Nancy Pelosi could not believe how she just lost the biggest fight of her life to Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi is adamant that Congress will not fund a border wall.

This was to be the fight that cemented Nancy Pelosi as the most powerful leader in Washington and doomed Trump to defeat in 2020.

But Pelosi was in for the shock of her life as she could not believe how she was about to lose this battle.

Now that the government is reopened, Democrats are starting to abandon the Pelosi position of no wall funding.

Democrats realize their position is not only unpopular – a recent poll of swing districts conducted by the Trump Presidential campaign found a majority of voters support Trump’s position – but it was untenable now that Trump agreed to negotiate.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — then the House minority leader — promised that she would not appropriate a single dollar to the wall, despite Trump’s promise of a shutdown if he did not receive $5.7 billion to build on the border.

But a number of rank and file Democrats have since said that they support a physical barrier in concert with other border security measures, perhaps due to pressure from the extended shutdown and a desire to prevent another one.

Freshman California Rep. Katie Hill, Washington Rep. Adam Smith, and Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos have all conceded that fencing in certain areas is something that they are not reflexively opposed to.

Virginia Rep. Elaine Luria, along with 30 other members, urged Speaker Pelosi to make a deal with Trump in a letter last week and offered perhaps the most accurate view of Trump’s border proposal by Democrats yet.

As the days pass, more Democrats will drift from Pelosi’s all-out support for open borders.

At some point before February 15, Pelosi will have to deal.

She already yielded on inviting Trump to deliver the State of the Union even though there is no permanent funding deal.

The next step is for Pelosi to bend to the reality of the situation and allow funding for the border wall.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. I agree with both of you. It is time to take back our country and punish those responsible for treason against the AMERICAN CITIZENS. Pelosi,Schumer all the Clinton’s Obama’s and many more .

  3. wITH illegals voting and people residing in the local cemeteries it helps the bad guys. What they have done, I was told, filled out the absentee ballot in favor of Clinton and had illegals sign that they had voted, therefore committing a federal crime. Even with all that, Trump still won, there were many prayers going up on election night. I have offered the suggestion that the voters registration offices have volunteers verify the voters are legal citizens. We would not have to know who they voted for, just vet them to see if they were legal and registered and, of course, ALIVE. So far no one has entertained that idea.

  4. tanya cummins, You really have to get out more and stop watching so much MSM. Truth is that illegals in many states are allowed to and DO have a drivers license. Many places in America all you need to register to vote is a valid drivers license. What does that mean? Let me tell you! Many illegals are registered to vote and they are voting! Voter fraud is being perpetrated in many ways, for the time being.
    tanya, it is a sign of juvenile immaturity to insult people the way you insulted Nellie. As it turns out she appears to be more educated than you. Mike Dar is also correct about you Dems having voter fraud down to a science. We are working on getting that corrected. You realize what you are promoting is a crime and that makes you culpable in promoting criminal activities! Watch out missee, jail is large enough to accommodate you as well.

  5. No, you don’t have to be a citizen to vote.. you have to be a citizen to vote LEGALLY in NATIONAL elections, California has Approved State issues to be decided by anyone inside America.. and possibly anyone outside America. We’ve all seen the ‘Ballot harvesting’, ‘Absentee Ballots’ corruption… you and other fools, are not fooling, anyone. The left is doing a great job though of keeping the corruption from the front pages. ‘Puerto Ricans are of a different class of citizens that the mass of Americans are not btw, ‘lol’.. and only endured due to previous corruption and current Dem need for corruption as seen by who runs Puerto Rico(Chicago DNC).

  6. Let all the illegals move in with Pelosi and see how she likes it. She’s rich eniugh to take cRe of them.

  7. You REALLY never got past 4th grade or you would know you have to be a citizen (& btw, Puerto Ricans are citizens, lol) to vote.

  8. Most of the people voting for Pelosi’s agenda are illegals who don’t speak or read English or Spanish.
    Pelosi wanted illegals to get drivers license and she set up the DMV to have them fill out the application for voting. We have million of illegals voting.

