Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of something awful about Brett Kavanaugh

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats smell blood in the water.

They think they have Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on the ropes.

And Nancy Pelosi accused Donald Trump of using Kavanaugh to do something awful.

Pelosi claimed Trump wanted to break the #MeToo movement.

The movement started after high profile Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein was accused of being a sexual predator.

Breitbart reports:

Friday at her weekly press conference House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused President Donald Trump of trying to break the so-called “#MeToo” movement.

While commenting on the testimony of Professor Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Pelosi said, “There are woman out there including my own daughter who think what the president is trying to break thew Me too movement. To just say we don’t care what you have to say.”

When asked if she agrees Trump is trying to break the movement, Pelosi said, “Yes, I do. I do because the lack of respect — well, of course has his own problems with the fact he could be President of the United States with all of the disrespect he has demonstrated against women, and now he’s appointing somebody like him. And I think yesterday with the lack of temperament and lack of dignity in his presentation, that Judge Kavanaugh was doing an imitation of President Trump.”

She continued, “I think there’s criticism in terms of the attitude that they did have. I mean we did see some outbursts on their part and they shall we say lack of respect, I’m trying to be as respectful of them as possible, it’s hard. The lack of respect that they have was demonstrated. I think if you saw Lindsey Graham’s outburst, you would see what the problem is. That’s why I said do they not have sisters, daughters, mothers? Do they not understand?”

But now Democrats want to use the movement to destroy Republicans.

If they can pick off Kavanaugh they can “Me Too” any conservative at any time.

It’s turning into a political weapon for Democrats.

Women who were legitimately sexually abused should be heard.

But it shouldn’t be a wedge issue for Democrats to smear every Republican who rises to prominence.

We will keep you up-to-date with any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. It is sad that Democrats in general have lost sight of the fact that they are in congress for the good of the country. America first. To turn sexual allegations into a strategy is very sad for those that are truly subjected to sexual harassment. It is the old “do not falsely cry wolf”. Very sad!

  2. Excuse me…. In all respect, I would like to give you her accurate name: NANCY PELOUSY. PLEASE USER IT IN THE FUTURE….. WE HERE ALL DO!!!!!!

  3. ps. to ‘old school’ BS jd. FYI: New School
    functions) + More.

  4. Rite. ‘brain functions deteriorate’. Some Don’t
    KNOW When ‘to give it up’. Ahem. Would that be you ???

  5. So true! What we really need to do is send all of our mutual opinions to the major networks and to our “elected” officials…keep bombarding them and let them know that we have the power to fire them come the next election…and dont turn to the big media offenders by not wAtching their broadcasts. I for one am so disgusted with Democrats as well as their sleeper agents in the Republican. Party that I will NOT vote anything “D”… or anything on the “R” side who did not vote for Kavinaugh or doesn’t in general support Republican values!

  6. Carrie
    U r on point! The movement can also become a breeding g ground for opportunist women skanks looking for $$$ by claiming false allegations and ruining alot of lives in the process! And, for the Democrats an easy inventory to find new fodder for the next conservative they want to keep out of office! It’s a dual edged sword! Be careful it could be one of your Male family members or friends targeted by these vile women. After all, the movement was started by a victim who was also a predator!

  7. The me to movement was started by Asagio who is a sexual predator herself . Im a rape survivor and Ms Ford has issues but not from what shes claiming and she is not a doctor so why people refer to her as Dr Ford but in any event being a survivor you remember every last detail especialy if you as traumatised by an alledged allmost rape like she says.Shes a puppet who didnt have time to rehearse the script and she ended up making herself look like a fool

  8. Think thats bad John Litgow and Laurie Metcafe are doing a Broadway play about none other the the Clintons guess they will call it Dumb and Dumbest or Treason and Traitors Only ones who will be in the audience will be Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters and Loretta Lynch fighting over weather the actors are Republicans or not.

  9. Nancy who

    Nancy who? Does anyone really care what she says? Those in the least defensible positions scream the loudest and complain the most.


