judge.

  49. We have the most dishonest, corrupt, evil man as our president, and you support that kind of sick man. Shame on you!

  50. It is sad to see you feel urban population centers should have the power to reduce middle America to work farms that pay tax to them for redistribution.

  51. Has anyone else noticed the frequency of ‘Radical Islamic Terror’ attacks is way down since Trump started steering the ship? Joe is still Mourning for Hillary.

  52. Carol, Plainly and simply, Liberals don’t care about anything but their agenda. They don’t care about who a Republican President is and how much his admin. has accomplished, how much better and safer the country is and the citizens’ lives are, they don’t care! Republicans, in their mind’s eye should never be the majority party, under any circumstance you could possibly think of. The worst part is, they don’t care what they have to do and/or to whom they have to do it as long as they get their way and are in
    power. Something has gone terribly wrong with the Democrat party, it’s agenda, leadership, and the majority of party members. I think sane reasonable people know exactly what happened.

  53. instead of Morning Joe lets say Good bye Joe. Take your blond floozie with you.Trump is our wonderful president and we all respect him. Whats your problem Joe.

  54. It never ceases to amaze me how low-lifes like, Joe Scarbrough, get on TV to spread their stupid, arrogant, foolish opinions. Who would listen to this guy?
    People with no brain themselves.
    He is a LOSER! All the way! Ruined his owns family’s lives. Now is trying desperately to become something that he is not. He hops around like he is jumping out of bed. Maybe THAT is what he should do? Climb out from the sheets to think clearly?! Fat chance of that! Typical loser Who and Why would anyone listen to him or give a scrap of interest? There are always more wandering persons out there looking for someone to follow, if even deep into the dark side. USE YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE! THINK FOR YOURSELF! SAVE OUR US! VOTE REPUBLICAN!

  55. Carl T. With all of the popular votes and $10.00 maybe Hillary Clinton could buy a cup of coffee anywhere in the world. FYI, popular votes do not count when electing a President. Carl T. as we say in Texas, you are beating a dead horse and in Hillary’s case a “dead horses a$$).


  57. Michael, how about giving one specific example of why President Donald Trump is “dangerous”. You must be sick like Scarborough!!

  58. Scarborough is an envious lunatic whose aspiration to be a buddy of the president washed away!…Only deranged individual would compare a sitting president to Osama Bin Laden.Comparing anyone to the person who cause the death of many innocent lives is so
    disgusting and deranged.

  59. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  60. Joe hasn’t been able to recover from being snubbed at Trump’s inauguration party. That’s all that’s behind the venom from Joe’s mouth…

  61. Joe hasn’t been able to recover from being snubbed at Trump’s inauguration party. That’s all that’s behind the venom from Joe’s mouth…

  62. Carl T., You are correct about the popular vote. HRC had the dead, and illegals and people voting multiple times voting for her and DJT did not. If you had taken just her illegal vote away, President Trump would have won that also. Carl T., I am not blowing smoke, everybody knows. You liberals just won’t admit it. Maybe one day, you crooked cheating liberals will realize we are more savy than you and we are fully aware of what is going on!

  63. Nothing he would said would surprise me. That is one that I refuse to watch he and his slut lover sitting beside him cannot tell the truth

  64. So – which is worse – a journalist making a “Crazed remark” on one day or a President leading , bullying and presiding over Crazytown for nearly two long years ? BTW – he was elected by the Electoral College in two swing states. He DID NOT get a popular majority of the voters.

  65. You have a nerve to put your own opinions in front of all the families first. These people lost their family which includes firemen, police, 1st responders. No sympathy noted to family’s just your very biased opinion. As a veteran you make me sick

  66. Hey Joe , who writes your script . You can’t be that stupid ? Or can you ? let’s see you were in congress H”HMM, well just maybe you could. But don’t feel bad after all there is one more stupid than you. The supreme IDIOT who is paying your salarie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. For those who think Trump should not be president or deserve to be president, let us review the facts: he ran a campaign and was elected as president; he met the qualifications by law set for president; he has done more to make America great than all the presidents back to Reagan; the economy is better than it has been since Reagan; our enemies are having second thoughts about dealing dishonestly with us; he brought North Korea to the bargaining table-something no previous president was able to do; he is appointing justices to the Supreme Court who will follow the Constitution rather than their own desires or those who scream the loudest; and, illegal immigration is at an all time low. Do I need to say more?????

