Mueller’s latest move shows he’s desperate to sink Trump

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team of 20 investigators are squeezing Paul Manafort.

DC insiders predict indictments will come down on Manafort by Thanksgiving to maximize the impact on his family.

But while the liberal media is convinced this means Mueller is close to taking down Trump, people who know Manafort see it differently.

Those closest to Manafort think it reveals Mueller’s desperation.

The Washington Times reports:

They suggest that the trail to finding Russia-Trump collusion has become so cold that Mr. Mueller’s game of hardball led by Mr. Weissmann is a last-ditch effort to scare Mr. Manafort into becoming a prosecution witness.

Associates say Mr. Manafort is not a cooperating witness for one clear reason: He has nothing to reveal and has witnessed no illegal collusion. Mr. Manafort believes his personal consulting business of big bucks for advising foreign politicians, some unsavory, did not violate the law. He further believes his years of tax returns are clean.

A source familiar with the investigation told The Washington Times that nothing incriminating was found in the computer files and other documents that the FBI seized from the Alexandria condo.
The Manafort probe is headed by Mr. Weissmann, a hard-edged prosecutor who has spent most of his career in federal public service. He was general counsel at the FBI when Mr. Mueller was the bureau’s director. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in early 2015 named him head of the Justice Department’s criminal fraud division.

Mr. Weissmann attained fame in nailing Mafia chieftains in New York in the 1990s and then finding culprits in the infamous collapse of Texas energy giant Enron. A Justice Department press release announcing his pre-Mueller post ticked off the names of convicted Enron executives Jeffrey Skilling, Kenneth Lay and Andrew Fastow.

The FBI’s condo invasion and a threat of indictment against Mr. Manafort have the imprint of Mr. Weissmann’s forceful tradecraft to persuade prosecution targets to flip.

The Russia-Trump fake news narrative was created by Democrats and the liberal media to undermine Trump’s credibility and hamper his administration from the start.

With the investigation focusing solely on squeezing Manafort to “turn” him, it looks like the special counsel has nothing.

What are your thoughts?

Should Congress defund the special counsel and allow Trump’s administration to focus on implementing his policies to make America great again?

Let us know in the comments.


  1. Mueller is deeply involved in the offense in which he is supposedly investigating. He was head of the FBI when the Uranium One sell out went on. He was well aware of the bribes, was given testimony and proof of what was going on and did nothing about it. They placed the informant under a gag order to over up the crime. He is personal friends with Comey and many involved in this case. This violates the qualifications for a Special Counsel. How can he remain in charge. It looks like he is there to protect himself and his cronies.


  2. This investigation has turned into a 3 stooges skit only there are what 20 stooges which translates into a giant
    Farce, after all this time and all they can come up with is stalling and waisting time and more of my money, the American citizens money! It’s time for the players, all the players including Rosenstein who is as crooked as the entire
    Leftist criminals. These so called “professionals” look like idiots, and just like the leftist anti-American politicians,
    they have no self respect, no character, definitely no integrity, no real relevance in a civilized Law & Order constitutional government or we would not be forced to watch such a rediculas investigation by weak losers
    who are a disgrace to our country, government, judicial system, not to mention and the citizens who know what professionalism looks like, and why it’s important! Having the obama third world ignorance as leader of a civilized country has open the gate for all obama/clinton addicts of greed, power and corruption, to turn our great country into a uncivilized ghetto street gang origanization, rather than the world leaders we were before the illegitimate Kenyan lied his way into presidency. Time to get on with investigating the actual political criminals that have no respect for our Judicial system and have abused power they were never mature enough or honest enough to be in a position of power, just look what we ended up with on this investigation, the which hunt to beat all which hunts.

  3. I think it’s high time to defund muller and his team. Muller has gotten rich off this and he is dangling all of you on a string to get as much out of you and tax payers. John McCain started this all by a big fat lie. You would think someone dying with cancer would be talking to God and getting his life straightened out. He is a cruel and evil man.

