Nancy Pelosi is in for a big surprise when she finds out what they are saying behind her back

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats believe they are winning the shutdown fight.

But she is about to have the rug yanked out from under her.

And she is in for a big surprise when she finds out what they are saying behind her back.

Democrats think they have a united front.

Pelosi believes every Democrat marches in lockstep with total opposition to Donald Trump’s border wall and that they can outwait the President.

But cracks are showing.

Freshman Democrat Katie Hill of California said on CNN she would vote for money to fund a border wall.

And Congressmen Denver Riggleman (R-VA-5) told WMAL’s “Morning on the Mall” radio program that Democrats privately tell him America needs a physical barrier along the Southern border.

The Daily Caller reports:

“I have talked to other Democrats … a lot of these moderate Democrats see that it has gone on way too long,” Riggleman said, adding that one colleague told him, “I just wish you said physical barrier and not ‘wall’ … and then we could vote for it.”

The congressman continued to Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese, “If we’re down to that point, that means the Democratic leadership is doing something very political over there. You’re starting to see rumblings on the Democratic side.”

Riggleman’s comments come after freshman Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill told CNN Friday that she would vote to fund a physical barrier along the border. “I will vote for some money for physical barriers,” Hill said, in the first public break with Democratic leadership.

In reality, the pressure is on the Democrats.

The 800,000 federal workers not receiving paychecks are overwhelmingly Democrats.

And in order to win the majority, Democrats had to carry House districts that Trump won.

Those voters want border security – and that includes a wall.

The longer the shutdown drags on, the more democrats who are vulnerable in their 2020 re-election campaign will break with Pelosi.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story


  1. There are not enough hours in the day for Nancy to outwit our president. The last laugh will be his when he makes a fool of her again. If her eyebrows rise any higher they’ll reach the ceiling. All the botox on her brain has made her unable to think. What she should do is sue her plastic surgeon because she’s not looking too good.

  2. Nancy and Chuck could not care less about government shutdown or building the wall to protect our country and our citizens. All they care about is themselves and how much they can continue to rip off the American taxpayer to fund their extravagant vacations and phony concern for our military. Two dumb bunnies who are the perfect example of why we need term limits for Congress.

  3. Nigel, where do you find such fanciful statistics? Guess you believe the cartels charter a very huge cargo jet each and everyday to fly directly to LAX crammed full of drugs and secretly bypass customs into their invisible hanger! Just what is it you’re smoking? Don’t worry about the hundreds of miles of unsecured boarder, you can just hold the fence up for them to carry their drugs across! Some people…..

  4. Pelosi Said NO, >>> BEFORE POTUS Remarks
    Sat 4 pm. POTUS 0ffered 2 Crucial points
    re DACA/ TPS.
    1 World/New World 0rder. SEE re
    USA 2025. Also REPORTS:
    >The House rejected a GOP measure to pay furloughed workers but keep the government closed in a 222-195 vote.

    Six Democrats voted for the GOP measure, offered as an alternative to a Democratic bill to reopen the government.

    > 6 GOOD Dems voted yay.

  5. the demoncrats will say one thing then claim that they meant something else. they have voted for the wall several times over the years but never for the money/funds to be released to build it they play political kick the can down the road for the next Congress and or president to build it but you can see what happens when someone tries!

  6. How long ‘endure’? prob Less than 10 yr
    according to SeeUS forecast
    re Agenda. 2025. Grim. Prepare.

  7. Some in this country hate Trump more that love their country and don’t care how many die from bad people sneaking in. They want Trump to lose at all costs. How long can America endure with sick people like these democrats?

  8. 0h noo, Real M. ‘Another chump’
    Living/tearing down ‘The Land of
    the Free’.
    > AFTEr POTUS DJT, Then ‘What’ __
    W/ POTUS DJT__

  9. Nigel, Your ‘thinking’ correlates to 2000 mi China Wall !
    > That is NOT what we are talking about for USA.
    > ” PHYSICAL Steel BARRIERS” for about 500 mi IN CRUCIAL
    AREAS !!! That’s All. &&& WILL HELP Eliminate
    MASSIVE ‘CHILD trafficking’ etc. Do you ‘get ‘That’ ?

