Nancy Pelosi got called out for this deadly cover-up to protect China

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are playing a dangerous game.

The Left wants to pin the entire blame for the coronavirus outbreak on Donald Trump.

But Nancy Pelosi got called out for this deadly cover-up to protect China.

Nancy Pelosi pulled a typical election year stunt when she set up a special committee in the House to investigate the coronavirus response.

Republican Congressman Guy Reschenthaler called out Pelosi for politicizing the coronavirus outbreak by wasting the American people’s time with another witch hunt and letting China off the hook by squashing investigations into China’s culpability for the outbreak as well as grants given during the Obama administration to the laboratory that many believe the virus escaped from.

“We should have an investigative body looking at these grants, but Nancy Pelosi is not going to do that,” Reschenthaler told Breitbart in an exclusive interview. “So you have myself and House Republicans. I can tell you I’m going to continue to look into these grants. I’m going to continue to look into the Department of Homeland Security as well to see what grants are going from there to China.

“I’m also looking at defunding the World Health Organization and we can talk about that as well. But the bottom line of the Democrats’ behavior is this: They hate this president so badly that they would rather side with the Chinese Communist Party than defend Americans and defend our spending and spend wisely and just be honest. That is their hatred for President Trump and disdain for President Trump’s supporters.”

Nancy Pelosi is infected with a stage four case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

That can be the only explanation for Pelosi and other Democrats siding with the Chinese government in order to attack the President.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I think the entire dnc under the leadership of Alice the Goon and comrade schitfler just got busted! Ha I hope you guys never stop digging and draining that Cesspool, the solid poop got to go! Hope you nail them! Sedition,treason, espionage, misdemeanors and other high crimes! I am so sick and tired of the dncmsnbc, cnn, cspan and all the other psycho leftie media hack to go hotly to hell, and stop colluding with the dnc, yours and their lies are tiresome and really helps us rate your Mensa score at a 0- that’s being generous. You have approx. 34000 +/- lies. You MSM morons are a waste of whatever your genome is.

  2. All America seen this coming. The Speaker of the House selling out America to protect her family’s investments in China. Wat ch Bloomberg and Gates to back her up. They really have no interest in American businesses success their money is all tied up in China.

  3. If Nancy does not defend China and help them in any way, her son will lose his gravy boat. Most likely she is getting some of the gravy out of the boat.

  4. China is our communist enemy that doesn’t deserve to be defended. Puke-a-losi is a traitor to America

  5. Wish Peloser and her Deep State cohorts would get infected by the Covid-19 as that would be perfect Karma!!

  6. Until we overhaul and clean up the corruption in our voting system in the state of California we will continue to have the cesspool of degenerates called the Democrats turning this state into a communist regime!!! End mail in voting and have mandatory voter ID. Now that cv19 has closed the borders we may have a chance to oust the commucrats in this state. Goodbye Pelosi!

  7. nancy PIGLOSI is a great big bag of horse manure. Not only is she one of the three ugliest women in America. She is a lying old witch hag with false teeth that try to fly out of her mouth when she talks. She is guilty of treason and anyone with any sense can see it. She needs to be convicted and executed.

  8. You stupid whore, that like conducting an arson investigation before the FD puts the fire out. That’s as accurate as pissing into a hurricane to see where it hits the ground.

  9. Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi solution to our current situation is “Come to Chinatown – everything is fine.” Her words.
    Now it is “Let them eat ice cream, and be poets.”
    Can’t figure out how the voters in the big C can rationalize voting for any of the anti-American demuckrats that continually jam them and the rest of us in the other 49. Maybe sunlight and arm weather isn’t as good for us as we think it is…

  10. The democratic party and their media sycophants are actually siding with the Communist Party of China against the United States of America? A clear case of Treason. Definition: In Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution, treason is specifically limited to levying war against the US, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. [2]
    Penalty: U.S. Code Title 18: Death,[8] or not less than 5 years’ imprisonment and not more than life imprisonment without the possibility of parole (minimum fine of $10,000, if not sentenced to death). Any person convicted of treason against the United States will permanently lose the right to ever hold or run for public office anywhere in any capacity within the United States.[9][10]

  11. No surprise this wretched witch Nancy protects China while putting down US because she is financially beholden to China as is hr fellow California witch Feinstein, Schiff, Obama, Clintons and the rest of the swamp. People of US should revolt and lock them all up.

  12. Snott27 I noticed that you bring my name up a lot. I was busy yesterday playing music with some of my militia friends. We wrote a new song called joe has slick fingers. I don’t impersonate you. You post a lot of nonsense but can’t back it up with facts. We find you to be another moron snowflake.

