Nancy Pelosi instantly regretted saying this one word about impeachment

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is crashing up against the rocks.

Bad news continues to pour in for the Democrats.

And now Nancy Pelosi instantly regretted saying this one word about impeachment.

Democrats are struggling to make any of their impeachment allegations stick with the public.

Nancy Pelosi is now accusing Donald Trump of engaging in “bribery” over military aid to Ukraine because that is what polled the strongest.

But Texas Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe pointed out that in over 3,500 pages of deposition transcripts, the word bribery only appeared one time – and that was with regards to then Vice President Joe Biden strong arming the former Ukrainian President to fire a prosecutor that had been investigating his son’s company or else risk losing one billion dollars in aid.

Breitbart reports:

“The problem is in an impeachment inquiry that the speaker of the House says it is all about bribery, where bribery is the impeachable offense,” Ratcliffe said. “No witness has used the word bribery to describe President Trump’s conduct. None of them.”

“The number of times any witness has been asked whether President Trump’s conduct constituted bribery before ambassador [Marie] Yovanovitch was asked by my colleague, Congressman Stewart, last Thursday, is zero.”

“The number of times witnesses have used the word bribery or bribe to describe President Trump’s conduct in the last six weeks of this inquiry is zero,” Ratcliffe said. “In fact, in these 3,500 pages exactly one time.”

“Ironically is it appears in a description of not President Trump’s conduct,” Ratcliffe said. “It appears in a description of Vice President Biden’s conduct.”

The bribery charge is another dud for the Democrats.

Republicans asked every single witness the Democrats called if they could provide any evidence the President engaged in bribery.

And every single witness said they could not.

This disaster is why polls show the American people turning against impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Nutsy can and will say anything to get Trump removed from office but one thing have an actual FLOOR vote on Impeachment. See we’re she to do that she knows that Democraps would lose power in Congress and do so for decades to come and she cannot allow that happen. She knows they CANNOT defeat Trump or take the Senate and they are also losing 4 seats already. The members of the Squad all are in trouble and will most likely all be only one termed as it is.


  3. The demoncraps actually got caught on tape Biden bribing and yet President Trump gets blamed! Demoncraps are proving exactly how treasonous they are. I think martial law is just around the corner.

    • Leon , the DemonRats will learn one way and one way only . They’ve got anvals for skulls and their brainwashed so badly , that your just talking to a Stump , nobody can change that . They’re going to keep pushing that ejection button and that’s going to eventually get their asses kicked , from here to Hell’s GATE , Courteous of The RED WHITE and BLUE !! GOD BLESS THE USA and Our President Donald Trump

    • The Dembeciles just won’t give up. They know that they cannot beat Trump at the polls in 2020, so they are inventing things to have try and have him impeached. It is not going to work. TRUMP 2020 !

  4. Bad news continues to pour in for the Democrats.

    Nancy: We’ll get him on ”Bribery”!

    John Ratcliffe pointed out that in over 3,500 pages of deposition transcripts, the word bribery only appeared one time – and that was with regards to then Vice President Joe Biden strong arming the former Ukrainian President to fire a prosecutor that had been investigating his son’s company or else risk losing one billion dollars in aid.

    and Nancy: This is a PICTURE OF BRIBERY:

    Biden’s Son
    Nancy’s Son, Jr that’s why she’s all for IMPEACHING TRUMP she needs to save her ass and Speaker Position!
    Romney’s Son
    John Kerry’s Son…….
    Hillary’s unSon Chelsea *****The daughter of two people who used to be some of the most powerful and corrupt folks in America.
    If you listen to Chelsea Clinton speak, you might wonder if she’s capable of surviving a fourth-grade Language Arts class. She’s not impressive. But that hasn’t stopped Chelsea Clinton from landing a string of extremely high paying “jobs” through the course of her “career.”
    Oh Oh Oh
    Schiff’s Son?he’s too young, but ?Schiff is stashing funds for his son’s future by Ukraine profits?????? that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing? wow!

  5. Now that Ukraine has discovered billions money laundered by Democrats we should see the prisons start adding liberal wings to their cell volume!

