Nancy Pelosi admitted one truth about impeachment that left Trump red with rage

The cat is now out of the bag.

Democrats are scrambling to perform damage control on impeachment.

And that’s because Nancy Pelosi admitted one truth about impeachment that left Trump red with rage.

Nancy Pelosi finally admitted the truth about why the Democrats are pursuing impeachment.

In a “Dear Colleague” letter Pelosi sought to rebut Republicans attacks on impeachment that since this was taking place so close to the Presidential Election, the voters should decide Donald Trump’s fate.

Pelosi’s letter argued it would be “weak” and “dangerous” to let President Trump stand for re-election.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on impeachment Monday, telling her Democratic colleagues in a memo that it was “weak” and “dangerous” to back off and let the American people decide in 2020.

“The weak response to these hearings has been, ‘Let the election decide.’ That dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because POTUS is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections,” Pelosi explained.

Pelosi also asserted that the facts of the case were “uncontested,” saying that President Donald Trump “has abused his power for his own personal, political benefit, at the expense of our national security interests.” (RELATED: Democratic Rep: Some Democrats ‘Quietly’ Concerned About Impeachment, ‘Want To Move On’)

Pelosi responded to Republicans who have argued that president’s decision to withhold the aid is a non-starter because the aid was eventually released. “The aid was only released after the whistleblower exposed the truth of the President’s extortion and bribery, and the House launched a formal investigation,” she said.

This was not the first time Democrats admitted they wanted to impeach Donald Trump out of fear he would win in 2020.

Congressman Al Green has made that point in a TV interview.

But Green is a back bencher.

Nancy Pelosi is the shrewdest political operator in the Democrat Party.

And even Pelosi can see that without the intervening event of impeachment, Donald Trump stands a strong chance of winning re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Pelosky should go home to California – I don’t think she is needed in Washington just to stir the pot! She is too old now – someone with patience and kindness should be put in her place. Or retirement would be better. It doesn’t seem that she accomplishes very much.

  2. Hey Commie, Trump is the greatest President we have had for fifty
    Years. He has been harrassed, called a racist, treathened by more than twenty five assissination attempts and still he keeps
    Fighting for the good of our beloved country and it’s people.
    God bless and protect Trump and our country in the name of Jesus.
    Trump in 2020


  4. What you are pissed about J is that we in the urban suburban areas will not vote for tRUMP. Because it is the suburban areas that have turned on the Republitruds. How in the hell do you think we flipped the house it is the suburbs that turned against the DOTARD.

  5. Truth? and facts? You might want to get it in your head that Trump is going to be re-elected. So suck it up and be happy.

  6. Hey Lies and Propaganda, exactly what is the Democrats’ agenda, besides attempting to suck the rest of the nation into their delusional insanity?

  7. Bragging? No, but I suppose it is pointless to attempt to educate one that is too comfortable wallowing in ignorance, like a pig in mud, to see anything real.

  8. Exactly what is his agenda, besides lining his pockets with millions of tax payers money.And a acting like an immature childish idiot.

  9. I have filed twice myself. It’s one of the best tax shelters going. You really should find out more about business, if you get tired of looking ignorant.

  10. That’s why I voted for Trump, Rickey. The man has had business experience and knows how to handle finances and debt. He also knows we need the Wall at our southern border. I’ll be voting for him again in 2020.

  11. Maybe a war is what we need demacraps is coming very close to starting it. The only way to stop them is by our vote in 2020
    We need all of our republicans to get out and vote. Its not going tostop them.

  12. Maybe a war is what we need demacraps is coming very close to starting it. The only way to stop them is by our vote in 2020
    We need all of our republicans to get out and vote. Its not going tostop them

  13. Be wise folks. The demon rats can only win if they cheat. They have already started to in Kentucky,Virginia,and Louisiana. Be prepared It will happen. The Dems are so evil. their souls belong to Satan now. Nancy I will pray for you, and I’am not a hypocrite like you, in saying so. You need to find GOD again. He knows your mind, and your heart. You cannot hide from GOD

  14. julio, it was your Democrats that lied to you about amnesty and all the free stuff, not Trump, so take it up with them.

  15. That’s not a problem either, Big saggy tits do not a president make, TRUMP will win reelection, massively!!!

  16. I wish one politician would finally come out and tell the facts about elections and how them propaganda campaign works. Americans vote based on assumptions and misinformation. Take for instance President Trumps real record as POTUS. Name one U.S. President who during his term has made a payment to the China debt other than just interest? Donald Trump $200 Billion as of last spring. This saves the USA 7.5% interest or $15 BILLION. There’s your “Wall” being paid for Dumbasscrats! Democrats, your little innocent DACA kids, bless there little loving hearts, only 10% or 80,000 of those have committed crimes from DUI up to assault and rape. That’s a Democrat project. It’s not hard to see what the US has really become. The liberal politicians want us to collapse, they want it over. They do not want independent thinkers which means they don’t want middle class. They want people who are dependent upon government. Now, what party works to have their voters placed on welfare. Can’t be Repubs! Trump wants people to work. This is another reason Nancy and the clan don’t want independent thinkers.

  17. Nutty Nancy needs to be replaced with somebody that cares about this Country’s Future She is so obsessed with her “Deep State” plans to get more money in her pocket that her goals are blurred with her own ambitions and she wants America to be quieted while she fills her own pockets !

  18. Rich are you telling us that you are vote for a Democrats in 2016 and 2018. If so you are a stupid one in America.

  19. After the Demorats have caused so much wasted time and money instead of taking care of the citizens of this country I will never vote for anyone of them again.