  11. Jeff Flake shame on you
    nancy shame on you

    if this was you instead of brett how you would these days be for you
    donot worry something will happen for you god works wonders it will be your turn

  12. The Lube Rack Girl 1959. Google it! I think she has been lubed to many times. With the wrong lube! The name needs to stick, though. Let’s see what we can do about that.

  13. AKA the “Lube Rack Girl” 1946 San Francisco, CA. A one piece bathing suite with nothing on top either below the neck nor above it either. She drinks to much for the US taxpayers to support nor pay for her jet to transfer her friends and family and other staffers to DC and CA several times a month.

  14. Why is ANYONE, still listening to Pelosi? She just turns everything around so she has something to spew about! Again,,,
    Prosecute and imprison! Take some of those millions that she and others have made marketing their positions. FINE THEM AND THEN PUT THEM IN JAIL!

  15. …the Dems or anyone else dont seem to be outraged over the fact that the
    Me too movement was started by Asia Argento who is a sexual predator herself! The Democratic party is the arch enemy of our country; a self serving rogue pack of criminals whose only agenda is to globalize our country…everyone should read the book “The Deep State”…there is a shadow government and at the head of all the discourse in our Nation is a powerful and dangerous money machine named George Sorros!

  16. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

  17. Doc he’s doing something right. Bett r trade deals. Wall Street records. Many more people reporting for work today. Lower taxes. And don’t say for rich people only. That’s a proven lie. Stronger military. The list goes on. He’s doing what your half breed mulatto couldn’t or wouldn’t do. Also ok greatly impressed with his stand on the 2nd admendment He didn’t send illegal weapons to Mexico to turn people against it. I don’t have to be a so called doctor to know the truth. It’s called common sense. By the way. Bill Clinton raped women

  18. True many men in all positions have harassed women. But libturds judge people by what political leanings they have. If kavanaha was a lefty nominated by a commiecrat president, you idiots would sell your souls to save him. By the way, bill Clinton raped women.

  19. Instead of putting her in an Old Folks Home, I think Pelosi,and Waters, and Hillary should go for a long walk in the Forrest behind Clinton’s house, and get lost, once and for all !!

  20. I try not to stoop to this level and make comments like I am about to. The Golden State is now The Golden Showers State!

  21. Pelosi is going to lose her position in the House! Hallelujah! Even the Dems are tired of her yapping mouth embarrassing them. Get that stale old witch out of the House. Time for her to be put in an “Old Folks Home”!

  22. You people are just too far gone down conspiracy cultism. Waters does not tell anyone what to do, most members of her own party do not see her even as a leader. Don’t you guys read real news – – Flake said he was not influenced by those women in the elevator, he was influenced when he called a meeting with some people across the aisle and they reached an agreement for a LIMITED FBI probe, one that did not last for long.

    And you are just “ate up” in laying blame on others, with your favorite being a “conspiracy by Soros.” From all information, Trump might have more money that Soros, and certainly the Kock brothers certainly do. You are always looking to lay the blame on others, and avoiding personal responsibility that you only preach about.

  23. Nancy Pelosi is fighting for her political life. notice how she keeps moving left as various Democrat candidates pledge to oppose her being elected majority leader. Nancy also is quite open about using spectacles like this to raise funds for her campaign.

    it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  25. Mol. that opening statement is just looney! Now while Trump tried for a long time to win favor as a Democrat, he never was liked and certainly NOT loved by the left. He was (and still is) way too ignorant and totally inexperienced, plus such a self-centered blowhard, even before he started the great LIE that Obama was born in Kenya, and Trump kept it up even after President Obama provided the documentation both in his birth certificate (the long form) and is newpapers in Hawaii that had listed him in Honolulu births. You are the party that likes people like Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and corrupt Don Trump, not us.

  26. I have to disagree she is not nuts she is just an old bag from California who is an alcoholic take a close look at her face, if you can stomach so.

