Nancy Pelosi held one vote on Iran that didn’t turn out like she expected

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress fumed over President Trump’s decision to eliminate Iranian terrorist General Qasem Suleimani.

Congressional Democrats immediately searched for a way to undermine the President.

And Nancy Pelosi held one vote on Iran that didn’t turn out like she expected.

Democrats hoped to “rebuke” President Trump by staging a vote on the War Powers Act resolution condemning the Suleimani strike as illegal and limiting the President’s ability to respond to Iranian aggression.

This was a symbolic vote because it faced zero prospect of becoming law.

But even on an empty gesture vote Pelosi was the one that faced humiliation as eight Democrats voted against her unconstitutional power grab.

POLITICO reports:

Eight Democratic centrists opposed the resolution, in part because they believe the measure was brought to the floor too quickly with uncertainty still high in the region, according to several people familiar with the concerns.

“This threat is evolving quickly, and at this point I’m not willing to restrict the U.S.’s ability to respond to keep us safe,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), who previously worked on national security issues at the Pentagon, said in an interview. “We need to have the capability to respond.”

Another moderate, Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.), said he would oppose the measure for procedural reasons, arguing that the measure is effectively toothless in forcing Trump’s hand.

“Unfortunately, today’s War Powers resolution is a non-binding resolution that simply restates existing law and sends the message that war is imminent,” Rose said. “I refuse to play politics with questions of war and peace and therefore will not support this resolution.”

Just like on impeachment, the bigger show of bipartisanship was support for President Trump and a rejection of Pelosi’s partisan games to sabotage a sitting President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Did you notice when PIGlosi was heading up the impeachment vote and the democrats started cheering and clapping … all it took was for the “queen” to wave her little 3×5 index card to shut the ALL up immediately to give the appearance of a solemn vote? ….IF they had ignored her there would be NO FUNDS for their campaign in 2020…

  2. BUT ….the self appointed “Monarch”,”PIG losi had to try to usurp her power over the executive branch cause she knows what is best for the people/U.S./world…..just ask her.

  3. They weren’t happy. They were chanting death to America after he was killed.
    But now they’re pissed off at their own government for shooting down passenger plains and then denying it.

  4. Funny how the Iranian people are happy that salami is dead yet the baby killing terrorist loving lefties here are not!let that sink in.

  5. My sister and brother in law live in California and they want to know where the bullit train money went too?

  6. Yes Schumer would be sure $35 billion made it back in to congressional pockets. Now only a measly million may get there. It is not what the deep state can live on!

  7. MJ,aren’t you nice, wishing this on another person? Oh, and by the way, the word you want is debilitates, not deliberates (sic).

  8. Jack, things have changed in California! Nancy Pelosi has become $$$$$$$$$$$$$ smarter on how to bilk the American tax payer!

  9. Avatar666 because we are under the constitution, we need to expand our understanding of our rights being violated!
    We see people using lawsuits against those (frequently law enforcement) who violate their constitutional rights.
    So I ask, when legislative bodies try to violate our rights by using common law to remove guns guaranteed by the constitution is that not also a violation of our constitutional rights?
    Why do we not just take them to court for monetary damages?
    Why do we have to wait for the supreme court to rule on it especially when they have historically seemed to not want to rule on any thing?
    Virginia appears to be a place where even after SCOTUS rules continues to ignore the constitution and our rights to bear arms!
    I guess we are mice and not men!

  10. The political “weapon of choice” for Democrats is mere derision. Sure it gets on people’s nerves. It’s an infantile practice fit for spoiled brats no one else. Trump is just too mature for them to grapple with even with his sarcasm and humor.

  11. AMEN! The swamp, of which the demoncraps are the worst offenders (but not all) are deathly afraid of Trump because they can’t control him. Piglosi is ALWAYS trying to bring him down and assert her own “power.” She can’t stand the fact that Trump has rendered her irrelevant.

    Trump 2020 ALL THE WAY! Vote everyone! Assert the power of “WE THE PEOPLE!”


  13. Good Lord,what the hell is wrong with this woman??!! Frankly, I think her hatred(which she says she doesn’t have because she is a Catholic,yeah right!!!) is all consuming. Please get this woman some emotional support before she gets this country blown to smithereens!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA,PLEASE!!

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