Nancy Pelosi got the last news she ever expected about impeaching Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi is trying to hold off a Democrat stampede on impeachment.

Speaker Pelosi knows that it’s a politically disastrous path that will only serve to boost Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

But now, Nancy Pelosi got the last news she ever expected about impeaching President Trump.

Robert Mueller’s disastrous testimony before Congress was thought to destroy any remaining chance of impeachment.

Instead, a batch of Democrat lawmakers came out over the weekend in favor of impeachment.

That means nearly half of all Democrats in the House now support impeachment.

Politico reports:

Four more rank-and-file Democrats called for opening an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Sunday, inching lawmakers closer to a significant symbolic milestone: a majority of all House Democrats.

Though the steadily climbing total may not move Speaker Nancy Pelosi off of her resistance to opening a formal impeachment inquiry, Sunday’s burst of support suggests momentum behind the effort is growing and accelerating. More than a dozen Democrats — including Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.), a member of Pelosi’s leadership team — have newly signaled their support since former special counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress on Wednesday.

The four who issued their support on Sunday, all from Washington state, bring the total number of House Democrats who have publicly said they’d vote for an impeachment inquiry to 107 — 11 shy of a majority of the Democratic Caucus — with backers of an inquiry promising there are more waiting in the wings.

The lawmakers received a significant endorsement a short time later from Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, the third highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate and a close ally of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Murray said in a statement that “as we have learned more about the gravity of the potential threats to our democracy identified in Special Counsel Mueller’s report, it has become clear the House should begin proceedings to determine whether the President’s actions necessitate impeachment.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler also supports an impeachment inquiry.

And if a critical mass of House Democrats supports impeachment, Nadler can steamroll Pelosi and try remove Trump from office.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Hey, Pelosi. Just heard that the state of California and the state of Washington just passed there state law to BAN President Trumps name off the 2020 election ballots. Too bad , because I don’t think any Votes from these two states will be counted in our 2020 elections. Your votes wont be counted either. bye bye demorats.

    • All votes from these states can be run through the trash grinder. Totally useless, but law enforcement will have to watch over everything.

    • If the demonRATS impeach Trump it will automatically hand him reelection,the people are just plain sick and tired of the demonRATS!I know I will NEVER AGAIN vote for a demonRAT under ANY circumstance! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!

      • I myself was a democrat from my first to vote.Voted for Nixon and for Mr.Trump.What I have seen this past year how the stupidity of the DNC was the hair that broke the camel’s back.I am prould to say I am a registered Repulican.God bless Mr. Trump our President.

  2. One of these days the funny farm will find out where Mr. Hahahahaha red man lives and take him away permanently where we don’t have to listen to this white male hating buffoon and his constant Trump bashing rants as this reminds of the 1960’s song “they’re coming to take me away ha ha” by a group called “Napoleon XIV”

  3. Our good friend Betty seems to know a a lot about about worms and Orangatans as she keeps using those terms in her tweets here. I think she’s trying to decide where her ancestry comes from because sometimes she looks in the mirror and sees a worm and at other times sees an Orangatan.

  4. Pelosi and the Baby Killers will blab this threat until next spring when they may actually impeach our President, but that’s only in the house. The Russian probe was made up from the beginning because it was easy to make Putin a villain in the media. Putin isn’t a villain he’s just sitting on top of the worlds largest nuclear weapons stockpile. So if he’s a radical communist whatever, help me out Dems that’s all your good for is calling people unfounded names. Anyway, the probe is just the bait. It doesn’t have to be proven. What other country could we point a finger at? China, Hell we owe the so much but they hold a large portion of our upper echelon people’s investment money. It’s an unverified rumor and after it has been vetted it still is just a rumor. In my world I call them made up lies but we’re talking about American politics and media. Anything to sell airtime or a paper. They said Obama ga e hope. And what was that for his skill and experience and knowledge? So the color of his skin gave us hope? I bet Obama is saying everyday over his coffee, how in the hell does he do it. When the MSM announced in Sept-Oct of 2008 that the polls showed Obama was going to win in most places by 12-16 points liberal McCain didn’t have a chance. Americans believed this and started pulling their money out of the market to weather the storm. Most of those people like me never got the feeling of stability from him and the media kissing his ass didn’t help. The only gains we had were the banks and their investors picking up all
    Of the foreclosed properties and started selling again under Obama’s ignorant and I mean ignorant lending practices. He reduced the standards so much he was creating the next catastrophe. But Trump in his first week in office stabilized the mortgage debts with one document. We were supposed to crash again. Trump stopped this regardless of what the Black liar is saying it’s happening under his plan. Please, he has no honor. If you look back at recessions in the US, for eighty years we’ve had one around 10-11 years apart, Trump broke that cycle. America needs to oust the detrimental party. I mean totally wipe them out. The blacks won’t, they’re afraid of losing their check I guess.