  9. Most of the people voting for Pelosi’s agenda are illegals who don’t speak or read English or Spanish.
    Pelosi wanted illegals to get drivers license and she set up the DMV to have them fill out the application for voting. We have million of illegals voting.

  10. See she doesn’t have all her little soldiers on her side. Some DEMS know when and when not to fight with the President agenda. Nancy is a total idiot if she continues to be the obstructionist she is she will find more DEMS cutting and running.

  11. I totally agree. They need to stay on the border to get the full effect. Probably wouldn’t matter though. They look down their pinnochio noses at us. They think they’re better than everyone else. They see the with jealousy and hatred for Trump. He’s more than out trumped them in 2 years compared to their 3 decades of doing nothing but creating more corruption. They’re scared he’s going to expose them for their corruption. I sure hope he does. Go Trump 2020. MAGA…

  12. 3 times the Dems refused to pay the workers. The Dems kept the shutdown going for 35 days. They need to have their checks held.

  13. When you drive along a freeway/expressway what’s to your right/left? Sound abatement wall!! Yes they work..

  14. We that believe in God, need to remember that He tells His people what is truth and does not lie. He had man write that God Himself places Kings (those that run the nations) and removes them. So who do you think placed this man DJ Trump into office for the United States. I give you one guess here……Those with a brain are able to know the answer to this question because it is so easy for the children of God to know what He is doing. He had everything we would understand written down so we would not be in the dark.

  15. It’s not just DoD appropriated funds. A lot of it is from the Treasury Department, i.e., money forfeited as part of illegal drug activity. Unless you are an attorney specializing in the US Code, don’t interpret the law for us. I have BS/MA degrees, and I can read law reasonably well, but my understanding is limited because I’m not a lawyer. It a temptation to post laws here, I know, as I do it too, but really we should leave the law to the lawyers.
    If you are an attorney, my sincere apologies to you.

  16. Let’s all get out and VOTE Trump, Trump, Trump these nuts r helping Trump get elected by their attitude of not protecting the American people. Good for Trump
    Nancy has a wall around her place to protect her, what about us

  17. I think we all can agree that the Democrats cheat in every election. In the last one, they wanted the House more than anything else. The House controls the money, initiates Impeachments, and the Speaker is #3 in line for the White House. I think that’s why we gained votes in the Senate: they were focusing all their money in a campaign to cheat their way into control of the House, and they did it. They make me sick.
    What’s going on with Hitlery and Osama? When they are keeping a low profile, watch out. As long as you hear from them, you know what they are up to. Kind of like little kids. They all act like spoiled 5-year olds anyway, but way more evil.

  18. Let’s all get out and VOTE Trump, Trump, Trump these nuts r helping Trump get elected by their attitude of not protecting the American people. Good for Trump

  19. Pelosi is just showing how little she cares for America and Americans. If her fellow Democrats can’t see it now they never will. President Trump has done his best to work with them and they mock him. He is a strong man. Because I don’t think I could work with them. If I were him. But I feel this will back fire on Pelosi in 2020.

  20. Obama was a fraud and also a traitorous enemy of the United States of America thank God he is out maybe not gone but who really cares what him and Michelle think return to where you came from.

  21. President Trump quit trying to meet and negotiate with these traitorous cowards who don’t care about the American citizens “build the wall”

  22. I made an oops, meant to write “she is one of the stubborn people “ever” to breathe air, not “every”. YUK!

  23. Valli Neal-davis, Nasty Nancy is so far gone mentally her agenda is lost in the fog that once was a pea sized brain. All she is existing on now is, no barrier money, her hatred for DJT, at all cost defeat DJT in 2020 and most importantly to her is what time is she getting her next booze and adrenochrome fix! Nasty Nancy is a mean obstructionist in a class by herself! She is, a murderer of babies, anti American, ungodly, for open borders, globalist/NWO, and she is, without a doubt, going to blow the doors off hell as she enters unless she does some powerful repenting! This is not likely because she is one of the most stubborn people every to breathe air.

  24. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about the American citizens she’s pissed off because president Trump stopped her vacation that the American taxpayers money would have had to pay for Nancy Pelosi so this is her way of getting back at president Trump and the American citizens who voted him into office (us deplorables)

  25. Wake-up American people Nancy Pelosi and her cronies don’t care about the American citizens they didn’t care about the government shutdown they used those American citizens and families to play politics for their own agendas.