  20. Hey RedMan do you know what EBT stands for. Ebony Based Transaction. When or if the left ever collapse this economy, all you that live off the White Racists will be the first to starve. What a great plan they have for you.

  21. As people get older some develop Alzheimer’s,some Parkinson’s, some just go into a stage where their bodies and brains lose their ability to reason. I believe both Shiff and Pelosi have something totally new it is likely called political dishonesty likely from exposure to problems and people they have no ability to comprehend, a large amount of “partying” is also the nost probable cause of this brain failure thus they have forgotten why they were sent to DC.

  22. Pelosi has her job by being elected, that piece of crap woman in Our House Representatives can be throw in jail. What we should do is gather ourselves together as a nation, descend on Washington, drag her and her Schiff out by their feet and tar and feather in public view.

  23. Nasty Nancy, stop the trash talk about our president and let the American people decide who leads the country 4 the next four years. After all we are a democracy and a republic not a comnunist country.

  24. Pelosi is a criminal, Schiff is a criminal, the whistleblower is a criminal, and all that have willfully participated in this attempt to overthrow the constitution should be convicted and the proper sentence applied.

  25. While Pelosi and Schiff continue their witch hunt, wasting tax payer’s money on frivolous Inquisition. They are not doing the people’s work!
    What they were elected to do, work for the American people & make our lives better. It’s been 3 years now, that we’ve had a dysfunctional government. All because the Democraps do not like the fact the American people elected Donald Trump to represent us. He’s done a fabulous job, considering he’s been having to fight every step of the way. Had our POTUS had the help of a real House of Representatives. If these Democraps actually cared about the American people, they would be working with our President to advance an agenda that would benefit America, rather than themselves!
    Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff are trying to hold on to power, so they can continue marching this country to a One World government. Schiff being married to George Soros daughter, is pushing George Soro’s evil agenda.
    Had Hillary become President, we would have gone the way of Venezuela. The only thing standing in the way is our POTUS, Donald J. Trump!
    Our President is fighting for the soul of the country. If we the people don’t have his back, then we can kiss liberty and freedom good bye.

  26. If Pelosi and the Democrats think impeachment is the only way to stop Trump from winning another election and they conspire to remove a duly elected President by any means including impeachment then they all have committed a crime and should be arrested and jailed until they can prove they are innocent. Let’s give them the same due process they have given President Trump.


  28. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on impeachment Monday, telling her Democratic colleagues in a memo that it was “weak” and “dangerous” to back off and let the American people decide in 2020.
    Like it or not:

  29. Trump and his administration has the power to end this Witch Hunt/Kangaroo court why have they not, how much more money is it going to cost the taxpayers to conduct hearings on charges that there is not nor ever will be any evidence to support.

  30. The only “weak” and “dangerous” thing in our country these days is the Democrat Party and all the Communist liberals. I wholeheartedly believe SpongeBob is more intelligent than Nancy Pelosi…?

  31. Pelosi is a mummified dimwit, her skin clings on to Skelton but her teeth want to jump out of her lying mouth. Both her and Schiffs brains are dust.his shown to be a indecent lier. Ethics violations should be applied to the lying demoncrates at the impeachment investigation. And they should pay out of their pockets not mine. Why should we pay for their false accusations. Trump wins again.

  32. Why are there people like you allowed to roam the streets without being on a leash? Or am I wrong and your parents do walk you on a leash

  33. Nutsy and pals won’t bring Impeachment to the House Floor for a vote. See that would give those running against them all the proof they need to show that Democraps HATE Trump more than they love America and Americans who they are supposed to be working for. It would take away Democraps power in DC for many many years to come. See all these Committee testimonies can be kept hidden but not the House Floor votes. Not only would there be a record of the vote as far as how each one of them voted on Impeachment but there would also be the Video and Audio record created via CSPAN. That is why all the Democraps are trying to do is cause Trump problems and try to make him look bad before the polls open in 2020.

  34. Schiff and Speaker Peloise are afraid for the American citizen’s to vote next year. They don’t want to hear what the American citizen’s have to say. Schiff and Speaker Peloise don’t want the American citizen’s to continue succeeding with President Donald J Trump and his whole administration. Schiff and Speaker Peloise wants every American citizen needing assistance from the Government to be able to survive with living their lives. Schiff and Speaker Peloise wants President Donald J Trump to fail, so that they can blame the American citizen’s for voting for candidate Trump during the 2016 Presidential Election. YES! Schiff and Speaker Peloise and all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats are afraid for next year’s Presidential Election, because, they want a corrupt and crooked Democrats in office so that things can go back like it was with former Obama in office. Schiff and Speaker Peloise don’t want another 4 year’s of President Donald J Trump and his whole administration in the White House. Every American citizen should vote every corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office next year and then we need to vote every corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office in the mid-term’s. We need new candidate’s in the Government that will work with President Donald J Trump and his whole administration and to help President Donald J Trump get the money for our Southern Border Patrol Agents to secure our country and communities. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Pelosi should be impeached. She is demented and with all her money- over $50 million,
    she should spend it all on the homeless people in her district.
    She is the devil in disguise and a disgusting excuse for a politician.
    Her father was mayor of Baltimore. How id Baltimore doing lately.
    Her track record with all the homeless and poor in CA is reprehensible.
    Get rid of her. She is a nasty piece of work.

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  37. My entire life I have studied the architecture, science, arts and women of Italy and those of the Neopolitan pursuasion. Magnificent art, structures, scientific endeavor from inspiration respected the world over. Somebody told me that the word ‘pelosi’ means spoiled brat in Italian. The kids in our family usually got their mouths washed out with soap for talking like that. Schifty Adam is a common alley serviceman.

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