  5. Go ahead and impeach, who gives a rats ass. The Baby Chopping Party has the votes because any sitting President can be impeach by the house at just about any given time. Then ask Bill Clinton what happens after that. Nothing! Your still doing the same job and live in the same house. My worry for the country is the media propaganda. If it is not stopped we could actually have a lot of violence coming up next fall. ACORN is no doubt holding all of their money back for hiring Antifa and BLM to make trouble all of the time. The media in conjunction with those groups will start and it’s going to get bad. The Baby Murderers know they can’t win so they are willing to trash the place and say Donald Trump causes it but it isn’t so. They are the ones spending the money. When talk show hosts call the President names like Bill Maher has done or others then it’s an all out conspiracy to overthrow the American Democratic process and treasonous actors should be removed. Since when has it been such a concerted effort day and night. It’s not about American interests in the MSM, it’s about the individual interests. Someone needs to release the Demographics that voted for Hillary. It’s the bought and paid for votes along with the generation that’s played video games in mommy’s basement, drank coffee at Starbucks and ran up a large college debt. America needs to really look at the Dems and their approach to governance is all messed up. What a damn mess they have created.

  6. the demos have now bundled themselves into the worst case of vote out that has come into this century. for those demos that will participate in the impeachment process will be committing political suicide.

  7. The only reason that the political left is after Trump so much is because they are scared to death of him and what he will do to them! They know they are guilty of crimes that will make a mess of whatever life they have left when they are outed for their crimes against our country!

  8. I would really like to know who indoctrinated all of these bots. They ALL say almost the exact same things over and over and over! It must be that one Lefty sits in a room and writes all of the “intelligence.”

    • Chili, you can’t use Lefty and intelligence in the same sentence. We all know they do not have any intelligent people on the left…

      • 100% rightjack.. these people are total idiots. And anyone that believes them are the same. I was raised in a family who were democrats.. I was truly a Kennedy fan when I was in high school. But oh how different these idiots are now. And all these Muslims in the govetment!!!!! Come on folks let’s get a clue. We’re in trouble. Our only hope is trump.. God bless the man.

  9. Impeachment does NOT mean that a sitting President will be removed from office. When Nixon was impeached he left the office, BUT he didn’t have to, apparently. Bill Clinton was impeached and he just kept on keeping on. Nothing happened to him.

    • Chilidog1947:Slick willie would have never been impeached. Stingy, Dingy, Pinky, Lap-dog Harry would have and made sure that woud never happen.

    • Clinton was impeached by the House. After that vote, it goes to the Senate for trial. Unfortunately during Clinton’s Senate trial, some judge decided the Senate could not call any witnesses, but had to relie on past depositions. The Senate had enough votes to impeach but decided it would not be good for the country

  10. Patty Murray again demonstrates just how totally clueless she is, but so is all of Washington State’s democrat congressional delegation.

    • I say it’s time we hold our own impeachment proceedings on every last democrat! We have grounds to impeach and imprison every last one of them on grounds of treason against the people of the United States, in that they are aiding and abetting known terrorists 9both foreign and domestic). By letting just anyone come across our border is the same as aiding and abetting terrorists, and should be prosecuted as enemies of the United States. This is treason and should bring the harshest punishment the federal government can give! the known terrorists are: MS-13, ANTIFA, and ISIS! We already know that they are here in the US, and the democrats are protecting them!

  11. Okay, Betty.

    “ … The truth about b Obama is that he is nothing but an INSANE IDIOT, a LYING LUNATIC, a Oval Office BROWN APE, a Walking, Talking PISS ASS WORM, a TWO FACED & Finally, a TWO TIMING, MAN GRABBING VAGINA in HUMAN FORM! …”


  12. Good for the Democrats. At least, they are showing Common Sense & Guts Unlike the republican Retards with their constant Asshole Kissing of mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM!

