Nancy Pelosi is dealing with this unwelcome retirement news that could end her career

Speculation hovered over Washington, D.C. for months that this is Nancy Pelosi’s last term in Congress.

That’s turning out to be more than just rumors.

And Nancy Pelosi is dealing with this unwelcome retirement news that could end her career.

Democrats are defending a historically narrow majority in the House of Representatives.

It’s widely believed that if Democrats lose the House, Pelosi will retire after the midterms.

When one party faces a wave of retirements, it signals that the rank-and-file expect a tough election cycle and want to head for the exits before their voters fire them.

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ retirement in April set off alarm bells as Donald Trump carried her district twice and Bustos leaving Congress was a signal that swing seat Democrats expect an uphill fight in 2022 thanks to Joe Biden’s sinking presidency.

Now Pelosi has another member contemplating retirement.

On the Had I Known podcast with David Bolger, Pennsylvania Democrat Matt Cartwright revealed that his decision on running for re-election depends on how redistricting turns out.

“I just turned 60. I’ll run for another turn. We’re facing a redistricting in Pennsylvania, so I have yet to see whether or not they’re going to give me a district that I can possibly win in. If so, I will run,” Cartwright stated.

Cartwright’s announcement about a possible retirement took all of Washington, D.C. by surprise and highlighted one of the key advantages Republicans have next year.

Republican state legislatures control the ability to redraw the maps for twice as many seats as Democrats.

That will allow Republicans to draw more favorable maps that could send swing seat members like Cartwright heading for the hills.

And in turn, that could send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi straight into retirement.

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