Nancy Pelosi got hit with a Supreme Court ruling that took her breath away

The Supreme Court made its presence felt in the 2024 election.

Democrats sat on pins and needles for this decision .

And Nancy Pelosi got hit with a Supreme Court ruling that took her breath away.

Nancy Pelosi and her allies rage over Supreme Court agreeing to hear Trump’s Presidential immunity case

Pelosi was among the Trump haters who flew off the handle when the Supreme Court agreed to hear Trump’s motion to dismiss Jack Smith’s charges against him on the grounds of Presidential immunity.

By scheduling oral arguments for April 22, the Justices all but assured Trump won’t stand trial on this case before the election.

Pelosi dangerously threatened the court claiming they were “on trial” in this case.

“The Supreme Court is placing itself on trial with its decision to hear the former president’s total immunity claim. It remains to be seen whether the justices will uphold the fundamental American value that no one is above the law – not even a former president,” Pelosi wrote on X.

Pelosi’s lapdog, former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, whined that by putting off this trial the court prevented the public from seeing vital evidence about what happened on January 6.

“Delaying the January 6 trial suppresses critical evidence that Americans deserve to hear. Donald Trump attempted to overturn an election and seize power. Our justice system must be able to bring him to trial before the next election. SCOTUS should decide this case promptly,” Cheney posted on social media.

Cheney served as Vice Chair of the January 6 Committee.

If Cheney claims the court is preventing the public from getting a look about evidence of Trump’s culpability in the events of January 6 then why didn’t the committee release this supposed evidence?

Democrats wanted Trump on trial for political reasons

The Supreme Court agreed to take up the case because it presents a novel political question of if a President can be criminally prosecuted for official acts in office.

“The Special Counsel’s request to treat the stay application as a petition for a writ of certiorari is granted, and that petition is granted limited to the following question: Whether and if so to what extent does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office,” the Supreme Court order announcing it would take up the case read. “Without expressing a view on the merits, this Court directs the Court of Appeals to continue withholding issuance of the mandate until the sending down of the judgment of this Court.”

Polling showed the one criminal trial that could cost Trump the election was the January 6 case.

Smith knew that putting Trump on trial in Washington, D.C. – where the jurors would all be Trump-hating Democrats – would be like a show trial from 1930s Russia.

The outcome was predetermined and Trump never stood a chance at a fair trial.

But the Supreme Court stepped in and pumped the brakes on a scheme to use a rigged trial to swing the election in Joe Biden’s favor.

A decision in this case won’t come until late June making the scheduling of any trial – the case still had 88 days of pretrial motions and hearings on tap when Trump’s appeal paused the case – before the election impossible. 

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