Nancy Pelosi got hit with a coronavirus reality check that will have her seeing red

Nancy Pelosi has one goal in mind for the coronavirus outbreak.

And that is to ride this national emergency to political power.

But Nancy Pelosi got hit with a coronavirus reality check that will have her seeing red.

The House and Senate have finally passed a $2 trillion economic relief package.

Democrats tried to load it up with socialist goodies by delaying the bill’s passage for days.

They finally relented, but to get Democrat support, Speaker Pelosi told angry members of her caucus that she would direct negotiations on the next relief package and it would be a Democrat bill that reflected their socialist agenda.

One example Pelosi floated was a bailout for government union worker pension funds.

In an interview with Fox News, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shot down the idea of stuffing a necessary relief package with hundreds of millions of dollars in bailouts for government unions.

“Well, we have a pension problem. But it’s not related to the coronavirus. That’s why it’s not in the bill. The emergency bills that we may have to pass in the future need to be related to the subject. And that was a problem here. … So, we’re not going to use these virus relief bills as a way to pass Democratic policy proposals. That’s not what this emergency’s about,” McConnell told Fox News.

Government unions are the number one campaign contributor to Democrats.

That’s why Pelosi is so eager to bail them out.

But Democrats asking the average American to fork over taxpayer money as part of a massive bailout to pay off the party’s top campaign contributor has nothing to do with stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Have you noticed that everytime Nancy Piglosi gives a news conference that she seems a little tipsy.Looks like alcohol problem to me.Perhaps that’s why her brain is so screwed up.

  2. There’s a special place in Hell for Nancy Piglosi and her gang of democraps for the damage they have done to our great nation.
    God bless Donald Trump for putting the American people first time and time again.

  3. There’s a special place in Hell for Nancy Piglosi and her gang of democraps for the damage they have done to our great nation.
    God bless Donald Trump for putting the American people fist time and time again.

  4. Where is my comment that I prepared here! Why did you erase it? Give me your reason as everyone else here does not put their full name, etc! Bring out my comments now , as I will go over them!

  5. PIGloser is full of schiff 💩 if she thinks I’ll let my hard earned taxPAYER fund$ go to ANY of their pet P O R K. programs.
    Now the DEMenteds want more fund$ to help hospitals and such! The d o u c h e b a g s should have done that instead of money to the Kennedy Center, Academy of the Arts, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Rural Development, Dept of Science, etc., etc., etc
    Screw HER and the black horse that rode HER in! 👎👎👎👎

  6. Anyone remember the humungus bank bail out of the banks too large to fail several years back? Turned out those banks were the ones who were holding the congressional members’ retirement funds. 0UR PUBLIC SERVANTS ARE ONLY SELF-SERVING TO GARNER PERSONAL WEALTH AT WE THE PEOPLE’S EXPENSE! HOW ABOUT THAT $25 MILLION TO COVER ADDITIONAL EXPENSES INCURRED BY CONGRESS IN THE $2 TRILLION COVID 19 STIMULUS BILL?

  7. Anyone remember the humungus bank bail out of the banks too large to fail several years back? Turned out those banks were the ones who were holding the congressional members’ retirement funds. 0UR PUBLIC SERVANTS ARE ONLY SELF-SERVING TO GARNER PERSONAL WEALTH AT WE THE PEOPLE’S EXPENSE! hOW ABOUT THAT $25 MILLION TO COVER ADDITIONAL EXPENSES INCURRED BY CONGRESS IN THE $2 TRILLION COVID 19 STIMULUS BILL?

  8. WE NEED TERM LIMITS in Congress and we need it NOW. Congress represents states, so why can’t each state draft a regulation stating that elected officials can only serve two terms representing the state at federal level.

  9. If there’s anyone in California with a f****** brain then you better get rid of these assholes in November when you vote Pelosi Waters Schumer none of these people are doing you any good in California so why do you keep putting them in are you that f****** stupid wake up morons

  10. Is she going to Replace the money that I lost in my 401(k) to the Tune of $100,000 she wants to bail out the union she can bail out my 401(k)

  11. Nancy Pelosi just like sleep Joe there mine both gone they don’t know how to think they need to go home because they are not helping the american people all they do lie/lie.

  12. Pelosi believes in social ism and climate change so strongly she has no problem lying and cheating and screwing Americans over to get what she wants.
    Imagine what it must be like to be so full of your own self righteousness that you have no problem lying to people to get what you want because you are convinced you are smarter than them and morally correct. This is how Pelosi thinks.

