Nancy Pelosi is facing one key deadline that could force her into retirement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on the clock.

Pelosi’s facing a decision that could define the future of the Democrat Party.

And Nancy Pelosi is facing one key deadline that could force her into retirement.

Nancy Pelosi has until March 11 to file to run for re-election.

And Pelosi is facing competing pressures.

“Everyone assumes this is her last term, but no one knows for sure,” a Pelosi ally told CNN. “People don’t realize how hard it was to win (the speaker’s race) last time.”

But if Pelosi announces she isn’t running for re-election, it would signal to every Democrat in America that the election is over, which could hurt turnout in Senate and Governor’s races.

“If she left early, she would be blamed for losing the House,” the Pelosi ally added. “She doesn’t want to look like a loser.”

Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger hinted at why Pelosi may take a pass on running again – her 2018 promise to only serve two terms as Speaker.

“If that’s the case, I’ll be three for three,” Spanberger stated. “She’s previously said that this would be her last term as speaker so I suspect that she would stick to that. But since 2018, I think I’ve been consistent on the fact that I think we really need new voices spreading the word.”

It’s nearly impossible to see Pelosi out of leadership and serving as a backbencher in a toothless Democrat minority.

But Pelosi is also the Democrats’ number one fundraiser.

Pelosi heading for the exits early could deprive the Democrats of their number one financial rainmaker.

Polls show Republicans leading Democrats in the generic ballot question over control of Congress.

Republicans rarely lead this early in that poll, and when they do it signifies a massive red wave is about to wash Democrats out of power.

And now Nancy Pelosi is faced with a choice about getting out before the crash.

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