Nancy Pelosi held one vote on Iran that didn’t turn out like she expected

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress fumed over President Trump’s decision to eliminate Iranian terrorist General Qasem Suleimani.

Congressional Democrats immediately searched for a way to undermine the President.

And Nancy Pelosi held one vote on Iran that didn’t turn out like she expected.

Democrats hoped to “rebuke” President Trump by staging a vote on the War Powers Act resolution condemning the Suleimani strike as illegal and limiting the President’s ability to respond to Iranian aggression.

This was a symbolic vote because it faced zero prospect of becoming law.

But even on an empty gesture vote Pelosi was the one that faced humiliation as eight Democrats voted against her unconstitutional power grab.

POLITICO reports:

Eight Democratic centrists opposed the resolution, in part because they believe the measure was brought to the floor too quickly with uncertainty still high in the region, according to several people familiar with the concerns.

“This threat is evolving quickly, and at this point I’m not willing to restrict the U.S.’s ability to respond to keep us safe,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), who previously worked on national security issues at the Pentagon, said in an interview. “We need to have the capability to respond.”

Another moderate, Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.), said he would oppose the measure for procedural reasons, arguing that the measure is effectively toothless in forcing Trump’s hand.

“Unfortunately, today’s War Powers resolution is a non-binding resolution that simply restates existing law and sends the message that war is imminent,” Rose said. “I refuse to play politics with questions of war and peace and therefore will not support this resolution.”

Just like on impeachment, the bigger show of bipartisanship was support for President Trump and a rejection of Pelosi’s partisan games to sabotage a sitting President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Yes Butchy, it’s the hypocrisy that gets me. Those lefties do as they will, and then GET called out as heroes, but those that they oppose are slaughtered when they do anything in the best interest of the USA.

  2. Amen…Quicker MORE people realize what Trump is really about the safer will be the Constitution and the Republic. Since at least Jimmy it appears that
    almost every Democrat politician has sworn an oath of allegiance to the New World Order and many, so called, Republicans -rinos…

  3. Yeah Zee stfu…lol..these lefties have no morals left.never thought I would’ve such hatred and ugliness from anyone like you see coming from them.

  4. De Plane. De Plane. It has been SAID :
    6 Nuclear Scientists /Dual Citizenship.
    Canada Involved.N0 US ‘personnel’. Trump KNOWS.

  5. To Star Chamber. Those ppl Are ‘commanded’ To Protest,
    0r Else, ‘they Die’. 100’s have been ‘killed Already’.
    You are looking at ‘KrAAp’ ‘whitewashed’ News.

  6. Any0ne SEE Trumps ‘tweet’ IN ‘FARSI’ (language)
    To Iranians ??? Look it up… WOW.
    & Tells Khamenei ” Don’t kill the Protestors” …
    Chant IS ‘Death to Liars’ meaning Iran Regime___
    (holding True Iranians ‘hostage’.)
    > They ‘Walked Around the American Flag’ !!!
    Instead of burning it…

  7. Butchy. 0h God. Don’t get me started 0n the
    ‘Baby Killing. Harvesting Tissue. Blood. 0rgans.
    Various ‘parts IN Vacc’s. Meds. foods. etc
    Make me STFU & ‘Stop’ Now !!!… Gak.
    Heart U. Stay Strong. Know U will… Dan, too.

  8. To Butchy. Re “0ut of the Blue”… (yep)…
    > Started w/ #1 Tunisia. Then Libya. Then Egypt.
    Then Syria. Then post Irag (Bush). & Always for Iran …
    > ‘o’/Hillary CAUSED IRREVERSIBLE ‘Mass Migration’. ie ‘the Great
    Trojan Horse’ TO Europe. & NOW TO US thru C. America.
    > Keep 0n, & tell ‘them’ To STFU…

  9. &&& 0bama/ Sec. of State Hillary ‘laughed’…
    What WAS her ‘infamous quote ???
    ” We Came. He Saw. He Died” .
    (something like that).
    > Remember ? I Do. &&& ‘basically’
    Gaddafi (correct sp.) Had Libya ‘under control’…

  10. The ‘Total Phony’ War Act vote by Pelosi IS
    “NON- BINDING “…Attorney M.LEVIN explained
    It.(0n Radio. !!!
    &&& 8! Dema Voted Against (her) …
    Sooo, that’s THAT.