  4. It is time to get rid of the FBI, TSA, CIA, and all the other 14 or so soi-dissant intelligence agencies. They have become a menace to the freedom of every American. They are back room directors of foreign policy above even the President. They spend time and taxpayer money looking for crimes where non exist, and fail to properly gather evidence and prosecute those who have actually violated laws, if the violators are prominent in government. Before it was the CIA, it was the OSS during WW II where it actually did some good work. It, as the CIA, since then, has not been worth a plugged nickle, and the rest of them aren’t far behind it. Fire them all. The money saved would pay for the border wall. At least we’d have some results to show for the money.


  6. Time to shut Mueller down and charge him for this Political witch hunt brought on by his law breaking buddy James Coomey. This whole mess was nothing short of a coop attempt by the DemonCraps since the annointed one got her tail whipped in the election. They thought they had the election bought and paid for, but they forgot one thing. They have NO CLUE what an average everyday American deals with on a daily basis, they are so far out of touch. No matter how much they covered up and how much they pollished the TURD of a Candidate they had, she was still a TURD.

  7. This whole thing is rather backwards. The normal thing is to identify a known crime such as robbery, fraud, assault, etc. and then look for evidence to identify the perpetrator. These people are starting with a suspect (Or is he really their victim?) and have gone looking for evidence of a crime. They have taken all this time and found nothing, yet they keep looking. Is there no end?


  9. Mueller needs to be fired!! The whole thing is stupid and a fraud from the beginning. If you want an independent council then hire an independent council and not some lackey from the Democratic Party.

  10. Congress should defund the special counsel and allow Trump’s administration to focus on implementing his policies to make America great again. A different Special Prosecutor should be set up to investigate the many crooked deals of the Clintons and go after Comey for his wrongful and illegal handling of the Hillary wrongdoings. In addition to investigate the terrible IRS handling by Lois Lerner and John Koskinen of organizations being denied their rightful tax-exempt status. while they’re at it, they should also look into the Benghazi ‘You Tube Video’ phony cover up.

  11. Less than 12hrs after the Vegas shooting the FBI determined that there was no connection to Islamic terrorism…why after over a year they still cannot figure out that Trump had no Russian collusion…

  12. YES!!! Definitely STOP the mueller investigation!!! He reeks of biased fraudulent swampy collusion with the corrupted liberal cesspool. His buddy comey is already a proven liar and a hillary thug. That fake investigator mueller should be fined million$ and be imprisoned 20+ years for misusing tax money for shameful unethical vengeful personal practices.

  13. I don’t know why Mueller is still there!! He should have been thrown out with the rest of the trash a long time ago. How can you have a FAIR investigation of a republican president (which has done nothing to be investigated) when the “team” is only democrats and Hillary supporters?? This is a blatant INJUSTICE to the people of America and who ever has the authority to fire Mueller should do it IMMEDIATELY!!! This expensive taxpayer funded circus has gone on too long!! END IT!!!!!

  14. No, the “mule” and his co-conspirators have nothing, but keep digging, hoping to “create” something they can use. Unless AG Sessions stops them cold, they will continue “phishing”- – the biggest problem, as I see it – -they are “phishing in the wrong pond”!

  15. Congress needs to say enough and shut this whole farce down and possibly open a case against muller and all his help for trying to pressure false testimony out of people

  16. how many investigators went after holder for fast and furious where there was hard evidence namely weapons recovered , how many went after hillorys wiped private server for the emails

  17. MrSessions,The people have spoken.This special “investigation “has found nothing! Isn’t it time to reinin the democratic witch hunt and get on with the business of confirming the presidents nominees. Obama’s out Trump is now potus sh#t it get off the pot

  18. Kick Mueller out of the investigation now! Then firer Rosenstein for his poor judgement in hiring Mueller. Then fire McCabe at the FBI. Now the swamp is smelling a bit fresher. If Trump does not do this, the swamp will swallow him up with the help of turncoats like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

  19. Mueller worked for Eric Holder. Holder worked for Barack Obama. Obama was the dishonest United States has ever had. Everyone that was connected to Obama does not seem to be capable of telling one little thing that’s near the TRUTH!
    The President should know that. Had I been President Trump, I would have FIRED MUELLER from the beginning. He can’t be trusted. Birds of a feather flock together.