  68. For a guy who has so much dirt in his past you would think he would want to stay out of the spotlight I guess it’s still anything for a buck ,right joe

  69. For me, the dangers to America and to the American Dream are the commentators from MSNBC, CNN, and the other Left/Democrat insane “fake news” men and women. But to say that our President is more of a danger than Bid Laden, these comments are the words of crazy people. You don’t like Trump, fine. That is your opinion. But if you do like and support Donald Trump, then you are a Conservative and you have the right to your opinion. May I remind you. The American People elected Donald Trump. It was a fair fight and only one person could win. Donald Trump beat out everyone else. Over the last two years, President Trump has accomplished MANY important, critical and crucial things to help the American People. He has helped the American People economically and through economic reform. He has rebuilt the American Military Force and he should be commended for his efforts. Instead, the Left has ignored his accomplishments, criticized and lambasted him. They have disrespected the Man and his title – Duly Elected American President of the United States. Personally, the members of the Left are more dangerous than Bid Laden.

  70. I have known Joe and his family for over 30 years. Our children grew up together in First Baptist Church Pensacola. They went to school together, and played sports together. Joe has always been corrupt and controlled by the most powerful lawyer and law firm in Florida.
    Joe always has and will follow the money. He will say what ever he is paid to say by special interest groups.
    Who do you think killed the murder investigation of one of Joe’s Bimbos???????
    Locals from Pensacola often refer to Joe’s TV show as, “The Morning Joke and his latest Bimbo Puppet Mika”.

  71. I would like to know why myself?? Joe is still very JEALOUS of Trump winning the election!!!!Sorry Joe …We The People Want Only The Best!!!! You seem to be in need of a rest Joe!!

  72. When I read about such garbage, and the mouths that spew this garbage, it makes me sick for Anmerica! We were a country that thrived on our differences! People in the entertainment business, I.e., DiNiro, Streep, Streisand, kept their opinions in their home and among friends. They did not see a need to muck up award shows with their opinions, or turn the venue into cheer leading sessions! Those of us who did not vote for Barack, did not attack Barack, even when he Should be in and out in 3 hourswas tearing down this Country, both verbally and by use of his position! So why isn’t President. trump afforded the same courtesy? What is happening to us? Do any of those “stars”, Scarborough, etc., ever wonder how they would feel if s family member was maimed or died when they were innocently on the street in NY, LA, etc., when one of these paid protestor groups went into action? What is going to be bad enough to wake us up and let the other live peacefully when his opinions are different than yours? When will you stop using the air waives and bad mouthing like Scarborough and Cuomo, maiming and killing me and mine just because our opinions are different than yours? For whatever reason Donald a Trump wanted to be President, he was duly elected, yet you people refuse to let him do his job, which he is smart enough to do in spite of you! Enough already! Send the Scarboroughs away from the air waives, and let’s get on with the business of living!

  73. Mika’s idea of foreplay is Joe begging for 4 hours, then Mika laughs hysterically in Joe’s face and shares with him how good it was with her last boom/boom, yesterday with #14 that day. Mika claims #14 was built like a real man, he has an 8″ incher, instead of Joe’s shamefully tiny mushroom head, which is nearly impossible to find because it is so small! Abuse like this is the real reason why Joe stays on his Meds for, “Postpartum, Bi-Polar, Manic-Depressive, Schizophrenic, Syndrome caused by Mika giving it up to everyone except him! Ughhhhh

  74. G I Joe. Not government issue Joe but gone insane Joe. Joe what the hell has cause whatever has happened to you?

  75. I am a 78 year old Marine with a still vivid memory of 9/11. I was driving down the old West side highway by pure chance that day with my partner to pick up a Federal prisoner being held at the Park Row facility. A black column of smoke rose from one of the towers and my radio went insane with cross talk, ” A plane
    hit the tower, it was an airliner, Jesus !”
    I am now an expat and living in Panama and can’t believe the craziness of the left in the U.S. No matter how partisan one may be, to compare that attack on the U.S. with a sitting President is beyond my comprehension !

  76. ah a perfect reply by an idiot Why don’t you apply for a job as a want-to-be part of the swamp Toss out the swill, piggy Our current President will be known as a complete loser & the worst Prez ever. Yeah, he is a child!