  10. Nigel, Your stupidity is excelled only by your stupidity! Now, that sentence makes about as much sense and is about as reasonable as you are! You are so clueless and limited in you mental faculties you don’t have any idea what is really going on here with either party. You little snowflakes try to appear as if you have all the answers to these multilevel multifaceted problems but do you even remember to take care of your personal hygiene? I wonder,……..

  11. Hey Niquil, I have a security package for you!
    You don’t get it, The security agents can consolidate the areas they need to patrol.
    Unless you would like too Arm Drones, then I am all for not building a fence or a wall.
    Use your head and think about the huge ships the Chinese have been building.
    Simple minded people need to ask themselves why are these people Really leaving their Carribean Life style? It is because Crooked Politicians want to flood there valley’s and create a tropical Paridise, AKA Agua Zacra Project. Look it up1!!!

  12. Hey Mexico! You’re all clear, just bring your drugs in through the airports like most of you do anyway, Our idiot president isn’t paying TSA to check anymore because… get this… he shut the government down so he can build a wall to keep the drugs out. Ha, HA!!!

  13. LOL – Soooo desperate for ANY sign that Democrats might lose. Katie Hill was very clear about what she was willing to pay for and it does NOT include Trump’s wall. I watched the CNN interview. She said she would vote to fund a border security “package”, just like the rest of the Democrats, that includes *some* physical barriers but NOT an entire wall. The Democrats are being smart about this and the Republicans can be too if they ever get back to the table and stop following Trump into la-la-land.

  14. oh schnitt, words deleted Again.
    I SAID: HC IS ‘0nly’ an Invitation.
    (by the Speaker)
    >rest is correct. geez-a-loo. rr. come on now.

  15. words deleted. I SAID: ANY POTUS CAN
    ‘Deliver’ a SOTU Address ‘ANYWHERE’ a
    POTUS ‘pleases’. NOT ‘restricted’
    to ‘House Chamber’. HC IS 0nly & ‘we’ all have to ‘learn this stuff’ So
    ‘we can ‘think Straight’.

  16. ps. ‘ANY’pelosi Is Coward chick (cluck-cluck)& ‘blinked’ (which Is Good)
    >schumer Is a ‘rooster’ w/Out ‘spurs’. boom
    Bottom Line: ‘they’ Just PROTECTED POTUS
    ( & themselves’ From a National msm ‘Spectacle’).

  17. Kudos to Pelosi ie ‘shutting down House Chambers’
    for POTUS SOTU speech. POTUS Can Deliver in Senate/or 0val.
    > There would be nothing less than a National ‘spectacle’
    @ ocasio-cortez/rashida tlaib etc. Acting All ‘crazy’ & god
    knows ‘who’ would be let into ‘the Gallery’. Sooo, w/that
    have being said. POTUS Should Never ‘walk into ‘that Chamber’
    Period. (for now) What do you thinK???

  18. Their paycheck should be forfeited! If they don’t work, take their pay away!!!!!
    Better yet, Fire their sorry asses!!!

  19. The Democraps should get busy doing what they are being paid for.
    That is, ” To Support and defend the Constitution of The United States “.
    All they seem to be interested in is following the lead of Pelosi & Schumer who are both Trump haters. Now it’s evident why “TERM LIMITS ” are such a necessary and much needed change in BOTH HOUSES.
    Pelosi & Schumer are not representing the people that voted for them. They are following their own Petty, Political agenda.

    Dems (now ‘leaning’.)
    ‘image’ of ‘Wall’ (concrete) Is ‘offensive’.
    Say “BARRIER 0r PHYSICAL BARRIER “Adjusted words/semantics/ terminology
    Sovereign USA.

  21. Re ‘Separation’ at Home in USA. pelosi wants
    separate ‘The Gender crap identification children
    From ‘Parents’ Read about it.