  26. Nancy doesn’t care about Americans, she is about money, power, and doing anything corrupt to suit only her well being.

  27. So true, Evelyn. In spite of the truth, I had to chuckle, cause I never careed for Pelosi and wonder how she keeps her position.

  28. The Kenyan mobster from the Chicago moffia and the.Clinton crime family let drug smugglers into our country, they stole and sold our uranium, they murdered anyone that got in their way, but evidently they didn’t talk to anyone from Russia.

  29. Nancy has to give in before Feb 15, do it now Nancy and save some face. Trump will get the wall with you or without you, cause we are going to help him. Your about to lose your precious gavel , cause your a nut case. Just look at some of your tapes total crazy.

  30. I see War coming….something has to break…this can’t continue…..she is NOT America’s President…..Please people, wake up….her way of thinking will hurt you and the people you love……

  31. “…they fear Queen Bee Nancy”…and that is why…they will quietly build a significant group of their own kinds that will oust her”…dementia and all.

    Note: Her presentations to her constituents and her Media…are “skipping a beat”…more so as she experiences pressures causing her to “search for words” that match her previous ones i.e., she forgets what she was saying…

    That is sad, but part of life3 for many of us…

  32. The whole Democratic party are owned by Mr. George Soros. Please read their goals on the “Open Borders Foundation” site. They advocate “NO Borders, Governments, or Religions”, with the “Elite Billionaires” in control.
    Semper Fi you “Jarheads”, as a U.S.Navy “Tin Can” veteran, we are brothers. I’m proud of all you do for our country!

  33. The whole Democratic party are owned by Mr. George Soros. Please read their goals on the “Open Borders Foundation” site. They advocate “NO Borders, Governments, or Religions”, with the “Elite Billionaires” in control.
    Semper Fi you “Jarheads”, as a U.S.Navy “Tin Can” veteran, we are brothers. I’m proud of all you do for our country!

  34. DID YOU include that pelosi spends monday and friday flying to and from D.C.? They have so few days that congress is actually in session. Off for Christmas, and all summer. Anyone have the actual count of days in session last year?
    Don’t forget, she also is on Soros payroll. As are all the Dems. Soros went to Hillary’s home while she was running for president to deliver his check for $8 MILLION to help her get elected. She now “Owes Soros BIG TIME”!

  35. Hey lady read the writing on the wall, this position was trusted to you to help our country and its constituents not for your personal vendettas against whoever you do not like or stop your climb to more power


  37. The problem is, that our high and mighty politicians don’t care or, even know what you folks are going through. All that they see is more votes and more power! Years ago I worked investigations down along the Mexican Border in Star and Hildago Counties and I got a taste of the corruption that runs rampant there. People like Pelosi and Schumer don’t know or care what’s going on outside of their little worlds. Maybe, if they were forced to experience the truth they would think differently about what’s going on. However, I read an article recently, that more than implied that Pelosi is involved with the Mexican Drug Cartels. If that’s true, why isn’t the FBI investigating her and her finances?

  38. I’m totally with you Brother – I hope that the Obama lover have realized what they created when they voted for Obama twice.. How dumb can you get – he is not a CITIZEN of the US.
    “Semper-Fi” to all Marines..

  39. Amen Kelli – Steff – it would be great if you could get that Kenyan Video and put it on the TV and YouTube… People have to see it – I have always said that Obama was not a citizen, should never have been Elected President. Thank you all of you OBAMA lovers….

  40. I voted for President Trump to run this country. Not Pelosi. The woman is early Alzheimers and has no business with a gavel of any size. She is dangerous. She needs to be home with a full time caretaker. She has no business with making any kid of decision for America. Get her out of DC. Send her back to San Frisco ASAP.

  41. They will lose,but the word loose fits too because they did loosen the way for the unAmericans that insist on breaking our laws.It’s terrible how the illegals have become so much like the Communists themselves,they feel so entitled. Think of what they could do with all that energy for breaking our laws,if they just stayed in their own country and used that same amount of energy and willingness to put themselves in danger. All those that are illegal don’t want work they are looking for free care.

