Nancy Pelosi was betrayed by the last person she ever suspected

Democrats have been reeling ever since Devin Nunes released his memo outlining the Obama administration and FBI’s abuse of power in spying on a Trump campaign aide.

Pelosi thought she would be able to recover the offensive momentum when the Democrats wrote their own memo.

But she was betrayed by the last person she ever expected.

Adam Schiff – the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee – authored a response to the Nunes memo.

Unlike the Nunes memo, it as a partisan document that was designed to embarrass the Trump administration.

That’s because critics contended it was loaded up with information on sources and methods which would force the memo to contain redactions.

Democrats wanted this set up to blame the Trump administration for “censoring” their memo.

And – without fail – the FBI recommended the memo be redacted in certain places.

Nancy Pelosi responded to this news by firing off a blistering statement criticizing the decision.

The Daily Caller reports:

“White House counsel Don McGahn said in a statement Friday that Trump was “inclined” but “unable” to declassify the Democrat’s 10-page memo because it “contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages,” according to Politico…

…In a stinging comment following the McGahn statement, Pelosi said, “President Trump’s refusal to release Intelligence Committee Democrats’ memo is a stunningly brazen attempt to cover up the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal from the American people.”

But Adam Schiff of all people undercut her.

He confirmed the memo was loaded with sources and methods.

The Daily Caller also reports:

“White House problems with the Democrats’ “rebuttal memo” on the surveillance of Trump associates are genuine and the document could disclose “sources and methods,” California Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed.

“We need to go through that and identify that which remains classified and would implicate sources and methods or investigative interests,” he said at a newsmaker’s breakfast meeting on Wednesday sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.”

The Democrats have struggled to gain their footing since Trump released the Nunes memo and exposed the Obama administration’s wrongdoing for the entire world to see.

Schiff’s memo was an attempt to distract from the biggest scandal in American political history.

But it failed miserably.