MSNBC was melting down after facing this painful political reality about Joe Biden

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Everything is going wrong for Joe Biden these days.

His political situation is even worse than Democrats admit.

And MSNBC was melting down after facing this painful political reality about Joe Biden.

NBC News dropped one of the worst polls for President Joe Biden in recent memory.

Former President Donald Trump sported a 47% to 42% lead over Biden, which was an increase from the last national NBC poll.

NBC data guru Steve Kornacki joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to break down the poll for the shellshocked hosts.

He explained that Biden topped Trump in NBC’s polling going back to 2019, but said that Trump took the lead for the first time ever last November and expanded his lead in the recent poll.

Kornacki added that Biden’s approval rating had entered into historically bad territory.

“So there’s that obviously a big thing driving this Biden decline even since last summer,” Kornacki said. “It’s simply that his approval rating in our poll clocks in at 37%. That is his low in our poll. That’s the lowest a President has checked in an NBC poll since the final days of the George W Bush administration in 2008.”

According to Kornacki, it got even worse for Biden compared to his predecessors.

“The disapproval rating, also an all-time high in our poll for Biden at 60%. Again, zoom out on this one. Put it in perspective. These are the incumbents this century to seek reelection,” Kornacki continued.

Only former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush had an approval rating at Biden’s level or worse in their re-election years.

Both Carter and H.W. Bush lost their re-election races.

“Also, there’s this, we asked if the candidate has the necessary mental or physical health. And here the comparison is striking,” Kornacki continued.

He explained that Trump had opened a 16-point advantage over Biden on mental and physical health, as the questions about the President’s mental and physical stamina mount.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough could barely contain his rage as the news for Biden from the poll continued to get worse.

“Well, you know, Steve, there are a lot of numbers in here that are shocking to a lot of our viewers,” a seething Scarborough said.

The host tried to regain his composure before going on a rant.

“I’ll just say right here, a lot of them are shocking to me,” Scarborough ranted. “I mean, outrageous if you look at people saying that Donald Trump has necessary mental and physical health, and, and who is the greatest, who’s best for America across the globe. And even who’s best at protecting democracy. That’s a draw. I mean, everything cutting again, which for me, is so preposterous. It’s laughable!”

Voters gave Trump a slight edge over Biden on protecting democracy after the President angered Republicans and a large slice of Independents by weaponizing the justice system against his top political opponent.

Joe Biden’s collapse in the polls is giving the hosts on MSNBC serious heartburn as he stumbles toward Election Day.

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