Nancy Pelosi closed out 2021 with devastating news that will end her career in humiliation

Democrats endured a brutal 2021.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers collapsed and the political environment turned toxic.

And Nancy Pelosi closed out 2021 with devastating news that will end her career in humiliation.

During the 2020 elections, Republicans shocked the so-called “experts” by gaining double digit seats in the House of Representatives and slicing the Democrat’s majority to the slimmest margin since World War II.

That set Republicans up for a strong chance to flip control of the chamber in the 2022 Midterm elections.

In fact, Republicans only need to win a net gain of five seats to reclaim the majority and oust Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

In the nonpartisan Cook Political Report’s final race ratings of 2021, their election forecasters show Republicans are the favorites to regain control of the House of Representatives in this year’s Midterm elections.

The Cook Political Report’s ratings also show Democrats defending more toss-up seats than Republicans.

And the political terrain for Democrats will likely get worse.

Inflation is raging.

The border is wide open.

And Joe Biden continues to push for more COVID mandates and restrictions.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump all lost control of at least one House of Congress during their first Midterm election.

History shows Democrats are facing certain defeat in 2022.

The polls – and the forecasts – show Republicans are likely to score a decisive win this November.

And if Democrats lose their majority, the speculation would then turn to Nancy Pelosi’s future, as it is unlikely Democrats would want to keep her in leadership and few believe she would want to stay in Congress and serve as just a regular member.

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