Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the results of this poll

Nancy Pelosi thought the Mueller Report would be the deathblow to Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Mueller’s Democrat pit bulls authored a partisan report smearing President Trump as a lyint, corrupt criminal.

But Pelosi’s celebration was cut short when she could not believe her eyes at the results of this brand new poll.

The Mueller report was supposed to convince the American people that Donald Trump must be removed from office.

Mueller’s supposedly sterling reputation as a former FBI Director would give his account of Trump’s supposed “crimes” the veneer of being the “authoritative” account of the inner workings of the Trump administration.

Democrats expected Americans would digest Mueller’s report and conclude that an honest lawman said the President was a criminal and demand Congress turn him out of office.

It did not happen that way.

An ABC/Washington Post poll taken in the wake of the Mueller report showed the lowest support for impeachment at its lowest point.

Breitbart reports:

A new poll shows support for impeaching President Donald Trump has sunk to a new low following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on now-debunk collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

According to an ABC Nws/Washington Post national survey released Friday, support for impeachment dropped to 37, down from 40 percent in January. Support of the president’s ouster hit a survey high of 49 percent in August. Support rose for the measure to 62 percent among Democrats, yet tumbled 36 percent with independents. Only 10 percent of Republicans support it.

The survey comes after the Department of Justice released a redacted version of the Mueller report earlier this month, which concluded the Trump campaign did not collude or conspire with the Kremlin. Based on the special counsel’s findings, Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined President Trump did not obstruct justice. Barr offered Congressional leaders an opportunity to view certain redacted exceptions unredacted — an offer rebuffed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow top House Democrats. Instead, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler opted to subpoena the full report and its underlying evidence. Barr is also slated to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next Thursday on Mueller’s findings.

Low public support for impeachment is not surprising.

The report exonerated Trump on the issue of Russian collusion – which is how this whole witch hunt started in the first place.

When the Democrats and Mueller shifted the focus to obstruction, the American people tuned this farce out because they saw it was no longer a legitimate investigation but an attempt at character assassination to facilitate impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Waters has never “regretted”anything in her life!to have a feeling of regret implies intelligence, and a sense of morality! Waters has neither. She also believes that the average American is as blind and stupid as she is!

    • Has mo one shot this botch, nazi peloosely yet? Good grief, would somebody put the bitch out of her misery??? PLLEEEEZE!? 😒😥😰

      • So if we can put her out of her misery the President TRUMP investigate her, Maxine, Biden, SANDERS and the rest of democrats how they got so filthy RICH,what the collaborations between MEDDLE CLASS in politecs become millionaire and leave filthy rich, yes, I would investigate it, looks like there’s CORRUPTION going on!

  2. Give it up Nancy! We the people are sick of hearing your crap. I sincerely doubt there has ever been a squeaky clean President in office. You are just trying to get rid of Trump before he finds all the skeletons in the Demos party.

    • I believe that is true. There has been so much left undone or illegal and not caught that Congress thought they would still get away with not working for Americans. NOTHAPPENINGNOWWithout you starting a civil war. Men have promised that and I believe it.


  3. Term limits! Desperately needed to keep the same old, same old, out of Washington. And cut out the lifetime salary for congressionals who are voted out of office.

    • As soon as Tlaib and Omar complete their “Somalia-circuit’, then you and I can expect a Sacramento funeral for the liverwurst-paste face and calcified body of Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker, and newly cadaver-ed Dem-denounced, as loudly as Stalin was.

  4. The action needed now is prosecution of the democrats who pushed this Mueller investigation, knowing all along that the FBI had searched every sewer in the world trying to come up with the insurance to keep Trump out of office, and the FBI couldn’t do so, so why have Mueller to do the same thing?

