Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of something awful about Brett Kavanaugh

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats smell blood in the water.

They think they have Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on the ropes.

And Nancy Pelosi accused Donald Trump of using Kavanaugh to do something awful.

Pelosi claimed Trump wanted to break the #MeToo movement.

The movement started after high profile Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein was accused of being a sexual predator.

Breitbart reports:

Friday at her weekly press conference House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused President Donald Trump of trying to break the so-called “#MeToo” movement.

While commenting on the testimony of Professor Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Pelosi said, “There are woman out there including my own daughter who think what the president is trying to break thew Me too movement. To just say we don’t care what you have to say.”

When asked if she agrees Trump is trying to break the movement, Pelosi said, “Yes, I do. I do because the lack of respect — well, of course has his own problems with the fact he could be President of the United States with all of the disrespect he has demonstrated against women, and now he’s appointing somebody like him. And I think yesterday with the lack of temperament and lack of dignity in his presentation, that Judge Kavanaugh was doing an imitation of President Trump.”

She continued, “I think there’s criticism in terms of the attitude that they did have. I mean we did see some outbursts on their part and they shall we say lack of respect, I’m trying to be as respectful of them as possible, it’s hard. The lack of respect that they have was demonstrated. I think if you saw Lindsey Graham’s outburst, you would see what the problem is. That’s why I said do they not have sisters, daughters, mothers? Do they not understand?”

But now Democrats want to use the movement to destroy Republicans.

If they can pick off Kavanaugh they can “Me Too” any conservative at any time.

It’s turning into a political weapon for Democrats.

Women who were legitimately sexually abused should be heard.

But it shouldn’t be a wedge issue for Democrats to smear every Republican who rises to prominence.

We will keep you up-to-date with any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It is sad that Democrats in general have lost sight of the fact that they are in congress for the good of the country. America first. To turn sexual allegations into a strategy is very sad for those that are truly subjected to sexual harassment. It is the old “do not falsely cry wolf”. Very sad!

  2. Excuse me…. In all respect, I would like to give you her accurate name: NANCY PELOUSY. PLEASE USER IT IN THE FUTURE….. WE HERE ALL DO!!!!!!

  3. ps. to ‘old school’ BS jd. FYI: New School
    functions) + More.

  4. Rite. ‘brain functions deteriorate’. Some Don’t
    KNOW When ‘to give it up’. Ahem. Would that be you ???

  5. So true! What we really need to do is send all of our mutual opinions to the major networks and to our “elected” officials…keep bombarding them and let them know that we have the power to fire them come the next election…and dont turn to the big media offenders by not wAtching their broadcasts. I for one am so disgusted with Democrats as well as their sleeper agents in the Republican. Party that I will NOT vote anything “D”… or anything on the “R” side who did not vote for Kavinaugh or doesn’t in general support Republican values!

  6. Carrie
    U r on point! The movement can also become a breeding g ground for opportunist women skanks looking for $$$ by claiming false allegations and ruining alot of lives in the process! And, for the Democrats an easy inventory to find new fodder for the next conservative they want to keep out of office! It’s a dual edged sword! Be careful it could be one of your Male family members or friends targeted by these vile women. After all, the movement was started by a victim who was also a predator!

  7. The me to movement was started by Asagio who is a sexual predator herself . Im a rape survivor and Ms Ford has issues but not from what shes claiming and she is not a doctor so why people refer to her as Dr Ford but in any event being a survivor you remember every last detail especialy if you as traumatised by an alledged allmost rape like she says.Shes a puppet who didnt have time to rehearse the script and she ended up making herself look like a fool

  8. Think thats bad John Litgow and Laurie Metcafe are doing a Broadway play about none other the the Clintons guess they will call it Dumb and Dumbest or Treason and Traitors Only ones who will be in the audience will be Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters and Loretta Lynch fighting over weather the actors are Republicans or not.

  9. Nancy who

    Nancy who? Does anyone really care what she says? Those in the least defensible positions scream the loudest and complain the most.


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