Nancy Pelosi confessed the Democrats are about to suffer this massive impeachment defeat

Democrats hoped the public impeachment hearings would be the final straw that convinced millions of Americans to demand Donald Trump’s ouster.

Things did not go according to plan.

And Nancy Pelosi confessed the Democrats are about to suffer this massive impeachment defeat.

The first day of the Democrats’ show trial impeachment hearings was a dud.

Democrats’ two star witnesses – Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor and State Department official George Kent – flopped as both came off as arrogant and power mad bureaucrats engaging in gossip and speculation rather than testifying to firsthand knowledge of events.

Taylor and Kent’s testimony collapsed when both were forced to admit they never met the President and both could not name an impeachable offense when asked directly.

That led to Democrats panicking that there strategy backfired and Nancy Pelosi admitted defeat telling her allies that the hearings were unlikely to move public opinion.

CNN reports:

In a private meeting this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenants were skeptical about the prospects of a dramatic shift in opinion even as public impeachment hearings began this week, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. The upshot, the sources said: Democrats need to move forward with impeachment proceedings even if the politics are murky, noting that even during Richard Nixon’s presidency most of the public was divided until soon before he was forced to resign.

“Well, I think there are hard views on both sides,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told CNN when asked if he thought the public’s views would shift dramatically. “And sadly, apparently, Trump was perhaps right when he said of his own supporters that he could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and they would not require any accountability.”

Democrats have made a concerted effort to shift their rhetoric to clearly convey to the public a more concise message: That Trump engaged in “bribery,” which is cited in the Constitution on impeachment, when he pushed Ukrainian officials to investigate his political rivals in exchange for $400 million in military aid the country desperately sought — a message Pelosi conveyed on Thursday, a day after the first public impeachment proceedings.

Yet Democrats say there’s still a challenge in convincing a large majority of the public that what Trump did amounts to an abuse of power.

Some Democrats – like former Congressman Harold Ford – believe if these hearings continue to sputter along that Pelosi will eventually pull the plug.

That would enrage members of the Fake News Media that are desperate to see Donald Trump impeached and removed from office.

But faced with a choice of either pleasing them or avoiding a disastrous defeat for her caucus Pelosi’s decision will not be hard at all.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Easier you’re on Team America or you’re not pick up the rope and pull or get out of the office Democrat Party is the party of Satan

  2. Neither the Senate of the United States nor the House of Representatives of the United States would ever allow sufficient numbers of persons who support legislative term limits to join the ranks of its members. This means that a sufficient number of States would have to apply to open up a convention of the States, a convention for the proposing of constitutional amendments, per the fifth article of the Constitution of the United States; the conventionfolk would have to vote to propose a constitutional amendment containing a provision to prohibit every person from serving more than a certain number of terms of office as United States Senator, United States Representative and United States House Speaker, and perhaps prohibit everybody from serving more than some number of years (a multiple of six years) as federal legislative officer altogether; and then it would be up to the several States to ratify the proposed amendment. It might be a good idea to include a provision that allows the President of the United States, when making a recess appointment, to pick a person who would otherwise be ineligible on account of the legislative term limits provision.

  3. Because of the “hush money” fiasco with Stormy Daniels and the matter of Donald Trump Junior “intending” to buy dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russian nationals, no doubt. Yet as we can guess, had Donald Trump not won the electoral vote and not become President of the United States, the Clinton administration probably would not have bothered to charge him with anything of which Democrats had accused him. On the flip side, look at how the Trump administration has not bothered to charge the Clintons with anything. The whole matrix of legal threats in any particular direction are bullcrap, and it is amazing that nobody on either side of the political isle will acknowledge, if not admit, this.

  4. Mark Levin read the Whistleblowwer Statute on Hannity one night, and the only protection this person has is to not be fired. His name, where he works or anything else about him is not protected. Even Schiff accidently outed his name and he denies knowing who the SPY is, yes I said spy this is what they are..

  5. Nancy is realizing she shouldn’t have named Schiffs’ committee for these hearing and should have given it to the Judiciary like she should have done.

