Nancy Pelosi fears her career is over after one ally sounded this big alarm bell

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on edge.

Her lifelong quest to accumulate political power is facing its biggest test.

And Nancy Pelosi fears her career is over after one ally sounded this big alarm bell.

Democrats hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives and Republicans need to flip just five seats to reclaim the majority.

The results of the special election in the Texas 6th Congressional District – the first special election of the Joe Biden era – sent Democrats into a panic.

Republicans won both spots in the runoff and the total Democrat vote share was 11 points lower than what Joe Biden won in the district last November.

The leading Democrat candidate in that race raised giant red flags about what his result meant for the party in 2022.

“It’s not a good omen. It’s not a good portend for 2022 that we got shut out,” Jana Lynne Sanchez said in an interview. “I’m sounding the alarm bell today, and I’m saying we really have to work hard.”

Democrats don’t just have a lack of voter enthusiasm to worry themselves about.

Border district Democrats are retiring rather than running for re-election facing the headwinds created by Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick and Texas Democrat Filemón Vel beat a hasty retreat to the exits in districts where illegal immigration could play a major role next November.

Finally, Republican state legislatures control the ability to draw the maps for nearly twice as many Congressional seats as Democrats.

This ability alone could hand Republicans control of the House before any votes are cast and leave as the only open question how big the GOP majority in 2023 will be.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s last term as Speaker of the House.

And she could leave with the humiliation of losing control of Congress twice on her watch hanging over her head as she departs.

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