Nancy Pelosi could not believe the massive embarrassment she just suffered

Nancy Pelosi’s quest to impeach Donald Trump is off to a disastrous start.

Democrats thought they dug up a whistleblower that would get the ball rolling on revealing the corruption of the Trump administration.

But Nancy Pelosi could not believe the massive embarrassment she just suffered.

Democrats tried to make hay out of the Trump administration grating security clearances to Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

Low-level career staff initially denied their clearances but were overridden by the administration.

That is all legal.

The President gets to decide who sees classified information.

But Democrats tried to claim the President put national security at risk by allowing Kushner and Ivanka Trump access to the nation’s most closely held secrets because their business dealings made them vulnerable to compromise by foreign intelligence services.

Former Director of the White House’s Personnel Security Office Carl Kline shut down this nonsense in a closed-door testimony before the Oversight and Reform Committee.

Kline said he was never pressured to override the decisions to deny Kushner and Ivanka Trump security clearances.

He also testified that he made his decision because he felt the career staffers that initially rejected their security clearances were not used to dealing with vetting individuals with complex business portfolios.


Carl Kline, the former director of the White House’s Personnel Security Office, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee this week that he had overruled the recommendations of his staff and approved security clearances for White House officials on his own authority, and denied that President Trump or anyone else had directed him to do it.

“I have never been approached by anybody at the White House or outside the White House to adjudicate a case, one way or the other, in my tenure at the White House,” Mr. Kline said on Wednesday, according to a congressional official with direct knowledge of his testimony.

Mr. Kline was responding to testimony by a subordinate, Tricia Newbold, who told the committee in March how he frequently overruled the recommendations of security specialists and described how she had kept a running list of at least 25 officials whose clearance applications Mr. Kline had approved, despite a “wide range” of disqualifying information, including drug use, financial problems and criminal conduct.
Two of those officials were Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, the president’s son-in-law and eldest daughter, both of whom serve as senior advisers in the White House. NBC News reported that Mr. Kline overruled recommendations against giving Mr. Kushner a clearance, despite concerns from F.B.I. officials.

Democrats hoped Kline’s testimony would be the first domino to fall in a series of scandals that would result in either the defeat or impeachment of Donald Trump.

But like so many “bombshell scandals” in the Trump era, it fizzled out into nothing.

We will keep you up-to-date on any more developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nancy Pelosi and Teddy Kennedy – two peas in a pod.
    If we have to put up with g
    further gun legislation we also should have a law exempting former military people from it. THEN requiring all Americans between 17 and 40 to have at least two years military experience, after that two weeks per year active duty. This would solve so many problems on so many levels that I believe it will be mandatory eventually.
    Both Switzerland and Israel have things set up this way, and nobody messes with either. The are all sharpshooters and most Israelites are good with full automatic weapons.
    Switzerland will not tolerate Muslims and the Muslims in Israel are mostly native and get along with everybody. The ones who attack Israel don’t care that they are also killing their brothers. They just want to wreck any thing that they don’t have.

  2. Why can’t Obama be prosecuted for this proven lie? He is a criminal – he should not have been President – he was a plant by the Liberals/Democrats.

  3. Why does everyone overlook Trumps transgressions. I think he’s just a big fat pig that for some reason everyone loves him. Democrate’s – find a decent candidate to get rid of this foul mouthed person.

  4. Richard, Richard, Richard. You are the proof we all were looking for when we were telling people drugs fry your brain. It might be time to get off the drugs.

  5. Donald Trump will go down as the GREATEST
    president in the last one hundred years.
    GOD bless him and America.

  6. The President of the United States has the given right in his position to give his staff security clearance. Heck Obama had security clearance and he was not even a American serving a our President for 8 years. His half brother showed his real birth certificate and his grandmother witnessed his birth in Kenya!!!!

  7. What would you know about Trump? Your to busy listening to the lying media, and you allow them to do your thinking for you! Go Google Trumps achievements, and read all of them, if your capable, it’s pretty long. And please get back with us, on what it is that you hate? Any American that can hate all that he has done for us, and our country, is not a true American. Stop being a sheep and get educated. Your being lied too every single day by MSNBC, CNN, they are liberal /globalist, and thier main objective is to brain wash idiots, and weak individuals that can’t think are search for the truth.

  8. Richard, I think you are talking about Bill Clinton. Tell the truth, you voted for Bill, didnt you ? You are one of those sick Democrats, aren’t you ?? You believe in open borders, dont you?? You dont like jobs do you ?? Tell all of us who would be a better president, Richard.

  9. Yeah Obama Bin Lying is one TREASONOUS DEMONRAT POS. Him and Killary better start looking for a country to hide in that will not let our country extradite them back to AMERICA, so the AMERICAN PEOPLE can have JUSTICE DONE to them, Like the DEATH SENTENCE for TREASON. Oh I almost forgot and MURDER, for the MURDER of THE 4 BRAVE MEN who got Butchered in BENGHAZI, and their bodies drug through the streets of BENGAHAZI. Th deserve the DEATH SENTENCE at least for MURDER if not for TREASON…

  10. Trump is the smartest and most ethical man to ever grace the White House And the Democrats have proved it over and over each time their little idiot schemes blow up in their collective faces! GOD BLESS TRUMP AND MAGA IN 2020 He has my vote it does not matter what lies the left has to offer.

  11. What are the other two names that stand for evil are Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton?

  12. Linda, You are on the ball and I agree with you.He a commie demogog with no brains that hates this great nation. TRUMP 2020. SEMPER FI USMC

  13. Richard, I believe that everybody has a right to their own opinion bar none. I want you to remember that opinions are like A– Holes. Everybody has one so yours is not very important.

  14. Trump is an evil egomaniac, you are supporting a serial sexual assaulter, a constant lazy obese liar, braggart, thief, money launderer and insulter. Don’t you get it, he is our Mobster-in-Chief, there is nothing Presidential about him as he kisses Kim’s and Putin’s butts.

  15. The real embarrassment for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer is not about this security clearance brouhaha which amounted to nothing but what AG Barr will find out how deeply the Obama Administration and Nancy and Chuck as leaders of the Democrats were involved in hatching and promoting the Russian Collusion Hoax! The Emperor Obama Messiah and all his minions will be revealed without clothes and in the altogether when Barr discloses his findings!

  16. Melody A. Cox, well said. But in defense of Pelosi let’s all remember that Pelosi’s rise to power, again, has been somehow managed while her being a demented drunk has been on full display. Her days of freedom are numbered in the congress, just as Schumer’s, Schiff’s, Maxipad waters, Elijah Cummings, as well as IMHO Mark Warner, who managed a backdoor connection to the Russians while serving on the Senate Intelligence committee. They are all going down, along with Mueller, Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey!!!

  17. Keep up the great work Nancy. What address should we send our ‘Thank You’ notes to when Donald Trump is re-eleted in 2020? We appreciate all you do to further the decline, stupidity and the reputation of the Demon-cratic party. Your ignorance just enforces that we conservatives rest assured that we are on the correct side! There will come a day that you will have to answer to God for all your lies, deceit, horrific leadership and collaborations (one after another) to oust the best president the US has ever seen.

  18. Keep on digging Nancy. By the time you’re done you’ll have dug your own grave. There is no excuse for the repugnant actions being taken by the House. I sincerely hope that after 2020 the Democratic party will cease to exist.

  19. I don’t like that drug users and people who have had criminal conduct issues have security clearances…Oh, wait, that’s most of the democrats (and I’m sure some republicans) in Congress.

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