  22. Good 0ne ie “Politically Disabled”.
    &&& a BiG ‘Kudos’ to Mr. President, et al
    & ‘that’ IS a ‘Big Deal’.

  23. Betty do not worry, those guys get paid in retro and they know it too. Besides that the Red Cross will feed them and the banks all have a 6 months grace period longer if it is a hardship.Come down of your high horse and clear your head and do not believe everything you hear. Look at Pelosi, she lives in Napa Valley in the middle of a vineyard. Iron gated and security locked and well. Then their is the road to the castle that is concreted walled also with a iron gate and security locked. Then there is the river that is used as a moat. And what is she calling Trumps Wall ? I got news for those high and mighty Democrats in the House. The Wall is to protect us the Citizens of America and is thus the “peoples wall”. Make sure that we the people especially those that live on the border and in border states are protected from the onslaught that is happening over there. And believe me if that is not stopped the violence will trickle down into other states. God save Anerica.

  24. We all remember how reliable those polls were in 2016! And you cited CNN as credible when you must know they have a collective case of TDS. Do you also?

  25. Your comments just keep getting dumber and dumber and dumber. It’s like reading a comedy skit. It can’t be real meaning there actually can not be someone that stupid alive. You must be a computer program because no human being can be that DUMB! See all it is an “it” not a human.

  26. no one should get paid if there is a shut down of the government and that includes the corrupt and lying democrats vacationing with lobbyists (who paid for their vacations). Nancy had a fling, at govt expense, flying with a private plane, to Hawaii. menendez, an outright pedophile, was rubbing the back of a young girl, on the island of Puerto rico, also paid for by lobbyists. menendez should be in a prison cell for pedophila with his opthamologist friend, not rubbing the back of a young girl wearing a bikini. congress should all be impeached. they are all corrupt. republicans had two years to build this wall but went on vacation 126 days instead of passing money for wall and other legislation like moving dreamers out of country. us is a failure for us citizens. impeach all of members of congress,

  27. OMG…They sound like my children when they were little!! The wording has to be just right. Give me a break. Democraps need to grow up and do their job or face not getting paid, job suspension and/or job loss Just like any other American!!

  28. Betty – I don’t know why I’m even bothering to ask the politically disabled a logical and poignant question. Now put on your thinking cap and try to string a couple of educated mind strands together … and use something other than the bonehead talking points that your leftist leaders have concocted. ‘What has this president done (think accomplishments) that has negatively affected the well-being of this country?’ If your not on welfare (that’s an open question) then you have capitalized on significant tax cuts. If you carry health insurance, you now have a wider scope of choices in your carriers. If you have a job (another open question) you probably have better opportunities for advancement. NO DEMOCRAT HAS THE ABILITY to prosper an economy like free market economists (Right thinking fiscal structure) do ! So, before you come unarmed to a political shootout, check your pea-shooter and come ready for something other than guppies !

  29. Get Ready NANCE, you are about to GO DOWN. Slowly but surely, you demo cronies are beginning to realize that the WALL benefits ALL AMERICANS, not just PRESIDENT TRUMP, and not just the Republicans. We need to have full control of deciding who can enter our country, and who must be turned back. When someone from the south side of the US-Mexican line starts demanding “rights”, they truly are talking about privilege — they fail to recognize that privilege, trust, and access are things that need to be EARNED. PELOSI, I hope you get stampeded by Americans who know what they WANT and NEED …

  30. By then, they will encourage 10 million more illegals. I just pray for her grand kids to fall victims to illegals and let her feel what Angel families feel , that pain of loss and hurt . I call it justice
    And the same I wish for Jim Acosta too

  31. How can they not; After all, it was Nancy Pelosi, supported in Lock Step, by Chuck Schumer, who said “Not One Dollar, will we vote for funding, to Build a Wall.”
    It was Nancy Pelosi, who ran for Speakership, that she would be Non Partisan, when in fact, she Hates Donald Trump. … .

    Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, both know, the Border Barrier, is what’s needed, to Fend off Illegal Immigrants. In fact, they’ve Voted for a Wall. … . In retrospect; The Shutting Down Government, is always a step that should Never be Broached. … .

  32. Hey Betty
    You sound like one of those 60’S throwbacks that hate anything conservative and throw temper tantruws when things don’t go your way. You sound like a communist and I would like you to meet some people from from former communist countries and I don’t think you’d like their response to your b.s about Donald Trump

  33. Betty, your ignorance is showing. I would suggest you and your potty mouth, hateful, uneducated friends, take an online course through Hillsdale college on “constitution 101”, It’s free. You might figure out why Real Americans truly love this country and believe her.( OOOPS! did I just offend? Suck it up cupcake.) After that course take “The Federalist Papers” course. You want everything free so take advantage of it and get an honest education! NOW manners, that’s for another time.

  34. Well maybe we can put up barbwire and string it from the California Mexico border up to the Oregon State borderline and let all the illegals stay in that sovereign state.

  35. here is another one that guzzled the koolaid. Get over it, Trump is our President
    And regardless of how much Pelosi and Schumer despise his guts,he is going to build the wall!!! Hate is a very powerful anesthetic.I still have no idea how those two have survived this long.God have mercy on their souls!!

  36. Hey Hi!Real M. DT is back !
    LOL/diane/betty are ‘consumed’
    w/ flaming hatred & v. bad
    ‘potty mouths’. Unbelievable.
    I can’t imagine what a ‘walk’
    ‘inSunlight’ would do . 0r just
    having a real conversation w/a real
    person Outside!
    > Anyway – SUPPORT for POTUS IS STRONG.
    MEGA ‘Silent Majority’ have backed Away
    from polls. haha. 0UR President Is Awesome.

  37. When the Democrats begin to realize that their heyday may be over as we get closer to 2020 you’ll start seeing a change. They will vote for a border wall!

  38. Betty,
    Low brow comments get you no where and making fun of others only show how ignorant you are. And, I doubt if you have a rational or legitimist idea of why you hate Trump and any conservative who think other than you. I’m glad most of us don’t.

  39. Edgar,
    Chew on this, those who have never had the notion at one time or another in their questioned their sanity are the ones who belong in the loony bin. Are you one of these who thinks the world is crazy and they are not?

  40. Betty: Nice to see “Nasty Potty-mouth Betty” is back. You really need to watch what you say. Your comments to Truckman” are very rude and mean. Put yourself in his position. A little compassion wouldn’t hurt you. It is not necessary to get personal like that. We all know you’re a vicious, rabid Trump hater. It is possible to disagree with others without being disagreeable. No matter how much you dislike Donald Trump, he is OUR President; get over it and grow up. Your mama should put soap in your mouth.



  41. realism: Who here believes anything CNN or ABC has to say? Especially polls. Polls are very easily fudged. Any stats on who was polled? women, men, registered voters, likely voters, number of Democrats vs Republicans vs Independents? How were the questions worded? Etc, etc. Polls are pretty much baloney and can be made to show any conclusion someone desires. I live in a true blue very liberal state and almost everyone I’ve talked to is a die-hard Democrat and all support some kind of physical barrier along the southern border.

  42. Yeah! Betty show us somemore of that Democratic hate yeah I knew it would come out you Democrats are so damn brainwashed and stupid it’s a damn wonder someone doesn’t have too take you by the hand and lead you everywhere you need to go !

  43. LOL, Well Hi Diane! Are you jealous? When Betty is with me I am putting arsenic in her drinks? I would love to make a “special” drink for you, want one?

  44. That is NOT what the polls are saying. From two polls (1-14-19) it shows: A CNN poll shows similar numbers as an ABC poll. 56 percent of the public opposes Trump’s wall; 52 percent say that the border is not in “crisis.” But it’s Trump’s approval rating—37 percent approval, with 57 percent disapproval—that is the most intriguing, because it suggests that Trump’s shutdown may be cutting into the most important part of his base.

