Nancy Pelosi approved an ultimatum that put Trump on the brink of impeachment

Democrats will not give up on their quest to impeach President Trump.

In fact, they just escalated their war on the president and his supporters.

That’s because Nancy Pelosi just approved an ultimatum that brought Donald Trump one step closer to impeachment.

Democrats were momentarily stunned by Attorney General William Barr’s letter announcing Robert Mueller did not find any evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But they immediately shifted gears to accuse Attorney General William Barr of a cover up because he only summarized the findings – as was mandated by a law the Democrats demanded after Ken Starr produced his report on Bill Clinton’s impeachable offenses.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler demanded the report in full by April 2.

That was impossible.

Attorney General Barr informed Congress he was working with special counsel Mueller to redact necessary material and the report would be available within weeks.

That infuriated Democrats – who with Nancy Pelosi’s permission – fired off a subpoena demanding the Mueller Report in full.

Breitbart reports:

The House Judiciary Committee approved subpoenas Wednesday for special counsel Robert Mueller’s full Russia report as Democrats pressure the Justice Department to release the document without redactions.

The committee voted 24-17 to give Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., permission to issue subpoenas to the Justice Department for the final report, its exhibits and any underlying evidence or materials prepared for Mueller’s investigation. Nadler has not yet said if he’ll send the subpoenas.

House Democrats had given Attorney General William Barr until Tuesday to produce the full report to Congress. The Justice Department ignored that deadline, with Barr telling committee chairmen in a letter last week that a redacted version of the full 300-page report would be released by mid-April, “if not sooner.”

Democrats want all the unredacted grand jury testimony and intelligence gathering so they can leak it to their allies in the fake news media.

Even though there was no collusion and no determination President Trump obstructed justice, Democrats want the full report so they can cherry pick all the bad information and spread it around the media to further their fake news narrative that Trump is corrupt and must be impeached.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Woody. Please post the proof you have for your ridiculous, disgusting statements about the POTUS! If you don’t produce it, then shut the heck up!
    You just can’t fix STUPID, and you just proved it!

  2. PLEASE put this DEMENTED WOMAN NANCY PELOSIE out of the White House. There will always be trouble as long as she is the SPOKESMAN. Put her out to pasture with the rest of the herd.
    Isn’t there anyone that can do anything as far as putting a stop on a stop on all this fake crap the DemonicRats have been doing for the past 3 years and found NOTHING on our President. With the amount of money they have spent of taxpayer money we could have paid off some of the debt if we were going to throw our money out the window on fake aqusations.

  3. AND NOW WE KNOW WHY THE “PARTY OF STUPID” is referred to as “THE DEMORATS”! One cannot fathom why people would vote for “TOTAL IDIOTS” to represent them in CONGRESS.

  4. Woody President Trump never said that the Swamp was filled with just Democracts. No matter which party they are affiliated with. If they live in the swamp they they are fair game. I believe that the main problem in draining the swamp the American people never realized that draining the swamp meant as the water rain out thatvzThe President was going to be up to his ass in Aligators. The Aligators are both Red and Blue.

  5. Or stand in front of blow-hard Trump when he spouting off to his ignorant followers. His exagerating surely has a higher amount of gas

  6. Trump has his own swamp to drain. He keeps refilling it but seems to not know how to select quality people, They all seem to be replaced again and again. Maybe he should get Putin to help him.

  7. And they want to vote themselves a pay raise. And don’t forget the parties posi throws all over the world for her friends and family all on US dime and Air force time. The corruption runs deep with these.

  8. We the People are going to march on DC even yet. We need to make sure the Nadler and Pelosi types are all ripped out Of Congress by voting them out. It should be a different game next time with the illegal voting schemes cancelled out. Trump will win by 99% and no demoncraps left in Congress.

  9. Nadler only wants any piece of dirt he can find or force–for his son the atty. who works for a law firm that sues Donald Trump non-stop. That mis why he passed ot over wanting all of Trump’s IRS records for the last 10 years.. Trump gave a multi page financial report before he took office and that was all that was required. Watch Nadler and his gang squeal if they were asked for their records for 10 years.. Nadler wants inside info. to pass to his son to make $$$ from suing Trump.

  10. First it was the Bush pictures,then it was Stormy Daniels,then they started the fake dossier,paid for by Hillary Clinton,then they brought in the special council and investigated for over two year and found no collusion or obstruction,they have had hearings and investigations coming out of their ass. All the communist liberals know is investigate and impeach. Now they want A
    G Barr to resign. They want to impeach President
    Trump which is their number one goal. AG Barr is going to investigate and charge whoever is responsible for filing the fake dossier and that is why the communist liberals are trying to delay the outcome of the
    Mueller investigation.

