Nancy Mace just betrayed conservatives in this terrible way

RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace is turning into a headache for the GOP.

Mace takes every opportunity available to go after the Right.

And now Nancy Mace just betrayed conservatives in this terrible way.

Nancy Mace is turning into this generation’s John McCain in that she loves to appear on left-wing media outlets and attack conservatives as dangerous extremists.

On Sunday, Mace appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and told a giddy Chuck Todd that the reason Republicans fell short of a Red wave in the Midterm elections was the issue of abortion.

“It’s the reason we didn’t get more of a majority,” Mace stated. “We should have had a dozen or two dozen seat majority this legislative session, but we don’t because this is one of the issues that was top of mind for swing voters.”

Mace again falsely claimed to be Pro-Life while using left-wing talking points about “women’s rights,” which she believes includes the right to abortion on demand.

“I’m here waving my hand, being a very vocal person on this, saying: ‘I’m pro-life, but I’m willing to sit down and talk about how do we balance the rights of women and the right to life?’” Mace added.

Pro-Life Americans do not believe there is a right to an abortion.

Nancy Mace clearly does.

That means Nancy Made is not Pro-Life.

Mace then claimed the majority of voters in her district support abortion and that she was open to finding a way to pass legislation that would codify it into law.

“The vast majority of people in my district don’t like what happened after Roe was overturned, they support the women’s right to choose generally,” Mace said. “The folks in my district… are willing to find some middle ground here.”

It’s not just Nancy Mace’s rhetoric that indicates she supports abortion.

Last year, Mace voted for a bill that would have mandated access to abortion-inducing drugs.

Mace barely won a Primary in 2022 against a Trump-endorsed challenger after she voted with Democrats to hold former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress for defying a January 6 Committee subpoena.

There is a very strong likelihood that Mace will face a Primary challenger again in 2024.

And this race could turn into a referendum on Mace’s support for abortion.

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