  27. No so, Dan, you are showing your natural vitriol to women. The “Me too” movement was started by women who are fed up being mistreated by men and when they are assaulted (one in three women will be sexually assaulted in their lives), and courageous enough to come forward, they are often abused again by a system that just wants to sweep the truth under the rug. Look at how many women were verbally attacked like Dr. Ford when they made allegations against Bill Cosby. Women are now standing up for each other now, to get creeps like Weinstein and many of the sexual harassers that ran Fox, like Bill O’Reilly.

  28. I disagree, I think all the Fake Me2 women that R lying, R ruining it for the people who really were sexually abused, the Me2 movement being abused. Therefore the real victims will be ignored. Its like crying wolf.
    Just like coming out so many yrs later, U had your chance to come out yrs earlier, morally U lost your chance on a real case.

  29. AB – SOL-LUTE-LY!!! But I do agree that since we are the only country that gives lifetime appointments to Supreme Court judges, we should probably have like 25 year term limits on them. Sorry, but scientific studies show brain functions tend to deteriorate over time, and I don’t think we are best off with judges that could be over 100. Some candidates many not deteriorate as much as others, but we have a LOT of people qualified for that post who can fulfill vacancies.

  30. She is a big mouth herself. Unbelievable human being to say the least. Innocent until proven guilty. Which Brett Kavanaugh is purely innocent without a doubt.

  31. California is too far gone to ever get its good name back! Instead of being the “Golden State’, CA is now the “Granola State”! Fruits and nuts surrounded by flakes! I used to love CA, but I won’t set foot in the lost cause any more!

  32. Why do we keep lending any credence to what is said by a washed-up witch like Pelosi, Feinstein et al?

  33. Nancy talks gibberish… the woman has been dropping her marbles slowly but surely…..first and foremost she’s a depraved Democrat that in itself should be a warning sign she’s against the president and UnPatriotic.

  34. Not to change the subject but all the men that vote, remember one thing when you go to the polls in November, Senator Mazie Hirono – D from Hawaii told all “the men to shut up and do the right thing”, well men let’s tell her to shut up and vote those democrats out of office. Who does she think she is (nothing but a little pip squeak)!

  35. Those women are funded by George Soros. Flake took big bucks from George Soros. That fracus at the elevator was a scripted encounter to give Flake cover to sabotage Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Flake thinks he can run for president in 2020 and Soros is going to back him.

  36. No, wrong! See that’s what happens with blanket statements. Remember without Devin Nunez nothing would have been known. Also I am a former 12 year conservative politician from California who moved home and is currently involved in politics in Texas fighting against Beto and commie Jones.

  37. Pelosi forgets that most of the abuse towards women have been shown to be Demorats. The two biggest Slick Willy with Hilliaries help by keeping out of jail, and dear ole Harvey Weinstein!

  38. First one has to take in account that this is Nancy Pelosi speaking. A Congresswoman who has never made a sensible statement in her life. For her to keep getting voted to her post really proves that California Democrats are being ripped off at the polls. I just don’t believe that she is their best candidate for representation. We really do need to set term limits for our government officials.

  39. As somebody in politics there are term limits in every position. It called elections. That was shared with me a long time ago.

  40. The Democrat accusers did exactually what Waters told them to do. They got in Flakes face and screamed at him, he caved in. Why was they allowed to be where they could do that? Why did Flake do what he did. If that happened to them, they should have been down at the police station reporting it. That’s the only way it will be stopped. Congress can’t stop it. The police could if it was reported every time it happened.

  41. When; anyone talks bad or make accusations. Against the President is Treason and tyranny. That alone is enough for a U.S.C.M.J tribunal. And Firing Squad. For punishment!!!


  43. The DumboRATS are trying to take the awful crime of sexual abuse and turn it into a Political weapon. They will in the future use the METOO MOVEMENT to attack any Republican. This takes a true movement and cheapens it by doing this. The DumboRATS are the ones that are showing disrespect to women.