  13. It seems to me that many of the democrats got some bizzaro world understanding from the witch hunt mess. Yet every intelligent person who kept up with the mess has the exact opposite reaction. That tells us a lot about the leftist morons, as if the world has not already figured them out.

    • Your dumbTrump has already started a war between families, friends and Christians with his lies, racist remarks, bullying and his actions! He is the only president that has spread his hatred for anyone that don’t bow down to him and kiss his butt! And that is you! Think about that Dan!

      • No Janet. You think about this. You never call out the corruption in the commiecrat party. And I’m not bothering to list them. The only crime Trump committed is beating a crooked bitch that was groomed for the White House since she was conceived. And I don’t want to hear about the popular vote because that’s another damned lie due to the illegal wet backs voting. So stfu.

      • Janet, I think you are way too full of yourself! Trump has NOT “started a war between families, friends and Christians” in ANY way! The POLITICAL LEFT is responsible for that, and the fact that you don’t even recognize it says volumes about you!! Stop and listen to Trump! He is not the hater, YOU are! AND I also have news for you in that Trump is NOT A RACIST either!! He does not care about color…including yours. Only really hatful people like you cannot tell that Trump is also a kind man. People like you can’t see anything other than your hatred.

      • Trump did not start anything. Wake up, your precious party started it, with Pee-losi leading the pack! In case you didn’t know, Pelosi’s daddy was a mafia don…and that’s a fact, Jack!

      • Janet, Trump is not the hater. Walk into your bathroom and look in the mirror at the woman looking back at you. That is the face of the hater! I can’t figure out why leftists always see something from the Right that isn’t there. All I can come up with is that it is some kind of mental disorder.

  14. Have you ever wondered why – If President Trump came out and said that ALL black people think alike – He would be called a racist. BUT the MSM – the Democrats and left wing loons get away with not only saying it – BUT – DEMANDING it?

  15. Go ahead and impeach!
    Finally, then “all the evidence” will be out in the open !!!
    No more “trial by media lies” !!
    Bring it, Democrats!!!

  16. Why dont you join the Clown debate tonight. Sounds like you will fit rt in with these IDIOTS. Ive never heard such a MORONIC lecture in my life. I tell you what give your address an we will send you a BUSLOAD of Illegals for you to take care of. that way wont have to worry bout this mega tax increase its fixn or already causing.

  17. how these morons called republicans can stand by and watch this idiot we claim as president ruin this country by his stupid actions and mouth is really something i never would have ever expected in a country as great as America and if this moron is voted into office for another term this country is doomed and if you don’t believe me ask any of our allies what their thoughts are about this excuse for a president

    • Same way WE have to deal with YOUR stupid comments.It’s called a MAJORITY!! And, IF they DO try impeachment, they’ll RUE the day they did. You need to stop drinking the Kool Aid, & wake up & SEE the truth.

    • You are wrong on every word of every statement of every sentence in your entire post. MAGA and KAG, Donald!!!!! The majority of Americans are behind you all the way!!!!

    • Richard we put up with your mulatto for 8 years. Trump is a breath of fresh air for America. If you don’t like it asshole get the hell out of our country. The same goes for the bitch squad. I’m not ashamed to say it.

    • So this country turning into a Communist country is good by you? You want to relinquish your rights? Your property? Your healthcare for a program that you will never get what you need for your health? Then I suggest you move to one of these countries that are like what the democrats want. Venezuela, Cuba,China!

    • Richard. The truth about d trump is that he is nothing but an INSANE IDIOT, a LYING LUNATIC, a Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE, a Walking, Talking PISS ASS PIG, a TWO FACED & Finally, a TWO TIMING, WOMAN GRABBING PENIS in HUMAN FORM!

        • Oh I forgot you are a passant woman not got brains to keep your mouth from overloading you ass and I can’t strike a little girl

      • Batty bitch can’t you come up with something more original? No, I doubt you can. You are a low iq retard unable to make any argument. Maybe if Trump grabbed your cooter you would think better.

      • Betty, Trump will go down in the records as one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. Quit whining and open your eyes. I know it is difficult to come out of a cult relationship like the dark political left, but if you try really hard you can, and when you do you can come out into the glorious light!

    • Richard, Did no one ever teach you to use punctuation? Good grief, I can’t tell what you are saying, or who you are saying it to.

