Nancy Pelosi is about to announce an impeachment surrender that will humiliate her

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are about to face a reckoning on impeachment.

The Left has quickly realized they walked head first into a political buzz saw.

And Nancy Pelosi is about to announce an impeachment surrender that will humiliate her.

Nancy Pelosi’s decision to withhold articles of impeachment until Republicans agree to let Democrats run the Senate impeachment trial is about to blow up in the Left’s face.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell laughed at the idea that somehow preventing the start of a Senate trial put pressure on him and was content to wait Pelosi out.

Now that Congress is retuning, POLITICO reports Pelosi is prepared to cave in and send the articles of impeachment only to get nothing in return.

POLITICO Playbook reported:

For the immediate future, PELOSI will be the most closely watched of the four. Even though she’s widely expected to send the impeachment articles to the Senate this week — thereby starting the trial — no one has any idea what she’s going to do because she has not made her intentions clear. The speaker’s office said no decision has been made on when she will send the articles. One thing that is clear is that she doesn’t have a ton of leverage, because Senate Majority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL doesn’t tend to give into pressure almost ever. So, how she gets out of this situation will be interesting to see.

STILL, DEMOCRATS close to Pelosi believe the “delay” has been successful. They point to TRUMP’S erratic behavior on Twitter and the daylight between some of the president’s allies and MCCONNELL over the push to change Senate rules to begin the trial without the House’s articles. These Democrats also say they believe they’ve gotten traction spotlighting the issue of fairness in the trial, something Rep. ADAM SCHIFF (D-Calif.) pushed over the weekend and that Democrats will continue talking about this week.

This means a Senate impeachment trial will start in short order.

And the outcome is not in doubt.

Senate Republicans will unanimously vote to acquit President Trump and anywhere from one to three Democrats are expected to join them.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. When this is over and the president is cleared of all charges, I afraid the Democrats will try and try sgsin.

  2. When yhe senate declares this witch hunt isover, I’m afraid they will keep at it. Crazy people do things like this.

  3. Can’t everyone understand no matter what happens both sides are shady at one point or another. So why just blame one. Yes there is Pelosi and then there this McConnell.

  4. Puklosi has lost it. She can’t tell the senate how to do things. This eitch hunt needs to stop now never to be seen again.

  5. trapperwv1 correction Trump and the Republican Senate don’t bend to the Demwit wishes. Without Senate support Trump would be dead in the water. Without Senate support Trump wouldn’t have gotten his 2 Supreme Court picks elected to the Court.

  6. VIPERS! A Democratic democracy is so confusing ??‍♂️. Is this pure politics or what? ?So’ where do we go from here???‍♂️. I’m still votfing for second – Term Re-elect 45th-46th 2020 President “Trumpy Bear”.?? Now! This is how to get Congressional work done- in “CONGRESS”. ?Business Management! This is for you Mr. President ?????. A real Commander & Chief!

  7. Nancy is in love with Nancy and come hell or high water you had better listen to the queen Nancy cause she is the boss- it is about time she learn she is just en elected person who has no power over anyone but her minions and I for one am not one -just another looney liberal with NO power

  8. If Americans are smart we will look away from party politics and elect “people” with integrity instead of lying pandering politicians that put party before country. The dems do seem to He does not bend to the dems ridiculous bills they put forward for illegals because they are no Americans. The republicans are the better choices at this time until we can dump the parties as I said earlier.

  9. The DEMOCRATIC party used to try to take care of AMERICANS.
    I see we are no longer 1st choice, So I now support. The REPUBLICAN party.
    Knowing we can defend AMERICA>
    Love it or leave it.

  10. As well as charged with Sedition, Fraud (Stealing their Salaries AND PERKS). All of the DemonRATS Drew Salaries to WORK for US, the American People, but instead worked for THEMSELVES and their Communist Party!!

  11. all this demoscum must return money that they spent for attempting their coup including their salaries… we paid these a-holes tons of money out of OUR pockets and all their expense must be reimbursed. demomorons believe that they can waste our money for whatever comes into their brainless skulls. However, taking money from them will be a good lesson for idiots like aoc, pelosi, schiff, schumer, nadler, tlaib, omar…Every demo-fool must return their salaries for the last 3 years and also pay for the damage something in a range of 1 trillion USD.