  6. I totally agree. This is the sad pathetic truth and it needs to stop. We are wasting taxpayers money and time. This is just another game of despair on the Democrats. They should be docked their pay for every day that they have wasted our money and time. This government is showing how corrupt that they really are. President Trump is not a politician, he’s not corrupt, he will not protect the corrupt and the corrupt government people and that is why the Democrats have always been trying to get rid of him. They damn sure don’t want him to get re elected. They have so much hidden and they are terrified that President Trump will uncover alot more before his next 4 years are over. Wake up America the Democrats want to own you and get rich off of us. What they promise you will never happen. Stop wasting our time and money now

  7. Pelosi is deep in the throes of Dementia and needs to be committed to a ward for the mentally incapacitated for the rest of her life.

  8. …pasted (as with Elmer’s glue) or passed? Took me a moment to tell what you
    I have difficulty at first sight understanding what many posters say. I just keep
    reading since the context often helps.

  9. There was even a Democrat crackpot or two who were talking impeachment before he was inaugurated (Maxine Waters for one), so, how anyone can take this as anything other than sour grapes is beyond me. If this ends up in court is just another example of how broken everything is.

    Most of our Congressional representatives appear to be engaging in treasonous activity, it seems to me. When their main concern is getting re-elected (votes) and continuing in their cushy careers with all their perks which are way better than anyone else’s perks and after serving one term!

    It’s time we take away salaries, pensions, and health care from these political parasites for basically doing nothing. Give these freeloaders an expense account to cover the extraneous expenses that are incurred doing their work, if it can be verified. Then we can give them social security as their pension, like the rest of us receive and put them on the Medicare system, under the same qualifications required of us.

    How were they ever allowed to set it up so they get all of these undeserved benefits that nobody else gets? And they foolishly and dishonestly think and refer to themselves as “public servants”! What a joke! “Servants”, most of who don’t have any idea what real work is.

    We’re guaranteed to continue to go down this steep, treacherous, descent as a country if we continue down this path, just what the Deep State is counting on. We’ll never wake up as a country before it’s too late. What a shame.

  10. John, I have voted dem in the past, but never again. They are no longer the party of JFK. They have thrown God out and satan has taken over.

  11. Dan, I agree, unions started out to be a very good thing. But no more. Libs have completely taken over and everything they touch is corrupt.

  12. Even if this goes away, what will they try next?? I cannot believe that the horrible schiff can get away with the nonsense he is pulling… to me the whole bunch of dum dems, that are in cahoots against the President, should be taken out of their cushy jobs and shipped out… unamerican, unpatriotic troublemakers that don’t give a darn about this country….
    So many people are furious over the lying schiff, I don’t think he is being lawful, yet we sit back and let him get away with it.

  13. BJ I’ve been in a union. Many years ago unions were great. But we got threw under the bus at my work place. And president Trumka gave me hell for running communist off the picket line. And they admitted to being communist. The unions we have today sucks.

  14. Simple English seems not to have been taught for decades. Many words sound alike but are spelled differently. There, their, and they’re for example. I have noticed this on printed signs made by professional companies no less.

  15. Dan, the problem is that libs do not think for themselves. They just blindly believe the sick lies of their lib leaders without question. They vote dem because that is what they have always done. They need to be educated as to what the dem party has become. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today, nor would he want to be a part of it

  16. Linda…California is a beautiful state and so sad to see what has happened to it. All of the dems and illegals need to be rounded up and evicted from this country.

  17. laughing, go ahead and correct it. It would not bother me at all. I left out the word “think”. It has nothing at all to do with not knowing simple English. And you are making a fool of yourself.

  18. john, please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that he deserves to be impeached for. You CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong.

  19. robb, the dems don’t care about our Constitution. They have no morals and hate everything this country stands for. They hate our founding fathers because they were Christians. dems are very dangerous to our freedom.

  20. Dan, no, I am not. But I am intelligent enough to know English. A lot of people just don’t care about proper English, which shows a lack of intelligence. I know people who learned English as a second language who speak it better than those who were born here. And nothing is taught in public schools anymore. It is all lib indoctrination.

  21. She is not doing her job. She needs to sign the item that will give more jobs to Americans. She hates Trump so bad, that she won’t thi k about jobw for Americans. She is dispicible and should NOT be paid!!!

  22. So you would rather be uneducated than know proper English. If you have no concept of simple English, you have no credibility. But just go ahead and remain ignorant. And I am very conservative and have never had anything to do with unions, which have become very corrupt.