    • Liberal? Don’t you mean “COMMUNIST?” Do a little digging in an older history book. Look up the old USSR. Note what the second S means. Now think about what our country has been fighting against since before the end of WWII. What have these “liberls” been calling themselves lately? Second “S”. Now put 2 and 2 together and you will come up with the “COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY” or for short simply the “COMMUNIST PARTY”. They ARE ENEMIES of this United States!!!

  6. Corruption is corruption and if the Bidens are suspected then investigation is warranted – period. President Trump is clearly looking to end the corruption and this is just one of the moves against it. Democrats are desperate and will use “any means necessary” to their favor. Be aware!

  7. Quit with the bullshit renewed right. Nancy doesn’t regret a word. I’m a conservative, not a Republican although my party wants to pay lip service to the term and sometimes act like they have an ounce of morality but, it’s only a John McCain type traitor away from being a Baby Butchering party like Nancy’s. I saw a female “Republican” yesterday say she is conservative but also believes in Pro Choice. That my friends is a fence straddler. She’s just like many more career con artists and she would suck a dick on the Whitehouse steps and give you a week to bring in a crowd to watch, just to stay in DC as a Congress person or whatever. It’s the power they crave. Then, the back door deals so they know where to invest their money. We need term limits and bad or it’s really over. Back to the old drunk Nancy. I hate the process they are doing on our President since they may as well our out a real list of accusations saying, he won and we didn’t want him too. That’s why he’s being impeached. Has anyone seen an ounce of evidence on any crime? I saw evidence of no crime but the liberal trash control the house and just as Jim Jordan states, they have more votes. Hell people, they e polled the shit out of America for months even before Ukraine surfaced and were talking impeachment. They knew when they won the house last November they were going to show America how jacked up our government system really is by impeaching Trump just because they can. Jim Jordan said it all yesterday. He said the President stayed before the election he was going to clean up DC and that’s why they the career politicians dislike him. Term Limits, Term Limits is the only way to clear up the swamp.

  8. The Dems have it backward. The concept of bribry has more to do with a foreign power bribing the President to perform an illegal act in their favor. Not the other way around. a Senate trial would be interesting. They could subpoena the Bidens. One interesting theory about the Whistleblower is that it wasn’t a person, but rather an illegal wiretap.

    • If we have to give money to other countries we should be able to expect something in return or they don’t get the money. So what if Trump asked them to investigate Biden and son? They deserve to be investigated.
      Tell me I’m wrong.

  9. The left wing liberal SIMPLETONS are ate up with impeachment and a serious case of Stupidity . Someone’s paying all you Libby’s and they’ve got you Idoits by your asses , forcing you to continue this witch Hunt or else . All of you sold your souls , to the old devil and he’s wanting payment , but you dummies can’t deliver your end of the deal !!

  10. Nancy Pelosi. Chuck schumer,Adam shitts,bill Clinton, Hillary y Clinton , James comey. Barack Obama. and michael .brennan and clapper. OAC. warren . sanders , the mod squad. and all the rest of the democratic candidates. don’t forget uncle joe and family. Every one of these treasonist witnesses. Every one of them should be arrested .charged for treason. then spend the rest of their lives in North Korea prison systems . . every one of them are liars,corrupt treasonist criminals . There are many more that should have their names added to this list. This is total bullshit. Please add the press to this list.

  11. What a CIRCUS. Still living in dark ages that was the Empire and unfortunately still is, nothing has changed for the good of the people. We have been fighting the same fight for ages but under different name(s). As the CIA specified in training long ago – it’s about winning, power under the given regime no matter what the cost, death, brainwashing, programming,controlling, overthrowing governments elections all over the world, focus, focus and secret and secret. It is truly DISGUSTING what is going on the left. They have NOT contribute to the society at all but squandered our money and getting paid for what ???? WE THE PEOPLE AND HONESTY ARE BEING ATTACKED WITH MANE MADE CLIMATE THE CABALL, GREEDY CORPORATIONS AND SO ON. All this was slowly prepared underground from the WWII. The Hitlers agenda is continuing. I witnessed in 1968 it was before Christmas on Free radio station in Austria a huge conspiracy that was to
    happen in U.S. Only the Government knew not the people. When I told my friends about it years later they were laughing at me. Well here we are – 2019.