  20. U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Attention: Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Rod Rosenstein, Esq.

    August 10, 2017

    Subject: Mr. Robert Mueller, Esq. serving as Special Council, and calling for a Grand Jury

    Dear Mr. Deputy Attorney General:

    I am writing to you primarily as a way to establish a historical record of your endeavor to investigate any collusion between President Donald J. Trump and the Russians, during the 2016 Federal Election process. Your temporary responsibilities as acting Attorney General caused you to be attuned to the entire Department of Justice case load. And so, you would be fully aware of all facets of the Trump-Russia 2016 Election collusion, if any. No collusion was discovered. And so, it would behoove the present Attorney General Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, Esq., to un-recuse himself now that there is no evidence of a Trump felony. You, however, Mr. Deputy Attorney General, are complicit with Attorney Robert Mueller, Esq. in establishing a Special Council and appointed Mr. Mueller to that position.

    It is known in public circles that Mr. Mueller is a close friend of former Dir. FBI, James B. Comey. When the President of the United States, Donald Trump fired Comey, Attorney. Robert Mueller can be seen as an extremely biased prosecutor. Mueller’s assignment, at the suggestion of Comey and its actual enactment, is, in my opinion illegal.

    The Special Council began his investigation in May 2016, it has been noted in the Main Stream Media. We are now almost midway into August and there has been no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

    I am aware that a Special Council is triggered by ongoing or previous criminal activity and is based upon hard evidence that can be used to prosecute a felon. Yet Atty. Robert Mueller was made Special Council without any criminal activity performed by a felon and without any evidence. And then, to establish a Grand Jury for the prosecution, that is totally out of line with ethical justice and the Rule of Law. The final partisan development is that Special Council Mueller has moved the Grand Jury from Virginia to Washington D. C., wherein he is likely to load the Grand Jury with Democrats who, politically are biased against President Trump.

    How is that possible at such a high level in the DOJ to allow such misdeeds of justice? The complicit activity described in the body of this letter is the criminal activity, in my opinion. No, the Mueller investigation and Grand Jury is not a witch hunt. Rather it is a stronger term, a Vendetta.

  21. I don’t think congress has the guts to defund the special prosecutor , but it is time for the prosecutor to admit they have a case against the President of the United States and go home.

  22. I think Trump should fire Mueller and be done with it. Also get rid of Jeff Sessions and make sure he has someone to replace him before he does it. Take the flack. It can’t be any worse than what he’s getting already. Don’t make the mistake Bush the younger made by trying to please them. Nothing will please them until they’re back in power. This will also please and strengthen his base.

  23. The swamp is huge, the Republicans are in this as well and congress will become Democratically controlled in 2018 if the voter mandate of clearing the swamp is not adhered to.

  24. Mueller is insulting the American people’s intelligence by continuing with this ridiculous
    witch hunt not to mention the cost that is being put on us.
    Why is it that no one pulls him out of that office and allowing the country to move forward with
    Trump’s agenda, “Make America Great Again” start by removing Mueller!!!!!!!!

  25. All this money they have spent trying to find something could have been used for more worth while cause. Congress so far hasn’t done a single thing this year. Take the money they have wasted, and money trying to get POTUS, and balance the budget, or pay on that national debt. Just get on with the job you were hired for, or GET OUT and LET SOMEBODY ELSE GET IT DONE.

  26. Defund this investigation which is criminal in itself since it violates the special prosecutor law and it violates over and over attorney conflict of interest ethics. Mueller cannot be trusted at all. Neither can Comey or the DOJ Rosenstein who hired Mueller. Got Comey fired now fire the other two idiots.

  27. A Limbaugh caller said that the FBI announced within 12 hours of the Las Vegas shooting that there was no evidence that ISIS had anything to do with it. Meanwhile, they have been on the Trump/Russia collusion investigation for more than a year without uncovering any evidence and they keep looking and adding staff.