    • The Dems do nothing better than spend your money. As long as they can milk the cash cow they’ll pretend there’s something to look for. They’ll never stop. SPEND SPEND SPEND

  5. Lobotomy Party of corruption and the biggest scandal in USA HISTORY. PELOSI has no idea what she says from one day to the next.
    The deep State Corruption in this hits every levels of scandal and it all plays out as a simple poor loser party. This makes Watergate look like Chuck e Cheese’s on a Saturday.
    The most amazing thing is that Mueller is done and these idiots will not let it go. This country is in better shape as a whole than anytime back to Reagan!!!
    Even the Dumbocrats can see this is total harrassment. SSDD…

    • I can suggest Pelosi get herself a few lawyers. She is going to need lots of help. And better do it early, because there will be a shortage of available lawyers when the sh__ hits the fan.

  6. There are several things you have to remember about a DEMOCRAT:
    When a democrat opens his/her mouth s/he is lying.
    A democrat is mentally ill until proven otherwise.
    A democrat will never admit s/he is wrong in spite of the facts.
    A democrat will never answer any question directly because they don’t have an answer that fits his/her narrative; therefore, s/he will divert to another irrelevant topic.
    Democrats don’t care about America, they only care about themselves and their agendas.

    • The most important proof that dems are a #1 U.S. Constitution enemy is their 8 years of support for bo’s treasonous 78 law violating & at least 10 defying acts of Constitution Amendments ! There is so much proof of far left treason it will take years to execute all of them for high treason & crtimes against the U.S.A. !Treason is teir crime & execution os the only sure justice … !

      • Truth will prevail justice will be see erved and the cabal will be executed in the end.Stand fast and watch the hand of God as it pulls the phoney vail from all corruption. Here, many demonrats show their ignorance by attempting to outdo God our Creator. Failure is in full swing. Death by firing squad awaits their arrival. Demonrats fighting for their lifes.

  7. I can’t believe how stupid this woman and the Democrook party really is. Even a retarded person believes that if you introduce legislation that’s contrary to the will of the American people, you will loose elections. The majority of us are against illegal immigration not because we are bigoted against Latinos, we are concerned that this can no longer be tolerated as we can’t afford those people any more as there are limits to our compassion for them as anything else that puts an unneeded burden on our economy.

    • Totally agree Gregory. Spoken in plain English so even the 3 weirdos in Congress can understand.
      They need to decide to talk/act like Americans. We are fed up with their non caring of American citizens.

    • Well said I totally agree with you Gregory. You hit the nail on the head. I ‘m not a racist,but you are right we can’t afford all these oeople coming here undocumented,we don’t know what country they are from,what sicknesses they bring over our borders. We the people here in our own country have to deal with enormous amounts of problems that we have here,we don’t need people here to make more problems for us. The immigration issue needs to be fixed @ some point. But invading our country is not the answer,stay in your own country ,if it’s bad do something about it fight for your liberty and your country don’t come to America and bring your problems.

  8. The most scary thing about all that has gone on and continues to unfold is the number of people that condone the actions and words. How far from common decency, courtesy, truth and basic ethics and morality Americans have strayed. While I understand we should never attempt to legislate individuals morality too many are failing to regard the failing of their actions and words when morals and ethics are no longer a consideration nor consider the effect on the majority of the populace. That long term abortions, infanticide, open borders, giving illegals the right to vote, destruction of the 2nd amendment, altering the 1st amendment, abolishing the electoral college, slave reparations, threatening to use nuclear devices on the citizens, consorting with known terror organizations, racial bias and bigotry are used in word and action, openly lying, derision, hate and violence directed at citizens exercising their civil and constitutional rights have become all acceptable to a large section of the populace. Untruths regarding history and twisting it to fit a common acceptable thread. White males and white people are evil and the nation was founded for white supremacists. This is the sad state of our nation and it is OUR fault. The average middle of the road silent majority took their hand off the throttle and eyes off the rail. WE sat by and let it get out of control by not being involved with education nor government. NOW WE have a short time to turn this nation back to her righteous path. Are we going to take action enmasse and verbally and in written form and if necessary physical involvement to take our nation back? I have read many here call all of you to action and I fear it falls on deaf ears or the majority of lazy individuals that exhaust their ire and frustration and fear but are unwilling to take the same amount of time to perform an action that might actually change the nation. So sit idly by and whine or stand up for yourselves.

