Nancy Pelosi gave one coronavirus order that left Republicans up in arms

Democrats are still trying to make hay out of the coronavirus.

The latest example is in the House of Representative.

And Nancy Pelosi gave one coronavirus order that left Republicans up in arms.

Democrats are trying to turn masks into a political issue by inflaming culture war tensions over people wearing them.

On Wednesday, Pelosi mandated that committee chairs had the ability to force members to wear masks during committee business.

The Hill reported:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is asking chairs of House committees to require members on their panels to wear masks during proceedings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Pelosi is asking the chairs to “enforce rules of decorum and exclude members who fail to comply,” a senior Democratic aide familiar with the matter told The Hill late Tuesday.

Updated guidance from Brian Monahan, the attending physician of Congress, cited broad consensus regarding the effectiveness of wearing masks to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Pelosi issued this order after some Democrats complained that Republican members were not wearing masks.

Masks are the latest flash point as so-called “public health experts” – many of whom torched their credibility by claiming Black Lives Matter protests were more important than social distancing measures – seek to expand government control over people’s lives by forcing them to wear masks at all times.

Democrats think this fight helps them because President Trump won’t wear a mask when he speaks in public despite there being absolutely no reason for him to do so.

So-called “experts,” fake news reporters, and Democrats don’t even bother to claim Trump or other Americans should wear masks because of “science.”

They insist it is “setting a good example” or “respecting” others.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I believe Pelosi is suffering from the onset of dementia, or perhaps alcoholism. Maybe both as her speech is always slurred and she keeps losing her train of thought even when reading her notes or monitor. Pretty pathetic either way.

  2. Hey America !! Nancy could get the presidential medal of freedom !!!
    All she has t do is blow her friggin brains out on national tv!!! Trump will have to give it to posthumously though !! WIN WIN !!!

  3. Pelosi at least needs a larger mask. One that covers head to toe and wraps around a few times would work nicely.

  4. I don’t see a problem with them wearing the masks. Makes sense to wear them in a crowded room. I wear one every time I enter a business and find those that don’t are people who have an attitude. Its just fine with me if they don’t wear them they have a greater chance of getting the virus than me. My only wish is that they do get it and survive it with a $100,000 medical bill to pay off the rest of their lives. That will teach them and their attitude. They are just pig headed dumb asses.

  5. Remove Pelosi from office she has begun to think she and she is in control of the Republic.

  6. Well, perhaps now the Republicans will get off their weak butts
    and start acting like they have a backbone. Many of them are a
    part of the swamp and are keeping quiet to protect themselves but
    I think they need to realize that if the Democrats take over they
    will be gone one way or another. Those on the right who are in bed
    with the Left better get out. Voting records tell me who I will vote
    for in the future. Republicans get the jelly out of your spines and
    decide which side you are on. Your choice may determine your future.

  7. Marvin, if those words bother you then you’re the one with the problem. Seriously saying hell bothers you that much? You must be a pathetic liberal they’re the only ones who would bother to complain about nothing. How do you survive day to day when such little things upset you? Oh wait you’re a liberal they think everyone cares about their feelings.

  8. Why do you allow Dan Tyree to use such fowl language. Is this what you want to represent the religious persona of Trump supporters? People can disagree politically by why allow an ignorant low class person to spread filth on your site.

  9. Prayers for her soul…repentance….and Spiritual eyes to lead righteously. Or be removed from her pulpit. The Lord knows our needs….I trust Him to do what is needed.

  10. One of these days Pelosi will get so exited with over her so call speeches that she will not be able to control her dentures.,you would think with all her millions she would have implants.but what do we expect from someone when she was 18 was miss mobile gas station Queen in Baltimore MD her home town seen in a gas station with a tight swim Suit, of course it happen that her father was mayor at that time Um Um Um . And now she thinks that she is queen of t he USA. Hopefully she sill has that same swim suit to wear,

  11. “Democrats think this fight helps them because President Trump won’t wear a mask when he speaks in public”

    Once again, Pelosi does not practice what she tells other. As an RN, I can tell you a mask does no good when it is not coving both nose and mouth. This being said, she can always be trusted to show just what a hypocrite she is. She condemns the President for going to a church for a photo opp. Odd I do not recall her doing that for Bill Clinton who only did it when is butt was in trouble for having sex with an intern IN the Oval Office. (as a former nurse who worked at the VA I can assure you this was a violation of federal law as the Oval Officer is a federal workplace)

    She then puts on her own photo opt wearing a scarf used by slave owners as she does exactly what she has condemned so many others of doing.

    PLEASE if you live in her district, VOTE her OUT of office so the can eat her ice cream in peace.

  12. nancy PIGlosi should wear a face masks every day to cover her face and give us all a break. Maybe the clocks in Wash D.C. would then work okay…


  14. How can a dumbbell like that ever have made it to house speaker is a mystery to me! I always thought you needed brains for that job, apparently not necessarily! She does not appear to have any and she gets away with it too! Unbelievable!

  15. If SHE and her IDIOT DemoRats want to use them, at least we won’t have to see the STUPID “facial expressions” when they hear the truth, which is 99% of the time!

  16. Our Dear Nancy who is the aunt of our beloved governor mister nonsense gave orders when leaving your home it mandatory to wear your mask Here in California we have three governors Nancy Pee, shifty shift and mister nonsense. Now shifty shifted is funded by Geo Soros and was awarded the toll fellowship with is sponsored by council of state government which is heavily funded By Geo Soros , By the way Soros is not his real name it’s Schwartz’s his dad had it change when they have lived in Hungary his father gave the Nazi were about his so called Jewish People were hiding for exchange for ther property And he being Jewish pull up biography of George Soros it tell all

  17. Let’s all be good little slaves to the masters..and put our hijab….umm masks on. Don’t think for yourselves….no allowed!!