  11. There will be hell to pay if they keep this crap up. Their moufs are writing checks their asses can’t cash. Dumbass Joe biden says if Trump is in office 8years our country will be forever changed. Obama started race war, let riots break out, forever downgraded America. We start by hanging his Kenyan ass on Whitehouse lawn. Then go down list & do same to them.

  12. They seem to forget, They work for We the People. About damn time for some Justice. If Law can’t do job of scum disposal, We the People will have to do job founding Fathers said we would one day have to do. Our President with us.

  13. You are DEFINITELY correct; Michael Dennewitz. My friends and I tweeted so much about this when he was running for President. There are people out there that still think to this day, that there is NO such thing as “THE DEEP STATE” But if things go the way they should; Nancy Pelosi & the so-called Democrat Party WILL get the entire Mueller Report. But there are going to be SEVERAL big time Democrats that will WISH it had NEVER been released. Obama & Hillary stand to lose a lot. It would be SWEET JUSTICE to see just these TWO get what they have been deserving for a LONG time now.


  15. These idiots never cease to amuse me, with thier Childress behavior! They forget that if they try to. Impeach our President that they are going against millions that voted for him! I would advise you idiots, to sit down and shut up! Let our President run this country, you idiots have not done one damn thing for our country, are its citizens, but waist our tax dollars on your rigged witch hunt! Now you want to waist more tax dollars on another with hunt!

  16. It would serve the DEMS right if when they start all the leaking of information there past voters see that the DEMS don’t care for their voters, its only make them able to do what the DNC party can to give them a ONE PARTY SYSTEM.. That is the only reason they are acting so stupid. The past DEM voters may either not vote or change parties. That would be the best revenge.

  17. Oh! So that’s how it works now? The members of Congress just vote to decide their own powers and make themselves immune to the laws they’ve passed? The Capitol building needs to be fumigated…

  18. The Democrat Leadership in the Congress, States that are blue, and the Blue Cities like Seattle, New York, Detroit, Chicago, and other blue cites, are committing sedition, WHICH IS TREASON AND THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED, you and I would be prosecuted if we committed Sedition. Then add in the Money People who pay them to do this. George Soros, Tom Steyer, and the other elite of the elite rich slim balls.

  19. I agree 100%. Birthright citizenship should only be awarded to those born by parents who are citizens and legal residents of the U.S.

  20. Well LPaul B they definitely want control but that’s not all they want, they want money and alot of it and that’s going to be their downfall before it’s over.

  21. No wonder they treat there women so bad look at what comes out their mouths when you take the tape off , stupid stuff.

  22. Thomas

    You left out 4 very large groups of children & other personnel . . .

    1 = American GI brats & Gi’s we of American GI’s that live in other countries . . .
    2 = Embassy brats & Embassy Workers because parents are stationed in other countries . . .
    3 = Children of & College students studying in other countries . . .
    4 = Children of & Contractors working in other countries . . .

    In all that’s over 2,575,000 US Kids all over the world don’t pull a Clinton or OBamYa on them & not count them & there parents votes or U.S. Citizenship . . .

    We so know that W.J.B4Th C & B.H.O. ordered all military & embassy staff absentees votes to be shredded & burned no less than 8 times for 8 votes between the 2 of them . . .

  23. Yes Lester Nancy does need to go “GET A FACE JOB” and call it quits already along with the other morons who really don’t know what’s going on in this world !

  24. Tomas, I totally agree! I don’t understand how the democrats get into office at all. They could care less about the people that are voting for them. They want South Americans and Muslims to fill our country. Where do we go from there? Do we become the slaves of the the Muslims, particularly women. We know how they treat women in their country. Why are they even in our government offices?

  25. Birth right citizenship should only apply to LEGAL residents in America – citizens and green card holders. Any child born under visa conditions or ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE DENIED CITIZENSHIP BECAUSE OF BIRTH!! !!

  26. Democrats opposed the 13th Amendment, which freed the slaves, the 14th Amendment, which conferred citizenship on them, and the 15th Amendment, which gave them the right to vote. Now they want reparations for them, Does anyone see a pattern here? Democrats are scum.

  27. Don,my daughter said not to insult the nuts. I say Nancy Pelosi is a ameoba. She is a one cell critter. But of course you might say that is insulting the ameoba.

