Nancy Pelosi got smacked with this ultimate betrayal

Just 100 days into their new majority the Democrats already face a massive crisis.

That’s because Nancy Pelosi suffered a humiliating defeat.

And it came about because Pelosi was smacked with this ultimate betrayal.

Speaker Pelosi was forced to yank a spending bill from the floor because Democrats broke out into a civil war over the amount of pork barrel spending in the bill.

Left-wingers demanded billions more in socialist welfare programs while Democrats that won seats in Trump districts were terrified the budget busting bill will cost them their seats.

Bloomberg reports:

House Democratic leaders shelved a plan to pass a bill increasing budget caps for the next two fiscal years amid infighting between their caucus’s liberal and moderate wings.

Liberals demanded $33 billion more for domestic social programs in 2020 as the price of their support, while some moderates opposed the bill over its lack of spending cuts in mandatory entitlement programs to offset the impact on the deficit. Republicans slammed the House majority for failing to produce a budget so far this year.

The bill was intended to be an opening offer from House Democrats in budget talks with the White House and Republican-led Senate about the level of discretionary spending. It calls for increasing defense and non-defense caps by $88 billion each in 2020. Disagreement among House Democrats now raises questions about how those talks will proceed.

“There are further conversations we must have to reach consensus between the wings of our caucus, left and right,” House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth said in an emailed statement.

After the government shut down, the Fake News Media pushed a narrative that Pelosi was the true power in Washington, D.C.

She ran her caucus with an iron fist and that allowed her to outmaneuver Donald Trump.

But that was all fake news.

As this fiasco showed, Pelosi is still having difficulty with the increasingly radical left agitating the party to pursue socialism in America.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. Yes, NANCE … you have lost total control of your partie. What a shame, buttt you can always cash in your chips and sail into the sunset. It’s a perfect time to cut your losses, and disappear into the shadows. Why? Because you and your democrapic partie are headed for a huge disappointment in 2020. You will suffer your most crushing defeat in History. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a man of action, who keeps his promises and gets things done. As he leads four more years in our NATION, you should be readying for your HIBERNATION … LOL

  3. Nancy, is getting the revolt that was mentioned last year. She was warned but this policy isn’t working she says “she has the iron fist on her people and they better know it”. Well here it is Nancy and they have you back tracking on nearly everything you do. Is this going to be the way DEMS do business till 2020 and they will lose badly.

  4. Hi Bob and LaNinfa, It does not matter what Nationality we are, we are all Children of the Lord once we accept his son. We also all bleed red no matter what Nationality or color,

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  6. Severa Hill, The Democrat Leadership in the Federal Government, the Blue States State and large city government, Also the RINOS No matter what branch, are no longer Descent People, but instead bought off puppets of the Globalist Government group,. They are intent on establishing a World wide Government for the Elite of the Elite Rich. A Dictatorship. The closer it gets, the more chance of war with the Russian group, and then the Chinese people. I can show you and anyone else factual proof of what I say. his group lies about anything and everything.

  7. I am proud to say that I’m Italian, and a shame to say that Nancy Pelosi is Italian too. She’s an “IDIOT”

  8. The democrats have shown nothing but failure to America ! Pelosi mean spirited, hateful, has no way other than spew hate toward Americans and PRESIDENT TRUMP. SHE NEEDS MEDICAL HELP ! AOC NEEDS MEDICAL HELP ! They have no charisma no understanding no acceptance of others’ lives in America. If they think they can take our tax dollars to support the world and they are millionaires, they are barking up the wrong tree. THEY ARE VERY WRONG. THEY NEED TO MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. THEY ALL NEED TO MOVE TO VENEZUELA AND FIND OUT WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE CARRIED AMERICA AND GET IT TAKEN AWAY BY HEATHENS LIKE THE DEMOCRATS. They are absolutely and corrupt PATHETICS. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR CAREING ABOUT OUR COUNTRY THE USA AND FOR CARING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. SHOWING MANY THE RIGHT WAY IN LIFE.

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  10. The Democrats in the House voted against the bill because they feared keeping their seats according to the article. Even if they had voted for the bill and it won in the House it had NO chance of the Senate passing it or POTUS signing it.

    I have worse news for them. They will likely lose their seats anyway because of their party’s antics in the last 2 1/2 years!

  11. 99 and 44 percent pure is the old IVORY SNOW ads claim For you kids that don’t remember!

  12. With all the jobs available, most of those need to get off welfare, at least those that do not have a physical reason. That would really help lower what is spent. I have a small construction business, the last few years have been so hard to find young men that want to work. Many live with their girlfriends that get welfare and good stamps, and they sell drugs, so they can sit at home play video games. We are enabling too many people to no work when so much is given away. I have worked since I was 13, and now am 61. Never got any hand outs when work slowed down in the winter months. We need a wall at our southern border. Illegals that cross illegally, will only put MORE burden on the tax payers, those of us that do work. I have been a citizen since the day I was born, I have never received anything free, nor did I believe I was entitled to free stuff. If I wanted to have things in life I believed I had to work for. Somebody always will have to pay for the free stuff given away. So it is not really free, somebody had to work for it. Giving free money and etc is not fair for those of us that work hard and taxed for doing so. The demorats need to stop this free stuff. If they want it they should have to pay from their own pockets, and then see how long they will feel to give free stuff. America needs to wake up or we will be done as a country.

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  14. In my 77 years, I have never seen such political diversity, hatred & warmongering! I feel $$Money is the source & root of this evil. Thank GOD we have a President who is savy and has the balls to put his voice where the fools fear to tread!

  15. even Obama, the most Liberal democrat I can imagine, thinks the Democrat Party is a circular firing squad……they are leaderless, rudderless, and have nothing to offer the American people but outlandish, pie in the sky, brainless, random babbling. I think they’re finally done and washed up.

  16. We must restrict everything that would go to the illegal aliens’ pocket. Please end this welfare now. The social security benefits are the retired people. Stop this spending now.

    Start enforcing the existing laws now.

    Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall.

    American citizens come first. American citizens come first. American …

  17. //// WAKE UP ////
    //// BILL BARR AFFECT ////
    stop the hate!

  18. Once people begin to realize how much you (Democrats) spend and wish to raise more in taxes to cover your bone-head pork-barrel spending sprees? You all will be looking for jobs. Probably with MSNBC, who else would have an idiot like Al Sharpton with his own show? I don’t get any R-E-S-P-I-C-T. What a fool!

  19. Pelosi is on extremely shaky ground and she knows it. When aoc said SHE IS THE BOSS, that showed the entire congress what she is planning. Since she can’t run for President for bare minimum 6 years (but she tried everything to get the age lowered so she could run in 2020), she will be challenging pelosi for leadership of Congress soon. She truly believes she is smarter than 99 & 44/% of ALL people on the planet.

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