  13. When the finger flies the pelosi lies , she lies so much teeth want to jump out of her mouth ! Her mummified remains should be rewrapped and reburied deep . If a Democrat speaks you know their lying . Run the other way

  14. Snot27 is still talking. Your tingling because your a queeer POS. Your mother says you’re a pu$$y and a disappointment to the family. You deserve a bit of lead poisoning!

  15. Mitch should start an investigation in Pelosi’s dragging feet on assistance legislation and the evil witch trying to change election and immigration laws using assistance legislation as part of hostage negotiation. And make her persona non grata on the Senate side.

  16. Come on now she is a terrorist to her own ppl the ones she has sworn to protect. That right there is dismissal. Get rid of her she has cost us millions on top of millions at the same time getting kick backs working for the new order. Vote them Dems out once and for all

  17. Piglosi is the WORST POS ever to step foot in our government–does NO WORK–just continuously attacks our elected president instead of supporting him and working together. Nothing but Witch hunts, false accusations, lies , deception and Anti American actions.

  18. Larry, it’s no surprise you’ve got some pretty faulty logic there; and it looks like it took you about an hour to come up with that last little nugget. Is it any wonder this site doesn’t lend itself to any sort of reasoned discourse?

  19. Scott27 if you think that Dan Tyree is undercover, you must miss him. How can you be queer for a guy whom you’re never met?

  20. Comrade Pelosi is just doing her job as she receives benefits from Communist China. All the naysayers against WHO and Communist China are simply moles. Disinformation and propaganda, as well as, fake media, is the norm. Divide and conquer. The Communist Manifesto.

  21. Scott27 you’re getting paranoid. With everyone knowing what an idiot that you are, it could be anyone posting as you. But admit it. It’s you trying to stir the pot.

  22. Scott27 you’re getting paranoid. With everyone knowing what an idiot that you are, it could be anyone posting as you. But admit it. It’s you trying to stir the pot.

  23. Larry, you haven’t seen him post today because he’s undercover posting occasionally as me. But you can always tell it’s him vs me because of the garbage.

  24. Scott27 has a split personality. Posting stuff and denying it. I haven’t seen Dan post today. He’s probably off playing a fiddle gig somewhere earning money for ammo. Get a grip scott27. You’re trying to discredit Dan Tyree and the guy is a real patriot. He will be front and center if the democrats try to trample our rights. While you pussies hide in your mother’s basement.

  25. Time to sweep them all out come November.
    Democrats are not in touch with the American People – Well Biden is all the time and getting called on it. But it’s just fake news to the main stream media and get’s no attention.
    Well main stream Americans are paying attention.
    I can’t wait till election night and see the TV people crying again….
    We lost the Presidency… We lost the house…
    It will be nice not to see the P woman on the podium anymore.
    They dug the grave and are shoveling in their own dirt on top of themselves.

  26. Dan T impersonating me again. Thankfully, no one believes it, because I never post that sort of garbage. Dan’s quite the loser.

  27. I would love to see Michelle Obama naked. She looks like tasty chocolate. Would also like to have sex with bathhouse Barry.

  28. The Old Wicked Witch Of The West Nancy , needs to be burned too death at the Stake . The Witch will not be missed . May you crash n burn on that Old Broom you fly around on Mrs Queen of Liberalvilla Nancy !!

  29. Butchy… whatever. Keep escalating that threat. It becomes you.

    Suzanne and Steveo… I didn’t make that post. It was Dan T impersonating me.

  30. Take it however you want Scott.your remarks are from an America hating pig looming to stir chaos.just remember.nobody is invisible,nobody

  31. Pelosi is a hatefully Crooked Democrat Bit-h that will do everything she can to make Trump look like a failure. She needs to be kicked out and locked up

  32. Just think in February in the peak of the Wuhan virus, where was nana Nancy Pelosi? She was at China Town, pushing for Americans to go there? Did she want Americans to get sick? Just wondering if she’s for China or America?

  33. ANYONE who can side with china
    should be charged with TREASON
    and be DEPORTED or CONFINED.

  34. We should NOT do the same thing to Nancy Pelosi as SHE IS DOING TO AMERICA We need to PRAY for her. When someone is sick what do you do “PRAY FOR THEM”

  35. Butchy… sounds like a threat; although I have no idea what you mean. Whatever. Thanks for your input.

  36. James… “intimidated?” That’s a laugher. Classless idiots don’t intimidate me; and Dan T can’t even spell class. But thank you for your input.