  12. Yes. They should leave our great country
    Maybe if they go to Iran or Iraq, they might realize how good we have it here in America

  13. You are absolutely correct on that. Pelosi and her gang are un-american. They need to be fired. President Trump is the best.

  14. The Senate should not do a trial until and only until Pelosi sends over the impeachment accusations. If the Senate goes ahead without Pelosi doing so it will say the Senate agrees with Pelosi and doesn’t need the impeachment accusations because The Senate agrees Trump should be tried for impeachment. And I will bet The Senate will go ahead instead of shutting the impeachment down by saying we can’t do a trial until we receive the accusations. Why would the Senate go along with what Pelosi is setting a trap for the Senate. Come on.

  15. I love your post, Alma eNGEL! I completely agree with you! These corrupted democrats really do believe they are untouchable people, but they are deadly wrong! They will have to face punishment with God on Judgment day someday soon. They better wake up and ask God for forgiveness before it is forever too late!

  16. When Donald Trump wins the Presidency again in November we need to be sure that the republicans have distinct majorities in the House of Representatives AND the Senate. If the democrats have a majority in either, we will have 4 more years just like the past three have been. Let’s be smart and vote these democrats out of office in November They have done enough damage to our blessed country.

  17. Of EVERYTHING I’ve read or (had to) listen to recently, THIS is the best!

    “These Democrats also say they believe they’ve gotten traction spotlighting the issue of fairness in the trial, something Rep. ADAM SCHIFF (D-Calif.) pushed over the weekend”

    The word FAIRNESS and Schiff in the same sentence is HYSTERICAL!!!

  18. I like the idea of Democrats having to pay pack money wasted on an illegal impeachment in my personal opinion & observation. President Trump has God & the American people backing his agenda which what he promised the American people. I’m excited to see an American President that stand by his word & doesn’t bowdown to intimation. America is going become a Nation that the world will once again look up to because he’s a man who keeps calling things out as they should be = America is waking up to the lies that they’ve been manipulated into believing. Praise God for a man the stands up for the American people who voted him into office & will vote him back into office.

  19. Marty, the Democrats have to be the most ignorant and hateful group of misfits ever to walk the halls of Congress. What they have done will certainly go into the history books for all Americans to read just how foolish these Democrats tried to railroad President Trump on false accusations and to remove him from the Presidency by impeachment. And yes! They should pay back the entire cost to the American taxpayers. Every damn one them should be sued for fraud by We The People.


  21. Tom Curry – Your sentiments are right-on, but you should learn the difference between”are” and “our”.When a person uses words correctly people pay more attention to what he has to say. But when someone sounds dumb, by, among other things, using “are” when he means “our” the reader correctly assumes he’s dumb and dismisses his thoughts. I suggest that you go to a night school that has an English teacher that speaks correctly (if there are any in this modern age) and learn the English language as used in the United States of America.

  22. Anthony, the problem with you is that you hate this country and everything it stands for. YOU are a traitor and should be in prison. You have no place in this country. It was founded on Christian principles and you follow satan

  23. Pelosi and her gang of criminals have dug their hole so deep they can’t find a way out. That being Said, Pelosi says she will drop the impeachment, mainly I would say is that they have no evidence against Trump in anything. But remember, she has already stated there would be another impeachment of Trump. The thing she hasn’t thought of is that she and her gang of dumb idiots will be sitting on the sideline because none of them will be voted back in. The democrats need to remember this just because they want a re-do, they won’t be around to do so. Thank God. They should pay back to the American People the monies wasted on their faux impeachment, and paid not with Government money, but with their own monies, stiped of their own retirement fund with the government of which they don’t pay into and striped of their Salaries (which is their full salaries) when they leave their office. They have already made miilons for themseves and enough is enough of the democrats raping our Social Security and other areas of the government.