  13. NANCY should lead her sister MAXINE and her other sister HILLARY to the promissed land of HADES and be forced to use all of their fortunes to pay the boatman !!!!!

  14. Nancy Pelosi loves to remind us that she is a Catholic ! Well my Catholic god is waiting to send her to HELL for lying cheating stealing political prostitution and mostly for conspiracy to murder hundreds of thousands of unborn AMERICAN CATHOLICS !!!!! MAY GOD NOT HAVE MERCY on her soul !!!! ROT IN HELL you PIG !!!!

  15. I believe in GOD &this U.S.A. needs to TRUST in GOD for guidance!!! As we PRAY we can’t forget to get out & VOTE as well !!!We CAN vote out all this HATE,LIES DECIET,& CORRUPTION of our LAWS,BORDERS,& CONSTITUTION of U.S.A.!!!

  16. NANCY is the main reason people believe that the demonrats must change their logo from the national JACKASS to a giant TURD emoji !!!
    She is the national poster girl for SEWER REFORM !!!!!

  17. Snott27 it’s you pussys that needs to grow up. So stick with retard joe and stfu. Your lack of intelligence is showing again. You don’t want leadership. Just an ass kisser in the White House.

  18. Chris Lievens you’re free to leave America. You should sneak out of here. As far as a war veteran, I’ll bet that you were a sniveling coward. I don’t thank you for your service because your valor is probably fake. Did you kill women and children?

  19. Dan T and bj…. I have occasionally wondered how you two made it to adulthood, assuming you are adults, and what sort of upbringing you had that created such a low self-esteem in you and causing you to be such blind-to-truth folks.

  20. Oatmeal… I’ll avoid commenting on oatmeal as brains… but you are without a doubt worshiping the golden (orange) calf.

  21. I think we should vote out of office all these big political spenders and put-in “Term Limits” and place some kind of a saddle on both Congress and Senate and remind them they work for “we the people” not for lobbyist and their pet projects

  22. Pelosi, Schumer etal are already working on the forth (4) version of a relief bill and the Wish list will be tremendous. And you can bet your last dollar Pelosi will hold the bill up so it becomes a dire need for the Senate to pass it without going through negotiations. So far we have had three bills and all three have had Partisan liberal entitlements to organizations or actions that have nothing to do with relieving the virus.

    The house members and the Senate need to be forced to READ the next bill in it entirety so they get the garbage out of the next bill or just kill it until it is right. It should not be up to the POTUS to veto it.

    What Pelosi wants included in part is (1) Bailing out the Government Unions Retirement as they misused the funds like most Unions do. (2) Force independent Corporations to have Union Members on their Board of Directors, (3) Abortions, (4) Voting by US Mail country wide, (5) You name them.

    It is past time to stop this loading major bills or for that matter adding all this Bull Ship garbage to any bill while calling it “HELPING THE POOR” or some other stupid name. When you consider the FACT, that 90% or more of our so called elected officials do not read nor know everything that is include in a bill until after it has been voted into law and signed by the POTUS. What are they getting paid for? One only has to remember the passing of the “American Care Act” when Pelosi stated “We need to pass this bill so we can read what is in it”.

    For your information, the Bureaucrats, non elected Lawyers write the legislation based on what a few legislators suggest. This is not how our founding fathers did it, and it should not be how our current elected officials should do it either. 25% of a legislators job, if that much is legislation or committee duties, while 75% is getting monies for reelection.

    We need term limits to eliminate these carrier oriented legislators, or we need to not stagger the Senates terms so we have experience in office.

  23. HS Nancy Pelosi is betting that the majority of the H of Reps. will stay Democrat majority…but what if the Corona 19 virus hits the Democrats in the House of Reps. hard, where it is the Republicans that becomes the majority in the next months ahead. Wouldn’t that be something. Chances are it won’t but say it does…could turn America around and onto the right track. One can dream.

  24. So, in other words, Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer are holding the American people in need of money hostage trying to get money for garbage that has nothing to do with Coronavirus. Now, what if Trump would have done same thing? yes you can bet we would hear the wheels of impeachment start turning big time, Democrats make me sick

  25. Chris lie end..yet another honk nosed lying leftist a republican?yoj a veteran?HAHAHAHA.go have some Kafilter gish snd stfu

  26. Yeah, JIM1937. After her partisan shenanigans with the sham impeachment proceedings and publicly ripping apart the State Of The Union Address, Pelosi should be charged with obstruction of justice, fraudulent actions, and, false statements. Her continued presence as House Speaker is an embarrassment to our nation. Thank God for President Trump, and all the courageous persons in our armed forces and first responders. In God We Trust.