  28. They want him impeached because they can’t control him and he can be bought off. That is the main thing. He does not play by their rule,.

  29. If anyone wanted to be truthful about what’s happening, they would have to define it as pure harassment of our President! The Democrats are in full gear to stop Donald Trump from “draining the swamp”. Gee, I wonder why? The Democrats and the Republican Turncoats need to be investigated and the first place I would start is with their finances!

  30. Pelosi has a drinking problem & that needs to be addressed. She was drinking a little to much & they had to get her out because she wasn’t able to stay at work because of her drinking I do think she has a problem with alcohol the the the article read.If anyone knows how to get in touch with who ever I would be glad to get a message to them about her.

  31. This is what makes me so mad at the Fake news! They KNOW that the report is being disemenated according to law and they are not saying a word about it. Or the fact that the law was demanded by the DEMOCRATS!!! So once again we are being LIED TO BY THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA!!

  32. Yes I agree.. Democ rats needs to move on and accept it.. President Trump is bringing back America’s pride, economy, Job, and most of all respect..

  33. Duke, you sound just like Trump. Someone disagrees with you and cant take it. Thin skinned Duke!!!!

  34. I consider all of the attacks, fake narratives, obstructions, subpoenas and propaganda the Democrats are unleashing on the Executive Branch as being a coup attempt, not a witch hunt. The Democrats know what they are doing, they know what they are feeding their constituents and the American people is baseless lies, it’s only being put out there to undermine the Presidency and to get the American populace riled up enough and to believe in it enough to look the other way when they pull off the coup and take control of the government.

  35. Nancy Pee-Lousy: Please stop throwing TAX PAYER $$$$$$$$$ on your really stupid “witch hunt”??? Perhaps Mueller needs to look at the HOUSE DEMORATS, to determine how much TAX-PAYER $$$$$$$ you, and they are wasteing on a CRAP shoot.
    What part of “NO COLLUSION” do you not unterstand???
    From what I am reading, the behavior of the DOMORATS Party is dispicable.

  36. Nancy Pee – lousy needs to stand behind farting cows long enough to suck in enough gas to send her head to the moon when someone lights a match

  37. I’m hoping and praying an illegal slips over her gated compound and slits her throat.However with all of the BOTOX in her face a knife might not do the job so they should use an axe.

  38. These idiots do nothing for our country, are its citizens they turned thier backs on all of us, millions of democrats voted for Trump and more are joining the Trump train! No one wants you idiots in charge of this country, except uneducated, ignorant people that can see through your sorry azzes! When you mess with our President you also are messing with us! I would advise you all to just sit down and shut the hell up! “DON’T TREAD ON US!”

  39. Apparently these vile criminals think it’s ok to violate our laws! Well AG Barr will not have to bow down to those lawless POS morons!

  40. Stupid DINO’s, that report probably has classified information that their Security clearance does not cover. AG Barr knows this and has to redact it and remove the classified documents out of it. Sort of like demand the sealed documents of #44, Barack Obama or digging into every politician to see who is on the George Soros Pension Plan.

  41. You are so right I have fought for this great country as a master gunny sgt USMC 1964 -1994 I have seen hell in countrys thru out the wourld.It is hell as most have never scene

  42. Hopefully Barr will give them only what is required for them to get according to the Dems legislation after the Clinton impeachment.

    This will mean the Democrats will fight tooth and nail to get the whole Mueller report. Any goofy bills the House passes anyway will never see light in the Senate if McConnell sticks to his current policy.

    Voters will see this which should mean Conservatives winning the House back in 2020. With both House in the GOP corner and Trump winning in 2020 it will be a breeze for GOP HealthCare and MAGA legislation to get passed.

    Please pass me a piece of that cake with the heaping frosting on it!

  43. I agree with you.I am ready to stand the line. I am master gunny sgt retired and am a scout sniper with 30years of service to my country.SEMPER FI

  44. MYSTY. You had a GREAT comment and it was everything I would have wrote. You failed to mention that it would eventually BANKRUPT our country. There are millions of illegals already in this country now, killing, raping,spreading their diseases and selling serious drugs to our young. WAKE UP AMERICA. EVEN IF YOU ARE A DEMORAT, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY?????? DO YOU WANT TO PAY MORE TAXES TO SUPPORT THESE ILLEGALS THAT ARE ON ASSISTANCE?