    The increase in disapproval for the President comes primarily among whites without college degrees, 45% of whom approve and 47% disapprove, marking the first time his approval rating with this group has been underwater in CNN polling since February 2018.

  45. Betty. Why do you need to be so nasty? Does it make you feel better about yourself to call our President and First Lady vile names? I feel sorry for you. You must be a very miserable lady

  46. My goodness Betty, your momma must be very proud of your disgusting comment????. Too bad you never learned how to disagree without going in through gutter – pity. . .

  47. That writing will come back at you. What makes your hate
    Elevates you above another.
    The buddha said there are people so ignorant they don’t even
    To be shamed of themselves.
    Also he said beliefs are not real. The three poisons
    Are hate greed and believing our thoughts are real.
    Time to wake up

  48. Peggy Lou Dwyer, You are such an idiot! Why are you pretending you were ever a DJT supporter? Those of us who have been on here for awhile remember you are liberal from the top of your nasty head to the bottom of your nasty feet! Just stop it and be a regular old hate filled liberal! Excuse me, you have made me ill and I have to go regurgitate, you pig.

  49. @Betty: Wow! Such hatred. I am ashamed to share a name with you. I am a retired school teacher who taught over 30 years in an elite private college prep school which provided no retirement benefits except a 403b plan in which we could invest 3% of our salary and the school would match. I am not complaining as I loved my work. I am just pointing out that many of us do live in a fairly “desperate financial situation” which is permanent. And, we do help to pay those federal workers through our federal taxes. I would remind you that our current president is not taking a salary. He is working for us for free.

  50. Diane, You are such a troll! What is wrong with the Dems conceding and giving DJT the money for the barrier? Liberals seems to think they can’t capitulate and I say why not, why does it have to be Trump? All these Dem leaders voted for the barrier just a short time ago and would now if it was anybody else besides DJT!

  51. Wrong, Delbert. To the correct answer to all of American’s problems is simply just Legally remove from all presidental power, both the White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House WORTHLESS WHORE! Ship him off to the Nearest Maxium Security Mental Hospital For The Criminally Insane & Ship her across the border to the Best Little “Slut House” in Mexico

  52. Dennis Gage, Somebody needs to tell crazy Betty that Nancy Pelosi is, as a fact, 78 years old. Betty thinks Nancy is less than 50 years, that tells you what kind of a condition Betty is in! Betty, should just go ahead and “kick the bucket”!

  53. To me the Democrats stand for a mob of haters with out a Brain to think you can secure the border to keep these mobs from coming across with out a wall the only is shoot them we do not want that but that is the only to stop them with out a wall PERIOD and say what you want to but that is true!!!

  54. Ed, Pay no attention to Betty, she is a paid troll and will not be with us much longer. There is a “special” place where she will be going.

  55. Truckman, You blew crazy Betty’s little pea brain! She is either drunk or strung out on drugs and doesn’t know what she is doing ever! Don’t worry about her she will “stupid” away very soon!

  56. Hey, Ed. In Almost every word of your posted message above, are you describing N.Pelosi or instead d. trump AKA DUMB trump & CRAZY donald?, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

  57. Peggy, Peggy, Peggy… I’m sure that you’re aware that the separation policy you so eloquently whine about came to be because of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno and became law in 1997 due to an ACLU lawsuit filed against them because the Illegal immigrant children were being assaulted by the illegal immigrant adults. That same law (NOT A TRUMP POLICY) was enforced by the 3 Presidents before Trump. Where were your complaints then? Yes, we are all one but, the United States of America does not include Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala or any other Central or South American country. We are not responsible to solve and pay for the problems that they have created. I’m guessing that you don’t live in Arizona but I do and ALL of the property owners along our Southern border are tired of having illegals and drug miles traipsing across their properties. You need to go for a walk down there sometime and see the imposing 3 strands of barbed wire separating us from Mexico. There are few things more important than our national security and that is the PRIMARY responsibility of the President and ALL the members of Congress. No secure border = No national security and no status as a sovereign nation. The Demonrats you believe in so strongly all voted on a bill to build a physical barrier on our Southern border in 2013, it was signed into law by another Demonrat and they have refused to allow for funding to make it happen.