  27. I would not put it past her to put in the NEXT BILL that would have funding go direct to the Dems party for the election! Just wait she will try! Because her big donors are either dead or in jail.

  28. Pelops I piece off garbage looks terrible
    No one to do her makeup
    To Throw her democrat liberal crap agenda into a bill that’s supposed to help Americans It’s so disgusting I’d like to see how much money she’s donating to people and who are the people she’s actually helping she will not spend her own money on anything

  29. Actually I am afflicted about Mrs. Peloci very much. She is obviously mentally sick or just having dementia because of age. However we THE PEOPLE cannot afford the fact when one of the TOP government person is acting such way. It is not a jokes anymore. It is DANGEROUS!!!! She MUST be removed from this position IMMEDIATELY. We all will pray for her when she is outside of HOUSE, GOVERNMENT and other responsibilities. JUST RETIRE.

  30. I was raised not to wish I’ll on anyone. Well, I have to go against that. I am praying that Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Schumer, and all of the sick Dumbocrats come down with a severe case of Covid-19. Clean out the swamp.

  31. Pelosi is a communist. Her vision for America would be similar to China. A capitalist country controlled by a communist government of elitist bureaucrats. That’s what she wants. That’s what her peers wants. Communists are ruthless evil people that will kill to get what they want.

  32. Now Pelosi wants to investigate Trump’s handling of the crisis, effectively blaming him for the deaths and everything else. Another impeachment coming? This woman / creature is DISGUSTING and needs to be removed from her position before she does any more damage to this country.

  33. Nancy piglosi will get hers in the end. She is a nasty ugly old hag, the queen of SF.
    LIEvens is no republican and if a vet, probably with the VC like Fonda.

  34. This is nothing new from THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST , same old BS , just a different day . Forget it Nancy , you’ve been in office way to long . ITS time you Fly Away on that Old Broom of yours , to not be seen or heard from ever again !!

  35. Pensions !!! Is she not aware most people now do NOT have pensions to look forward to, its 401k and IRA’s. The unions should take care of their own. What an ass!

  36. I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free.I will trust in my God and in the United States of America. Chris when you disgrace the President by the words you have brought forward, you have also disgrace the Military Code of Conduct.

  37. Personally I cannot stand the woman but I do not wish harm or this virus on anyone. What I will say is all that included pork and fluff in this stimulous package that has nothing to do with helping and healing Americans in need should be ashamed of themselves and voted out of Congress and the Senate. American voters please don’t forget what these clowns did to us. All that money tied to Democratic pet projects should’ve gone to American people and first responders.


  39. To Chris LIEvens, you are neither a veteran or a republican. You are a mindless democrat zombie. One of the useful idiots that the communist left uses to spread their communist manure. Actully I pity you and the rest of the fools who cannot see what this crisis is showing about the democratic party. Pelosi wan to be the dictator in charge, that is one of the reason she want Bernie out because he is competition for her rule.

  40. Nancy pelosi and her daughter need to be removed from this great country we call america, pelosi’s daughter said she wished that the person who beat up Rand paul said he should have finished the job and killed him. Nancy pelosi is a virus and she needs to be removed from office, Look how she won’t even take care of her state. California is turning into a septic tank. Does she care no way. all she cares about is herself. People of California you need to vote and get rid of this virus called Nancy Pelosi.

  41. If we would all pray the Lord to stop the lies and evildoers Pelosi, Schumer etc, name them to Him, His will, will be done. Job 20, this is what awaits them if they dont stop and repent

  42. How great would it be if someone hauled off and gave Pelosi a swift kick in the ass as she was in front of the cameras? Watching her fall flat on her face would bring a smile to mine.

  43. Chris Lievens, You aren’t part of the same species as the president. You’re something that he scrapes off the bottom of his shoes. I also don’t believe you’re a veteran nor a republican. I do however think you’re a liar and someone not bright enough to see the truth and someone who makes the anti-American politicians laugh knowing your stupidity will keep them in office.

  44. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Good riddance permanently…

  45. When Pelosi comes back with next bill to sneak all the liberal crap in that was stopped I hope all Republicans vote No to everything she wants. She and all democrats are disgusting people. They only care about stuff that is turning our country into a communist state. I am so sick of hearing their lies, they truly make me sick!

  46. You must get these dems out of Congress u must notice they don’t care about our America just their crooked way of lining their pockets with our money.please vote these idiots out.