  11. Obama had no right to invade a country and kill its leader.not a word from the lefties.its only a problem that trump took someone out.just amazing the hypocrisy

  12. Great comment, but I think you forgot a few of her conspirators like shifty shift, nadler, the squad, and last but not least shummer, the clintons, obuma and the master mind,sorry soros!!!!!

  13. Khadafi wasn’t a real threat to America. The commiecrats got mad because the Iran general was, and they want us to be defeated They think that America is an arrogant country and should be defeated. The idiots don’t realize that they would also suffer under Islam rule.

  14. Out of the blue Obama goes into Libya,for no reason,and takes out khadafi.that was perfectly fine with the lefties.but when trump wax a known terrorist oops..big friggin stink by the lefties.truely amazing.

  15. What are you talking ain’t going anywhere in the senate so she didn’t think it would turn out this way.ate we missing something?

  16. Nancy Pelosi and her crowd have to be tone deaf. The majority of American people were OK with Suleimani taken down. Then she and her fellow democrats are so mad when they loose elections. So out of touch.

  17. I am glad the vote did not go her way because it should not she is not president and someone should tell her drunk butt that. If anyone is abusing power it is she and her squad oh wait it is the squad and she is just caving to them.

  18. If I had invented farts I would have made them smell like coffee. Then if someone farted in the morning we would probably think breakfast was ready. Now they smell like my mother’s breath.

  19. Not just passenger planes, now they’re killing peaceful protestors. So the government of Iran, who lied about not shooting down a passenger plane. Is going after their own citizens with live ammunition.
    This is the religion of peace, that Bathhouse Barry always spoke about. It’s the same government that he sent$150 billion dollars, so they could continue trying to kill Americans.
    When you begin shooting unarmed citizens, because they don’t agree with the way you are running the government. It’s almost like how the Democraps want to run our government. Remove a duly elected President, who’s done more good for the nation.
    The only reason Democraps are not shooting at the citizens in this country, is thanks to the 2nd Amendment. They would have citizens call up the militia, like the Bundy Ranch. That was the snake Harry Reid, trying to sell Federal property for personal gain.

  20. I saw the videos on TV and the signs. Maybe it was fake but it didn’t look fake.
    Sorry I used the wrong plane. People make mistakes. No reason to to attack them.

  21. Remember when Killery was laughing it up in the video after she and Obozo o.k.ed the killing of Gadhafi….”We came we saw…he died…lol…lol” …WHERE was PIG losi’s Wars Power’s act then?….he was the leader of Libya

  22. Did you notice when PIGlosi was heading up the impeachment vote and the democrats started cheering and clapping … all it took was for the “queen” to wave her little 3×5 index card to shut the ALL up immediately to give the appearance of a solemn vote? ….IF they had ignored her there would be NO FUNDS for their campaign in 2020…

  23. BUT ….the self appointed “Monarch”,”PIG losi had to try to usurp her power over the executive branch cause she knows what is best for the people/U.S./world…..just ask her.

  24. They weren’t happy. They were chanting death to America after he was killed.
    But now they’re pissed off at their own government for shooting down passenger plains and then denying it.

  25. Funny how the Iranian people are happy that salami is dead yet the baby killing terrorist loving lefties here are not!let that sink in.

  26. My sister and brother in law live in California and they want to know where the bullit train money went too?

  27. Yes Schumer would be sure $35 billion made it back in to congressional pockets. Now only a measly million may get there. It is not what the deep state can live on!

  28. MJ,aren’t you nice, wishing this on another person? Oh, and by the way, the word you want is debilitates, not deliberates (sic).