  12. Naaawww!!!! We want freebies. We oppressed by the dumb darkies too stupid to stand up for they selves. Racism is at the feet of blacks. Listening to the democrats. What it give? Deplorable lazy dumbasses. Street thugs. Gangs. Dangerous towns. Oh lawdy lawdy!!! My brother likes my balls. Mammy said it. Shiiiit!! Good. My sister walks like a ho. Would I prefer her? Better than brown mammy.

    • You gottem heap big problem Red Snatch, too much firewater and your halfbreed mom left you too close to the camp fire as a kid and burned your pee brain. Amazing how stupid you truly are. Like most democrats, you need your brains beaten outta your head with a baseball bat. Let us know if we can assist.

      • Buzz, I like your retort to Redman but there is one glitch in your statement. In order to beat someone’s brains out they must first HAVE some brains and Redman appears to clearly be deficient in that area.

  13. O Redman. I see you are up to your old tricks. You know that the Republicans are going to stomp the Democrats bad next year. Get use to it.

  14. The new Adjective is Bribery!!! The people are going to absolutely, reelect President Trump, with these nut jobs, running “another circus”, trying to bring President Trump down. HATE, BITTERNESS is eating them, the LEFT UP!!!! The ones that clam to be Democrats, should hide in shame, for what these Hateful people are doing!!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!

  15. Pelosi and her mob simply do not fatham reality. By ballots or by a civil war they will not likely survive; either way, they lose.

  16. Redman just shut your foul and ignorant mouth because you can’t spell right or write properly…. you grammar is atrocious. YOur hatred has made you a disgusting subhuman.

      • Who is giving the Dems permission to use ‘our’ tax money as a bottomless purse? I’m a Dem. and I am ashamed to admit it since this Witch Hunt started.

        • The Dems don’t need permission

          The DEMS never ask for permission to do anything. Remember, they are the party of rule breakers and lawlessness — always disregarding, overstepping, undermining and stomping on our Constitution! They are the party of TAX and SPEND — other peoples’ money. They see and use our hard-earned taxpayer dollars as their personal piggy bank to spend freely on their pet projects, such as providing benefits to illegal aliens over American Citizens. #WalkAway

  17. I still don’t understand why democrats need the Ukraine call for impeachment.
    Schiff told us he had evidence of Russian collusion so shouldn’t that be enough to impeach?

  18. Jes look at all the stupid trump-butt-bumps who worshiping old lying money greed trump. A ignorant old white-folk they worship more den God Most of em have crazy children because of raping em. hahaahaha

      • P.S. REDASS !! What EXACTLY did your BABYDADDY, DO TO YOU ?!?! What happened that made you so CONTRARY to PRAGMATISM and DECENCY ?!?! Did DADDY make your BOOTY HURT ?!?! Is THAT what’s WRONG with your RACIST PERVERT ASS ?!?!?

    • Redman just shut your foul and ignorant mouth because you can’t spell right or write properly…. you grammar is atrocious. YOur hatred has made you a disgusting subhuman.

    • you really are pathetic! A true waste of time. Have a crappy rest of your life. Remember i said if you want to leave this country, A lot of us would be very happy if you could take Nancy and Shit Schiff with you. I offered to help you pack. i figured it won’t take long to pack up a guy like you, what 1 box. I do need to know how many cat’s you have I’m allergic to cat piss. We have a bet going you must have at least 3 cat’s but not more than 20. Your response would be greatly appreciated, I’m pretty sure I have the winning guess at 10.

    • O Redman. I see you are up to your old tricks. You know that the Republicans are going to stomp the Democrats bad next year. Get use to it.

    • Hey Red Snatch…..How….you hittum firewater again. Make heap big pile o shit in U teepee??? Or are you an Indian like your stupid sister Ann Whoren? Lying about everything in your life. The closest thing to Indian about you is the Big Chief tablet on your desk you stupid puss.

    • And I thought only democrat politicians were morons, but if there is a trophy for moron of the year, Redman you just won it hands down

  19. Nancy doesn’t know which way to go. She’s being led off a cliff by Adam Shit. And the bitch squad. Do I pity her? Hell no!!!!

    • Hey Mike,
      Nubom Turk here. You’re so right about Turkey neck Nasty SoGrossly and Muddy Maxine toilet Waters. You miss spelled Schmuck Schitbird’s name though.

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