  58. San Fran Feces Nan has this vision of an outsized portrait hanging in the Capitol and history books filled with pages extolling her accomplishments as the highest ranking female in Congress. In reality, this vile, old, coot will be remembered more like the crazy aunt you’d wished had stayed in the basement!

  59. Ask your Dem friends if their homes have solid doors with strong locks to keep the uninvited out. But beware, they may no longer be friends.

  60. It’s the demorats pill to swallow. They all voted for 40 billion in funding a border wall years ago. Now that it’s about to happen they oppose it. I smell a bunch of rats. Maybe because the money will go to the wall? Not in their thieving pockets

  61. The hardships being inflicted are caused by Nancy and Chuck not Pres.Trump. We need a border to keep our people safe from those who break in to steal and commit much more crimes,even those against little children. This is nonsense to keep this from going up,the only reason they don’t want it is so they can oppose this Pres. The people that are behind Nancy and her partner are all for the NWO,that is all for no borders at all as they want to make us one big group so everybody will vote for the Communists not to be a Soverign country. You have your facts all wrong so if they get their way no one will be free,there won’t be housing for any of us because the elites don’t care.

  62. I have lived in substandard housing been unable to work and they were holding up processing food stamp app.and it was right at thanksgiving and if it had not been for the church’s we would not of had any thing to eat finilay got AFDC thru a great whopping 168.00 that was enough to pay rent and lights and I did not have the income these people had to start with so they should of had money put back for a couple months at least if not was living beyond there means all I can say is suck it up and give the democrats hell because its there fault

  63. That new Senator from New York wants to raise Taxes to 79%. For Communism to survive, they need to have control of all monies. That way the People are easily oppressed and put into pens and trains to slaughter houses.

  64. These new Communists in the Democrat Party are the result of the Democrats getting the illegal alien, Obama elected to President. They believe the people have been dumb down in the Liberal Schools that, they can let their Red Light of Communism shine bright in America.

  65. Pelosi is a lousy Commie from San Francisco with dreams of being the next World Hitler. She is either brain dead or she is plotting against America at every turn

  66. Peggy didn’t hear you speak out when Obama separated parents from their families. What do say about the parents that have ben permanently separated from their children, and the wives permanently from their husbands because the illegals that never should have been here killed them.

  67. I agree 100%, leaving a Security Risk like not building the Wall is doing great harm to our Nations Security. Endangering people of both parties to Extreme Danger. Drugs Cartels, Sex Trade, Murders, Rapist, Terrorist, Kidnappers, Robbers, Home Invasionist, and much more. As well as many people crossing illegally have major diseases, such as TB, Herpes, HIV, Etc. HER AND SCHUMER TOOK A OATH TO UPHOLD THE NATION CONSTITUTION, AND THE PROTECTION OF THE PEOPLE IN WHICH SHE IS FAILING TO DO.

  68. It will be a long wait. If that idiot had any thing that would stand up in a court of law he and his democratic tit suckers would have done it a long time ago. They are living high on our dollars and they know we cannot stop them from doing whatever they want. We are much too busy complaining to each other that nobody is watching the hen house.

  69. Diane, You are gonna be so awakened in the not too distant future. You should be able to think/see for yourself now, but apparently you are parroting the propaganda of the fake news.

  70. pelosi = the bride od chucky , only thing she is missing are the scars and stitches ,she has bin robbing us blind for 50 years , time to end her corrupt rain of power

  71. Peggy Lou Dwyer. Funny, you didn’t say anything when your limp wrist, gay communist coon did it! Before you put your head up your ass again. Shove a light up there first!

  72. Diane sorry it’s Nancy and Chuckie that are incompetent they prove it when they open their lying mouths. They were for the wall before they were against it, typical lying liberal. You liberals use over us tantrum too much just because Trump wants to protect our country. Nancy the pathetic mess that she is should be embarrassed offering a dollar for the wall what a pos she is. The only thing that matter to democrats is more illegal votes not american lives, you’re all disgusting.