  29. Jack, things have changed in California! Nancy Pelosi has become $$$$$$$$$$$$$ smarter on how to bilk the American tax payer!

  30. Avatar666 because we are under the constitution, we need to expand our understanding of our rights being violated!
    We see people using lawsuits against those (frequently law enforcement) who violate their constitutional rights.
    So I ask, when legislative bodies try to violate our rights by using common law to remove guns guaranteed by the constitution is that not also a violation of our constitutional rights?
    Why do we not just take them to court for monetary damages?
    Why do we have to wait for the supreme court to rule on it especially when they have historically seemed to not want to rule on any thing?
    Virginia appears to be a place where even after SCOTUS rules continues to ignore the constitution and our rights to bear arms!
    I guess we are mice and not men!

  31. The political “weapon of choice” for Democrats is mere derision. Sure it gets on people’s nerves. It’s an infantile practice fit for spoiled brats no one else. Trump is just too mature for them to grapple with even with his sarcasm and humor.

  32. AMEN! The swamp, of which the demoncraps are the worst offenders (but not all) are deathly afraid of Trump because they can’t control him. Piglosi is ALWAYS trying to bring him down and assert her own “power.” She can’t stand the fact that Trump has rendered her irrelevant.

    Trump 2020 ALL THE WAY! Vote everyone! Assert the power of “WE THE PEOPLE!”


  34. Good Lord,what the hell is wrong with this woman??!! Frankly, I think her hatred(which she says she doesn’t have because she is a Catholic,yeah right!!!) is all consuming. Please get this woman some emotional support before she gets this country blown to smithereens!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA,PLEASE!!

  35. I don’t believe polls and if Dems win anything in 2020 it will require a serious investigation.

  36. Unfortunately, the democrats have been abusing power for so many years, under so many administrations, they are almost all corrupt. It goes hand in hand with being a democrat and each year it gets progressively worse. It’s very hard to curtail their activities since they control the government (deep state). That’s not to say the republicans don’t have their own band of corrupt brothers. They do.

    “The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the United States. Empowered with the sovereign authority of the people by the framers and the consent of the legislatures of the states, it is the source of all government powers, and also provides important limitations on the government that protect the fundamental rights of United States citizens.”

    The people have the real power. That’s why it’s so important for us to vote.

  37. now I know what swamp rats look like
    Casper & Spook (cnn)
    Adam S. (house)
    Nancy P (house)
    R.M. C.M. (MSNBC)
    S.Colbert (SNL)
    Hollywood –NYT– Was Post– & many many more morans

  38. Have another nice dry martini, Nancy! You look like you need one! Have little Ms. Occasional-Cortex fix one for you; she needs the practice because she will be back to bartending next year.

  39. If Nancy thought she could find the votes to have congress wipe her nose she’d take a vote on that too, just so she could bang that little wooden hammer!

  40. Hey PEWLOSI, you still don’t get it, huh? YOU are a L-O-S-E-R, and so is your lame democrapic partie. You can FORGET 2020, ‘cuz you’re gonna get BOATRACED in numbers not seen since IKE. AND, you NANCE, can also jettison anything happening in 2024, for you will be
    ” 105 ” (give or take)… so this is your final chance to redeem yourself … repeat after me: T R U M P I N 2 0 2 0 ! ! !

  41. And then we have the picture above of fair nancy in her lovely correctional dept orange blazer. Splendid.
    Also suitable for trash pick-up duty.
    A useful career choice for fair nancy’s retirement.
    Have a nice day.

  42. She has to be put out of office what good does she do for Americans but make us look, like idiots. And we are paying her with our hard earned taxes.