  42. Nancy, “yield to the logic of the situation.” Kirk used that one on Spock, and at the very last, Spock realized Kirk was right. Anyone remember that one?

  43. ever hear of a prison without a wall, no where in the world did they ever build one with a wall. palosi wants illegals for votes, who else in America would vote for them, especially when they put muslims in our govt. oh i am sorry, the dumb libs would .

  44. Obama made a televised appearance before the Kenyan government and stated that he was a Kenyan … born and bred. He didn’t think it would be videotaped, but the last I checked it was still on the WEB. If it has been removed, some friends of mine from Kenya could probably produce a copy of it, because the Kenyan people detest him.

  45. Thank God Obama is gone America would now be over run with illegals and terrorism terrorists. Nancy Pelosi and those democrat thugs have the same agenda.

  46. Actually they make much more than $84 and hour, because they do not work the standard 40 hours a week for 52 weeks which is 2,080 hours. They get paid for showing up during the time congress is in session not the standard 40 hours * 52 weeks which is 1,104 hours. Their salary is $174,000 so their hourly rate is $157.61. This does not include insurance and other perks.

  47. She had a smooth charismatic talking President to support her before and now the worm has turned. Bullying doesn’t work. Trump has dealt with the sharps for a long time in business and now she can’t play her games. Poor Nancy! And her followers.

  48. Nancy was a savvy political traitor to the U.S.A. Now more and more the dementia that she is suffering from is making her look foolish. But! This also makes her dangerous. She is vicious toward anyone who oppose her. This definitely includes those in her own party. They fear Queen Bee Nancy.

  49. Good old Nanc is a criminal folks. She does not work for America. Did she not just send 10 billion to Mexico?? Now they have funded NATO to the tune of billions?? Meanwhile back in America while driving down the road my wheel broke off.


  51. obama is a spy he is not an American give him a trial when he is found guilty shoot him if the law says to do so. If he is convicted as a spy he will get the Death Sentance.

  52. SJ Mel: 84 dollars an hour. It is what we pay them last time I crunched the figures. That is if they show up for every day. That goes up exponentially for every day they are on the campaign trail, book signing, taking tours of middle east or europe, being paid thousands at speaking engagements etc. Then you have to figure in the best health care available, clothing,travel, housing and dining allowances, vacation and retirement. Unknown amount for shady deals with contractors and lobbyists. Get the picture? Why else do you think these glorified beaurocrats are so hard after your firearms. They know they have created a powder keg and now they’re pissin’ there boots full.

  53. You failed to mention that every step they took was rebuffed by the democrats in states they controlled, who had suspicious counts, were upheld by biased judges. You need to get your facts straight, before you publish.

    Hoo name you tha gramar policeman? Kwit goin behine evry persin coreckting them.
    This is the internet, dude. It’s not a big deal and people do make typing errors.

  55. Yup. All a liberal needs do is get out the good old racist rubber stamp and now any words of decency or common sense are now nul and void. Yup.

  56. Sorry, 10 US Code 284 is NOT the answer. It’s part of a law that is for “Military Support for Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies.” The law doesn’t authorize unlimited military support at the choice of the President. It says that the DoD may provide “support” (not funds) only if “such support is requested— (A) by the official who has responsibility for the counterdrug activities or activities to counter transnational organized crime of the department or agency of the Federal Government,” — the Attorney General — and only for the specific activities that are stated in the law. The sole comparable project that the law spells out is “(7) Construction of roads and fences and installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States.” 10 US Code 272 says “The Secretary of Defense may * * * make available any equipment (including associated supplies or spare parts) * * * of the Department of Defense to any Federal, State, or local civilian law enforcement official for law enforcement purposes.” When Trump sent troops to the border before the election, they were used to lay barbed wire (construct fences). These laws don’t allow the President to take $5-25 billion from DoD appropriated funds to buy land from property owners, buy rebar and concrete etc., and hire non-Department of Defense people to build a concrete wall.