  28. Mueller has conducted a FALSE INVESTIGATION from the onset – he should be prosecuted. Eric Holder, Mr. Gun Runner, who is he fit to judge?? Where is JEFF SESSIONS??

    • Sessions can unrecuse himself and needs to do it. He had zero reason to do it and he needs to make it right not only for Trump but for the American taxpayers. While he is at it ,prosecute the 3 amigos ; Mueller Comey and Rosenstein and with that the mob of democratic lawyers who are trying to undermine our choice for POTUS.

  29. This fishing expedition has gone on long enough and all it’s done is waste time and money–money that could be used more judiciously elsewhere. The Trump haters have been investigating him for over a year now and have found no hard evidence to prove collusion with Russia. Now, Mueller, a self-appointed Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition, has gone far beyond the boundaries of what the investigation was supposed to do. He has shown, by his actions, that he will stoop to any level just to get something on the President and it doesn’t have to be anything factual–faux facts will do nicely. They’ve now been investigating Mr. Manafort for several weeks. They’ve raided his property to confiscate his business papers. They’ve done everything they can to get Manafort to flip and give damning evidence against Trump. And what do they have to show for all this time and money? Zilch, zippo, nada, a big fat expensive nothing! It’s time for the D-O-J to S-T-O-P this travesty and close down this snipe hunt.

    • Sessions recused himself. The asst is a democrat, Obama appointed. He is compromised and invited Mueller, a friend of Comey to open up
      All areas rather than limiting Mueller investigation to Trump Collusion with Russia. There is nothing of evidence of collusion and that’s where the investigation should end. Instead he gave Mueller all the rope he wanted to investigate anything or anyone . This is criminal. Mueller has no authority to overstep his legal limits, yet Rosenstein has allowed him to do it. So smells of corruption and compromise that a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and all the legal team of Mueller. Obviously it’s a witch hunt when there is not 1 Trump lawyer on the prosecuting team. It’s all democratic donors and democratic hacks,

  30. How long will the pain go on. When will the desperate attacks on our president stop. When will we charge, and convict the genuine career criminals like Hillary, Comey, Obama, and the rest of this career criminal band. Let the president do his job and start charging and convicting the real all to well known criminals in our country. I am sick of this incredible crap.

  31. Mueller should be charged. In our colonial history if a hostile witness brought charges against someone and was not able to produce sufficient evidence to convict them then they were charged with criminal action and received the same penalty that the falsely accused person would have received under the false charges. This is justice and eliminates frivolous law suits and witch hunts. Is not Biblical law good?

  32. the pres. should say enough is enough put an end to this , start investigating mc cain , polosi ,shumer,mueller and a few others , start putting people in jail ( Clintons , holder ) start exposing some of these people , exposing obama and drain the swamp,expose mc cains military record that was covered up by his father ( the admiral ) everybody in the gov. wants mr. trump out because he is finding out how corrupt this gov. is . we need to change all of them

  33. Shame on our elected officials for not ending this farce. We the People are paying for this witch hunt. Our country is already 20 Trillion in debt and can not afford this un-lawful probe. There is suppose to be evidence of wrong doing before an investigation is started and there wasn’t any. It is very interesting that an Obama era DOJ lawyer can pick a Special Prosecutor when there is not evidence of a crime. However there is also blame on the Republican side also because no one is talking about stopping this in justice. Fo another thing, Jeff Sessions should un-recluse himself and start doing his job. The Deep State is so evident and there are too many Obama Administration hold overs.

  34. And this is all about taking the spot light off HRC Cartel and the Corruption in the Obama’s administration. BS I say. There has to be a higher justice Dept that to put the Finger on the right criminals.

  35. It is so obvious that Mueller is the one that is crooked. he must not be a very good prosecutor if he needs to hire 20 other crooked attorneys. Mueller is costing this country’s taxpayers a small fortune. He should have recused himself before this whole sham even started. How much in his search to find out something on President Trump have he and his band found out abut Obummer and Killary and the rest of their gang? Bet nothing will be revealed about them though. WHOLE DAMN BUNCH OF LIARS AND CROOKS.