  43. It does nothing it’s a waste of time and taxpayers money just like those stupid democraps do all the time

  44. The libs are a bunch of clowns and getting worse by the day. Wonder how much if the cash went into the dems pockets.

  45. I think you need to acquaint yourself with history. War was NEVER declared in Vietnam, Iraq I or Iraq II, the continuing Afghanistan war, the Syrian conflict,
    the Bosnian war, several of the Reagan era “mini-wars”, etc. Even the Korean war was
    not declared. The last declared war in US history was WWII. The point is, the president acted FIRST then sought congressional approval latter in nearly ALL of these conflicts.

  46. MJ you are such a misguided fool, Trump is taking care of business, now if one of Nancy’s illegals takes Nancy out this country will be good !

  47. MJ-you simply do not understand Trump. Trump REVELS in controversy. HE LOVES being the center of attention. He is quite an egomaniac. Nancy playing Trump like a fiddle-
    no way – it is the other way around. Trump is like a shark, Nancy the poor little minnow. Remember Trump cares far more about winning than fair play which gives him an
    edge no recent Republican President had had. As nasty as Queen Nancy wishes to get Trump can roll in the mud with her.

  48. Jack Nancy is playing tRUMP like s fiddle. It raises his blood pressured best thing to happen to him would be a heart attack or a stroke that deliberates him.

  49. Nancy You own this and will have to live with the memory of the damage you’ve country to our constitution. “Sleep Well Nancy”

  50. Do you think Pelosi expected 8 democrats to vote against the resolution when only 3 democrats voted against impeachment? I could see she wouldn’t have expected that.

  51. Trump did not declare war with Iran, and actually, Iran has been at war with us since 1979. How many Americans have been killed by Iranian terrorists, and Iranian sponsored terrorist do you think?

  52. I think you need to acquaint yourself with Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution which gives the House the power to declare war.

  53. This article fails to mention the Republicans who voted for it. It also passed. I don’t think you can say it didn’t turn out as she expected.

  54. Intelligence is starting to come out. Iran had FOUR US Embassies that were going to be attacked simultaneously. Choice: Obama way- fly over a plane with 1 billion $$$, and tell them what great humanitarians they are, or the Trump way-get rid of the ringleaders. Teach Iran like a very naughty irresponsible child that there are consequences to uncontrolled mayhem and violence whose only purpose is to kill
    innocent civilians. In civilized communities, which certainly does not include
    the terrorist nation Iran, such activities are viewed as deplorable. In Iran, and
    in the Democratic Party, such evil is celebrated.

  55. Fix California first Nancy fancy what wrong with you. Are you on drugs with month twiching.. stop the hate we are one. You are to be blame with your gang of cribs ..

  56. Macy need to flu us on California first before trying to tell the president what to do . Nancy you are making this world worse think how long you been there nothing has change to the worse. Fix California is only one state before you try to think u can fix the country .. American comes first pendija..

  57. What the heck is she trying to do – rewrite the Constitution that we have supported and been guided/ruled by for over 232 years! (September 17, 1787). She is truly an imbecile! Thank God there are enough living humans who still believe in, respect, honor and support our U.S.A. Constitution. People – YOU – we need to be teaching American history to our growing and grown, our grandchildren, and those who dispute foolishly without even knowing what this country was/is built on. In fact, we should be verbal about our American history. If you don’t know it – LEARN it!

  58. Democrat logic – Barack Obama ordered 2800 attacks without Congressional approval. That’s ok. Donald Trump issues 1 attack without Congressional approval and they go nuts.
    Just like when the Democrats were all in for the wall to protect our southern border – when it was Chuck Schumer’s $43,000,000,000 proposal. Along comes a businessman who can get it done for $8,000,000,000 and suddenly they are all against it.
    Diane Feinstein’s husband was “awarded” a billion dollar contract for that FAILED “High Speed Train to Nowhere” in California. That never happened so where’s the money? If you hire a contractor to build a pool in your back yard and he takes the money but you never get a pool – wouldn’t you be in court to get your money back? Contractors go to jail for that.

  59. Yes, and the further she goes with her outrageous behavior, the more Dems will be voting against her crazy resolutions, bills, etc.
    She is weak, weak, weak!

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