  57. Pete, Dems need to take Nasty Nancy to the city limits of D.C. and “boot” her in the general direction of her house! She is a national disgrace to America and all patriots!

  58. “Secretary of State, Whitley said his office has identified 95,000 non-citizens who are currently registered to vote in of Texas — 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more election.” And you, Scott27, were saying. So democrat politicians have said to the MSM that they are skeptical of these numbers but have not proof as to the illegitimacy of the facts stated. The MSM are now on a propaganda campaign disputing the facts without ANY PROOF again!!

  59. You are correct. The Dems see unbrlidled immigration as a way to create huge voting blocks. Look at Calipornja. Trading away rights, huge tax burdens, social give always, taking away and limiting fire arms, the list goes on and on. Pretty soon it will be just like the country they left, for exactly the same reason. This is why you have human waste like Cortez and the rag heads in our government. And when they have the numbers they’ll kick the bellowsis and Schumtards out as they are not liberal enough.

  60. We are in a crisis situation that if is not stopped will lead us to another Civil War that would involve a lot of bloodshed before it is over. It would lead to a rebirth of our constitution though, because the yellow-back and face-masked cowards will not withstand the new sons and daughters of liberty. They will not be able to gang attack the singular or few, because they won’t be able to get near them without facing head and/or gut shots.

  61. I think there are probably a number of us who are involved with the convention of states. They have a lot of good ideas, but they also have some that could weaken our constitution. I am involved and reviewing what is being said and done. There is a need for more involvement by the citizens of the states.

  62. Amen to that Badbob. Since the liberals do not accept facts, when confronted they just babble, cry, scream at the sky, and yell racist!!!!

  63. Wayne, President Kennedy did not cheat in ’60. His father, Joe Sr, was the one. It’s best not to confuse the two….

  64. It just proved that the dems cheated like they have been doing for so many years. The illegitimate and corrupt collection method used by California actually had more voters turn in ballots than voters especially in the GOP stronghold areas. Voter fraud in other states (like Texas) also skewed the votes. I firmly believe that the voter ID laws for absentee ballots as well as in-person voters and “actual oversight” by people with honesty and integrity will take care of a lot of that nonsense. If at all possible, we must stand guard ourselves and make sure that voter ID laws are passed in our home states.

  65. Trump has done more to save AMERICA then any other president and I am glad that he is tough and puts the Demos in there Place.They are the reason we are in such turmoil and not standing up for the People and the USA. Sure hope he will get a second term.

  66. As far As I Am Concerned Obama is a communist dictating to other Democrats to turn our country into a communist country Yet With All the illegals And Kill all Elderly With Poison drugs that He And Hillery Cosigned For From China.

  67. Just like Kamala Harris…..sleep to the top for money and advancement or just betray your country for big bucks: George Soros, Tom Steyer, Arizona Mafia, Mexican government, and Mexican Cartel along with their associates in this country.

  68. You appear to be well informed on the subject. I feel that President Trump just led the two of the major nitwits in congress into his trap. Now when the president takes either of two legal steps to build the wall, they will have so much egg (meant to say worse) on their faces it can never be removed. They kept saying they were for DACA for one, but they denied it. How will that be swallowed? They also said they were actually for border security but using technology and more spending on manpower only, and they turned it down. They said they wanted to spend more money on humanitarian aid, and they turned it down. Now when the president takes either of two legal steps to build the wall, they will have so much egg (meant to say worse) on their faces it can never be removed. Too bad they never read or understood “The power of the deal”, and never really knew the strength in President Trump. They should just don masks from their terrorist subordinates, Antifa, to hide their shame in public.

  69. Scot27: perhaps you may enlighten the rest of the contributors which part of the article you found to be inaccurate. In your own words and please refrain from using “waaaa” or snot bubbles. Obviously you must be of the liberal stripe as another striped animal also lifts its tail and emits gas when confronted. If you want our serious attention kindly stick to the facts to support your position. Vs

  70. I am sorry that they MAKE you live THAT way and the HomeLESS people in California, piglosi’s State….No, she will NEVER come to join you to EXPERIENCE/ENDURE your “way of life”, but THAT is EXACTLY why she needs to be sent off to PRISON for “VIOLATING the OATH of Office she took AND “DERELICTION of DUTY” for NOT helping, rather REFUSES to make your lives SAFER……!!!! This is soooo DISGUSTING….!!!