  45. LIke everything they say, they know none of it would or could even get passed. They love to talk about stuff instead of ever doing anything. If they did something, then they could use it as a weapon against us. They really are evil, conniving communists whose only interest is in control, not actually doing anything, at least anything that is actually good for citizens.

  46. Its all they have. Their border policies are not favorable to most people, or their stance on ObamaCare, or almost everything they try to sell their base. They believe that if they constantly trash Trump, they can garner enough base votes to unseat him in 2020. Good luck with that.

  47. If I were Barr, I wouldn’t send them anything I didn’t want to. Let them subpoena, whine and cry all they want. They wrote the new rules after Starr report on Clinton. But Dems never want to live by any rules they create. To them, rules are only for the OTHER guys, never them. Their hypocrisy oozes from every thing they “say” they stand for. Let them rot on their own rules.

  48. Treson by most commy demogog is tearing this great country apart. Polisssie is a dumb ass as most demogogs are and treson is death . This has been a coup started in 2016 when Trump was elected by the people and the swamp lost thire power and started throwing tantrm like spoil brates.Crook Hildly obama DOJ is the hole probleam. Support the elected Trump support our great country or get the hell out.

  49. Stupid Pelosi and Dumbass Nadler think they are the DOJ. They have no authority do do anything with the DOJ nor they can tell the AG what to do. Total Idiots.

  50. Nancy is the most despicable, evil, mean spirited, conniving POS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE that our government has ever had in the past. These DEMORATS hate and despise Trump who is our DULY ELECTED POTUS. I pray to God that Trump wins in 2020. I wish that wicked woman would take gas, disappear and be gone. She certainly isn’t for the American people or our country. We, the PEOPLE, would LOVE to IMPEACH her, SCHUMMER & MAD MAXIE and move on with our country. These 2 women and this man definitely have some SERIOUS mental problems and I can’t understand what the hell the DEMORATS have done to make this country any better, especially wanting to let all the illegals into our country on top of it all. WE, THE PEOPLE, SHOULD IMPEACH THEM. The TAXPAYERS have sacrificed enough of our money for all these phony charges just because DEPLORABLE, LYING, HILLDABEST, the real crook & colluder, didn’t win the PRESIDENCY, THANK GOD.

  51. Pelosi you and your idiot Democrats can shove your ultimatum. You have no evidence or grounds for impeachment. All you want to do rewrite the Mueller report to say what you want it to say. You Democrats are so Low Down crooked

  52. They passed a law that they now don’t want to abide by? Can I pick and choose which laws I want follow and which ones to ignore? And what about all their redactions on documents they have released? I guess they have two standards, one for them and another for everyone else. What a bunch of hypocrites

  53. Hatred for the president is not grounds for impeachment.
    Sadly, rather than addressing the serious issues that need attending like the invasion of our country from illegal aliens, the health care disaster, and the crumbling infrastructure, these pathetic losers chose to continue an endless witch hunt.

  54. If we the people of the USA were to vote for impeachment on Pelosi would not have a job her closet probably full of illegals that person does not care about nothing but her

  55. So agree.. Federal law says that grand jury is not a public forum.. This is why schumck Nadler hasn’t issued those sopenias

  56. How much will this go around cost the tax payer. It makes you sick to see how one side of the isle controls is to be and what isn’t to be. Remember the President said when he was elected that his top priority was to drain the Swamp. This brought them to attention mainly because their past would be exposed for all to see, lots of sleepless nights? I will stick by the President knowing that all will be exposed.
    Maybe they should think twice about wanting the full Mueller report for it might just bite them in the backside?

  57. Outstanding, and perfectly stated.
    It is obvious that the DEEP STATE is the APPARENT STATE OF THE DEMOCRATS!!.
    They act as a force of disruption and chaos within our country.
    The only remedy is the voting box and the LAW, the real law where no one us above it or below it.

  58. Every one one needs to get in Pelosi closet and impeach her she cares nothing for usa import het to mexico

  59. Nancy Pigosi, whose mouth is so big, that she could most certainly swallow a pig, and if the pig didn’t agree, she would kick the poor pig and shout tee hee hee. This battleaxe must be replaced ASAP, by any old scum-o-crat who wishes the seat.

  60. Do the Demorats not understand, they can try to impeach but at the cost of a civil war? I is all this powder keg will need.

  61. I think Mr Chairman Nadler needs looking into Does he know the sky is blue? Or is that up for the American people to Fight over and spend our money. I say stop the madness or get some Therapy.geez

  62. The headline in this article is deceiving, as it implies the threat is real. Impeachment procedings are difficult to initiate at best, so try not to sound like The Washington Post when posting this thing you think is news.