  47. This country doesn’t have two TRILLION dollors to pay for anything. It will have to borrow the money from somewhere and tack it on to our existing 22 TRILLION dollars national debt. It may be necessary to limit the effect of the temporary shutdown of the national economy but it is NOT an opportunity for the liberals to add non-related pork to the bill no matter how many of their cronies will benefit! If we MUST go further into debt, it should ALL be for helping to soothe the wound that shutting down the economy creates, NOT for funding far-left “priorities”!

  48. I repeat, why is there no democrat politician, in California, to run against Pelosi to get her removed from Congress? Are you all that lazy in California, with all the homeless and illegals, she hasn’t done much to clean up your once beautiful city. Get out at election time and vote her out of office!

  49. Chris Lievens. You are an idiot. Can you image if this would have happened under a Democrat. How people would be dead. Nancy should be Shot as a traitor.

  50. By Dave Mar 30, 2020

    Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

  51. It amazes me when people say the President is an idiot, he’s terrible, worthless etc. The only interesting thing is the “Why”. Please provide an valid example and not a talking point from the left – just one example.
    Next, we keep complaining about term limits and the need to impose term limits. Well to all the geniuses out there we have term limits we call them “Elections”. If you want someone out of office don’t vote for them. Simple = Term Limits. However this won’t work because politicians will promise the world to the uninformed and they will kept a worthless politician in office and in power. Look at worthless people like Nancy P, Burr, Clyburn, Chuck S, Romney, Sprewell, to name a few.

  52. Chris Lievens, you are not a Republican you are a democrat. This veteran supports the President. So go spend time with your favorite party. You love Pelosi so much you should move to San Fran to get closer to her.

  53. The people she should be looking out for over all others are the ones on the front line exposing themselves to the virus almost daily. Those people are the medical staff, the truck drivers, the factory workers ensuring our needed supplies are made, the people working in stores to ensure we can get the supplies we need. Instead she gives the Kennedy Center 25 million and they fire 96 people and give 5 million to her party, she looks out for the illegals and all her lobbiest but never the people who pay her wages and ensure she gets her booze and food.

  54. Idiot Pisslosi shows us that there are more important things than the heath of this country. She wants power so bad she would sacrifice American lives for it.

  55. As a lifelong Republican and a war time veteran, President Trump is an abomination and embarrassment as an AMERICAN and as a human being. I’m embarrassed to be in the same species as the @realDonaldTrump. Worst ever. Pathetic. Horrid.

  56. Nancy has been shooting off her commie mouth saying that people are dying while Trump “fiddles around “. Interesting. It’s her low life crowd that held up the stimulus trying to load it down with stupid crap. Go figure.

  57. Demorats lie all the time, aided by a media complex that laps it up and uncritically regurgitates it.

  58. love all the remarks that think Nancy is one big POS and should keep her mouth shout — she is one person who is doing nothing to help this country except for making herself look like a bigger POS than she is — why cant she just shut up and move one –sick of all the loony liberals that think it is okay to blame someone for this — think before you speak liberals – – -or just shut the HELL UP

  59. While congress wants to use the taxpayer dollars to pay for excessive abortions, democrats’ favorite groups more money for illegals……we need them to give their time in congress and have them forfeit their pay. After all Pelosi spent less than a minute one of those days she was supposed to be working. That doesn’t even account for the travel expenses we are having to pay for.

  60. Pension have to go in the Gov. They have gone in the private sector. The Dems. just don’t get it. A.O.C. was mad that illegals didn’t get anything from the stimulus package. They already get free schooling ,healthcare, and don’t pay taxes. So why would they be included in taxpayers money that hard working Americans have worked for. We need to get term limits in all political seats.

  61. I will always support the Republican party because of their LOVE FOR GOD AND THE AMERICAN people. I will never support a party that believes in ABORTIONS<MURDER OF CHILDREN? There isn't any slavery in AMERICA people need to get that behind them and follow our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, The democrats have NEVER DONE ANYTHING BUT USE BLACKS & LOW INCOME WHITES TO GET WHAT THEY WANT NOT WHAT WE WANT.Yes I will vote for people who except GOD & STAND WITH THE PRESIDENT TRUMP. God Bless America & God Bless each one that AGREES. If you don't like what I have said PLEASE HIT YOUR DELETE BUTTON I'M NOT MAD AT YOU. GOD BLESS.

  62. Nancy has made it clear that she doesn’t have the best in mind for America. First she would have to have a mind.

  63. Nancy Pelosi is an IDIOT…

    Her mind must be going FAST..


  64. We all know that every year these Democrat want to build up the GOVERNMENT Union of worker. Forcing taxpayers to feet their retired pension! It time to cut down these union that SUPPORT Democrat policy. Not being equal to rest of the country!

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