  9. I don’t understand why Pelooser thinks she is more important that President Trump and feels she has so much more say over Trump. She is a useless OLD, prune who can’t keep her teeth in place in her big mouth.

  10. All above said is absolutely right. We see it, the problem is who put them in office. Obama could not have won by a lansdlide unless the Republicans voted for him to. And what about the rest of the croud. This is the problem.


    • Most democrats are like walking suppositories with their craniums inserted deeply into their rectums! The fools are unable to see the light because is so dark in there where the sun doesn’t shine. I don’t blame them because they are blinded by their hate when they see a really GREAT LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT putting to shame the complete idiot elected by fools the two previous elections! President Trump rolled up his sleeves and went right away on the biggest problems the greatest country had because of past administrations elected by the fools who don’t care about America! We must put into law a way to prove citizenship to be able to vote. Those ingrate legislators want ilegales, incarcerated felons and in some cases cadavers are voting for them. They learned from Mexico how to win elections. We must defend our Constitution! 2020 MAGA!!!

      • Mr. Luis; you are correct. The DNC, and House are the most corrupt in 238 years! Guys like Scalise and Crenshaw are frustrated beyond all belief. We need to really write our representatives and senators EVERY time the House proposes a other idiot piece of legislation. This is the ONLY way to stop the criminal activities and keep pressure on Pelosi, Schumer and the three girl idiots.

    • This is the democrats agendas and has been for very long time deceitfulness they were hoping that the American citizens would never wake-up and vote them out. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies thought they would be able to continue to lie and keep us Americans in the dark. Hopefully democrats will be wiped out something of the past.

    • Arschloch; problem with term limits: how long can they serve? The reason most new senators and congressmen retain most of the previous staff is due to the staggering amount of information and knowledge of how government works. What committees work in conjunction and why; advisors on Constitutional law; the necessary people with the ability to proofread, understand and summarize some times thousands of pages pertaining just one piece of legislation; advice and knowledge of rules of procedure and an excellent understanding of.”Robert’s Rules of Order”; where anything is located in the Capitol building, and the list goes on. If you limit a representative to even just two terms they are just hitting their stride to be effective. Then you would be forced to bring in a new untried pitcher from the bullpen. What you will eventually end up with is professional political STAFF running the country. We all know there are some fossiles in office that maybe can’t remember how they got there. But we need to tread carefully. It is not all about just getting yourself elected and making up new laws. There is a learning curve there and if a rep is a good one it will take them sometimes years to learn the ropes.

    • Since dems have no morals they don’t care about lying. It is fine with them as long as it benefits THEM. And if they can gain control by lying or accusing others of lying, that is a good thing. Dems are very dangerous to our freedom.

  12. Hey, wait a minute guys. This is MS. PELOSI we’re talking about. The queen, for God’s sake. How dare you? She could buy and sell us all – bow down, for crying out loud. Strong, Rich. You’ll be sorry if you end up on the wrong end of her stick. Thank the good Lord she’s old and hopefully we’ll be rid of her soon. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP !!! YOU ARE THE MAN! Dan Tyree – we’re still out here and we love our President.

    • Connie Mays, we LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP TOO. HE IS THE ONLY MAN TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. I think the Lord everyday that he won the Presidency and we live in Upstate NY.

      • ON a personal note, Pamela. I’m in Buffalo, but a recent transplant from Colorado. After college I was privileged to live with an aunt and uncle who were Republicans and changed my mind about politics. I’m with the President all the way.

  13. She is a very sore looser.That is the life she wants for her self I feel sorry for her children or any one else in her family.WAKE UP AMERICA DO NOT VOTE DEMP-RATS.

  14. “Trump campaign did not collude or conspire with the Kremlin”.
    It was Hillary that colluded with the Russians through her $10 Million she paid for the “Steele dossier.”