  36. I think Mueller should be disbarred for conflict of interest. He has a longstanding personal relationship with Comey & his entire team are all democrats that supported Hillary Clinton. There is no bias & its nothing more than a witch hunt.

  37. Absolutely Congress should defund the special counsel. Should never have been authorized to begin with. AG should never have recused himself, and Rosenstein needs to go. I’m tired of our taxes being spent on things with no basis, just because one party doesn’t like what happened with the other!

  38. Squeeze baby squeeze. When all done and you got not a thing. They will be forced to squeeze, Hillary, Mueller, and the rest. Well, your st it. Pardon wiki leaks and the truth will really be echoed.

  39. I agree with all above.. if they really WANTED TO and or NEEDED TO get a conviction, why don’t they turn their dirty noses toward Comey, Holder, Lynch or the Clintons (either one, or all three!!) They would not have to look as hard and expend ALL their energies on just one person (who is clean) but would come up with three – four – or five convictions… Much better prize!!!!

  40. Mueller is wasting taxpayer’s money and doing great harm to our country. Is he smart enough to know this? Or is he dishonest?

  41. Congress should and must put an end to Mueller’s Witch hunt. 20 prosecutors sounds like overkill and a waste of the taxpayers money.

    • It definitely should be shut down. I also think if there was anything there they would be moving forward. Instead they are trying to bully Manafort into making something up they could use. Congress for once need to get off there butt and defund it it. We are past tired of this crap against our duly elected president.

  42. Mueller is NOT going to ” Sink Mr. Trump in anywhere but his wildest dreams NOBODY is, so Muller needs to sit down and shut up… Go harass the NFL if you need to have something useless to do

  43. there can be no believing this person and his results as the violation of professional ethics is clear he has a witness that is a close friend.

    And how do you get independent legal when you look at all the lawyers that have contributed to B.O. or hillary.

  44. Mueller needs brought up on charges for taking so long on this investigation that the American people are paying for! How much longer is he and 20 lawyers gonna be on the payroll of the American people? When he has found nothing! Just threatening Manafort so he will lie against the president!

  45. If they had something it would already have been done. Looking harder will be very boring like it is already boring. My dollars are being burned by this witch hunt!

  46. If they had something it would already have been done. Looking harder will be very boring like it is already boring. My dollars are being burned by this witch hunt!

  47. Just one of the tactics of the guilty… point your finger at someone else, and say, “Look at what he/she did” so they can hopefully distract you from their own crime(s). Even if they have to make up stories, there is no new low to which they will not stoop. Liberals are like that. We should just knowingly say, “Uh huh” and turn away. Not worth paying any more attention to that noise, right? And that’s what it is, really. There’s not much else to it.

    • Sharcatblue. I totally agree………. what an idiot…………. These liberals are desperate…… wake up and smell the coffee dudes. Your candidate LOST. GET OVER IT and lets get this Country strong and INDIVIDED once and for all !!!

    • Trump had it right; the left is desperate for a Hail Mary to reverse the election results in the person of Robert Mueller. This witch hunt won’t stop until Mueller finds something; wouldn’t put it past them to plant false evidence. Congress should definitely shut this guy down.

      • This whole system is curupt and we have in America a 2 tier Justice system!! So unfair that AG doesn’t have the balls to convict and it sickens me to the core! Someone with clout stand up for this country or burn!!

    • Find the video record of the hearing he had before congress just before he left Justice.
      I saw it on TV. When asked which Division, or sub-group, and who, was investigating Lois Lerner/IRS, and the same for Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun running, etc., he mumbled and fumbled so badly, he looked really incompetent and feeble. He clearly sat on these cases. He’s dirty. He was also when U.S. attorney here. The Russian thing was created to deflect attention from the striking content of the Podesta/Clinton/DNC e-mails, showing that Hillary conspired, not colluded, with CNN (and MSNBC) to CHEAT (the country) in the debates. It was all a set-up. The media (and the RNC, and Congress) still never mentions this. But Joe Six-pack and Bob Bluecollar saw this and realized they were betrayed. They also saw that their own local Democrat politicians all must have realized this gross cheating, but still supported Hillary. Ergo, they voted them out. They may not have appreciated how serious her use of and lies about her illegal server for classified com, but the debate cheating was inarguable, and validated the other character issues.

