Nancy Pelosi is panicking after a key ally revealed this shocking truth

Nancy Pelosi’s slim majority in the House is hanging by a thread.

She’s getting dragged down by Joe Biden’s failing regime.

And Nancy Pelosi is panicking after a key ally revealed this shocking truth.

With Democrats at each other’s throats fighting over how far Left to push Biden’s agenda, Nancy Pelosi’s life is a disaster running the U.S. House.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s collapsing approval ratings are dragging Democrats down across the board.

And one of Pelosi’s key allies in the House, California Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier, just announced she’s retiring after serving seven terms.

Speier’s Congressional District is directly south of Pelosi’s District in San Francisco.

A survivor of the Jonestown massacre, Speier has been a reliable San Francisco radical in Congress.

But in an interview with the local news about her retirement, she let a shocking truth slip.

“Were you at all concerned about running again in that kind of an environment?” the interviewer asked.

“I’ve spent the majority of my years in Congress in the minority Party so that did not have any impact on my decision,” Speier responded.

Of course, saying she spent the majority of her career in the minority when asked about her 2022 retirement decision is an implied admission that the prospects look grim for Democrats in next year’s election.

Speier becomes the latest House Democrat to announce their retirement, with the total number now standing at 20.

The growing number of Democrats retiring from the House is usually an indicator of which way the political winds are blowing.

Rather than sit powerless in the minority during the next Congress, many Democrats are throwing in the towel on their political careers.

And this is just the latest in a drumbeat of bad news for Nancy Pelosi, as polling shows Democrats trailing in battleground districts across the country.

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