  23. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more that a racist,Fraudulent, Treasonous woman in badly help of a Psychiatric institution (JAIL)where she can hung out with the rest her Mafiasos friends; none who give a penny for the U.S.A & Citizens well being, even Thought they promised the Illegal Immigrants the sky, stars & moon as long as they vote for them, yet at the end will end up in the streets as in happening in California, New York & other cities; while they become billonairs,as the Clintons, A. Schiff,the Bidens, Obamas,C. Schumer, Pelosi, B. De Blassio,A.Cuomo & the rest of the Corrupted democrats.
    Let’s hope none will get to the White House, that will be the DOWNFALL OF U.S.A.

  24. That is true but it is true becuase of affirmative action which was pasted in 1965. It should be repealed for being racist and bigoted.

    That is why there is no such thing as white privilege only black, native American, and hispanic privlege.

    Repeal the bigoted racist affirmative action laws now.

  25. Guys! Now I have that visual in my head and I keep throwing up!. Well I needed to lose 5 pounds. Just didnt expect it to happen in one day.

  26. Why cant we call it what it is. Using taxpayer money to influance the 2020 election. Every democrat should have to list the house and senate wages as campaign donations.

  27. Well the most stupid “white folk” I every met was a retarted 37 year old and he was much more intelligent and knowledgeable then you redman. I can only assume your brian is riddled with holes from drugs and alcohol you bigoted racist.

  28. Sheldon you are very right. But it is hard to blame the retarted democrat voters. It is the teachers union cuasing this. Outlaw the teachers union eliminate most school staff jobs and this will get better

  29. BJ; should I correct your sentence? As a teachers union member we have to wonder if you were having sex at burning man and just mistyped your comment

  30. All Democrat voters will be right be their side due to aiding and abeding these criminals. Burn liberal votrs burn.

    I know you dont believe in god but if your wrong you lose.

  31. She is also worried about the number of democrats that could go to jail for lying to the senate. It is going bv to start looking ugly for the bigoted racist fascist liberal / democrats.

    All Democrat voters should be jailed for aiding and abeding these criminals.

  32. I do intend disrespect. BJ spends time screw with the english rather then the concept and subject. BJ think it is safe to criticize based on english rather then actually bnb have an opinion. BJ is likely a liberal / democrat teachers union member raping the children of our country.

    The teachers union is the worst CV thing in the country for children

  33. Lincoln had an “R” next to his name. But never voting for names with “D”s next to them is an excellent policy!

  34. If Abe Lincoln were alive today and switched parties I would not vote for him because he would have a “D” next to his name.
    Just to play safe, from here on out I will NEVER vote for anyone with a “D” next to their name. I might miss one or two competent persons in the process. But better safe than sorry.

  35. Like it has been said from the very beginning of president Trump’s administration, the democrats want him out at any cost. One only need to review the past events instigated by democrats against republicans to see that they have no moral or ethical restrictions on their “by any means necessary” actions. They will pay a dear price for those actions however. Praise to father God in the highest.

  36. Is she starting to realize that the Senate could take as long as it wants and can call ANY witness they want to in order to get to the bottom of everything. He may sometimes be a bit crude but Trump is proving to one of the wiliest.

  37. Red man it a shame that you are a RACIST! Like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis FARRAKHAN, and phony Reverend Wright who church is full of Satan follower! The problem in the black community is that Democrats con you with drugs, and alcohol. Even con you with killing each other! Red man why not buy a plane ticket to Africa? I have been there. Saw tribe of black men killing other blacks men who didn’t follow their leader! Do LOSER why not round up the rest of you RACIST black an go to Africa to fix the problem in black community?


  39. The Democrats are all on a fast track straight to hell. They lie and deceive 95% of the time and they advocate murder to unborn babies without even flinching or batting an eye to it. Beelzebub has a special mansion waiting for each of them inside his scorching hot kingdom. Elijah Cummings is already experiencing that first hand.

  40. I am waiting to see if Nutsy and her Democraps are STUPID enough to Bring an Impeachment vote to the House Floor. See while Committees can hide what happens in their spaces they CAN NOT do so with the House Floor COTES they are Public record. This means those who run against these Democraps in 2020 will have ammo against these WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER for Brains IDIOTS having a D after their names on the ballets.

  41. Wondering if many of these “members” of the congress even know what the constitution even says???? Most are just professional lounge lizards anyway; “Puttin in their time”
    to retire as fat cats and have absolutely no concern for the country of the uSA. The oath of office to some was just a formal joke.

