Nancy Mace announced an alliance with Ilhan Omar that will make your blood boil

Ilhan Omar is facing the loss of one of her key committee assignments.

But one RINO is riding to the rescue.

And Nancy Mace announced an alliance with Ilhan Omar that will make your blood boil.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faced the prospect of an embarrassing defeat right off the bat.

Three House Republicans – led by RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace – announced their opposition to McCarthy’s promise to hold a vote to kick Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee over her history of anti-Semitic comments.

That meant the move to boot Omar from Foreign Affairs would fail if McCarthy lost one more GOP vote.

McCarthy won over one skeptic – Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz – by including due process protections in the resolution to remove Omar from Foreign Affairs by allowing her to appeal the decision to the House Ethics Committee.

“I appreciate Speaker McCarthy’s willingness to address legitimate concerns and add due process language to our resolution. Deliberation and debate are vital for our institution, not top-down approaches,” Spartz announced.

“As to my fellow conservatives, I think setting a precedent of allowing an appeal process for the Speaker’s and majority-party removal decisions is particularly important to freedom-loving legislators who usually are on the receiving end of issues like this,” Spartz’s statement continued.

Sensing an impending defeat, Omar whined on social media about McCarthy whipping votes to boot her from a committee.

“The fact that this has become a sole focus for [House Speaker Kevin McCarthy] that he is personally whipping votes for it is really pathetic. Not the debt ceiling or all the actual priorities a Speaker should be fighting to deal with and whip votes for,” Omar posted on social media.

And even with the revised resolution, Nancy Mace is sticking by her ally Omar and is refusing to budge in her support to keep her on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Nancy Mace already helped Democrats by echoing their false talking points that Pro-Life activists are extremists who supposedly threaten “women’s rights.”

And now Mace is helping Omar and the Democrats double down on their “GOP extremists” lie.

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