  63. Pelosi is suffering from dementia she should
    Be removed from congress on mental defect
    Her words don’t make sense has that far away look
    Does know what she saying most of the time
    Time for her to go

  64. Either that or grab our pitchforks, march down Penn Ave in DC and arrest all congressmen/women and Senator’s. Folks, the Roman Emperor Caligula had the best idea what to do with do-nothing Senator’s, he fed them to his Lyons, Tigers and Bear’s in the Gladiatorial Arena and the people love watching them be eaten alive! They said, “watching the phony Senator’s being eaten alive was a lot of fun, especially when the Tiger would rip off a leg or arm and eat it, or take a big bite out of their chest and rip out the heart or lungs, drove them wild in glee and overwhelming delight. Hey, I just report the facts, I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Yep, I’d be forced to agree with the spectators, it would be so much fun to sit by and watch our congressmen/women & Senator’s be eaten alive, screaming, begging for their miserable lives, crying, pleading for mercy, but we’d give them nothing but another large hungry beast licking their lips saying “Bless us Oh Lord for these thine gifts we are about to receive, chunch, bite, ouchy. Hahahahahahahaha

  65. I’m thinking that it’s time that the members of Congress lose their subpoena powers. Want to see documents? Get a court order signed by a judge just like every other citizen. It’s purely Karma when the laws you’ve passed come back to bite you in the ass.

  66. More screaming and yelling and deflections to cover the fact they have no answers to the real issues plaguing the country. they are all about power, and this is even causing them to fight among themselves. Ask creepy Joe who started the stone throwing his way. His polls worry the radical ones.

  67. Is this the YEAR that Democrats give RAISE to a THIRD PARTY ??? in order to DISMISS them from doing NOTHING BUT DAMAGE to OUR COUNTRY???

  68. It’s time for President Trump’s to bring the THUNDER and LIGHTNING on the Democrats release all those memos and acts of treason they have committed. Bring it on and let the chips fall.

  69. If in fact the President is impeached there will be blood on the streete- The democrats have no idea what their actions will bring about-

  70. But then she would have to pony up her tax returns.
    Shoe on the other foot. She would also have to take a physical.
    Frankly my dear, I don’t think you could cut it!

  71. I agree. Isn’t time to start proceedings against these Democrats?I am sick and tired of these people. What have the Democrats for our country but pursue Trump. We want them voted out or impeached.

  72. Why do we need to continue to pay these several thousand (includes office persons for elected offices) people to keep making laws that we must follow and they ignore? If they will not enforce the ones already written then why are we allowing them to make even more? I am sick and tired of being told whatto do when to it and being ordered to pay them for telling me. It may be easier to swallow if they also had to follow these same laws but they have been around so long and manipulated our language to the point of not knowing what words mean anymore. But, they while in office are exempt from telling the truth, using slanderous words, creating hate filled rearks and on and on. People it is time for us to take a long hard look at what is being done to us and our Constitution and then vote for a replacement to what we have.

  73. Remember if she can get both the President and the vice-president removed she becomes the new chief.

  74. It’s all about retaliation politics!! They write the laws based on how they can obstruct or command their political opponents into complying with their retaliatory demands. So pitiful and pathetic!

  75. Here, here! True!!! They should just come out and admit they want Trump impeached because they hate him!!! It isn’t about Russian Collusion or obstruction…it is all about unadulterated hate!

  76. I love it when children make demands…LMAO It would be hilarious except it is so pathetic and pitiful. My immediate question is; When will you folks finally do the jobs we pay you to do and stop making the rounds to CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, etc., are they paying you or are We The People???????? Do we have to handcuff you to your office desks?????

  77. One would only wonder if you talk to your wife, kids, grandkids with such vile language??????

  78. Nancy wanted to impeach Trump. For what? It is not like Trump committed a treasonous act. What Trump did since he won the election is completing his presidential duties that are perfectly legal in the eyes of the laws.

    Some of the Dem leaders made numerous false accusations that they should be considered as treasonous perjury.

  79. Is it just me, or is anyone else but sting a gut late going at these fools who think they only write laws against the other side. Hey Demwits, you made the law, now live with it. Bunch of panty wastes.