  77. Joe you sound like a real idiot and you got another idiot always sitting next to you the two of you should be thrown off that show

  78. The way things are going I’m sure that before long some of the 60 million that voted for President Trump will take matters into their own hands. It’s acceptable to write comments critical of Trumps decisions but attacking him in this manner is basically attacking all of us who put him in office.

  79. Gigijan – His pants are blazing on fire, his shirt is on fire, his shoes are on fire, his belt is on fire, etc., because this moron lives in “Hell”, with his boss, i.e., the Devil.

  80. Other than being a “ne’er-do-well”, Old Joe is stark raving insane lunatic. Nothing much more needs to be said about this looser, because he isn’t even a nice guy and of all main stream media Joe holds the lowest ratings, Whereas, anyone at Fox News has 5 times the viewer base then Joe, he is pathetic at best! And now just look at who he is getting married to, they are a perfect for one another, both nuttier then a fruit cake, or should I say “cakes”, because there are 2 of them?

  81. Posted this same idea yesterday. The left has lost all scruples, the last vestige of ethics with their disrespect for 9/11 by disparaging OUR PRESIDENT, thus taking the focus from the victims, heroes, and their families to focus on the left’s obscene political agenda.

  82. Only a ANTI-AMERICAN would compare a person with the worse attack that AMERICA has suffered since PEARL HARBOR. HONOR THE 3,000 PLUS THAT WERE MURDERED ON 9/11. DO NOT POLITICISE THE REVERNED 9/11.

  83. Joe Scarborough and Bob Woodward are as far as I’m concerned Bottom Feeders. Woodward used to be a first class and trusted reporter. Not anymore. He is just like that Daniels woman. Wanting back in the lime light. She wouldn’t make a pimple on a whores ass and he will never be a trusted reporter again.

  84. My question: why is that when a person knowingly would get a severe rebuke after commenting something real nasty against the targeted person? …

    To encourage the others to do the same? If they do, then it would be too many to count, for example, death threats. Perhaps the US Secret Service can’t do them all?

    Why would they be willing to spew real nasty out of their mouth if that would reveal their true color? Many famous people have done it. Would that be matter anymore that we already entered a new era where we may be seeing diminishing humanity in the future?

    Once we lower our civility in our society, there may be no point of return that is very much needed to safeguard the peace among the peoples. Obama had the nerve to downplay Trump presidency that would call for a social rebellion against the law. He already crossed the line with the Logan Act by meddling with the foreign authorities secretly.

    Scarborough is a RINO. Was never a conservative, as we see in John McCain. It’s a good thing that he revealed his true color, like McCain did.

    We must vote to win. Draining the swamp cannot be done overnight.

    Trump 2020!

  85. If Joe Scarborough is a journalist I am a Chinese rocket scientist .
    Him and his girlfriend both should be strung up . I can’t understand why anybody would watch their show or that trash they call the view .

  86. Joe Scarbrough is from the panhandle of Florida. He was a Republican, was in politics, was a good conservative Republican, married and had a nice family. Somewhere along the way, he
    went crazy, lost his family, got out of
    politics and went into tv. He had a talk
    show in FL first. I don’t know all the
    particulars but he lost his way and
    everybody knows what he is today, a
    joke with a space cadet lefty looney
    girlfriend. They try too hard and come
    off looking goofy, ridiculous, and
    incompetent! He used to boast DJT was
    his good friend but, I heard when DJT
    excluded him from a dinner at Mar A
    Largo that was the beginning of the end
    and Joe now hates POTUS, etc. Joe
    Scarborough is not a good person, that I
    know for sure.

  87. I went to FB to read the comments. I made a brief comment stating that the column is completely inappropriate. As soon as I started reading the comments of others, my computer started acting up. I kept ending up back on my home page, or on the pages of other commenters, without clicking on them. How odd.

  88. Scarborough, aside from being crude, rude & ignorant, he is an idiot!!! I heard his drivel on a clip @ Fox. And on 9/11 to boot!!! Does he have a following?? If so I would strongly suggest you drop him like a hot potato!!!

  89. Joe once claimed to be a conservative. That was before he got a Witff of that liberal twat sitting beside him. I guess a hard on has no conscience.

  90. I do not watch him or the other networks other than fox. I just can’t believe how people are attacking one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.

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