Nancy Pelosi filmed one video that was the biggest humiliation of her life

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has found herself in hot water.

And it has everything to do with the political games the Democrats are playing to try and undermine President Trump during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Nancy Pelosi filmed one video that was the biggest humiliation of her life.

Democrats spent weeks blocking additional funding for a vital small business relief fund because Nancy Pelosi wanted to stuff the legislation with Democrat goodies.

While millions of Americans joined the unemployment line, Nancy Pelosi celebrated her fabulous wealth on CBS’s late night comedian James Cordon’s nightly show.

Pelosi was filmed in front of her $24,000 refrigerators and showed off her fully stocked $13 per pint ice cream collection.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The California Democrat joined comedian James Corden on his late-night show Monday and showed off how much ice cream is in her freezer in addition to wondering how Trump’s base could still support him after his response to the pandemic.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if ice cream were not invented,” she said via video conference from her home.

After the interview, she followed up in a tweet, writing: “We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer.”

Video from Maryland showed a mile-long line of residents waiting at a food store to pick up a free meal.

While many Americans spent another sleepless night wondering how they could feed their family the next day, Pelosi was on with a late night comedian basking in luxury and laughing it up.

Of course, the Fake News Media glossed over this embarrassing and tone deaf display.

Had this been a Republican, the clip would have been played nonstop on CNN and MSNBC and been the lead story in The New York Times and Washington Post.

But because Pelosi is a Democrat, the fake news did their best to protect her.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. She needs to quit and Join the red hat society! She is an awful person who acts very entitled and it makes you wonder where did all that money of her’s com from?
    Let’s investigate Nancy and see how of much of the Government’s money she has?
    Why don’t we have her retired and mandatory retirement, See if that money was gifts from her comrads in exchange for favors?

  2. Nancy Pelosi is probably the most corrupt most anti-American in Congress and on top, Speaker of the House of Congress. Does anybody out there realize, that this despicable broad, is THIRD IN LINE FOR THE PRESIDENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF Joe Biden were elected, who doesn’t know what he had for breakfast in the morning, were incapacitated (I believe that is the hope from the top Democrats), his Vice President (most likely another anti-American, would take over and possibly pushed out somehow, so that Pelosi could realize her dream of RULING AMERICA AND AMERICANS. That would mean, we would be governed by the most selfish, multibillionaire, who vouches for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MORE THAN HER OWN COUNTRYMEN. We cannot and must not let that happen, because America will become NAZI GERMANY OF THE 30s. I am German, just turned 80, spent the first 38 years in Germany, France and Switzerland, and 42 years in the best, freest country in the world, The United States of America, which sadly is totally UN-United. You can read more about me in my blog. ‘’ or click ‘Sigrid’s Blog’.

  3. Over confidents makes people do stupid things. The nterview with that comedian was her moronic thing. Fortunately for Republicans
    She showed what Dam0craps are. Lost lotes of votes for them. GO TRUMP 2020. God Bless America

  4. robert shut up/ you dimowatts are screwy louie. no good for wiping a toilet seat. mr trump should say to all them…..youre FIRED.

  5. Thank God that people are finally seeing the true disgusting Pelosi! Hervfather was a crook, she’s a crook, her daughter is just as bad. Yet, they think they are marvels of the universe. Pelosi is more of a boozer that has run her course. They even said that she was in sexual alliances with schumer and some other guy. That’s why our country is fighting the hell of their existance.

  6. California needs to recall her now. She has been in congress far to long she feels she should be in charge which is rediculous . Prime example of the need for term limits!

  7. I watched a film bite on Hannity of Nancy wiping the same hand that she wiped her nose with on the podium in Congress. Retard joe might pick her for vp. Perhaps her Botox was leaking. Or AOC had just gotten off her face.

  8. She has eaten one too many of those expensive ice creams and it has permanently frozen her pea brain

  9. I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or croaked from eating some bad ice cream. Or got run over by a drunken illegal alien driver like regular highway roadkill….

  10. nancy piglosi and her $13. ice creme, reminds me of Marie Antoinette and “let them eat cake”. Let’s see, what happened to Marie , oh yeah, they chopped off her head. That sounds about right for ms. piglosi doesn’t it.

  11. But can a frenzied, spoiled congresswoman who has made her millions by sitting in Congress for many decades to understand, ordinary American workers who need to start to work to feed their families?

  12. Nancy Pelosi = Marie Antoinette the woman is tone deaf and has no class. or better yet she is low class and the co-called comedian who had her on his show is dumber than he. or maybe he not so dumb,for wanting to show who she really is. SLEEZY

  13. Vote all demonrats out of office! It’s obvious they only care about themselves. And if you can’t see that, you’re too stupid to vote!

  14. It doesn’t matter how hard they try to cover Nasty Pelosi’s stupid crap, once it hit Facebook all hell broke lose ! If you want to hide something, don’t let anyone with a Facebook account here about it hahaha it is viral for sure and I hope she chokes on all that ice cream ! I hate her !