  37. You know 27, you have some credibility concerns surrounding you. You set yourself up to be impersonated and intimidated. It’s like a homicide investigation, only the facts matter and you have very little. Dan has more class than to impersonate a youngest who’s persistent like a begging peasant. Sometimes the excuser is the culprit of the crime, kind of like Demorats…

  38. Carbine, I’m thankful every day that I had parents who were intelligent, compassionate, empathetic and all-round wonderful humans who taught me values like integrity, ethics and altruism. Too bad you can’t say the same.

  39. That damned Nancy Piglosi the House Dictator needs to leave office, she & many others in both the House & Senate. The maximum the Presidents & Vice Presidents can serve is two elected terms totaling 8 years and can only serve a maximum of 10 years. In the game of baseball a player gets 3 strikes and the player is out, in crimes at the Federal level it’s 3 strikes & you’re. The same should apply for all elected positions-Maximum of3 elected terms-motto exceed 12 years total. Term lengths for alll elected positions whether it be for President, Vice Presidents, Governor, LT.Governor where in some states they are limited to a maximum of 3 terms, Senator, Congressman/Congresswoman and all other elected officials positions that are elected with the stipulation you have to work & earn the opportunity to run for a third term, if the elected person didn’t earn it and the voters feel that that elected person didn’t earn that opportunity to run for a third term-then they cannot run for a third term. The House & Senate also needs to be put under term limits-not run for as many terms as they like.

  40. Nancy Pelosi and her husband have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of her position. She is selfish, stupid and hates America. Pray that she has a heart attack soon!

  41. Scott 27 too bad your Dad didn’t let you run down his leg instead of popping your Mom.But then you’re the poster child for planned parenthood.Less of cretins as you would make a far better America/Same for pelosi

  42. America first… anything I say that may seem contradictory is likely that Dan T guy impersonating me. He likes to do that. And apparently, you might be among the last here to judge stupid.

  43. Nancy Pelosi…. I have a GF named Nancy , and because of you , she loathes her name
    You are a rancid , infected Boil on the Butt of America. We all see the Evil that consumes you! Politically you are corrupt and are a bottom feeder in the swamp.
    As a Catholic, you should be Excommunicated. You will pay with your soul for each aborted baby who is murdered in your Planned Parenthoods ……. God is Just ! You just wait!

  44. Pelosi has lost her mind in the depths of the Trump derangement syndrome. She needs to be removed to the Twilight Zone. If she starts another fake investigation as to whether or not Trump is responsible foe the Coronavirus she needs to be put in jail for TREASON!!! Fake evidence will be planted and then they will try to set him up again with the help of the corrupt media. They all need to be arrested and let the courts decide their complicity. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: There’s nothing wrong with being a Democrat or having a two party system but every American voter who aligns themselves with the Democrats of today or the Squad or the values the Democrats have currently adopted then those Americans should be ashamed, move to a country with those values or form a new and more respectable party.

  45. Scott27, you are by far the dumbest troll I’ve seen on any of these websites. You say the stupidest things and actually contradict yourself quite often.
    It’s hard to believe someone can actually be that stupid unless you’re just playing games.

  46. What does the constitution of the United States say about congressional representatives siding with a hostile foreign country over its own citizens body ! ANSWER TREASON!

  47. We the American People are infected with a stage four case of Pelosi Derangement Syndrome.

  48. I see Dan T is impersonating me again in his typical adult (not) fashion.

    1949… come back and make that statement after you’ve told trump and ivanka to stop doing so much personal business in China… like making campaign banners, hats and other swag along with ivanka’s fashion works.

  49. Nancy Pelosi and her co-partners need to be run out of the House before we are owned by China which I see coming down the road as much as they protect what China does is they feel is right. To bad American Democrats are related to China and their communist party.
    But not all Democrats are just her side kits!!!

  50. Pelosi is the one needing investigated. She has been costing Americans their lives and well being for too many years. Look at her own city, filled with diseases, rats, and poverty. Why people are so stupid they keep voting for her is beyond me. You’d think the democrats would look at their cities and states and get “woke”.

  51. I am tired of Washington politics. Nancy Pelosi and her associates need to stop. Frankly I’m glad Donald Trump is in the White House during this virus pandemic. As a business man he has done what a politician could not have.

  52. Mackyb…. my word, I seriously wonder how people like you manage to function in an adult world. That rant was nothing more than ill-informed, mis-informed cacophony. You really have no idea what you’re talking about; it’s just noise.

  53. Dennis Burke…. hahahaha… gave me a good laugh. Julio can admittedly be a little out there at times, but isn’t that what this site is all about… outrageousness? I wonder what authority you have to order anyone to do anything. A little full of yourself, eh?