  71. If I was a master of the game of chess, I would not want to play against Trump. No chance I could win. Same goes for politics or business. God loves America and the American people. He sent Trump in to fight for us,and he has Trumps back. Trump has Gods promise, just as we do. “No weapon formed thee shall prosper;Isaiah 54:17 If God be for us, who can stand against us. No impeachment. God put him in there. Only God can take him out. He can’t even get himself out. He is stuck for yet one more term. For Trump to resign, he needs Gods consent. That is the one thing Trump can’t get.

  72. I know it is hard for the Democrat to lose that is why they Cheat in every election it has been going on for years Bill and Hillary took cheating on when they started it back in the 1900s and it has been getting worse as we go they find votes in car trunks and votes they have no counted twice yet plus the dead and on and on !

  73. I empathize with you tremendously. Had family living in Arizona in the past, but they left and moved North. It was tragic how they were frightened and in danger the last 10 years or so. Chuck and Nancy are both beholden to Soros, Steyer, the Arizona Mafia, and the Mexican government & cartels. They are treasonous and total liars who have taken money to use to get power in this country. There are too many foolish people in this country who have no concept of the danger this country is facing from within that will end their freedoms. Lock & Load. Semper Fi!

  74. I think the public may be waking up to the fact that the 35 days some people went without paychecks was solely because Pelosi and Schumer would not compromise or even discuss comprommising on the subject of the sort of barrier they’ve supported as recently as 2012.

  75. During the shutdown Rep Pelosi came to Hawaii to vacation and subsequent did another vacation to Puerto Rico with her democratic colleagues, paid by lobbys while her constituency suffered and went to food banks.
    Democrats do not care about the people, they care about themselves, we would get more done if they would just stay home and stop obstructing government progress.
    Pelosi and her husband worth is approx $ 30 M, we need a law such that if the govt shuts down, congress does not get paychecks, then watch how fast they would negotiate. They are so out of touch with the people that they have no idea what people are going thru, bring moral character back into government.

  76. i live 30 miles from the border.. we have to have firearms all over the house and in all our vehicles.. we have had knocks on the door at 2am, had been tried to be stopped to attempted car jacking, all by backpacking groups walking on the side of the road.. chuck and nancy: come live with us for a month.. you will build a wall higher and wider than trump ever imagined.. come on cowards and leave bodyguards behind.. your dont have the guts do you..

  77. You heard that a REP has put forth legislation for TERM LIMITS. It will never pass. Time for a convention of the States and we the PEOPLE can make that happen.

  78. Peloski is person of unthuthful . I saw her make the sign of the cross like she is a good catholic but promotes killling babies. How does the church tell her to get loss.


  80. Marvin>> Ms. Nancy does not have a wallet, she steals from ours with all her air travel expenses. That’s at least why she wants to raise taxes and/or stop the expense of putting up the Mexico border wall.

    What’s really scary is she’s next in line for the presidency if Trump and Pence die!

  81. No he does NOT go and read Section 10-284 of the US Code and you will find out he already has the power to build the wall.

  82. I agree 100% she should be tossed out of office . How could
    someone so unintelligent be in such a position ???

  83. Thank you swing voters for now finally recognizing that pelosi and schumer and the rest of the scum are the problem. However, the horse is out of the barn and the scum now controls the house. Do the right thing and smart thing and vote for DT in 2020 and conservatives who have your interest and security in mind.

  84. This entire article, like many here, is a completely imagined universe. You would have had to be in a cave far away since late December to believe this.

  85. Most all American know by now that TRUMP does not need Congress to do this wall. All he has to do is fail back on existing law and he can do it without any fuss. Section 10-284 of the US Code gives him that power. So it’s in the DEMs best interest to make a deal with him while they can. It will happen with or without them that you can take to the BANK. The Dems are being exposed on a daily basis for only being TRUMP HATERS and not given one damn about what is best for the country.