  24. Dan little Anthony can’t help it, he’s a gypsy from Croatia where grown men kiss each other twice on the cheeks at greeting instead of shaking hands. But this is one thing that will be a laugh, come on down South and see how taking our guns and forcing LGBT fags into a Southern Baptist church works out for you… I’ll sit back drinking a cold beer laughing my ass off…Sua Sponte…

  25. Tony, it was their choice to throw God out and embrace satan. That is why they are the party of death. And that is why they threw God out…they can’t stand it that He is the authority. They have no morals and do not care about right and wrong. Anthony is a prime example

  26. the dem party has thrown God out and satan controls the party. It is all just hate and lies. Anthony is an example of their chilling agenda. But thank God they cannot win!!!! Jesus will come to rule and we will never have to deal with them again

  27. Anthony, why do you keep coming to a conservative Christian site and spew your sick hate and make a fool of yourself???

  28. Anthony, people like you are extremely dangerous to our freedom. Since you hate this country so much, you are free to move somewhere more to your liking. Please do. This country was founded by Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian principles, one of which is your freedom. They were very wise to give us our Constitution. Ben Franklin said we have a Republic if we can keep it. The dems have no intention of keeping it, which makes them and YOU traitors and all should be in prison or deported

  29. I wish that Nancy would end up sleeping and crapping in the streets like many of the people in her district.

  30. I’m afraid about half the country wants what Anthony wants.
    What Anthony said is pretty close to what all democrats want I believe.

  31. Nancy Pelosi is an oldie that belongs to yesteryear as do her party. Both have ceased to work for the American people. Or she like her other comrade depart for the UK.

  32. I agree. What is wrong w you. Anthony. No. We dont want what you are saying. You should go to Iran. Not here in America.

  33. Just remember Nancy and your cast of clowns, you shall reap what you sow,as a taxpayer I am furious how you justify your actions wasting our tax dollars. Get a life and go back to where you came from. MAGA !!!

  34. You are absolutely correct on that. Pelosi and her gang are un-american. They need to be fired. President Trump is the best.

  35. NANCY PELOSI deserves to be humiliated for what she and her herd of political gangsters have put the President and his family – and the American people through – without due cause.

  36. I love your post, Tony Bell! I totally do agree with you! I personally do own a DVD that talks about the real truth of democrats history.

  37. Anthony, it is quite obvious that at best you are a high school dropout. Simple economics elude you. Poor people hare no one nor own businesses that HIRE people. The greater the taxes on RICH people, the more POOR and middle-class people lose their JOBS.
    Abortion, except for Nazis such as yourself, is baby murder. And the one party thing is the dictatorship your Queen Nancy has been wanting all along. As this disgraced worm has found out-not going to happen. I get your utopia where there are no criminals and citizens do not require the right to defend themselves, but such a world exists only in Democratic Party myopia. And, Anthony, the sky is not falling, and global warming is only a theory for the foolish and weak-minded.

  38. So you support the killing of unborn children, the disarming of citizens, open borders, welfare for all, stealing from the working and giving to the undeserving. etc….

    I submit:
    Face it folks, truth is the left’s ideology is not sustainable – period.

    ***** Lies, false accusations kill trust.

    ***** Gay marriages do not procreate.

    ***** Abortion kills potential genius.

    ***** “By any means necessary” kills truth, honesty, integrity, trust, justice, etc…

    ***** Evolution lie kills God’s presence, removing God’s blessing and guidance.

    ***** Support of Islamic doctrine of sharia law “All Muslims are obliged to kill the infidel”.

    ***** Illegal immigration kills American citizens opportunities and culture.

    ***** Gun control, confiscation, kills honest citizens.

    See a pattern here? Democrats are the party of death!

    They have nothing to look forward to but death, no wonder why they are so angry.
    They should try God, give themselves a future. Remember it is God that establishes authority.

  39. From what I read and hear about, seems her main accomplishment would be having lots of feces and syringes and homeless in her district.

  40. I don’t understand why so many corrupt people, all democrats, are still walking around free. So many of them are traitors to our country. None of them, including Obama, should receive any wages or retirement pay beginning with President Trump’s inauguration. The sedition and conscious effort to undo our 2016 election. Obama and Hillary should have to repay every penny they received from the U.S. government during the entire phony presidency of Obama. And, of course, all of those horrible monsters who approve of Roe v Wade and the murder of millions of innocent babies should be in prison for life.

  41. Have a Washington in law that our son spent many summers with when he was in high school and college that reported Pelosi was ignorant and dumb as dirt.

  42. its kind of renewed right to say she hasnn,t made her intentions clear , damn , she hasn,d been clear since the begging in this whole farce . i truly believe she is in the early stages of DEMENTIA and i believe the DUM O CRATS see it too.

