Nancy Pelosi has one nasty surprise up her sleeve that Donald Trump is going to hate

Congress heads back into session the first week of December.

This has big implications for Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

And Nancy Pelosi has one nasty surprise up her sleeve that Donald Trump is going to hate.

Nancy Pelosi is bringing Congress back early from recess on September 4 to try to ram gun control through Congress.

The Daily Caller reports:

On Sept. 4, there will be mark-ups presented and hearings conducted on three new gun control bills:

The “Keep Americans Safe Act,” which would ban any ammunition magazines over 10 rounds.

The “Extreme Risk Protection Orders Act of 2019,” which would remove access to firearms from people who are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

The “Disarm Hate Act,” which would prevent someone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime from obtaining a firearm.

The committee is also slated to take up a hearing on “military style assault weapons” later in the month.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) called these bills “violence prevention bills.” We all want to keep people safe, but does evidence exist that any of these proposals would actually reduce gun violence?

Gun-grabbers believe after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton momentum is on their side.

And they think with President Trump’s low poll numbers they can trick him into signing new gun control into law.

If that happens the President can kiss his re-election goodbye.

Gun owners are single-issue voters.

They only vote on the Second Amendment.

Pelosi and her allies understand this fact.

They know gun control will sink President Trump’s re-election campaign.

And that is one reason they are pushing so hard for the President to sign on to new gun grabs.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You SURELY are doing your part to promote harmony in race relations! Don’t you have ANYTHING worthwhile to offer?

  2. I’m a gun owner and I’m not a single issue voter. I vote against liberals because they don’t mind killing babies and I’m against killing babies. I also vote against liberals because they are just disgusting. The only good liberal has never existed but if there was one, hanging would be better.

  3. The Communist Chinese support the Mexican Drug Cartels with money, weapons and insider information from the paid Chinese spies that live in the U.S. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other Dems in Congress are all on the payroll and THAT is why they will not support a border wall as those who pay them kickbacks off the Drug running would cut them off IF they don’t keep the Mexican/U.S. border wide open. It’s not about doing what is right to protect the American Citizenry. It’s always been about money! If we got to see Pelosi and Schumer’s tax returns we could see that they got major deposits to their bank accounts that they can not explain where that money came from.

  4. Larry I’m calling for anarchy if they try to add more gun control. Nationwide civil disobedience. Refuse to comply. People in the so called blue states should start now.

  5. you are right the entire corrupt democrat criminals have been in bed with the drug cartels and the chinese for years. This is nothing new but we need to educate those who have been asleep or turned a blind eye to these communists.

  6. obama already rammed thru these same ones with his exec orders….how stupid are you Nancy or did you conveniently forget?

  7. I don’t think that we can count on having a majority in the senate on this issue anymore, I hope I’m wrong. The President must veto these bills if he wants to continue on. I fought for this country and I will not relinquish one right to man which was endowed to me by my creator. I also want back what has already been taken.

  8. I think people need to consider a few things.
    1. Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden have warm ties to the communist Chinese leaders and have several family members with just as close ties to the cartel in Mexico as well as other drug trafficking groups.

    2. The Communist China government wants Trump gone and the democrat progressive party wants that also. Pelosi is the main driving force here. Now the cartel wants the border left porris and open. The progressive democrat party wants that also. Pelosi is the driving force behind that. Now the democrats want the reason for keeping the border open to center around voting which the republicans are falling all over themselves to embrace that thought.

    3. I think people should consider the possibility that the democrat party progressives are in bed with the communist Chinese leaders and the drug cartels. Disarming the American people is part of this act.

    4. It wouldn’t be the first time that a countries politicians sold them out.

    Just a thought. I. think there is a little rope a dope taking place here. You have people here that are power hungry and I don’t think any of these animals would think twice before terminating one person or a group of people that threaten their goal. For that matter a city of people. One person or a million people it doesn’t matter to them. After all they are communists and remember one thing communists do not hold witness to being truthful or honorable.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is as crappy as her hometown. Most of what she is pushing has already been shot down by the courts so what is it about Democrats that they just don’t understand “no”? She s a political buffoon lie the rest of her party!

  10. Mike GotNoRocks, You are one of three things: 1. Seriously overdosed on meth or crack 2. Seriously low IQ of 13 maybe 3. Seriously overdosed on drugs with an IQ of approximately 13.
    Okay, there are the choices, somebody decide this liberal jerk’s problem………..
    I have the remedy, take two bottles of opioids, 90 each bottle, call me in the morning………………………………………………… 🙂

  11. If President Trump does not somehow stop this he will lose in 2020. Republicans need to get off their asses and do something. Republicans sit there and let Dems do whatever the freaking hell they want like little muted dolls. No more Gun control, not even the so called laws already in place. The ONLY Gun Control Law we need is the original one, called The Second Amendment and no others!

  12. Mike n Redman , oh Pinkman I mean , they might be the same troll , the same schooling for sure , just saying ,

  13. do they rely think Trump would sign a gun control bill he knows that would hurt him real bad and congress will have a real hard time overriding a veto we all know the problem is not gun control laws it is lack of enforcing the laws already on the books

  14. Erase him from history just like the leftist want to erase confederate soldiers from history. Don’t let any town put up any statues of him. Odumbass was and is a big mistake.

  15. Yes, like Fast and Furious! Giving thousands of guns to the cartels. I haven’t talked to 1 Democrat that even knows about this. The MSM remains silent on this and all of his other scandals: Uranium 1, billions handed over on pallets to Iran, etc.

  16. coomiecrat? Dat be sumpin yoo dun lurn ta shpel uht trump university? What is a hamberder? I just ate beer boiled shrimp.

  17. My comment has NOTHING to do with his race… it has to do with his politics. I have no use for the ilk in this nation known by the true name of their point of view, COMMIECRATS.

  18. Obama was this nation’s biggest error ever. in it’s entire history !!!!
    Maybe we could borrow ONE SOVIET IDEA. and erase Obama from our history.
    Just think everything he ever did reversed….. like he never existed!!

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