  80. What about the petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi has 130 000 + signatures
    Nothing is said about that. Pelosi wants the President impeached what a joke

  81. Yes, agree with yoiu, George! Pelosi’s hatred for Trump is greater than her love for God! “Love thy neighbor as thyself!” Wondering how all those TRUMPS Haters could do if, they were in HIS SHOES? He loves our Country with everything HE IS GOT to RE-BUILD this Country!! We, the POPLE, we see the Changes for the BETTER within our Country since HE TOOK OFFICE! The LORD our God never take HIS FOREVER JUST AND LOVING EYES wary from anyone of HIS CHILDREN! Our President is HIS CHOSEN! WE, the PEOPLE, we are proud of HIM! We see the Difference! Be careful with al the POLITICAL POWER that one has in one’s hands! The ALL MIGHTY ONE, WHO is also the FINAL VOICE for all things, He might not be in agreement with those who hate our President Trump! President Trump is a JUST MAN! Remember, we are all made of the Good, the BAD and the UGLY! The UGLINESSES of HATREDS toward other are over flowing, it does not pleasing GOD!! Be ware of HIS JUSTICE, it is TIMELESS for all!

  82. That is the whole purpose of them being out of touch, is so they can disregard any attempt by the people to sway them the other way. Weather we like it or not. The Democommies just do not care about this country. All they want is Power to ruin America!!

  83. It sure seems no one in some parties has any shame anymore along with no respect for the law or others.

    Pelosi, along with her ilk, cronies whatever, ought to go sit and contemplate just how out of touch they are with Reality.

  84. Democrat voters haven’t had a “moderate” president since John Kennedy (1961-1963). Our nation has become complacent about major issues because the mainstream media and educational institutions have a Leftist mindset and daily provide a very gradual “brainwashing.” Few people research the truth (Mueller investigation), blindly accepting news from NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, USA Today, etc., despite their Left-leaning ajendas.

  85. The trouble with the Senate right now is that there’s a LOT of rinos in there. Who truly knows what they would do if threatened with exposure for their crimes & sins that you can bet the dems know all about. The clinton’s have DIRT ON EVERYONE, that’s how they get people to dance to their tune. When those people become useless or worrisome/problematic they ‘commit suicide.’ Threats of exposure can get people to do almost anything…even elimination of another problem oerson. Rich politicians step on a LOT of people to get where they are on their pedestals.

  86. Any impeachment proceedings would begin with the House bringing charges and then the Senate having a trial. Therefore, Sen. McConnell should hold a Senate pre-vote (poll or resolution) to provide their likely votes on potential “crimes and misdemeanors.” Senators would either vote “for” or “against” impeachment, “present,” or “abstain.” Since this process would tell the public where their representatives and senators stand on impeachment and help their respective parties withhold campaign funds from RINOs and DINOs. If the majority of “prevotes” clearly show impeachment would be unlikely, a big waste of time would be prevented. But this won’t happen because politicians (McConnell) will want to keep the public in suspense until financial backers can be consulted.


  88. I truly wonder what the dem voters think about their representatives. Are they tired yet of NOTHING GETTING DONE other than them doing EVERYTHING to impeach PRESIDENT TRUMP, keep the entire border open so murderers come through with no one to stop them (maybe even their loved ones or even themselves could be the next victims), drug peddlers come through with human killing drugs that might kill their sons or daughters, illiterate, or non-English speaking people that will be hired to do jobs that Americans currently have, getting fired so the companies can pay the illegals half-salary under the table, while the Americans can no longer pay their mortgages & lose their homes. How about the human traffikers who bring in children to sell to perverts, then kidnapping American children to traffic to perverts in other places. I wonder how the dem voters would feel then about border walls if THEIR CHILDREN WERE KILLED BY DRUGS BROUGHT IN OVER AN OPEN BORDER, THEIR KIDS KIDNAPPED & SOLD, THEY OR THEIR FAMILIES MURDERED BY GANGS JUST TO DO IT.
    Illegals get EVERYTHING FOR FREE!!! Even when they have jobs they STILL get FREE food, FREE rent vouchers/subsidized housing, FREE medical/ babies’ births, FREE medicine, FREE eyewear, FREE dental, FREE surgical procedures, FREE MONEY FROM WELFARE EVERY MONTH that they send back home to family. So that puts our economy into the dumpster because OUR MONEY IS BEING SPENT IN MEXICO!!!
    HOW LONG will it take for dem voters to figure this out?????
    The answer almost seems like: NEVER!!!!!

  89. As I’ve noted many times, if it weren’t for double standards, the democrats would have no standards at all.

  90. Investigate Nadlers hush money paid every month to a man with ties to the Muslim brotherhood as reported by pan network

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