  43. Anthony, you should move to AOC’s district in New York. Even there I don’t think your views would be accepted. Ammend or change the Constitution, not even Bernie or Elizabeth or Hillary thinks this could be done, so good luck to you, have a good time.

  44. Nancy Pelosi humiliated herself when she said “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”. She has been on a downward trajectory ever since. Her humiliations is amplified by the condition of her district – San Francisco – on her watch. Pelosi has been in D.C. for about 30 years. Can ANYONE name one of her accomplishments?

  45. Just give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves eventually, their scam is Obstruct and Annihilate but the majority of Americans are too Smart to listen!

  46. Satan has gotten a hold of your mind! This ISN’T the right direction for this country. God help us if it ever is.

  47. Isn’t it great to have a President that means what he says and says what he means? Poor Democrats have no idea how to handle this very successful businessman. He’s not a politician he is a Statesman and knows how to run a nation. Keep up the great work Mr. President, Millions and millions are all for you. You are truly an example of what real leadership looks like.

  48. I believe the terminology should be made more of a fool of herself!
    She is still guilty of sedition, treason, and the use of government funds to manipulate an election.
    When Trump is clear, he needs to charge her for these things. That may mean after he election.

  49. Man! I hope she (Pelosi) keeps on keeping on, like she has last 3 years. DT’s numbers, including for the Nov. election are through the roof! Another bump with the execution of the worlds leading Iranian terrorist. D’s/Rino’s, just don’t get it. Trump in 16 won the WH for 8 years not 4, and the D’s helped and are continuing to help him finish that process. Love it!

  50. This whole thing of impeachment should kill the Democratic party forever, for the Democrats have shown all of America just how corrupt and evil they really are, and just how unconstitutional they are also!!! What these Democrats have also shown us is that federal law means nothing to them and the disgraceful way they treated Judge Kavanaugh was a crime in its self!!!Even worse is how the Democrats don’t even listen to the citizens voices, they do pretty much what they want to do, and will run to the courts if they don’t get their way they are really what the citizens don’t need in are government!!! These Democrats have become dictators not representatives at all and America needs to get rid of the Democratic party once and for all and come the 2020 elections vote as many of these traitors out of office that we can, and I mean even all over every state and city so we the citizens can take back are country and are power for it is the citizens voice that matter the most not the politicians voice period!!!

  51. You mean – like what it says in the Constitution?

    The Constitution of the United States gives the House no role in deciding how an impeachment trial takes place!

  52. Republicans need to stop falling for same lies Democrats have continued for three years plus, they lied about mueller investigation, they lied during government shutdown!!! The truth doesn’t mean anything to Democrats!!!
    Polosi extending for President Trump to state of the union address, feels like a setup!!! Like Kennedy trusting Oswald to ride in the car with John or Lincoln giving booth a seat with Abraham!!! Trump don’t trust them!!! The swamp isn’t your allies!!!
    God bless America

  53. It’s not because of the balls they lack but because of the threat of blackmail that they fear. Clintons have the dirt on everybody and if that won’t work they can always resort to murder again.

  54. I agree, DEMONcrats are toast! 2020 will prevail for the Republicans not only in the Senate but the house as well. They have no real challenger to take on President Trump! Their real only chance to win is to lie, cheat and steal. Trump’s got that covered too to ensure they don’t! DEMONcrats can’t stand that he’s always 5 steps ahead of them. He beats them at their own game and they can’t believe or stand it! I love it!

  55. The problem with this country is our two party system. That’s why we can’t ever get anything done because they are always fighting each other trying to take our country in opposite directions. The democrats want to move the country forward while the republicans want to move it backwards. If we could dissolve the republican party and just have a one party government controlled by democrats then we could move the country forward in the right direction.
    We could eliminate all guns, and address climate change, and give free healthcare to everyone, and raise the minimum wage, and make all immigration legal, and force churches to accept LGBT, and make full term abortion legal in all 50 states, and get all of our soldiers out of other countries to start with. We could even amend the constitution and fix all the mistakes in it, including creating a new right for workers giving them control over the private businesses they work for instead of the ruthless owners. Democrats are right when they say capitalism is inherently unfair and an obsolete system that should be abandoned.