  45. All anyone would have to do is look at the leadership of the Democrap party in Washington and no rational person could vote democrat in November.

  46. The original constitution when written clearly stated these positions were not to be a career job. They should service only 2 terms. If the senators really wants to help America that is what should be done and without all the perks. They should pay for their own cars, air travel and most of all their health coverage. They are overpaid to begin with for the work they do.
    Also, yes the woman should be heard providing they do it to the police first. Every time you turn around someone else comes forth. If they did not press charges or go to the justice system they should not make a circus out of it like the me too movement. I believe whoever is behind this movement they are the ones that are hurting the abused woman more than the man who committed the crime against them

  47. Please recall that Trump was well liked and even loved by the left BEFORE he had the audacity to win against the heir apparent! The big problem is simple, our government, our media, our ABC agencies are corrupt at the top and they are throwing everything they have at Trump because he is coming after them and they do not own him and cannot buy him off. DC is totally corrupt just look at how long these folks have remained in office….not because they have done a great or even good job but because they have done everything from stuffing ballot boxes to moving districts around to skew the the vote. They use division tactics making people think they can protect them from whatever the topic is…racism, sex, gender …anything that divides and nothing about what Americans need. Trump is pretty much fighting for us by himself. The media spends every moment dissecting his every word and always in a negative way….just look at how brainwashed you are. Vote red save your country and your constitution.

  48. The commie maggots brought about the me too movement. It has its uses and abuses. Right now it’s being abused.

  49. Time for Pelosi to say goodbye to her stupid ruinous political career! She has done enough damage to America!

  50. The worst thing about Kavanaugh’s appointment is that he was unfortunate enough to be nominated by Trump. The dems hate Trump so bad they’ll try anything to get back at him. If it’s at someone else’s expense, it doesn’t matter to them. I don’t know how they sleep at night being so mean and hateful.

  51. Nancy Pelosi is such a goofball, I have no idea why anyone listens to her at all. Her multiple facelifts have shrunk her brain. She is useless. Why anyone listens to this woman at all is beyond me. She adds nothing but vitriol and hatred to the process.

  52. pelosi is a nothing burger, she has been there to long and if she has out lived her usefulness, if she had any to begin with, she bought her position with corrupt money and has repaid her self back an added aome more in a bonus for her self. IMPEACH PELOSI, VOTE NO on pelosi, she is BAT SCHITT CRAZY and CORRUPT. REMEMBER NO MORE PELOSI

  53. Totally agree Pelosi has lost her fking mind and should be impeached or thrown out of the Senate TERM LIMITS SHOULD BE PUT IN PLACE AND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. That women does not know the meaning of respect.She belongs in a nut house in a padded cell ,with plug in her pie trap .Take Feinstien and Bass mouth mad max with her!!!

  55. The ME TOO movement involves 3000 years of improper equality on the world. Just keep it legal.

  56. Every day that goes by seemingly proves the democrat leadership has lost its marbles! All they can do is take something that has merit, and try to a square pole squeeze it into round hole. They throw this ship against a wall, push the media to spread it around so it sticks somewhere. “Me Too” should not be poisoned by their political rhetoric, sexual assault is devious thing, false accusations are also a devious thing, but politically motivated accusations are a danger to our rule of law as well as our Constitutional rights. I truly hope and think the American citizen can tell the difference and be guided by what right, fare and appropriate. I do not think we need accusations of any kind that are misguided or aloof. This political leadership or statement is decisive and nothing more then slap in the face to anyone, it is not only wrong it is inappropriate.

  57. First of all one man cannot break a movement like this one. Second the democrats have done more harm to this movement than a army could. Dr. Ford made her own bed and democrats do not like the fact that the mass majority of Americans quite frankly do no believe her at all. It’s always been about two tjings. One, Abortion two, hurting President Trump. And democrats wonder why the majority of Americans consider them Americans number one terrorist threat.

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