  42. Not so fast! Robert! You got a job? Let me tell you what wrong in the job market! There are people looking for jobs, especially White people! But when you are more QUALITY than anyone else. You Lose! Even when you go for interview dress real nice. Get interview by a BLACK manager who support Democrats. You don’t stand a chance of getting a job if there two black guy applied to! Here in NC it show RACIST is in the job market. There are factory being run by black people who assault white people and force them to quit! File complaint nothing will come out of it! Because white upper management are COWARD!

  43. Pelosi is so guilty of more than one crime! She will hang or spend her life in prison! She knows it! So does every Democrats and Rino-Republican who help put Obama in the White House! So the only way to cover-up lies was to fame Trump! We the American people saw it coming to the front everyday! Obama brought HATE BACK TO THE FRONT! OBAMA DIVIDED THE COUNTRY! OBAMA FIRM ISIS BY LEAVING OUR MILITARY EQUIPMENT BEHIND. PELOSI DID NOTHING! Sit back and try to blame other for what was going WRONG IN WASHINGTON DC! EVEN ALL THE DEMOCRATS HOUSE ARE GUILTY OF MURDER BY BLM AGAINST COPS! WATER IS GUILTY FOR TELLING HER BELIEVER TO ATTACK TRUMP SUPPORTER! THERE SO MUCH CRIME IN THE DEMOCRATS HOUSE THEY ALL SHOULD BE TRY FOR TREASONS!

  44. John, it a shame that you failed to see how all got started! Hope you are not a CHRISTIAN person! Because you just lie! Only thing Trump did wrong WAS KEEPING OBAMA PEOPLE IN THESE POSITION! AND if you read the note Obama order them to find some dirty on Trump so Hillary Clinton could be President! All this started in 2014 when every Republican candidate was being Black mail by Obama administration team. Now the BIGGEST MISTAKE MADE BY DEMOCRATS AND OBAMA WAS GIVING IRAN BILLION OF TAXPAYERS MONEY! HOW IT HAPPENED? DEMOCRATS HOUSE VOTE TO GIVEN IRAN BILLION OF TAXPAYERS MONEY. OBAMA USE HIS EXECUTIVE POWER TO BY- PASS SENATE! Want to know what else is involved? JOHN KERRY! AND HILLARY CLINTON! Both are TRAITOR IN OUR CONGRESS! Hillary was SECRETARY OF THE STATE, when she SOLD BOMB MATERIAL TO RUSSIA! AND THAT WAS WHEN OBAMA AND KERRY GOT DEMOCRATS HOUSE TO APPROVED THE MONEY FOR IRAN! THE ONLY WAY FOR IRAN TO FINISH MAKING A NUCLEAR BOMB WAS PURCHASE THE MATERIAL FROM RUSSIA!

  45. The President of our United States is a man who does not lie and that is because he was a man and not a politician. This is why the democrats want to impeach him! It is time for America to demand term limits in both the House and Congress. Plus, anyone who wants to become an elected member of Congress or the House, should be forced to take a test by the Justice Department on the history of our United States to include our Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights, etc. Just review the “Squad” who identify themselves as STUPID! Go figure.

  46. What has become of California is a disgrace!! Calfinoria, a.k.a. little Venzeula, has become a cesspool with people pooping in the streets. Funny how dems want to bring in more illegal aliens and support them with free food, housing, etc but don’t do anything about the homeless that are ruining beautiful cities like San Francisco. Most of the good people in California have already moved to another state. It is so important that the rest of the country sees what a liberal agenda has done to California and make the decision to not let it happen to their state. This next election is critical for our kids and grandkids!!!

  47. You stupid Dems never can believe the truth Redman I don’t blame the guys running for office because if they get elected they become the elites and super rich however the idiots that vote for them thinking everything is free end up eating out of garbage cans YOU REALLY CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!

  48. How sad that you hate for President Trump overrides any feeling for the USA. Your guy was in charge for 8 years and did far worse than Trump has been accused of. Do you honestly believe that your opinion of how this country is supposed to move forward is better that the 62,000,000 that voted for Trump. If your way is so superior, why are you behind the sorry and fabricated charges against Trump? If your hag IS elected in the next go round, I hope she is what you want. Think about it and reconsider the HORSE you’re backing.



  50. Jay, did you know California is still overrun with demonrats? We are so badly infested with them. We are only represented by a very small minority of decent house reps (I think seven?) that care one iota about the people here. We are in need of Commie-la and not-so-fine-stein replacements.

  51. I agree, Redman is an utter idiot! Bet he’s a relative of shifty Shiff. Not very bright at all & probably not an American.