  16. Hang there people it will not be long and the OLD B WILL BEOUT DO YOUR PART PEOPLE l hope she chokes on her lace cream l think Nancy is a boozer

  17. PLEASE stop calling them the “Fake News Media.” Call them what they have become” LIBERAL CONTROLLED MEDIA.

  18. The Queen of Liberalvilla , The Wicked Witch of The West Nancy , didn’t know old witch’s ate ice cream , what the Hell . uh well , let her keep eating and just maybe she’ll be flying high up in tbe sky one night and that Old Broom will give out and crash n burn in a big pile of ashes . wishful thinking right !!

  19. Discusted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that was when she won Miss OILCAN back in Modesto, CA. circa ’59..

  20. The difference between Nancy Pelosi and a rooster is a rooster goes cock-a-doodle doo and Nancy Pelosi goes any cock will do.

  21. I get so tired of wealthy people thinking it’s ok to have the common people get by and be thankful. I guess we should all eat cake. Dems need a lesson and be voted out.

  22. She shld be ashamed of herself bragging her luxurious lifestyle while people were falling in line not worrying to become sick while there cuz they are hungry and need to feed their family. What a hypocrite spending the taxpayer’s money.

  23. Oops, my first sentence, hit wrong keys, I did not mean I don’t care what happens to us women I meant I’m one of the women that do not believe the way the left believes. There are a lot of us that are politically correct and want to see our President succeed and carry on, and to defeat Biden who is corrupt and senile. My Mother had Alz., and I can see how Biden’s dementia has caught up w/him and everybody else does his thinking now and God forbid if he became our President. I plan on doing everything in my power to keep him out of office by backing our President as best I can as I’m not a rich person. The left will not cover the sexual activities of Biden but I’m one that believes that young lady. We do not need another Clinton in office, or Obama. Yuck

  24. Showed off the ice cream but where’s all her booze. This mafia daughter is a chip off the old block and has done nothing for all her decades in congress except self enrich. Her mafia father was corrupt and was banned from running for gov of Maryland. Apple did not fall far from the tree. Heard about Obama funding the Wuhan lab that spread the virus. Wonder if Nancy’s son and Biden’s son have any connections there. Show us the money and then be executed as traitors.

  25. Excuse me but I’m one of the women that cares what happens to us. We are not all like these left women that want everything for nothing. There is no such thing, if you want it you need to work for it and Pelosi is one that takes instead of giving and for the one who quotes the bible, “not knowing out of which bible”, we rely on lean on God for help. Pelosi is what my Sister calls a “half-ass catholic”. She is not a true catholic, and if you notice, lower case letters in her case. Catholics that follow the word of God and practice the Faith, and Christians that do the same are the true followers of God. These idiots are still God’s children, I don’t hate but dislike greatly and leaving it up to God to handle His children whether it be here on earth or when it’s their time to stand before Him. He is the Father of us all. The only way we can rid ourselves of these corrupt, taking everything from us people is to vote them out of office. SO LEFT DEMS, PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE AS WELL AS OURS, WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO US. Do not let them fool you, they are being led by the Anti-Christ. PLEASE, PLEASE WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TO LATE.

  26. She a evil hearted witch can’t stand her a evil pharoh she well be repaid for her dirty dealing God see her evil her and the other scumbbags DEMRATS she truly Satan child her and that evil pagan Schiff old saying every dirty dog has its day they both need to be remove from Congress this next vote

  27. Puklosi makes me sick. Bragging about her expensive freezer and ice cream. Hope she chokes on it.

  28. “The tree is known by its fruit!” Luke 6:43-45 Why trust people whose DEEDS have spoken about who they are so loudly and openly and for which they are very proud of, and see no SHAME? Thus, repeatedly they increased their SKILLS in getting what thier hearts desired! And we the VOTERS, we casted our God’s giving Gift of FREEDOM to put them there! Because, we FOCUSED more on Power and personal gans, then we care about WHO WOULD BE THE BEST TO SERVE THE COUNTRY under the PRINCIPES: ” For the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE and, BY THE PEOPLE!” ? We the Voters are t o take -up the RESPONSIBILITIES for each VOTE we CASTE!

  29. No, Julio, he did not say that. Please quit denying the truth. It makes you a fool. And also, please learn English

  30. doesn’t matter. did Trump say he’d be so busy working to play golf? how is that working out?

  31. Her gourmet ice cream is well stocked because she doesn’t eat ice cream. It would have been more truthful and interesting to get photos or video of ALL the empty Booze Bottles in her recycle bin.

  32. This woman lives off [partially] the government taxes we are forced to pay. Selfish doesn’t even begin to describe her and her ilk.

  33. Pelosi, Shumer, Shiff and Nadler should be tried for high Treason and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Nothing Pelosi has impresses me. I’m sure it was bought with Tax Payer money that acquired through diversion of foreign aide money. I think Pelosi is playing down Biden Sexually Assaulting his staff member by putting his hand up her dress and fondling her privates because she’s jealous of her. I mean, can you imagine how long it’s been since anyone even wanted to stick their hand or anything else up Nancy’s skirt ?!.

  34. Let just say all this is the women fault! They sold their vote to Democrat party for life! All for FREE GOVERNMENT HAND OUT! Even today young women sold their body to planned Parenthood! To kill another human being inside the mother womb! And these are the fool who want security but NOT FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! No wonder the snake use the women! Knowing dam well they don’t care about nothing but themselves.

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