  86. You can’t deal with Madame Pelosi nor Chuck U Schumer as well as the rest of the communist majority in the House. They are against the wall not because it won’t work despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, but they know that they will loose a large voting block of illegals and make them U.S. citizens that they need to get the votes needed for reelection. Trump needs to declare a national emergency to get the border wall built.

  87. I’m not a Hillary fan, but c’mon.. even Trump’s own commission on voter fraud disbanded because they could not find any significant. Look it up.

  88. It is time for a merciful ending to Nancy Pelosi’s career in politics! She gave Americans a pig in a poke with Obamacare which turned out to be a nightmare for small businesses and people with limited resources for healthcare! Now she is endangering Americans with her open border stance! Democrats with a bit of common sense should usher her out of office asap!

  89. Where are they going to put the additional 12000 migrants on their way to the US border.POTUS told them not to come so why shouldn’t Ole Nancy and the rest of the whackjob Dems pay for them.Why should we”the taxpayers” foot the bill when 80% want the wall.OPEN BORDERS my sweet Biffy.

  90. IF TERM LIMITS existed and INCLUDED in the 22nd Amendment, pelousy would have been gone decades ago.

    However, I’m betting she loses the Gavel by the 15th, or loses her freedom after the 15th.

  91. The first we need to get a little funding for, if we can’t get it done for free is to GET THE WALL AROUND NANCY’S ESTATE BULLDOZED DOWN, AFTER ALL SHE THINKS SECURITY WALLS ARE IMMORAL AND ARCHAIC.


  93. Pelosi and Schumer are about to learn their lesson lol… What was that Nancy? What was that Chuck? The Donald is making you eat your own BS that you said would never happen! Once we rid ourselves of voter fraud, I really don’t see democrats getting elected in numbers anymore because the real American citizens are fed up with the shear lunacy of the Demonrat Thug party!!!

  94. In order to achieve Reality about a sensible Border Wall first and foremost Nancy Pelosi must be capable of seeing both sides and think not only of herself but of the American people; thus far she has been incapable of doing such !!!

  95. In California, an illegal immigrant can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and get the paperwork to register to vote. They fill out the paperwork and turn it in. Then they get a piece of paper that says they can vote. Of course it’s also available in Spanish.

  96. i’ve bin saying that for years , until they fix the voting system , democrats will continue to steal elections , they still can’t face the fact , that with all their corruption hillary lost,i guess that’s what got them so angry

  97. Dang! I love the way Trump is playing his hand. Shutdown long enough before giving in to 3-wk period to “negotiate”. He backed the dems/libs right into a corner. I think there will be another shutdown but the dems/libs will have to concede this next time, and Trump won’t take less than the Border Wall to be built. I would support the military to build it as well – either/or sort of way. The military would get it done alot faster, I think.

  98. Pelosi Schumer Government shutdown is squarely on the democratic party. Just build the wall that 76% of the population wants.

  99. Nancy Pelosi is a DUMBASS AIRHEAD..



  100. President Trump has proven time and again that he knows the art of a deal. Pelousy is getting advice from Soros, Steyer, and the Mexican government and cartels who all own a piece of her. She feels that as long as she has money from them, it justifies treason against her own country so she can have power. She is as corrupt as killery and odummy. They should all face a firing squad ASAP.

  101. Pelosi is pushing 80 – her career is over. It is the MUCH younger rank in file Democrats that are looking to the future of their party that are in full damage control mode. They have absolutely no idea how many former Democrats there are in this country. But they are starting to realize that without ALL of the ILLEGAL votes cast in their favor – they had their asses handed to them in 2016 and that is s strong indicator that things are not as good as they thought.

  102. Either we protect our borders or we lose our country. Libs hate this country and our Constitution. They are very dangerous to our freedom.

  103. If the dumbocrat party had any smarts, which they don’t , they would kick that old hag to the curb and get a new speaker

  104. The wall and immigration problem are facts and not debateable. For 20 years and 3 or 4 presidents prove a Congtess unable to work the issue into legislation is the problem. Fix it!

  105. Pelosi will have to risk losing all support if she does not open her mind and wallet to building a wall as the people want.

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