Nancy Pelosi blindsided Joe Biden by waving the white flag of surrender in this big fight

Fissures began to appear in the working relationship between Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

That is bad news for Democrats.

And Nancy Pelosi blindsided Joe Biden by waving the white flag of surrender in this big fight.

The latest Democrat rescue attempt for Joe Biden’s Presidency centers on the House and Senate ramming through a $3.5 trillion socialist wish list.

But with swing seat Democrats in both chambers of Congress objecting to the price tag, something had to give.

Since Nancy Pelosi can only lose three votes on any given bill and Chuck Schumer cannot afford to lose a single Democrat in the Senate, reality set in and Pelosi finally surrendered on the $3.5 trillion sticker price.

Pelosi also decided the scale of the bill will be narrower in a letter to her caucus announcing that the legislation would only focus on a select few priorities and fund them for a lengthier period of time as opposed to spreading the money around to every socialist policy under the sun, but only providing enough money to keep them going for just a few years.

Pelosi’s decision does not make passing this bill any easier.

Now that Democrats admit the bill’s cost will decrease and will include fewer initiatives, there will be massive fights among Democrats about whose priorities make the cut and whose get stripped out.

With such narrow vote margins, any Democrat can threaten to derail the bill to protect their sacred cows.

There is already massive distrust between the swing seat Democrats and the socialists in the caucus.

A bitter brawl over whose ox is gored could create an irreconcilable rift between the two sides that tanks whatever bill Pelosi and Schumer come up with.

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