  18. Nacy is a full blown nut case as you all should know by now maybe she should eat her ice cream with Biden in the basement Oh Faucci can join them and do whatever he does all i can think of is lie

  19. This can all be fixed ,,,, VOTE VOTE . Trump , Republican Senate , and Republican House. Then watch the RADICAL , LIBERAL LIBTARDS have a serious MELTDOWN !!!!!

  20. This is not constitutional…… Pelosi, you are an ASSHOLE along with FAtso Nadler……
    FU^& you Dumocrates!!!!!!

  21. Has anyone ever thought that Nancy Pelosi would ever do anything that was not politically charged? Thought not! Sure do wish her the worst of luck and that she has some horrid accident that will let this country be left alone. I can’t understand how any person, with an ounce of common sense would follow her to the exit door, unless it was to help her out with a swift kick!

  22. pelosi wears her mask around her neck, and wipes her nose then wipes that on the podium. how is that ‘decorum’?

  23. Sick & tired of Nutty Nancy. It’s beyond me how any thinking person can give her credit for anything. However the Congress both GOP or the Communist party are either on the take or have sold out. We have a very large problem! President Trump keeps trying. We absolutely have to make sure he has four more years!

  24. Pelosi, wake up, President Donald Trump will get four more years as President, you and your CORRUPT democratic agenda can’t stop what GOD has chosen, we have since President Trump was elected gotten a real leader, a President that cares more for America than money. Pelosi Go home and stay there and stop wasting the Americans time and money on your corrupt agendas, invite some of your Antifa Rioter friends over for wine and ice cream.
    Don’t waste time trying to control Americans Much longer with your scare tactics your time is running out people see what you are all about.

  25. This is the ongoing polemic I have with the Democrats. Their choice of words is usually correct but what alarms me always are the implications: usually pointing to sophistry (ancient juridical and philosophical term used in debates), which today might be more correct in saying manipulation or even demagoguery since technically only used in “crowd control” or “mass psychology” to “work the crowd” aka “preaching to the choir”.

  26. oohs we’s mes eating watermelon ryes today’s ands bigs mouth Pelosi’s gets tos eat the seeds out of mes dooies hopes mes donts gets colic when’s she arounds mes be sicks

  27. I will never, never do or follow the complete idiotic whelms of the Democrats. I cant control what these nuts do or say. But if they get in my personal space, I can control what happens there. So word of warning, stay out of my face, or find out what a real patriot and American will do to your Anti American Agenda! No brag, just fact!

  28. Dan, yes, the left is controlled by satan, but they will lose in the end. There is no way they can fight God and win. They may well bring down this country, but Jesus will come and He will be victorious over all who hate Him and the truth


  30. I get it Dan, I live in a rural area of Harris County, Tx, they teach that crap to one of my daughters in High School and there’s nothing I can do about it, except talk to her about what we, you have fought for to keep this country and our families safe.

  31. James for several years our young people have been indoctrinated. But they don’t realize that the so called government that they want will bring misery on all of them. We can preach about the once prosperous country that turned social ist went to hell in a hand basket. My daddy used to say if we don’t listen we will have to feel. He was talking about whipping our asses, but that saying applies to our situation today.

  32. Like Stalin said, won’t even have to fire a shot. Demise of ourselves, i here a lot of sh_t talking without action. Go ahead and wonder around with your tail between your legs like Julio and we’ll end up with the same fleas he’s carrying…

  33. Bj I hate to say it but America will fall sooner or later. Read about the mystery Babylon in the book of revelation in the Bible. Many teachers of scripture believe that the apostle John was writing about the USA. I’ve read it several times and I can see the logic in their opinions. Maybe it’s going to be during the tribulations, maybe not. But the days that we are living in seems to point to the ruination of America. I personally believe that someday America will be no more. Satan will use the commiecrats to bring us down.

  34. dems have only intense hatred for anyone and anything they do not agree with. They want total control over every aspect of our lives and no freedom. Jesus will come and rule and He can’t come fast enough. I am very tired of these sick vile people

  35. Does anyone know Pelosi home address? Please post on Twitter or Facebook! Say FREE wine and ice cream!

  36. Well all the BLM rioters are spreading COVID around to each other so they can all take it home to their parents, and grandparents when they get bored with their charade.
    I wish the BLM thugs would storm congress, take it over, and name it “Congressional House Autonomous Zone” CHAZ.

  37. Poor widdle Julio. He needs a dick to suck. Or is mama’s titty still around? Lol. You pathetic loser.

  38. piglosi or botox nancy is so far out in left field she can’t be seen. she want confederate flags, monuments and anything her botox brain can think of .. just read that surgery masks or anything like that does not do anything to stop the spread of the virus . so what are we to do blindly follow botox queen or dr fauci o believe in trump? the botox queen only wants trump gone, doesn’t care about us, and dictated how we are to live sounds like a dictator to me. dr fauci i don’t know what he wants. i think trump is the only one has any idea about this stupidity … leave it alone and it will go away like the flu does every year.. and maybe a few dinorats too.

  39. This is all political democrats trying to control people. People are only going to be pushed so much. Home made masks are very limited in tbere effectiveness. In helthcare is always stressed to wash hands going in and going out of patients rooms. I do not even see this mentioned. It speaks very loudly to me that fear is being used to control people.. personally I’m tired of the mess but think this is going to be just the beginning of the democrats war on President Trump!!

  40. FYI Nancy…..the mask only works if it is covering both your nose and mouth….doesn’t really work when it is around your neck!

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