MSNBC just let the cat out of the bag on the real reason Democrats fear Ron DeSantis

The corporate-controlled media spent the last year lying about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Joe Biden picked a fight with DeSantis over the coronavirus.

And now MSNBC just let the cat out of the bag on the real reason Democrats fear Ron DeSantis.

It’s a rite of passage in American politics that whoever Democrats and the media view as the current leader of the Republican Party is automatically the most dangerous man in America.

For eight years, the Left compared George W. Bush to Hitler, but immediately recast him as a commonsense moderate in order to smear Donald Trump as an authoritarian threat to Democracy.

Now Ron DeSantis is on the receiving end of this treatment.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Never-Trump lunatic, Nicole Wallace, former Republican Congressman David Jolly declared that DeSantis was a greater threat than Trump.

“Ron DeSantis is far more dangerous than Donald Trump,” Jolly declared.

Jolly claimed DeSantis advanced the same agenda as Trump, while avoiding some of the landmines Trump would sometimes step on.

“He’s more savvy. He’s more coy. And he doesn’t have the pitfalls that Donald Trump does,” Jolly added.

Jolly then explained what terrified Democrats so much about a potential Ron DeSantis Presidential campaign.

“Ron DeSantis will announce he’s running for President on this notion of the free state of Florida,” Jolly continued.

The foundation of DeSantis’ 2024 run would be a rejection of the COVID fascism and woke indoctrination that formed the pillars of the modern-day Democrat Party.

Jolly explained that DeSantis would run on his record of banning vaccine and mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, biological males playing girls’ sports, and Democrats passing laws making it easier to cheat in elections.

“Florida’s not free if your kids can’t be exposed to the full curriculum that would make them smarter and better educated students. Florida’s not free if you can’t get a test or treatment for Covid. Florida’s not free if you don’t have access to the ballot box. Florida’s not free if you’re a voter and you vote and by a majority, determined home rule and then Governor DeSantis says, ‘I’m not going to let you do that’ and he knee-caps local voters,” Jolly stated.

Democrats worry that a DeSantis Presidential bid would force a referendum on their increasingly unpopular agenda featuring a Republican candidate who showed how to successfully fight back and win.

And Democrats do not think they can win that race.

That explains why MSNBC is already trotting out the trope that Ron DeSantis is more dangerous than Donald Trump.

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