  56. Predicted this would happen. Like others though, the GOP would be better served by saying “No Comment” than prattling on about it. Present a solidly Constitutional front, and go with the no opinion commentary until the Dems have presented their case. As for witnesses, if needed, only go with the witnesses the Dems have already interviewed,don’t allow them to call anyone that hasn’t already made an ass of themselves. The Defense can propose their witnesses for review, but only allow those that 100% rebutt the Dem witless list?

  57. Everyone knows that the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and all the rest of the crooks in the Democratic are liars, criminals and traitors. When is the Senate, House of Representatives or members of Congress going to press charges and give them all prison sentences. In other words doesn’t anyone have the balls to stand up to these crooks.

  58. The last couple of days has been very scary I haven’t seen any muslims protesting here in America over the killing of the terrorist but I have seen American citizens protesting get out you treasonous jackasses!

  59. I am amazed that the attorney general has not filled charges against many of these democrat creeps. What is the hold up. Throw these creeps in prison

  60. Republicans need to stop falling into the Democrats hands by continuing to even talk about a trial in the Senate. Nothing should be said by any Repu livan to anyone except to ask “what trial”! Just as in a court of law where a grand jury indictment must be handed down before charges can be heard and a trial started… without the Articles of Impeachment being brought to the Senate there are no charges abd no trial to be discussed. No discussion on how the trial will be conducted or what witnesses will be called…no anything… because the Senate has not been served ABD therefore there are no charges to act on.

  61. Pelosi and the Democrats are an America’s real enemy. They are truly trying very hard to bring down America. I sure hope people will wake up to what these Communists are attempting to do.

  62. Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s think they can tell Representative McConnell and the Senate how to run the trial in the Senate. The Democrat’s messed-up their hearings and they believe they should be the one’s running the Senate trial. They have always been as corrupt and crooked as ever. These corrupt and crooked Democrat’s only care about themselves and their pocketbook. Pelosi and these corrupt and crooked Democrat’s will do anything and everything to ruin President Trump and his whole administration’s goals. The Senate need’s to continue standing their grounds and don’t let the Democrat’s run this Senate trial. Proceed with the Senate trial like you did during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Follow the same rules during that time for President Donald J Trump’s trial.

  63. since when have the democrats ever been fair about Donald Trump they have been after him since before he was sworn into Office They are just plain mad that he won and Hillary lost

  64. I agree with your post, Wyatt Earp! Guess what? In a couple of weeks ago, I have bought a moose plush as he is cute, however he has BIG eyeballs just like Nancy Pelosi. Poor my moose has that big eyeballs like Pelosi.

  65. When you are VOTE into office of the U.S. CONGRESS you told your supporter that you will work to make AMERICA great for all. But somewhere down that lines you LIES! SO it either you resign or DO YOUR JOB YOU PROMISE YOUR STATE! We didn’t elect you on your idea only! We elect you to keep AMERICA safe from harm way. At home and aboard! Now we are seeing and hearing how you have turn your back on AMERICA! DEMONCRAT YOU FAIL! RESIGN OR RETIRED! GONE FOR REPUBLICAN AND RINOREPUBLICAN AS WELL

  66. Schiff and the Democrats are a joke – they complain that the Senate Trial is not fair because they cannot dictate the process, YET could care less that President Trump was
    not accorded ANY DUE PROCESS whatsoever, was not allowed to present any FACT witnesses,
    Was not allowed to confront third party witnesses (at best) presented by the Democrats,
    was forced to accept these less than credible witnesses at face value, and could not address ANY of the issues involving the Demoocrats breach of US Law in fraudulent FISA court filings,illegal raids on his lawyers offices, – And YET, increduously, the
    Dems are now concerned about a “Fair” trial?? Preposterous, Laughable!!

  67. To describe the Democrats as liars is very kind; they are TRAITORS! There comes a point in politics when self-centered motives graduate to even traitorous acts in order to preserve their power. Unfortunately they have failed to realize that human desires are like the world of the dead; there’s always room for more!

  68. Stretch face Pelosi is losing at every turn she makes. The fake impeachment backfired and now bugeyes Shiffty and Pelosi are trying to lie their way out of it. They are probably the two dumbist politician. In Washington and they are both from the homeless capitol of the country, California.

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