    • Yes Congress should shut down the investigation and defund this witch hunt. That is all it has been since the start. The distraction is what the Clinton’s and the political class want. They will do anything to prevent the swing in power from this corrupt group back to the people.

    • You are so right. This committee, or whatever you call it, hasn’t been fair since the beginning. There are too many liberals with him that do not like Trump. I think Mueller needs to be fired immediately. He has had long enough to search and came up with nothing. Get rid of him now.

      • There’s an asst in charge . Rosenstein should be fired and next year n like me brought up to charge Mueller from r not recusing himself and ordering special prosecutor to make investigate Mueller and Comey and Rosenstein. All of them should have recused themselves. Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller are compromised. That Burr is an a hole for not shutting it down . Hell hes letting all democrats run a fraudulent and illegal investigation.

    • I believe the President and congress should shut Mueller and his high priced cronies down NOW. He has proven the President innocent a number of times so far and proven there is nothing anywhere. Fire the slug and put this crap to sleep.

    • roger dimmock, This is more than needed by the American public in order to finalize and shut down this money squandering of tax payers’ dollars. After all this time and the moneies spent on this farce, nothing has been proven against the POTUS and his allies.
      The Republican House and senate should shut this fantasy, witch-hunt down; get rid of Mueller and his democratic phonies with their noses up their behinds; and, finally, do that for which whey were elected while stripping the RINOS of any form of notariety and bluntly informing them that they are done/finished.

    • Mueller’s very lucrative contract covers just finding evidence Russia influenced the 2016 election. The MSM rejoiced when he and his 20 lawyers found where Trump campaigner Manafort had contact with Ukraine; however, Ukraine is poor and an enemy of Russia. As for limits, the contract has no fiscal or time limitation.
      Mueller’s very lucrative contract covers just finding evidence Russia influenced the 2016 election. The MSM rejoiced when he and his 20 lawyers found where Trump campaigner Montfort had contact with Ukraine; however, Ukraine is a poor enemy of Russia. As for limits, the contract has no fiscal or time limitation.
      Assume Mueller’s motive is NOT political (I owe the Dem) … only ego (I got’a win) or financial (more hours and income), or retribution (for buddy Comey’s firing); and). Mueller thinks the money for his 20 lawyer staff is limitless … no wonder the general fund, where social security income is deposited, is approaching bankruptcy.

      As for the

      • The above cut and paste was hosed … this is a better idea of what I was saying:

        Mueller’s very lucrative contract covers just finding evidence Russia influenced the 2016 election. The MSM rejoiced when he and his 20 lawyers found where Trump campaigner Monafort had contact with Ukraine; however, Ukraine is a poor enemy of Russia. As for limits, the contract has no fiscal or time limitation.

        Assume Mueller’s motive is NOT political (I owe the Dem) … only ego (I got’a win) or financial (more hours and income), or retribution (for buddy Comey’s firing); and). Mueller thinks the money for his 20 lawyer staff is limitless … no wonder the general fund, where social security income is deposited, is approaching bankruptcy.

        • I think congress should limit Muller and his bandits to $1.00 in funds. This way
          No one could say Muller was fired. Why give him unlimited funds.
          I would ask Muller “How long are intend to keep this going?” Is he going
          keep this going until our president finishes his second term?

      • Mueller has a hard on against Pres. Trump and was always the wrong guy for the job. All this witch Hunt is doing is allowing Mueller to pry into matters that have nothing to do with the investigation, and I believe Trump should fire his ass. Taxpayer dollars are being used and wasted. Red flag shoulda went up once it came out that he was Comey’s friend. More of the lefts bullshit because they won’t accept. Crooked Hillary was never the right candidate.

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