  73. Ha, ha!
    You are so dead wrong that if it wasn’t pathetic, it would be hilarious!
    At least 75 percent of our population are smart enough to see that a barrier is absolutely necessary!

    It was your dirty COMMIECRATS that joined up with the Russians!
    HRC has always been a Russian Whore!
    And Obama’s a Russian Opertive!

  74. Tell me about dividing my property. The wall will be on the border and will not be dividing anything that amounts to a hill of beans. Those of you that do not want a wall do not live close to Mexico so you have no idea of the scope of the problem. Get a life and get some true information.

  75. Take it to you democratic leaders.
    No emergency, can anyone say “communicable diseases”? TB, Aids, Ebola, Etc… Un-screened illegal entrants are a National Emergency to every American, against that their is no legitimate argument. It only takes one infected individual to start a pandemic, is this the democrats plan? What fool is against secure screening of entrants into our country?

  76. Peggy, you are talking poor American citizens, not illegal aliens. The wall are designed to bar anything illegal from crossing the borders. The wall will save the US taxpayers hundreds of billion dollars.

    I rather for the money to invest in American citizens, not the foreigners.

  77. No, the Dem House of Reps are hurting not just 800k workers but everybody. You see, they want to raise the taxes for more welfare benefits. 62% of the illegal aliens are receiving the fed benefits. Time to end it.

    We need to prioritize the tax money saved for other needs, not for the foreigners.

  78. Man From Grey – If you would watch anything except Faux AlmostNews, you would see, most Americans blame your hero, Trump, AND the GOP for this shutdown……not Democrats. He’s hurting 800,000 Americans for what? Because he’s so incompetent and throwing another tantrum? Getting tired of his immature tantrums. Nothing but a distraction considering he’s being investigated, now, as a Russian asset. Can’t wait for Mueller’s report of treason.

  79. I support a wall and trust Pres Trump to do whatever is needed to build one.
    It will be the Crowning Achievement of his Presidency.

  80. It is a double whammy situation for the Democrat Party that has to deal with 800k predominantly Democrat federal workers. I think that Trump should raise the stake from $5.7 billion to $10 billion. I would if I were the president.

    The blame is on them since they were once for it. They all know that the wall will work. Yep. I’m sure that many old Democrat elders would want the wall too. Even that old hag Cher admonished the Dem leaders to let Trump to have the wall. Let them call their senators.

    The illegal aliens are NOT my people. Only the American citizens are my people. No more free rides for the aliens.

  81. I can’t support Trump anymore. I’m really tired of the hardships he is inflicting on the least of us. Separation of parents from children and children dying. What are poor women going to do because WIC benefits are not available at this time nor food stamps. We already have an abysmal birth statistic in our country. Section 8 housing will not issue checks that affects over a million people. Brause they are in houses that they cannot afford at the moment without section 8 benefits they’ll be turned out into the street. We have turned into a very sad people who cannot help the least of us and the poorer of us. We are all one we are the United States of America. We need to pay the coast guard but because they fall under the category of Homeland they don’t get paid like the rest of the was silly to think that they could just hold a garage sale if they needed money. We need border security true. But we don’t need a wall. Many farmers in Texas and Arizona are absolutely against it because it will divide their property. There’s an Indian reservation who does not want it and should not have to have it because they are sovereign. This whole thing is the death of damn foolishness has my mother would say. All I want to say is stop the hate stop the partisanship and make our leaders do what they’re supposed to do get together and work out a deal. Nobody gets everything they want. Governance remembering that we are all the people is what should be occurring now and it is not. I am going to consider what our founding fathers wanted that it should be a three or four party system of government there are many things in history where they thought a two-party system could be fatal to our country and now I really understand why that was written.

  82. Not Getting a Pay check?
    As Dorthy would say, Oh My!
    Here in the real world, it snowed last night. It may be a a week or maybe spring time before the job can get started again.
    So, Suck it up, Buttercup, The world is harsh, And you will survive.

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