  52. Awwww, too bad NANCE … you have tried every lowlife tactic imaginable for the past 3yrs to nail PRESIDENT TRUMP — but as before, you have miserably FAILED AGAIN. He is simply too savvy and smart for you, and will always be one step ahead of YOUR LIES and ACCUSATIONS. So, get used to this, PEWLOSI …. TRUMP IN 2020 !

  53. Nutty Nancy Pelosi also knows the longer President Donald J. Trump stays in office the greater the possibility of the truth coming out about her treason in 2008 .

  54. Nutty Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House is more worried about the treason she committed in 2008 by putting an Illegal Alien on the DNC ballot for US President going by the name of barack hussein obama or is it Barry Soetoro ?

  55. The fake impeachment “inquiry” is actually yet another good example of a Stalinist Show Trial. A Kangaroo Court Media spectacle for leftists to eliminate opposition. Failing again.

  56. to continue also, if Pelosi does “pull the plug” the media story will be that “Trump controls the House and the Peoples Will!!!! He MUST be Impeached now!” The Resistance is REAL…… I know people personally who are proud of BEING THE RESISTANCE. This will not end until 2024. The major news networks need to start building a better narrative that attracts more viewership, ratings are HORRIBLE!

  57. Dummy Dems keep giving it away for free!!!running on this false hope of free everything!!! Free cheese for a vote!!! Illegals free health care and SS benefits!!! WTF!!!
    Red man you never had it so good!!!! Obama gave it away like Crack!!! For 8 years and now it’s over!!! No more free lunch!!! Got a whole lot of crack heads hooked on free!!!
    Biden has dimesia and hopes he forgets he’s owes China, the Ukraine horses hit is smoke and mirrors! Takes your eyes off the real heads that should be rolling??? Obama, Clinton, Lynch,, Sniffy, Betty boobs Pelosi, Chucky, Max, Penguin Nadler, Swallowell, Sniffies right hand man, Grimm reaper Jefferies, Debbie Dingel does Dallas & got drunk at the party!!! One could go on and on for ever about the clown show!!!
    Talk about a party of spazzes!!!! Hillary is Little Adam Schniff’s biological mother!
    Ground hog day!!!!

  58. Nancy , puke cadaver , Pelosi is 81 . At her younger age Nancy used to Lube 5 guys garage ; one after the other .
    Her Title : The Lube Lady .

  59. Jay L. Stern and All Posters here : IGNORE RedMan .
    Just Ignore him ; do not reply to his ignorance and stupidity .
    Force him to go back to his satanic cave .
    Ignore him ; Best Solution .

  60. If American Democrats are that stupid and moronic to believe what the Democrats are doing, I highly suggest that you get the hell out of America and go to Russia or China because that is what you are going to get for a government if the Democrats win in 2020.

  61. Interesting phrasing. Very colorful. Did you know that after California entered the Union, it was dominated by Democrats from 1850 to 1880? Did you know that duirng this time, the population of California’s indigenous people was all but wiped out? The population fell from something over 70,000 to about 15,000. The dirty dems sanctioned mass murder incluidng starvation, deliberate infection and pouring strychnine in water supplies used by indigenous people. It wasn’t until Republicans took power that the lot of native people improved. Of course, even today, indigenous people are not treated properly. By and large, the mal treatment has been by Democrats. Criticize and lampoon President Trump all you want. But at the end of the day, even you will have to admit that his policies are fair and evenhanded.

  62. Old trump the dump has his trump-butt-bumps hoodwinked so bad until he can fart in dem jokers face, and den tell em its chicken they smell, and they’ll fall flat head for it. They are some of the most stupidest white-folks dis side of their country europe. What a sad bunch of losers. hahahaahha

  63. We will not see the effects of this witch hunt, hoax until election day 2020!! Only then will we be able to observe this attempted coup and the results affecting Republican voters. The democrats have blatantly lied, they have provided only heresay, all backed up by their allies the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!! I am certain this sham will convince a few voters to abandon the President. We can only hope and pray that this democrat HOAX fools only a few. We shall see.

  64. What nancy and her cohorts have done for the past two-plus years, is steal, and waste the hard-working class of people, all because she can’t handle losing. Woman, return are money back to us and do us all a favor…RESIGN!

  65. When you aren’t smart enough to see a difference Pres Trump has made to the economy, you r terminally stupid or don’t want to work!

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