  18. They should do this so the Senate can refuse to prosecute or the Chief Justice asks, “What the Sam Hill is this garbage” and throws it out.

    • SR, I like the “they belong in a group” but, you forgot one part of that. It should be “group home”. Other than that I love what you wrote…

  19. Seriously Redman, you need some psychological help, but why even try? You are way beyond redemption. You are lost in every way imaginable.

  20. How much medication are you on for your mental state? Appears not enough. It must be an inbred consequence you must live with on a daily basis….Sad!!

  21. SOUNDS LIKE “THE REDMAN” IS A racist because he keeps talking about “White” people and if I am correct we are a people of COLOR…..we are proud to be WHITE….

  22. what really gets me is all the new impeach the president folks are women; seems more like a sexist move than anything real; wish they all would do something important like their jobs!! Put down the nail files and quit poking at your privates, you are just proving your worthlessness!!!

  23. I would reply to RedMan except for the fact that Mommy is doing the writing for him. Probably wearing his little diaper, which no doubt Mommy cleans on a daily basis. Obviously an illiterate MORON!

  24. Hahaha…. I hope they try it. It’ll never get through the senate anyway and I hope it’ll stoke the flames to investigate the wrong that Obullshitter did with Clinton and the DOJ spying etc.

  25. I hope they move forward with this impeachment crap, for it will guarantee Trump’s election in 2020 when these Democrats fail with their impeachment try!!!The Democrats have no other choice but to try and impeach Trump for a great many of these Democrats are fighting for their lives to stay out of prison, but what these Democrats don’t know is that Bar is going to get them all and I hope it is real soon!!!!

  26. President Trump will win in 2020. The house will be retook by the Publicans and there are no grounds for impeachment. So instead of trying to over throw a sitting President how about do what you were elected to do.

    • Let’s impeach the .corrupt money hungry demarats. That supports terrorism and arming and funding a known Islamic terrorist organization called isis. Or how about when your terrorist arming Obama gave Iran 150 billion dollars. Hr1 uranium deals was created by your demarats. To work out a deal with the Russian government. for the past 35years. Where is there impeachment. Oh how about the 33 thousand classified emails. That killery deleted. Where is that impeachment. Or how about when your demarats took a payment from a known drug cartel el Chapo. Where was impeachment then .so know your facts before you talk

      • You won’t be laughing come 2020/
        Actually, I don’t see that with the progress our great POTUS TRUMP 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸 MAGA 🇺🇸 has already accomplished against you treasonous commiecrats, that you have anything to the laughing about now. He is making good on the promises he made, & doing a really wonderful job of it to boot!!!!
        So PROUD of our GREAT POTUS TRUMP 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸. American Patriots LOVE TRUMP 💓 🇺🇸
        Because he is an AMERICAN 🇺🇸 PATRIOT &HE LOVES AMERICA & HER CITIZENS.😇🇺🇸💖

  27. Obviously the Democrats haven’t found a cure for mental illness. Maybe they are spending to much time on Elizabeth Warren’s Indian reservation and smoking some of that funny grass.
    Nancy Pelosi is now following the AOC (Americas #One Communist)lead and leading America into a open pit latrine like Venezuela.

  28. Why is this news?! The Dems have wanted to impeach President Trump since before his inauguration. They care not about all of his accomplishments without their health let alone what could’ve been accomplished if they worked on a BIPARTISAN basis for the American Population (all Americans). Instead they have stalled all trade and international affairs by making the President look unpopular. The Dems deserve what they get for what they have sewn. The American People want a leader who works for them, not someone who puts their own agenda first or turn a normal statement into hate peach by choosing how they care to receive it or which words they care to turn. We want a winner in the white house, not a whiner! Grow up and do what you were elected to do. Put America and American’s First! Go ahead and impeach and don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you pack up your office when you’re voted out!

      • Your talking to others, about how dumb they are with how your talking you give new meaning to the word. Your a complete embezzle, you are why people stay off stuff like this because all you wanna do is show how stupid you are, which just helps the other side are you one of Nancy’s kids, or just went to the same school of stupidity you are a real moron.

      • You are a racist twit aren’t you….you need mental help to keep from having a stress aneurysm and die….well on second thought please go ahead, drink red bull, red butt it makes your heart beat at dangerous levels too…

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