    • You are correct. Hillary has been very corrupt for many years, but nothing ever happens to her. But she will stand before Jesus one day and that will be very sad for her.

    • Everything thats on today by the left is dead meat tomorrow. We’re pushing to dissolve all demonrats and they will be dissolved period. They asked for it now its coming and it starts with our President and works down 2 the last demonrat. Wont be long now thank God who is and always will be in control amen. Hey demonrats, you ready for the gallows?

  15. The moronic Democrats are still fighting about the 2016 election and it is now 2019. They have no chance to defeat Trump in 2020 because they are stuck in 2016!

    • Agree with you but remember the democraps have a history in cheating in elections. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s for congress or president, they cheat! Look at the elections of 1960, 1996, and 2012 where they got away with it. They’ve tried in other elections but failed. Beware of the 2020 election.

      • Pamela, right on. The worst thing about this, is it is not just Pelosi. Schiff, Schumer, Waters, Harris, Tlaib, Cortez are sick. Plain and simple. A normal person that “just knows he did something” when confronted with evidence to the contrary would change their opinion of.the person so accused. But no, these people are so full of hate for the man that “stole” their election from them they are willing to do or say anything to change the outcome. For every Pelosi there are ten more. We absolutely have to vote these sickos out before they can bite and infect others with their hate and racism.

        • Get Pelosi and all her so called partner out of office put them all on a plane non stop flight no return they not for usa they about their pockets now they need to spend all the money on Trump now her turn to get investigated they hiding stuff wish we could vote her and her friend with dish rag on her head out of office they just taking up good space

  16. Nancy Pelosi and her supporters are sick SOB’s. Get on with your business since you haven’t done a GD thing since you have been Speaker of the House except display your constant HATE for our duly elected POTUS. I can’t think of one thing that the DemoRATS have done for the AMERICAN taxpaying citizens of this country except display her HATE. It has become a sickness and these people are suppose to be PROFESSIONALS running our country??? UNBELIEVABLE. The RATS don’t want a WALL, but think nothing of letting the illegals into our country with their drugs, sicknesses and will eventually bankrupt this country. If anyone should be IMPEACHED, it is PELOSI, SCHUMMER, MAD MAXIE and the rest that just sit on their asses and travels on vacations and makes up schemes to impeach President Trump. They are the devil within to say the least and certainly NOT Americans that should be running this country.

    • Well said. They are so busy trying to get rid of president Trump. None of those elected idiots on both sides are doing what the American people put them in those seats to do. Then you have some running for President now. WHO is doing their job while campaigning. And we are still paying them. This needs to stop. When I didn’t do my job I did not get paid. Why are they

    • Absolutely correct Pamela. I myself in all of my years have NEVER seen such hatred for a President as I have with those DEMONRATS and their constant spewing of hatred and disdain which in time will backfire on those MORONS. It’s IDIOTS like peloonielosi..schyster schumer mad wacko waters the corrupt hil-LIAR-y and the rest that should be investigated,and charged with TREASON as well as the BIGGEST FRAUD TO EVER FAKE OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..BEING OBOZO. These nitwits are going to be and have been EXPOSED FOR ALL OF THEIR CORRUPTION,AND THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT AND DO NOT LIKE IT. Well too bad because we all know where and by whom all of this “fake” garbage was bought and paid for by hil-LIAR-y and obonehead himself. Oh we will patiently await the destruction of the demoncRATic party and their evilness as time goes on. All of this WILL BLOW UP IN THEIR FACES and rightfully so. Their “above the law” arrogance is starting to unfold and is going to be their downfall. AND HOPEFULLY SOON.

    • Right on your comment is the truth,but the Democrats don’t want the truth,they are the ones who are telling the lies
      to us ,They are all power hungry. Kick them all out of our government,they are the ones spreading the lies.
      Your right they have none nothing for the American people or our country.They are beyond scumbags
      Maga 2020 vote Conservative

      • You hit it…it is ALL about power to them. Nothing else, and any way they can get it is fine with them. satan has taken over the dem party.

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