  54. Scott 27. If anyone could make a less factual response such as you would be the blind. I would tell you to look into the mirror, but I remembered you are blind. Sure I listen to the people say about our President. The left should be ashamed if anything by attacking and denigrating The Office of the Presidency!! Funny, you fools on the left sit there and watch investigation after investigation of Trump and it’s all disproved. Then, the left chooses to attack again and again. Although we know you all are deranged, I would think you, being a factual man, would look at the facts and find nothing as did Congress (House doesn’t matter as they never work and care only of their power and prestige and will lie in front of all to push their absurd agenda). Maybe CNN has a commentator spot for you on their unbiased group cable TV discussions. Once you see the facts and hear what those idiots say before and after their show would be quite the opposite. Why would the Big Bird looking idiot or any I other highly paid spokesMEN want to pay 40- 60% income tax? I think not! How is that for blind?!

  55. Hey Julio, I thought I told you before to stay the heck off our sites with your radical leftist and Anti-Trump trolling!!! I ain’t asking you, I’m ORDERING you and you better do it!!!! Got it????!!!!!

  56. Porklosi isn’t the only one who’s corrupt. How about term limits for all Federal and State, city,county. 2 times possible; no retirement. No running for Presidency. President is also limited in terms. 2 only no re running after a span of time. Jerry Brown should not have been able to get re-elected.
    Get us out of the UN and get them out of our Country


  58. It is time to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and her evil comrades. She has committed so many crimes it is a disgrace to have someone like her in our government!!


  60. Moron julio, you must be a f**king idiot That’s yes Trump praised China in the beginning, we all did. But now the truth has come out, the President has stopped praising China!!!! All piglosi is trying to do is sabotage our President’s bid for a second term.

  61. she says she prays for Trump, but who is she praying to? To have a grudge like this is sinful to the (creator). But I pity her because her hatred is so deep and she pulls others into it. The Lord said whoever takes his children to stray they will have milestone around there neck.

  62. When are they going to start donating their paychecks to the supposed workers that need relief?
    How much has Bernie donated to charity
    These people don’t even go to church where they would learn to think of other people.

  63. Scott27, what other view point? Trump is BAD. Trump sucks. Everything is Trump’s fault. Everything is always Trump’s fault. Obama was a god among men. Obama had no scandals because he told us so. Hillary would have made a great president. The Clintons aren’t corrupt. Hillary never lied to the FBI or deleted emails, and Bill never molested interns. And communist China is not responsible for the spread of the virus. Trump did it. Are those the facts you want us to accept Scott27.

  64. The simple fact of the matter is this. Anybody who believes anything that Nancy Pisslosi says, is too dumb to be allowed to live on their own!

  65. Dan t… perfect example of “don’t confuse me with facts.” Of course you won’t consider any other view point, you’re adamant about sticking with your own brand of propaganda. Personally, I prefer to consider it all across the spectrum… how else can you gain an informed opinion? I think your approach is called willful and blind ignorance.

  66. Pelosi is evil and extremely dangerous. He mental condition is very deteriorated, she should be expelled from congress! Many others are in the same boat and should go. Wake up America, vote RED; do your research, fight to keep our freedom and improve the greatest country in the world.

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  68. It is time to sweep all demo-rats from all elected positions from dog catcher up. They are allies of the Chinese Communists Party and enemies of America.

  69. Correct Mr. Giger…Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Gates, Schiff & of course Rat Schumer our little New World Order. Even Red Communist China has to work hard to keep up with these clowns…

  70. Selfish, selfish, selfish. That’s the only conclusion I can come up with to explain such shameless abuse and offensiveness. Well, maybe it’s not so strange. Maybe this pandemic is all about sick minds being unleashed. Seems to fit their agenda like a glove. They’re just trying to make people sick as a form of intimidation.

  71. Yes, it is time for Pelosi to GO!!!! Let’s elect new blood to Congress and Senate…..and vet them carefully!! Term limits are a must….just seeing those individuals that think they rule the world is disgusting. So, so frustrated with our government right now!! As an individual, I would like to do something other than just donate money. Suggestions??????

  72. Julio we aren’t going on the sites that you posted. We won’t be looking at any of your commie propaganda

  73. Democrats aren’t siding with China because they hate Trump.
    Democrats are siding with China because they are communists.
    Democrats have always admired communist countries.
    Remember their love affair with Cuba, and the former Soviet Union?

  74. if the republicans decided to investigat the DNC for dem Fauchi funding wuhan to protecting WHO to regurgitating communist chinas talking points there is not enough people in gov and still an operatng gov the DNC is just that foul

  75. Nancy Pelosi has forgotten that she is there to benefit America. She has become so political that she has forgotten the American people.

  76. PELOSI can’t be honest! Don’t believe she ever had in her lying POLITICAL career! Always blaming other people for the THING she push and support. Making them RESPONSIBLE for something she and her deep state STARTED!


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